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unlettered, or rathereft unconfirmed fashion, to insert again my haud credo for a deer.

Dull. Í said, the deer was not a baud credo ; 'twas a pricket.

Hol. Twice fod fimplicity, bis coetus; 0 thou monfter ignorance, how deformed doft thou look?

Naib. Sir, he hath never fed on the dainties that are bred in a book. He hath not eat paper, as it were; he hath not drunk ink. His intellect is not replenished. He is only an animal, only fenfible in the duller parts ; (16) and such barren plants are set before us, that we thankful should be for those parts, (which we tafte and feel, ingradare) that do fructify in us, more than He. For as it would ill become me to be vain, indiscreet, or

a fool ; So were there a patch set on learning, to see him in a school. But omne bene, fay I; being of an old father's mind, Many can brook the weather, that love not the wind.

Dúll. You two are book-men'; can you tell by your wit, What was a month old at Cain's birth, that's not five

weeks old as yet? Hol. Dialynna, good-man Dull; Dydinna, good.man Dull.

Dull. What is Dielynna?

(16) And such barren Plants are set before us, that we ibankful phould be; wbicb we tape, and feeling are for those Paris izaico fructify in us more than be.] If this be not a stubbois Piece of Nonsense, I'll neve. venture to judge of common Sense. That Editors thould take such Pallages l'pon content, is, furely, surprizing. The Words, 'us plain, have been ridiculously, and ftupidly, transposed and corrupted. The Emendation I have offer’d, I hope, restores the Author: At leaf, I am sure, it gives him Sense and Grammar: and answers excremely well to his Metaphors taken from planting- - Ingradare, with the Italians, fignifies, to rise higher and higher; andare di grado in grado, to make a Prog: eflion; and so at length come to fru&tify as the Poet expreses it.

Mr. Warburtin.




H. Gravelot in

Vol: 2.P.209.

Gi V. trbuchtIcut

Noth. A title to Phæbe, to Luna, to the Moon.
Hol. The moon was a month old, when Adam was


no more:

And rought not to five weeks, when he came to five-score. Th'allufion holds in the exchange.

Dull. 'Tis true, indeed; the collusion holds in the exchange.

Hol. God comfort thy capacity! I say, the allufion holds in the exchange.

Duil. And I fay, the pollution holds in the exchange ; for the moon is never but a month old ; and I say befide, that 'twas a pricket that the Princess kill'd.

Hol. Sir Nathaniel, will you hear an extemporal epitaph on the death of the deer and to humour che ignorant, I have callid the deer the Princess kill'd, a pricket.

Nath. Perge, good master Holofernes, perge; so it shall please you to abrogate fcurrility,

Hol. I will something affect the letter ; for it argues facility.

The praiseful Princess pierc'd and prickt

A pretty pleasing pricket;
Some say, a fore; but not a fore,

'Till now made fore with shooting,
The dogs did yell ; put L to fore,

Then forel jumpt from thicket ;
Or pricket fore, or else forel,

T be people fall a hooting.
If fore be fore, then L to fore

Makes fifty fores, O forel!
Of one fore I an bundred make,

By adding but one more L.
Nath. A rare talent!

Dull. If a talent be a claw, look how he claws him with a talent.

Hol. This is a gift that I have, simple, fimple ; a foolish extravagant spirit, full of forms, figures, Thapes,


objefts, ideas, apprehenfions, motions, revolutions. These are begot in the ventricle of memory, nourish'd in the womb of pia mater, and deliver'd upon the mellowing of occafion : but she gist is good in those in whom it is acute, and I am thankfuh for it.

Nath, Sir, I praise the Lord for you, and so may my parishioners; for their fons are well tutor’d by you, and' their daughters profit very greatly under you ; you are a good member of the common-wealth.

Hol. Mehercle, if their fons be ingenious, they shall want no instruction: if their daughters be capable, I will put it to them. But vir Sapit, qui pauca loquitur ; a foul feminine faluteth us.

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Enter Jaquenetta, and Coftard.
Jag: God give you good-morrow, malter Parson.

Hol. Master Parson, quafi Person. And if one should be pierc'd, which is the one that is

Cont. Marry, mafter school-master, he that is liket to a hogshead.

Hol. Of piercing a hogshead, a good loftre of conceit in a turf of earth, fire enough for a flint, pearl enough for a fwine : 'Tis pretty, it is well.

Jaq. Good mafter Parson, be fo good as read me this letter; it was given me by Collard, and sent me from Don Arma!bo : 1 beseech you read it.* Hol. Fauste, precor, gelida (17) quando pecus omine fub

umbra. Ruminat, and so forth. Ah, good old Mantuan, I may

(17) Nath. Faufte, precor, gelida) Though all the Editjons con cur to give this Speech to Sir Nathaniel, yet, as Dr. Thirlby ingeni. Ouly observed to me, it is evident, it must belong to Tlclofernes, The Curate is employed in reading the Letter to himself; and while he is doing so, that the Stage' may not ftand fill, Holofernes either pulls out a Book; or, repeating fome Verses by heart from Marr. tuanus, comments upon the Character of that Poet, Baprifa Spag. nolus, (firnamed Mantuanus, from the Place of his Birth;) was a voluminous Writer of Poems, who flourished towards the latter End of the 15th Century.


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