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TO BOW wow ! considering the high price of paper, whole reams of which he is obliged nightly to expend in orders, for the support of the Theatre, those who can pay the small advance of is, on the admittance to the Boxes, and 6d. to the Pit, will not object to

Vivant Rex et Regina.


[From the same, Oct. 13.]


MIRKE and Kemble, we see,

In their fondness for show,
Have painted a key *

On the boxes below.
To make all agree

With their scheme for snug love,
They should place this saine key
On the boxes above.

Bow Wow!


{From the same.)
KEMBLE, you say, and Mr. Smirke,

To show their real design,
Upon their up-stairs stameful work

Should place that same key line.
You're wrong, Bow Wow !--the wights have tried

spare no hints from sin ;
Below the key is shown outside,
Above 't is shown within.

Mew Mew!

* The fronts of the lower boxes are covered with the Greek device salled a key:


( 281 )

[From the Morning Herald.]
Last Night of Performance at the New Prices.

This Evening will be presented, for the last Time, an
Operatic Farce, in One Act, called

IMPOSITION. Characters-Avarice, Pride, Affectation, Insolence,

Noodle, Doodle, &c. New Price, as Old Prices (with the Song of “Many

a true Word is spoken in Jest.)" Between the Scenes, Slight of Hand and Legerdemain

Tricks, by the Proprietors.
After which, as an interlude,

Otherwise Raising the Devil, or Diddler Diddled. In

cluding the Bilking Scene between Diddler and Sam. Diddler. “ You have n't got such a thing as eighteen

pence about you, have you?" Sam. (John Bull.) “ Yes, and I mean to keep it about

me, do you see !" In the Course of the Interlude, Mr. K. will recite, as on

a former equally suitable Occasion, when it was received with unbounded Approbation and Applause, by a highly gratified Audience, his celebrated Address of

" WHAT DO YOU WANT Ş" Immediately following the Interlude will be presented, for the Benefit of the Proprietors, the last Scene of

THE FARCE OF THE CONFEDERATES, Being a capital Deception, by the following inimitable

Performers, hired for the Occasion : Le Chevalier ap Rice, Le Sieur Thomaso le Plume,

Gallows Black Jack, of the Old Bailey, M. Witless, from Threadneedle Street, and Mynheer Pharisee

Ankerstin, the well-known public subscription Actor. Afterwards will be performed, for the last Time, the

first Act of a grand unfinished Tragic Ballet of Aç-
tion, called



THE TWO KINGS OF BRENTFORD. Or, The Cruel Attempt to despoil John Bull of his

Noble Parts. The whole being arranged under the Management of Mr. Jew K.

The Representation will take place in the Audience. Part of the House, a most numerous Corps de Ballet being distributed in the Boxes, Pit, and Galleries, for that Purpose.

The Proprietors, after various unsuccessful attenipts, not having it in their power to conclude the above striking representation agreeable to their wishes, it will be withdrawn, and this Night will be presented the celebrated One Act Piece (revived expressly for the occasion) of A long Pull, a strong Pull, and a Pull all together, As introductory to an entirely new National Dramay,

called THE SEQUEL; OR, JOHN BULL VICTORIOUS. In which the Part of John Bull will be performed (after

an absence of several years) by the Public. Boxes 7s. Pit 45. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery. 18. Fo-morrow Evening the Old Prices will be takeu, as



(From the Morning Chronicle, Oct. 14.]
WHEN Canning fir'd at Castlereagh,

His shots were like his speeches:
As empty air those pass'd away,

And these no reason reaches.
Though Castlereagh could better aim,

He's just as bad as Canning,
In shielding Britain's wealth and fame,

By fighting or by planning.
Ye Kings of Brentford then forbear

To meddle with the nation ;
To some secluded spot repair,
And seek a private station :


[ocr errors]

There Castlereaglı may storm the wind,

While Emily * rehearses,
And there poor Canning's restless mind
May play with nonsense-verses.



(From the same, Oct. 20.)
IF sleep in danger pove a general brave,

If long delays a sinking country save
Say, where like Ch I can a chief be found,
So slow in council, and in sleep so sound?

(There having been errors in the copy sent us on Thursday

the following advertisement, corrected, is reprinted.] NEW GRAND IMPERIAL INCOMBUSTIBLE


[From the British Press, Oct. 20) WHEREAS an advertisement has appeared, an

nouncing a New National Subscription Theatre (the prospectus whereof is promised in a few days): it is deemed an attention due to the public to remindi them, without meaning the slightest disrespect to a Mr. Fry, 'the subscribing solicitor to this supposedi speculation, of the palpable delusion which must belong to the scheme ; inasmuch as, when it first started, with the assertion that a great sum had already been subscribed at Lloyd's, it immediately appeared, that not a single merchant or banker had ever subscribed a single shilling, or even had heard one word upon the subject.

We, who have now the honour to address the public, proceed upon a principle of a very different cha

* Lady Castlereagh was Lady Emily Hobart; and it is said that she is very fond of rehearsing her husband's speeches.


284 GRAND IMPERIAL INCOMBUSTIBLE THEATRE, racter. We are ready to admit, that any attempt to defeat or counteract the endeavours, said to be earnestly persevering in, to re-erect Old Drury, and to satisfy, in the most just and liberal manner practicable, the various and weighty claims of those who have embarked their property on the faith of the patent, would be felt and resented by the public at large, as a base, unfeeling, and fraudulent endeavour to take advantage of a temporary destruction, by the calamity of fire, of a great concern, every way entitled to the peculiar protection of the public. patronage. "The persons engaged, therefore, in the present speculation, namely, the erection of A New Grand Imperial and Incombustible Theatre, scorn to attempt to filch any countenance to their proposition from the present fer, ment, created by the resistance to the new prices at Govent Garden Theatre. They equally scorn to shrink from the admission, that if Old Drury can be rebuilt, and that the report be also true, that, should there appear a real call for a third theatre, the dormant patent belonging to the proprietors of Old Drury will be also brought into action to fulfil the public wish in that respect, it would ill become them, as gentlemen and honest men, to persevere a moment longer in their plan. Should the event, however, turn out otherwise, we are prepared to enter the list of competition with Mr. Fry; and are convinced, that the discerning public will even now decree the palm of superior sincerity to us, when we frankly declare, which Mr. Fry and Co. have forborne to do, that this address is by the express order of an Ideal Committee, selected from the general body of non-existing subscribers.

(Signed) GREGORY GRILI, First Clerk to Messrs. Hum and Hoax, Solicitors, No. 1809, Labour-in-vain Hill,

Lower Thames Street. N, B. Mr. Grill, having great doubts of the actual


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