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F it be true, celeftial Powers,
That you have form'd me fair,
And yet, in all my vaineft hours,
My mind has been my care :
Then, in return, beg this grace,
As you were ever kind,

What envious Time takes from my face,.
Bestow upon my mind!

Shield me from his rage, celeftial Powers;
This tyrant, that embitters all my hours!
Ah, Love! you've poorly play'd the hero's part:
You conquer'd, but you can't defend, my heart.
When first I bent beneath your gentle reign,
I thought this monster banish'd from your train :
But you would raise him to support your throne;
And now he claims your empire as his own.
Or tell me, tyrants! have you both agreed,
That where one reigns, the other fhall fucceed?

D R.


WOULD you that Delville I defcribe?

Believe me, Sir, I will not gibe:

For who would be fatirical

Upon a thing fo very fmall?

* On the publication of "Cadenus and Vaneffa."


You scarce upon the borders enter,.
Before you 're at the very centre..
A fingle crow can make it night,

When o'er your farm she takes her flight :
Yet, in this narrow compass, we
Obferve a vast variety;

Both walks, walls, meadows, and parterres,.
Windows, and doors, and rooms and flairs,
And hills and dales, and woods and fields,
And hay, and grafs, and corn, it yields;
All to your haggard brought fo cheap in,
Without the mowing or the reaping :.
A razor, though. to say 't I'm loth,
Would shave you and your meadows both.
Though finall's the farm, yet here's a houfe.
Full large to entertain a mouse ;

But where a rat is dreaded more
Than favage Caledonian boar;

For, if it's enter'd by a rat,
There is no room to bring a cat.
A little rivulet feems to fteal
Down through a thing you call a vale,
Like tears adown a wrinkled cheek,
Like rain along a blade of leek;
And this you call your fweet meander,
Which might be fuck'd up by a gander,
Could he but force his nether bill
To scoop the channel of the rill.
For fure you'd make a mighty clutter,
Were it as big as city-gutter.

Next come I to your kitchen-garden,

Where one poor mouse would fare but hard in;
And round this garden is a walk,
No longer than a taylor's chalk ;
Thus I compare what space is in it,
A fnail creeps round it in a minute.
One lettuce makes a fhift to fqueeze
Up through a tuft you call your trees :
And, once a year, a fingle rofe
Peeps from the bud, but never blows;
In vain then you expect its bloom!
It cannot blow, for want of room.

In short, in all your boasted feat,
There's nothing but yourself that's GREAT.

On one of the Windows at DELVILLE.

A Bard, grown defirous of faving his pelf,

Built a house he was fure would hold none but

This enrag'd god Apollo, who Mercury fent,
And bid him go ask what his votary meant.

"Some foe to my empire has been his adviser :
"'Tis of dreadful portent when a poet turns mifer!
"Tell him, Hermes, from me, tell that fubject of mine,
"I have fworn by The Styx, to defeat his defign;
"For wherever he lives, the Mufes fhall reign;

And the Mufes, he knows, have a numerous train."





ECCE ingens fragmen fcopuli, quod vertice fummo

Defuper impendet, nullo fundamine nixum

Decidit in fluctus: maria undique & undique faxa
Horrifono ftridore tonant, & ad æthera murmur
Erigitur; trepidatque fuis Neptunus in undis.
Nam, longâ venti rabie, atque afpergine crebrâ
Æquorei laticis, fpecus imâ rupe cavatur :
Jam fultura ruit, jam fumma cacumina nutant;
Jam cadit in præceps moles, & verberat undas.
Attonitus credas, hinc dejeciffe Tonantem
Montibus impofitos montes, & Pelion altum
In capita anguipedum cœlo jaculâffe gigantum.
Sæpe etiam fpelunca immani aperitur hiatu
Exefa è fcopulis, & utrinque foramina pandit,
Hinc atque hinc a ponto ad pontum pervia Phoebo.
Cautibus enorme junctis laquearia tecti
Formantur; moles olim ruitura fupernè.
Fornice fublimi nidos pofuere palumbes,
Inque imo stagni posuere cubilia phocæ.

Sed, cum fævit hyems, & venti, carcere rupto,
Immenfos volvunt fluctus ad culmina montis ;
Non obfeffæ arces, non fulmina vindice dextrâ
Miffa Jovis, quoties inimicas fævit in urbes,
Exæquant fonitum undarum, veniente procellâ :
Littora littoribus reboant; vicinia latè,


Gens affueta mari, & pedibus percurrere rupes,
Terretur tamen, & longè fugit, arva relinquens.
Gramina dum carpunt pendentes rupe capellæ,
Vi falientis aquæ de fummo præcipitantur,
Et dulces animas imo fub gurgite linquunt.
Pifcator terrâ non audet vellere fùnem ;
Sed latet in portu tremebundus, & aëra fudum
Haud fperans, Nereum precibus votifque fatigat.




O! from the top of yonder cliff, that shrouds Its airy head amidst the azure clouds, Hangs a huge fragment; deftitute of props, Prone on the waves the rocky ruin drops; With hoarfe rebuff the fwelling feas rebound, From shore to fhore the rocks return the found: The dreadful murmur heaven's high convex cleaves, And Neptune fhrinks beneath his fubject waves: For long the whirling winds and beating tides Had fcoop'd a vault into its nether fides. Now yields the base, the fummits nod, now urge Their headlong courfe, and lafh the founding furge. Not louder noife could fhake the guilty world, When Jove heap'd mountains upon mountains hurl'd; Retorting Pelion from his dread abode,

To crush Earth's rebel-fons beneath the load.


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