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a quick sand, and before he could they looked around almost hopeplunge out of it the boar was half lessly to view once more the vaway up the rugged mountain- nished game, till with joy--where side, with Hospitius far behind in the vales below, Beemah, toiling after him. Few can ima- thy ceaseless torrents fow—they gine the dangers attendant on the spied the worn-out boar plunge pursuit of the boar over these through thy freshening stream, chains of mountains, which extend followed by crows®, who round for hundreds of miles along the him flapped their dark finereal Western Peninsula of India. The wing, sad presage of his coming ravines are precipitously steep, fate! Away, away ! once more and the Table Land of the moun he takes the extended plaintains so thickly strewn away over the cloud-cap'd hill with immense large sharp-pointed they sweep. That

scaw is masses of granite, that there are deep, but yet they shrink not few horsemen would dare to gal- from the desperate leap, which lop over such a break-neck pro brings them once again into the spect; and none but Arab horses fertile vale, where the dark would have the least chance of boar, tired and faint, with foam scrambling over such a country. fringed o'er, had hoped a safe reCambius, aware that perseverance treat. He sees his swift foes ensures success in the chase as come on, and resolves in gallant well as in every other pursuit, fight to fall : gnashing his tusks threw the rein over his arm, and, and Alinging the white foam of following Hospitius, led his horse rage over his brawny back, he up the rocky path, the narrow- charged Carnbius, who came on ness of which scarce allowed foot- in gallop fleet, and with sure aim ing, and where, if he made one

transfixed his agonizing spear false step, he must be plunged deep into the monster's bristling headlong down a deep abyss side ; but before he could turn forming a dell between two high his horse sharp away, the boar in mountains, in which every spe- fell fury gashed the noble animal cies of the wildest luxuriant fo- frightfully. Hospitius now came liage flourished, watered by the

on with spear

low couched, spurmonsoon torrent of the year, and ring his weary steed to full career. where, protected from the sun's The shock was tremendous: the hot piercing rays, the tiger lay horse was borne backward on his couched in his lair, and the gla- launches unhurt, while the girths ring hyæna sent forth its melan- broke, and fragments of the choly cry, which rung dismally wooden part of the spear flew through the stony solitude. around; but its iron had entered

Having succeeded, after vast deep through the brawny neck toil, to reach the highest peak of into the heart of the mighty boar: the mountains, the hunters breath- without a groan he sunk...... he ed their weary steeds, and grate died...... but even in death his fully hailed the cooling freshness glaring eye seemed still to lour of the breeze which ever blows upon his enemy! on those elevated heights; but

* I have often descried a boar which had been lost far away by a number of these birds hovering around him.





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HAREWOOD. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1832. Sir C. Ibbetson's bl. and w. b. Io, bred Sand Beds.

by Sir John Johnstone; Mr. Benn's r. d.

Dart, by Col. Wood's Memnon from a FOR the Cup. Mr. Holroyd's red d. Sister to Lightfoot, beat Mr. Harrison's

Smoaker, by the Harewood Lincoln, bl. d. Tory, by Regent from Hurca. from his b. Spring, beat Mr. Gibbes' blk. d. Caoutchouc, by the Wetherby Hector;

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22. Mr. Lacy's f. and w. d. Dart, by a Son of the Wetherby Hector, beat Col.

Wheat Croft, Weeton Pastures. Elmhirst's crm. b. Sylph, by his Dr. Syn. tax from his Duchess; Mr. Benn's blk. and w. d. Claret beat Mr. Bingley's blue

Dart beat Smoaker (drawn lame), and w. d. Bluecap, by Mr. Herbert's

Claret Major. Thullaby from his b. Venus; Hon. W.


Turk. Stourton's red d. Major, by Mr. Fox's

Bravery Bullet Mack, beat Mr. Hargreaves' blk. b. Fly, TIES FOR THE ALL-AGE STAKES. bred by Mr. Whitaker; Mr. Jowite's wh.

Whisker beat Caoutchouc. d. Ebor, by Hercules from a Sister to Sir B. Graham's Spy, beat Mr. Anderton's r.


Eclipse. d. Druid, by Dart from Mr. Lowther's

TIES FOR THE INKSTAND. Wildfire ; Mír. Harrison's r. d. Turk, by

Topper beat Smoaker. Mr. Wilkinson's Spring from his Fly,

Glider Spring beat the Hon. Arthur Lascelles' bl. d. Romulus, by Miller from Rosebud; the

Deciding Course for the Cigar Case. Hon. W. Stourton's bl. and w. d. Bul.

--The Hon. A. Lascelles' Thisbe beat let, by a Son of the Wetherby Hector,

Mr. Benn's Dart, and won the Cigar beat Mr. Teal's blk. d. Dart, by Mr. Lil.

Case. lyman's bl. and w. Dart; Col. Elm, Matches.-Mr. Gibbes' f. d. Tarquin hirst's r. d. Bravery, by Richardson's Ro. beat Mr. Jowitt's r. and w. d. Pith; man from his Brunette, beat Mr. Gibbes' Mr. Benn's f. d. Lightfoot beat Mr. f. d. Tarquin, by Hercules from Minikin. Holroyd's bl. d. Blucher; Mr. Gibbes' Harewood All-age Stakes of two sovs.

blk. b. Eclipse beat Mr. Benn's blk. d. each. - The Hon. W. Stourton's f. and w.

Spring; Mr. Harrison's bl. d. Tory agst

Mr. Benn's bl. and w. d. Twister-und. Whisker, by a Son of the Wetherby Hector, beat Mr. Harrison's r. and w. d.

decided. Cedric, by the Knottingley Cedric from his

THURSDAY, FEB. 23. Fly; Mr. Gibbes' bík. d. Caoutchouc

Sand Beds. beat Mr. Benn's blk. tick d. Priam, by

SECOND TIES FOR THE CUP. Paul Pry from Mr. Lumley's br. b. Minna; Mr. Gibbes' blk. b. Eclipse, by Mr.

Dart beat Claret.
Hargreaves's br. d. Phantom, beat Mr.

Bravery Ebor.
Holroyd's r. and w. d. Priam, bred by Mr.
Whitaker ; Col. Elmhirst's crm. b. Sylph

Deciding Course for the Harewood beat the Hon. A. Lascelles' bl. d. Romu.

All-age Stakes-(Wheat Croft).--The

Hon. W. Stourton's Whisker beat Col. lus.

Elmhirst's Sylph, and won the Stakes. The Chased Silver Inkstand.-Mr. Holroyd's blk. d. Smoaker, by the Leeds

Deciding Course for the Inkstand. d. Fly, beat the Hon. A. Lascelles' bl.

Mr. Gibbes' Glider beat Mr. Benn's Toptick d. Phæbus; Mr. Benn's blk. and per, and won the Inkstund. w. d. Topper, by Mr. Houseler's r. d. Deciding Course for the Cup.--Col. Belton from Faith, beat Mr. Anderton's Elmhirst's Bravery beat Mr.Lacy's Dart, bl. d. Blucher ; Mr. Holroyd's blk. d. and won the Cup. Spring, by Mr. Naxwell's d. beat Mr.

Matches.-J1r. Harrison's bl. d. Tory Bingley's br. b. Fly; Mr. Gibbes' blk. d.

beat Mr. Benn's blk, and wh. d. Twis. Glider, by Mr. Gurney's Aaron from a

ter; Mr. Gibbes' blk. b. Eclipse beat bitch of the Iago blood, beat Col. Elm

the Hon. W. Stourtou's bl. b. Venus; the hirst's f. d. Victor, by his Blue Ruin

Hon. W. Stourton's r. d. Major beat Hon. from his Vesta.

E. Lascelles' bl. d. Romulus; Mr. Har. The Silver Cigar Case.--The Hon. rison's r. d. Turk beat Mr. Holroyd's br. A. Lascelles's blk. and w. b. Thisbe, and w. d. Wellington; Vr. Holroyd's bl. by Rover from Mr. Beşt's Trictrac, beatd. Bļycher beat Mr. Gibbes' blk. b,

p. b.

Whiskey; the Hon. A. Lascelles' blk. slipped to two hares, her opponent takand w. b. Thisbe beat Mr. Harrison's bl. ing one and she the other, which, to d. Tory ; Mr. Holroyd's r. and w. d. the honor of the dogs, they each killed. Priam beat Mr. Gibbes' blk. d. Caout. Nonpareil had a strong one to contend chouc.

with, who stood before her for full tw9 miles. If Mr. De Burgh keep these

two dogs quiet in the early part of MICKLEHAN DOWNS. the next season, they will give him Sur-Should the following account of

every satisfaction. I saw Mr. Pouchée's a day's coursing at Capt. Bolton's, on

Cup dog Ploughboy run (about ten days Mickleham Downs, and some few remarks ago). He carries his head too high for on the dogs, be worth your notice, I beg Piper's blood, and the produce will be

a clipper. He had better stick to old you will insert it and them in the next Number of your Sporting Magazine.

stickers to him. I have only to add that

Captain Bolton's liberality in affording Mr. De Burgh's r. d. Simrod beat Mr.

sport was beyond description, and his Hope's r. and w. b. Helas; Mr. De civil keeper (Burbage) carried his em. Burgh's r. and w. p. b. Nonpareil beat ployer's wishes into effect to the perfect Mr. Chitty's r. d. ‘Caleb; Mr. Evans's satisfaction of the field.--I am, Sir, &c. blk, and w. d. Sailor beat Mr. A. Thorn's

Slips. r. d. Talisman ; Mr. nge b. p. b. Grace beat Mr. De Burgh's r. and w. p.

NORTII MEOLS. Nymph; Mr. De Burgh's r. and w. Fly beat Dir. Chitty's r. and w. p. d. Co. This Meeting took place on the 24th lonel; Mr. Both well's blk. and w. d. Bruin and 25th of February, the Deciding beat Mr. T.Chitty's blk. and w. b. Cow

Courses of which came off as follows: slip ; Mr. Evans's yel. d. Spectre beat Nr. The Cup was won by Nir. T. Ali. T. Chitty's blk. d. Coroner; Mr.Grange's son's brin. d. Achilles beating Mr. E. br. and w. p. b. Gaylove beat Mr. Hornby's bl. d. lemlock, by Hawkeye Young's r. and w. b. Yarico; Mr. Hope's out of Ilelen-Hemlock the Guineas : blk. b. Helen beat Mr. Evans's blk: b.

The Bold Stakes, by Mr. E. Alison's Susan ; Mr. Evans's blk. and w. d. Sailor

brin. d. Rector, by Mentor out Effie, beat Mr. De Burgh's br. d. Nectar ; Mr.

beating Lord Molyneux's blk. d. Mufti, Hope's r. and w. b. Helas beat Mr. De

by Merlin out of Leaf : Burgh's r. b. Nimble; Mr. Evans's yel, d. Spectre beat Mr. T. Chitty's blk. d.

The Hesketh Siakes, by Mr. H. Horn. Coroner; Mr. De Burgh's r. and w. p.

by's f. b. Handy, by Herod out of Duchess, Nymph agst Mr. Young's blk. p. b. beating Mr. T. Alison's f. and w. b. Alice, Yacht-undecided ; Mr. Both well's b]k.

by Hawkeye out of Windlass : and w. d. Bruin beat Mr. T. Chitty's The South port Stakes, by Mr. E. blk. and w. b. Cowslip; and Mr. Grange's Hornby's brin. d. Harry Percy, by Highbr. b. p. Grace agst Mr. Evans's y. d. lander out of Hebe, beating Mr. Wil. Spectre (unsighted).

braham's f. d. Weatherbeaten, by Hawk. Nonpareil, who beat Caleb, a winner in

eye out of Windlass : Matches against three Cup dogs, and Fly, The Fleetwood Stakes, by Mr. Brock. who beat The Colonel, are puppies only holes' brin. b. Bounty, by Filho da Puta fourteen months old, and sisters-bred by out of Nettle, beating Mr. H. Hornby's Mr. DeBurgh, out of(I think) his Old Sal blk. b. Hopeful, by Merlin out of Leaf: by Perkins's Larry. I saw the sire run The North Meols Stakes, by Lord several times in his eleventh year, and his Molyneux's r. b. Maiden, by Meteor out running was as true as that of a young of May-Nir. H. Hornby's Humbug, by dog. They are considered by old sports. Herod out of Duchess, drawn after running men as perfect greyhounds, but I should like them better were their sterns longer. Let the members of the Epsom Club be

The Ditch In Stukes, by Mr. E. Horn.

by's brin. d. Hearsay, by Hawkeye out of ware of these two young ones next year for their Puppy and All-aged Cups.

Windlass, beating Mr. H. Hornby's r. d.

Hazard, by Driver out of Beauty: Vestris, under the name of Louisa, who won the Epsom Cup last, I think, in

The Church Town Stakes, by Mr. her best day, would not beat either of

Brockholes' brin. d. Bounty, by Filho these. Should they continue to go on as

da Puta out of Netile, beating Mr. Wil. they have begun, they will be as for

braham's f. d. Wamba by Merlin. midable a brace of greyhounds as ever Matches.--Mr. Unsworth's blk. and w. were met with. But a word to the pro. b. U B first, by Ultimo out of Hebe, prietor : he must not be always working beat Mr. E. Hornby's blk. and w. b. Hiethem. They ran on the Tuesday follow- rarch, by Rector out of Windlass.--Mr. ing Mickleham coursing, and on the Fleetwood's w. b. Favorite, by Helvellyn Thursday I saw Fly win her five pounds out of Pilling, beat Mr. H. Hornby's r. d, easy, and Nonpareil in a Match ; but Higler, by Highlander out of Heedless.

two severe courses:


The Gold Cup for Puppies, by Mr. This Meeting took place on the 2d and

Golden's f. b. Fly, by Lancer out of Fly, 3d of March, and the Deciding Courses beating Mr. Best’s r. and w. b. Tulip, by came off as follows:

Coxcomb out of Tibby : The Cup was won by Mr. T. Alison's Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, by Mr. brin. d. Achilles beating Mr. Fleetwood's

Swann's bl. d. Junius, by Marmion out blk. b. Fountain, by Streamer out of a

of Jane, beating Sir J. Johnstone's r. b, fifth remove of a bull-dog—the Guineas

Bepporina : by Fountain.

Second Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, by The Sefton Stakes, by Lord Moly.

Mr. Swann's r. b. Maiden, by Miller, neux's r. b. Maiden, by Meteor out of beating Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and w. d. May, beating Mr. Lloyd's r. d. Luff, by Bertram, by Balloon : Lunardi out of Lady-like :

Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each for All. The Croxteth Stakes, by Mr. T. Ali.

aged, by Major Bower's blk. d. Bire son's f. and w. b. Alice, by Hawkeye

mingham beating Mr. G. Bower's blk. d. out of Windlass-Mr. Lloyd's f. b. Lima,

Gondolier : by Lunardi out of Lady-like, drawn : Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each for PupThe West Derby Stakes, by Mr. T.

pies, by Mr. Swann's w. b. Ender, by Alison's r. d. Colonel, by Turk out of

Marmion out of Sister to Swift, beating Lucretia, beating Mr. E. Hornby's brin.

Mr. G. Bower's blk. d. Reginald : d. Harry Percy, by Highlander out of Second Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each for Hebe:

Puppies, by Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and w. The Field Stakes, by Mr. Tollemache's

d. Bolivar beating Mr. Swann's Lucifer : blk. b. Tippet beating Mr. Lloyd's blk. Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each for Aged, b. Linnet, by Milo out of Linnet :

by Mr. Swann's r. d. Sailor beating Sir The Ackers-Holt Stakes, by Mr. E.

J. Johnstone's blk. d. Rokeby. Hornby's brin. d. Humming Bird, by Matches.---Mr. Swann's w. d. Justice Harry Percy out of Hopeful, beating Mr. beat Sir J. Johnstone's bl. d. Raby. Lloyd's blk.d. Leo, by Milo out of Linnet : Mr. Swann's w. d. Saxon beat Mr. Best's The Sapling Stakes, by Mr. E. Ali.

r. b. Minikin.Sir J. Johnstone's blk. b. son's blk. d. Altcar, by Augustus out of

Rosette beat Mr. Swann's blk. and w. b. Effie, beating U B First, by Ultimo out

Taglioni.-Mr. Best’s (Mr. Monkman's) of Hebe:

brin. d. Spanker beat Mr. G. Bower's

(Mr. W. Newton's) blk. and w. d. Lu. The Ditch-In Stakes, by Mr. S. Hor. pin.-Mr. Swann's blk. d. Rowton beat rocks' brin. d. Pirate beating Mr. Fleet. Mr. Golden's blk. d. The Saddler. wood's brin. d. Firebrand, by Harry Percy out of Thompson's bitch. Matches.--Mr. Tollemache's wh. b.

BARTON. Topper beat Mr. Lloyd's (Mr. Bellyse's)

At this Meeting the Cup and Sove. blk. b. Liberia, by Lucius out of Volage. reigns were won by f. and w. b. Man. ---Mr. Brockholes' blk. b. Bella, by Dri- tle, and f. down dog Mack, the property ver out of Beauty, beat Mr. Lloyd's of Wm. Loft, Esq. of Trusthorpe; the blk. b. Lush, by Maltster out of Lapdog. Appleby Carr Stakes, by Col. Elmhirst's -Mr. E. Hornby's brin. d. Handel, by

blk. d. Bugle; the Ancholme Stakes, by Herod out of Duchess, beat Mr. Lloyd's Mr. Richardson's blk. and w. d. Actæon; blk. d. Llan Elwy, by Lord Mostyn's the Consolation Stakes by Mr. NicholGelert out of Lilinet. Mr. T. Alison's

son's bl. b. Adelaide ; the First Bye f. and w. b. Alice, by Hawkeye out of Stakes, by Mr. Nicholson's blk. b. Minna ; Windlass, beat Mr. Tollemache's w. b.

the Second Bye Stakes, by Mr. KenTopper.

nington's blk. b. Fly ; the Appleby

Stakes, by Mr. Healey's bl. b. Caroline ; MALTON.

and the Carr Stakes, by Mr. RichardThis Meeting was announced for the

son's r. aüd w. d. Wonder. Ist of February, but the weather being Matches.--Mr. Marshall's r. b. Small. unfavorable it was postponed till the 22d, hopes beat Mr. Loft's f. and w. b. when the results were determined in that Brenda. Colonel Elmhirst's f. d. Victor and the two succeeding days as follows ; beat Mr. Healey's brin. b. Tet.-Mr. the first day at Wharram, and the two last

Richardson's blk. b. Trinket beat Mr. at Langton Wold:

Loft's b. Brenda. The Cup was won by Mr. Best's r. b. Better coursing was never witnessed : Gabrielle, by Streamer out of Gratitude, the hares ran stoutly, the meeting was nu. beating Sir J. Johnstone's blk. and w. d. merously attended, and the decisions of Vagrant, by Balloon out of Violet ; the tryer highly satisfactory.


WE have much pleasure in presenting to such of our readers as

may be at all interested in Turf speculations, the following Table, which contains the odds on a far greater variety of cases in one race than any other ever before published.

From the Examples selected it will be shewn how to find the odds between single horses, or between any one number and any

other; also between any number and the field : likewise the sums to be given to receive 1001. on the event of any specified horse, or one of any number selected, winning the race.

The Table is composed of the fractional parts of 1001., and the divisions made to an eighth of a pound, or 2s. Od. Where it would not divide exactly, the last complete eighth is only stated : for instance at 5 to 4 against a horse, his chance is stated at 143, whereas it is found, by continuing the operation, to be Is. 4!,d., and nearly onefourth of a farthing more. These small fractions not being considered in practical betting, we have left them out.-It is to be observed that the odds stated in the Table are against the horse, and of course on the field,




l'alue of the Chances

of each for £100.


[merged small][ocr errors]

Olds against

each. Even 11 to 10 6 5 5 4

4 6 4 6! 4 7


4 2 1 2! 1 3 1 3. 1

1 4] 1

42 40 38 361 313 33 28. 25 22! 20 184

Odds against

5 to 1
5! 1
6 1
6! 1
7 1
7! 1
8 ]
8) 1
9! 1
10 1
12 1
15 1
18 1
20 1

153 14 13 12 11, 11 10 10 9! 9

6 51

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