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rials of the illustrious dead, and placed eggs boiled in less than five. This in. them in the old house of Boccacio, wnich 'genious contrivance is well calculated for she had cleared and adorned.-Mon. Rev. general utility in the summer time, when

fires are little lighted; and for the chamber
of sick and ailing persons at all seasons.

Lit. Gaz.
Science and art.


As mezzotinto engravings has been re-
vived in this country with so much success

REWARD OF BRAVERY. by many artists of first rate talent during When Solyman, Emperor of the Turks, the last four or five years, after having took the Castle of Buda, in 1529, hé been neglected and looked on with a cold- found, in one of the dungeons of the ness almost bordering on contempt for a castle, Nedasti, the Governor of the number of years, it may not be out of place place. He was curious to know the cause to insert here the following extract from the of so extraordinary a circumstance, when life of Sir Christopher Wren, published the German's confessed to him, that Newithin the last ten days by the Society for dasti having reproached them as cowards Promoting Useful Knowledge, which in and traitors, because they pressed him to some degree seems calculated to shake

come to a capitulation, they had thrown the received opinion of Prince Rupert him into a dungeon in order to free having been the inventor of the art.

themselves from his controul. The SulÅmong (Sir C. Wren's) discoveries tan, filled with admiration at the fidelity in this art, there appears great ground to and bravery of the noble-minded goversuppose that it was he and not Prince nor, loaded him with presents and comRupert, who first invented the art of en- mendations of his conduct—uranted him graving in Mezzotinto, though it was sub- his liberty, and condemned to death all sequently much advanced by the Prince; those who had violated, in so shameful a who did not, however, bear any ill-will manner, the laws of military subordinatowards his rival; for it appears from the tion. Parentalia, that Wren was enrolled in the list of his especial friends, to whom that distinguished personage sent a yearly

INIGO JONES ANCOVENT GARDEN present of his choicest wine, from his vineyard on the Rhine."

When the Earl of Bedford sent for Inigo Jones, he told him he wanted a chapel for

the parishioners of Covent Garden; but, NOVEL APPARATUS FOR HEATING FLUIDS.

Mr, Jones of the Strand, whose devices added, he would not go to any considerfor useful domestic purposes have been so


expence. “ In short,” said he, “I

would not have it much better than a well appreciated by the public : has recently invented another very neat and

barn." “ Well then,” replied Jones, complete apparatus for boiling a small you shall have the handsomest barn in quantity of water, and consequently for England.” preparing any slight matters which may be required for the chambers of nurses of

ROYAL AMUSEMENTS. invalids. In a small tin tray are placed Louis, the XVI., was an excellent two vessels of about the capacity of a pint locksmith. Ferdinand, the Beloved, is each ; in one is a cylinder over a lamp— famous for his embroidery of petticoats. the other is simply a pan, into the lower The present Emperor of Austria is said to part of which runs a close funnel, like the make the best sealing wax in Europe. He extinguisher of a candle. Into the cylinder examines, with care, the seal of every is put a small quantity of spirits of wine ; letter brought him, and is delighted when the lamp below is trimmed with the same; he can say, as he generally does. and from the upper vessel a curbed tube own wax is better than that!” It is a pity is brought to point horizontally upon the the employments of Kings are not always flame. As the alcohol is heated, the gas as innocent,-Ferdinand would have no issues from this tube as if it were a blow doubt made an excellent linen-draper's pipe, and a jet of flame is propelled with shopman, had he been placed where the force of a furnace into the funnel of the nature designed him to be fixed; and the opposite vessel. By this ready and easy representatives of the Cæsars would have process, water-gruel, or any other liquid, made an excellent managing clerk in the is warmed in two or three minutes, and house of certain wholesale stationers.

Weekly Rev.

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THE DUKE OF SOMERSET, AND SEYMOUR Ambassador, “ where the Republic had THE HORSE-PAINTER.

found it's winged lion?”

« In the same There is an excellent anecdote extant forest,” replied Foscari,

“ in which of Seymour, the horse-painter, who. Austria discovered her two-headed having been affronted by Charles, the old eagle." haughty Duke of Somerset, in consequence of having asserted that he believed he had the honour to belong to his grace's It was the custom of Charlemagne to family. Sometime after this rupture had affix to the treaties which ne consented to, taken place, he was requested by his grace a waxen seal, impressed by the pommel to return to his seat at Petworth, and finish of his sword, " And with the point,” a picture which no other painter of the added the Emperor, “ I will support it.” day was able to complete when he, nobly answered, “ My Lord, I will now

EPIGRAM. prove that I am of your grace's family, It is folly with trifles to linger behind ; for I won't come !" Mr. Dallaway, in

Or to hurry before; or to stumble betwixt;

For our breath is derived, like the echo, from his augmented edition of Walpole's anec

wind, dotes of Painting in England, gives the And we die every day, as we live to the following continuation of this anecdote : “ Upon receiving this laconic reply, the duke sent his steward to demand a former loan of £100. Seymour, briefly replied, Fontenelle being one day asked by a that he would write to his grace. He did lord in waiting at Versailles, what differso; and directed his letter Northumber ence there was between a clock and a land House, opposite the Trunk-maker's, woman, instantly replied,

“A clock Charing Cross. Enraged at this additional serves to point out the hours, and a woman insult, the duke threw the letter into the to make us forget them.” fire without having opened it, ordering his steward at the same time to have him arrested. But Seymour, struck with an op- Is the time between the 3rd and 12th of portunity of evasion carelessly observed, May, during which, Salmon Fishing is that, it was hasty in his grace to burn forbidden in the river Thames. P. his letter, because it contained a bank note for £100—and, that, therefore, they were

EPIGRAM. now quits.”

Of all the arts in which should man excel,
The highest art is that of living well :'

Two-fold the meaning, chuse the right, 'tis


Lest thou, the art of living ill,' attain. P. The following notice is written beneath the letter box of the New National Repository--Letters, addressed by post to the

EPIGRAM. National Repository will not be receiveit

(From Martial.) if the postage is not paid.

The following epigram we think is calculated to inform our readers, that the ancients were in the habit of adopting the

call again to-morrow,' and not at home The winged lion of St. Mark, the patron

system, as well as the moderns. Saint of Venice, has been the ancient So may I thrive, my Decius, as 'tis true, arms of the Republic ever since his re Whole days and nights I'd gladly pass with mains were brought to the city from the

But two long miles divide, which told again, Levant. In the arms, the animal is re

Amount to four, when I return in vain, presented holding between his claws the Oft you are out, or if not out, denied, book of the laws of that evangelical saint, By causes or by studies occupied ; and is distinguished from his brother lions But four to miss you, I confess I grudge.-by having a crown on his head, with

Gents. Mag. wings rising out of his shoulders, which insignia were at the head of all the decrees SIR THOMAS LETHBRIDGE AND MR. GYE. and acts of the Republic. This circum “ Why you have never opened your stance gave rise to the witty reply of Fos- mouth this Session,” said Sir Thomas cari to Prince Kaunitz, the Austrian Lethbridge to Mr. Gye. Minister, on his asking one day, in the pardon, Sir Thomas,” replied Mr. Gye; presence of the Empress Maria Theresa, your speeches have made me open it at whose court resided the great pater- very frequently. My jaws have ached patriæ, Francosco Foscari, as Venetian with yawning.






- I beg your

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Diary and Chronology. .





May 2 Frid. St. Athanasius. April 2 st. Athanasius, patriarch of Alexandria, 'is cele. High Water,

brated for his opposition to the Arians, and from 47m af. 3 morn

his name having been affixed to the creed which 7m af. 4 even

contains his doctrines. 1813. The memorable battle of Lutzen, in Saxony, was fought on this day, when the

army of Buona. parte defeated the allied forces of Russia, Prussia, and Brandenburgh, with great loss, taking se

veral thousand prisoners. 3 Satur, St. Alexander.

3 St. Alexander, a native of Rome, was pope, and Sun ris 33m af. 4

held the pontificate in the time of Ælius Adrianus. -sets 28m af, 7

After having sat ten years and seven months, he

suffered martyrdom, A. D. 119. The Festival of the Invention of the Cross, is cele

brated on this day in the Romish church, to commemorate the invention or finding of a wooden cross, supposed to be the true one, by

Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great. 1469. Born at Florence, Nicholas Machiavel, cele

brated as a politician, dramatist, and historian. A treatise written by him, entitled the Prince contains the most pernicious maxims of govern. ment, founded on the worst principles. His death was occasioned by taking medicine unad

visedly, A. D. 1529. 4 SUN. 4th Sunday after 4 St, Monica was mother of St. Augustine, and a Easter.

woman of great piety. 6 c. Deut. morn.

1471. The battle of Tewkesbury was fought on 7 c. Deut, even.

this day, which was the last that took place beSt. Monica,

tween the adherents of the rival houses of York High Water,

and Lancaster. The issue of this conflict was ilm af. 5 morn

fatal to the Lancastrians. The field in which the 37m af, 5 even.

battle was fought retains the name of the Bloody Field, and is distant from the town kalf a mile. In the civil war in Charles's reign, Tewkesbury was the scene of many severe contests between

the contending forces.

5 St. Pius V. was born at Bosco, in the diocese Sun ris. 29m af. 4

of Tortona, A. D. i504. He was a Dominican, -sets 31m af. 7

and made bishop of Sutri by Paul IV. After the death of his predecessor in the papacy, Pius IV. he was elected pope in 1566. He excommunicated Q. Elizabeth, and by his bull deposed her from royal dignities, conferring her crown upon Mary,

Q. of Scots. He died in 1572. 1821. Died, in exile, at St. Helena, Napoleon

Buonaparte, RT. 51, the inveterate enemy of England, of a lingering illness, which had confined him to his bed for upwards of forty days, His remains were interred in the abové solitary island, at the head of Rupert's Valley, mid-way

between James Town and Longwood. Tues, St. John.

6 St. John the evangelist was banished to the isle of Moon's last quar

Patmos, and remained there till the death of 82m af. 5 even

Domitian, when he returned to Asia and died in the reign of Trajan. 1811 Died, on this day, Richard Cumberland,

Esq; one of the best dramatists of modern times. His poem, entitled Calvary and the Observer, a work in the manner of the Spectator, evince

powers of the highest order. 7 Wed St. Benedict II.

7 St. Benedict II. succeeded Leo II. in the pontifiHigh Water,

cate, and died A. D. 685.' The emperor Constan5m af. 8 morn

tine for his great sanctity, issued a decree, in 39m af. 8 even.

which it was established that he should be ac

knowledged as Christ's true Vicar on Earth. ,121. Born, on this day, the emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, surnamed the Philosopher. His many acts of justice and benificence have marked him out as one of the greatest monarchs the world ever saw.

His meditations have been

translated into English. 8 Thurs St, Victor.

8 st. Victor was martyred during the persecutions

of Dioclesian, A. D. 302,

blafond. St. Pius.

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ILLUSTRATED ARTICLE. ten years of age. She was tall and finely

formed; her eyes were large, black, and

bright; her ringlets, which were as black It was one of those fresh and balmy and almost as bright, fell down to her summer evenings which sometimes suc. shoulders ; her complexion was exquisitely ceed a day of scarcely endurable sultri- fair, approaching even to paleness. She

The breathless stillness and heat of seemed to have scarcely attained twenty noon had given place to a refreshing years of age, but the tears which streamed breeze which rippled the waves of the down her cheeks, the melancholy expresOuse, and stirred the countless leaves of sion of her eye, especially when it glancthe forest, through which the river mean ed on the stripling by her side, and the dered. The sun was setting in unclouded widow's weeds in which she was apparmagnificence ; and although his rays had elled, too plainly told that, young as she greatly declined in intensity and strength, was, sorrow had outstripped time, and they had lost nothing of their splendour premature clouds had darkened the mornand their brightness. The birds, whose ing of her days. floods of melody appeared to have been * Adelaide,” she said, addressing her dried up during the day, now poured forth attendant,“ see'st thou yonder alder-tree, a tide of song so full and resistless, that it how it gleams and brightens in the rays of seemed as if they intended during the the sun ; but that sun is setting ; into short interval previous to the hour of those crimson clouds beneath him that roosting, to make amends for the silence like a sanguinary sea he will shortly sink, of so many hours.

and then the tree which now gleams and A lady of a stately figure and features, brightens will be surrounded with desolaof exquisite beauty, was walking on the tion and darkness." banks of the river. She was followed by But to-morrow, madam" said the a female attendant, and led by the hand attendant. a youth who seemed to be about nine or

66 Talk not of the morrow to me,” in. 'Vol. I. T

18SATURDAY May 10, 1828.

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terrupted the lady" to me, on whose heart. The Lancastrians are devoted to darkened fortunes no morrow shall ever the slaughter, and the crime of my dead dawn.

Alas! like yonder tree I flou, lord, in gallantly supporting to his latest rished; brightness was on my head and gasp the cause of his lawful sovereign, can around my path ; but the sun that shone only be expiated by the beggary of his upon me has set, has set in a sea of widow and his orphans.” blood.”

• Would that the gallant King,” said “ Sweet lady!” said Adelaide, “but Adelaide, “could but once behold that I will talk to thee of the morrow, for a fair face wet with tears, and know that a morrow of joy and gladness shall dawn single word from his lips would suffice to upon thee yet: King Edward gallant dry them, methinks that the forfeited and generous : and although Sir John estates of your husband would then be Grey fell fighting the battles of the Red soon restored to you." Rose, he will not visit on his widow and “ And in truth, gentle Adelaide," said orphans the transgressions of the husband the Lady Gray,

a wild hope that perand the father.”

chance in the course of the chase, which “ Alas! Adelaide, only this day have he is to-day following in this neighbourI received a letter from my noble mother, hood, I might come in contact with him, who informs me that all her importunities and have an opportunity of falling at his have been in vain. The King has been feet and pleading my cause in person, has besieged by her in his palace at West- lured me from Grafton Manor, and kept minster more unremittingly than ever he me wandering by the river-side till the was by Clifford or Northumberland, or hour of sunset. the most zealous Lancastrian, when shut “ The dews of evening are descending, up in some iron fortress which constituted Madam, and the chase is over. his only territory. The ruthless Richard return, lest we be intruded upon by some Plantagenet, he whom they now call the of the wild gallants in King Edward's Duke of Gloucester, stands between him train, who are not very scrupulous in and every generous disposition of his heir mode of courtship when they encour

Let us

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