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and the heart has not the prop on which it fondly leaned, where can a tender suffering being fly but to the searcher of hearts? And when death has desolated the present scene, and torn from us the friend of our youth, when we walk along the accustomed path, and almost fancy nature dead, ask, Where art thou who gave life to these well-known scenes? When memory heightens former pleasures to contract our present prospects there is but one source of comfort within our reach, and in this sublime solitude the world appears to contain only the Creator and the creature, of whose happiness he is the source. These are human feelings.

A SINGULAR CHARACTER. (From the Rev. Mr. Warner's Walk through Wales). A ,

Brecon till nine o'clock, when the clouds breaking away, and the sun appearing, we set off for Rhaiddar-Gowy, a town at the distance of thirty-two miles. The view of Brecon from the north is more agreeable and interesting than from any other point. It here appears a spacious and respectable town, climbing the declivity and brow of an eminence, with the Usk winding at its feet, and the mountain Pannervaen, rough, precipitous, and dark, rising behind it to the south. Continuing our former plan, we deviated a little from the turnpike road, and strolled through the hay-fields, invited by their fragrance, the crop having been but lately carried in. It was not long, however, before we dis. covered we had wandered considerably from the road, and were perplexed by several tracks which crossed us in various directions. ' At this moment C- observed some hay-makers in a field at no great distance ; and being a Theffalian in speed, he ran to enquire the path we Tould pursue. Fortunately, one of the company


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spoke English, who, sticking his fork in the ground, and throwing on his coat and waistcoat, came to us withcut delay. We immediately perceived there was character in this man; a quick, dark eye, and sharp features, gave him that appearance of intellect, which is feldom found to be belied upon further acquaintance. He enquired our destination and object, and finding us neither shy nor reserved, declared he thould have a pleafure in attending us part of the road to Rhaiddar, which was somewhat difficult for strangers to trace.

“ But," continued he, “ I cannot think of doing this, Gentlemen, till you have visited my cottage hard by, and tasted my ale, of which I keep a good bottle for the refreshment of


friends.” The invitation was given with so much warmth and good-will, that we accepted it without hesitation, and followed our guide to his residence. It was an humble dwelling, standing in the midst of a small but near garden, under the side of a steep hill, sheltering it from the blasts of the east and north. On entering the tenement, which consisted only of a ground floor, we found that it was divided into two apartments : the inner one containing a bed and four chairs, the outer displaying an infinite variety of heterogeneous articles; implements of destruction, and books of divinity; culinary utenfils, and apothecary's drugs ; cobler's tools, and English clafsics ; a cabinet and a cupboard, tables and stools, chairs and benches. We were shaken by the hand and bidden to sit down; when our friendly conductor, opening the cabinet, produced a bottle and glasses, the shell of a good cheese, some brown bread, and oaten cake. After the bumper of good fellowship had gone round, mine host favoured us with his history, which he recounted with great fpirit, and much humour, exhibiting a complete example of that rare philosophy, which can meet the maladies of life with a smile, and rise superior to the blasts of casualty, and the frowns of fortune. His name, he told us, was Robert Lewis, and his fa

mily one of the best in Wales. Inclination, he observed, led him to follow a profesion, but his friends thinking a trade likely to prove more advantageous, he was bound apprentice to a tanner. Happily, or unfortunately, for he was doubtful in which light to consider it, a fair damsel (the daughter of a neighbouring hidalgo, who had more than an usual portion of national pride) beheld him with complacency; and the regard being mutual, he eluded the vigilance of her parents, bore her off to a neighbouring church, and made her his wife. The idea of their fair relation being matched with a man in trade, was what her haughty kinsmen could not brook ; the father's pride more especially was forely wounded, and the whole clan vowed to revenge the affront. Their first attempts were of a very hostile na.. ture, and Lewis recounted a number of “ hair breadth 'scapes,” and “most disastrous chances,” which he had experienced from their malice ; being frequently shot at from ambuscades, or encountered at night on returning to his dwelling. None of these adventures, however, terminated fatally to him, the aggressors in general coming off the worse, he being a man of great vigour, activity and spirit. Finding their expectation disappointed, therefore, his enemies changed their plan of operations, and since they could not injure his perfon, they determined to destroy his fortune. Here they were at length successful, as art and cunning will ever be when opposed to candour and incaution.

By a long serious of malicious schemes, they ruined his business, blasted his credit, and drove him from the country where he was settled. • All this, however, gentlemen,” continued he, “ hard as it may seem, I could have borne with patience, had the effects of their vengeance extended no further. But alas ! they wounded me in a tenderer part, they robbed me of my Letty ! she died of a broken heart, and left me a widower, with four children. I confess, I had much difficulty in bearing up against this blow, and I was on the point of finking into despair. A short time, however, and a little reflection, brought me to myself ; 1 recollected that the partner

of my heart was now much happier than I could have made her ; that she had left me many duties to perform ; and that, in proportion to my difficulties and distresses, should be my exertion and endeavours to remove them. I therefore arranged my affairs, got into a smaller line of business, brought up my children, and sent them into the world. Having done this, and saved a trifle for a rainy day, I ieft the busy haunts of men, and purchased the cottage in which you now are; where I experience as much happiness as I can hope for on this side of the grave. My children, I bless God ! all turned out well, and are decently provided for; my health is sound, my mind calm and serene;-'tis true, I have but little; my wants, however, are proportioned to my means, and whilit I have wherewith to procure a crust and a bottle of ale for the refreshment of a friend, I care not who possesses the riches and luxuries of life. In short,” said he, “ I cannot express my sentiments and situation better than in the words of the poet ;” and snatching a book that lay by him, he read with great spirit, the beautiful old lung, beginning “My mind to me a kingdom is," from Percy's Ancient English Poetry, his eye glistening all the while with the consciousness of independence, and seeming to say,

6 How vain the ardour of the crowd !
How low, how indigent the proud!

How little are the great!It was with difficulty we prevailed on our hospitable host to allow us to pursue our journey, after having fi. nished the third bottle of his quadrimum. He inhifted, however, on being our companion for a few miles, and putting us into the direct road to Bualt. When the period of separation arrived, he grasped us by the hand, and bid us heartily farewell, adding this parting benediction :- God bless you! Gentlemen, and may your journey through life be as pleasant as your walk is likely


to prove. But should forms and difficulties await you, remember that a clear conscience, an independent spirit, and a reliance on Providence, will enable you to brave them all, and bring you happily home at the last.”


"HE fruit of a species of Mesembryan Themum, was

was called Rosa de Jericho. When it is put into water it gradually opens all its feed-vessels, and exactly resembles a fun, and when it becomes dry again, it contracts itself, and closes by degrees. This is no less a necefsary than singular property which points out the admirable institution of an all-wise Creator; inasmuch as this plant, which is found in the most arid plains, keeps its seeds fast locked up in time of drought, but when the rainy season comes, and the feeds can grow, it

opens its receptacles and lets fall the seeds in order, that they may be dispersed abroad. The water in which this fruit has lain, is sometimes given to women that are near their time, and is thought to procure them an easy delivery.



N Friday, June the 8th, closed with the new and

admired comedy, He is Much to Blame-principal characters in this interesting piece were, Messrs. Lewis, Waddy, Pope, Murray, Davenport, Clarke, Thomson, Rees-Miss Betterton and Miss Mansel, Mrs.'

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