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the spot,

has won,

Or the pure ażur'd Heav'n, that smiles And worship the charms of her sisters at to see

night; The rich attendance of our poverty ; For medals and sweepstakes they try all Peace and a placid mind,

their skill, Which all men seek, we only find! And when they miss fire 'tis plain they

don't kill, Abused mortals ! did you know

With their great guns, &c. Where joy, heart's ease, and comforts grow;

The President, he's a dead shot of scYou'd scorn proud towers,

nown, And seek them in these bowers

And the pigeon but rarely he fails to bring Where winds sometimes our woods per

down, haps may shake,

With his great gun and pigeon so But blust'ring care could never tempest make,

His tube it by honest John Gulley is Nor murmurs e'er come nigh us,

made, Saving of fountains that glide by us. Whom no shooter's fame was e'er known

to degrade; Here's no fantastic mask, nor dance, The Deputy's weapon in Lisle-street he But of our kids that frisk and prance ;

got, Nor Wars are seen,

From Smith, who is reckon'd the best on Unless upon the green Two harmless lambs are butting one ano

With their great guns, &c. ther, Which done, both bleating run each to

The Recorder, it's well known, a medal his mother. And wounds are never found,

As many great Lords too before him hare

done, Save what the ploughshare gives the

With their great guns, &c. ground.

To gain any more they have now but Go! let the diving Negro seek

small chance, For gems, hid in some forlorn creek ; As a new member's mention's to lead in We all pearls scorn,

the dance, Save what the dewy morn

With Joe Manton's far fam'd elevation ; Congeals upon each little spray of grass, But shooting is often a mere speculation: Which careless shepherds beat down as

With their great guns, &c. they pass;

Castang, our purveyor, provides all the And gold ne'er here appears,

spost, Save what the yellow Ceres bears. And thousands of amorous lives are cut

short, Blest, silent groves! O may ye be

With their great guns, &c.; For ever Muth's best oursery!

For the feathery victims he brings to May pure contents

death's door, For ever pitch their tents

The pardon of Venus he's bound to imUpon these downs, these meads, these

plore ; rocks, these mountains,

Yet he, cruel man, only laughs at their And Peace still slumber by these purling.

wooing; fountains!

And the trap puss an end to their billing

and cooing. With their great guns,

&c. SONG. Tune, Who has e'er l'een at Hertford."


(Written after seeing Miss O'Neill perform WHO has e'er been at Ealing must

Mrs. BEVERLEY in the 'GAMESTER.') needs know the Hats, There's a club of good fellows without HER cards so well this gumester plays,

Who can withstand her various arts? With their great guns and pigeons so From Harris, wealth-from Critics, praise

She wins-and from the rest, theis To kill Venus's bird it is all their delight,


any flats,




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AUGUST, 1815.



..... 243

CONTENTS. The First of September, an Engraving 193 On the Exhibition of Animals on the Stage .215 Races appointed in 1815 194 | Extraordinary Deer ...... .si

2.216 Bettings on the St. Leger Stakes..


The Levarian Horse Shoe described ..........217 Battle between Eales and Scroggins

194 On defending the Ears and Face of the Horse : Horse Cause, tried åt Carlisle Assizes

from Flies

218 Chase of the Mountain Goat in the Tyrol....-199 On the Case of Eliza Fenning.......concept. 290 Anecdote of Mr. Fox........

200 Diversions in the Streets of Naples .....6... 221 Archery in the Forest of Arden 200 Selling of Wives..

........223 Amusements of Ellenborough Castle

201 On Playhouse Manæuvres........... Enquiry respecting Coursing Meetings........ 203 FEAST OF WIT....

.226 Petitions of the Learned Goose and Learned SPORTING INTELLIGENCE

230 Pig........ ..203 to Correspondents

936 Battle between Richmond and Shelton


POETRY. Pedigree and Performances of Viper 206 Hunting Song .....

: 287 Account of a New Musical Farce; called Barnet Races.....

237 '" My Aunt"..

................. ... ..... 209 | Songs, Duets, &c. from the new Comic Opera Account of a new Opera, called “. The of “The King's Proxy”.

238 King's Proxy"

..210 Address spoken at a Private "Theatre in the Extract from the new Comedy, called “Liv


.... 239 ing in London" ..212 RACING CALENDAR

.... 65

Embellished faith,

II. REMARKABLE Deer, an Etching.

MORNING OF THE FIRST hero ever sallied forth on a murs OF SEPTEMBER.. dering expedition with more con

fidence of success ; nor do we think Painted by Cooper, and engraved by

that Alexander or Cæsar, (not forScott.

getting our quondam friend Bona

parte) ever returned from a sucSCARCELY has the rising Sun cessful day's slaughter with a tenth

chased away the shades of part of the pleasure enjoyed by a nigbt, ere the gamekeeper, njounted frue-sportsman, whose sylvan joys, on his old and trusty pony, at- guiltless of human blood, leave tended by his favourite dogs Ponto no- unhappy cankering thoughts and Junió, issues forth to enjoy the behind. Indeed, we believe there tong anticipated pleasures of Sep is no employment on earth wbich tember's first morning. His dogs, yields more pleasure in iis pursuit indeed, seem to evince as bigh a than that of a gamekeeper, wben relish for the sports about to com

it is followed (as it generally is) inence as their master. His gun by men who delight in the sports and other accoutrements are all in of the fiehl. complete repair; and, if we may When autumn smiles, all beauteous in judge from bis countenance, 00



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And paints cach chequer'd grove with Yarmouth

Sept. 19 various hues, Leicester

20 My setter ranges in the new-shorn


20 fields,

25 His nose in air erect; from ridge to ridge Doncaster Panting he bour.ds, his quarter'd ground Chippenham..

. 26 divides

Newmarket First October MeetIn cqual intervals, nor careless leaves

ing ... Onc inch untry'd. At length the tainted

Oct. 2 gales Monnuouth

4 His nostrils wide inhale; quick joy Richmond

10 elates

Newmarket Second October His beating heart, which, aw'd by dis- Meeting

16 cipline Northallerton

19 Sovere, he Jares not own; but cautious

creeps, Low-cowering, step by step, at last attains His proper distance; there he stops at

BETTİNGS, once, And points with his instructive nose upon BETTINGS at York on the St. From the uplift'd tube

Leger Stakes. The mimic thunder bursts, the leaden 7 to 2 agst Filho da Puta. death

5 to 1 agst Lord Fitzwilliam's O'ertakes him ; and, with many a giddy Mary c.

whirl, To earth he falls,

11 to 2 agst Sir Bellingham.

8 to 1 agst Agapanthus. Vide Somerville's Field Sports.

12 to 1 agst Fulford. Such is the subject delineated by 15 to 1 agst Restoration. the masterly hand of Mr. Cooper 15 to 1 agst Shepherd, Brother in the annexed engraving, wbich,

to Herdsmap. we trust, will be bigbly relished 16 to 1 agst Fugelman. by the brothers of the trigger, wbo are now commencing their BATTLE BETWEEN EALES AND operations once more on the fea



The pending match between RACES APPOINTED IN 1815. Eales, and Scroggins the sai

lor, wbich had excited much in. WARWICK Sept. 5 terest, was decided on Saturday, Ayr..

6 August 26, at Kingston Hill, or Bedford

6 what is called Coombe Warren. Basingstoke.

7 As some apprehension was enterBurderop.

7 tained of an interruption from the Beccles.

12 worthy Magistrates in the departe Lichfield

12 ment of Hampton and Moulsey Newbury

12 Hurst, the original arena fixed at Pontefract

12 Moulsey was changed, and the conReading

12 ductors of the fight marked out the Cricklade...

13 ground, near the George, at KingsNorthampton

13 ton Bottom. So early as nine Kingscote

19 o'clock vebicles of every descripShrewsbury.

19 tion bad formed a ring of extensive



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