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Why, to be sure, madam, I did hear him say, a little snubbing, before marriage, would teach you to bear it the better afterwards.


To be gone a full hour, though he had only to get a bill changed in the city! How provoking !

Garnet. I'll lay my life, Mr. Leontine, that had twice as much to do, is setting off by this time from his inn; and here you are left behind.


Well, let us be prepared for his coming, however. Are you sure you have omitted nothing, Garnet?


Not a stick, madam-all's here. Yet I wish you could take the white and silver to be married in. It's the worst luck in the world, in any thing but white. I knew one Bett Stubbs, of our town, that was married in red; and, as sure as eggs is eggs, the bridegroom and she had a miff before morning.

Olivia. No matter. I'm all impatience till we are out of the house.

Garnet. Bless me, madam, I had almost forgot the wedding ring the sweet little thing—I don't think it would go on my little finger. And what if I put in a gentleman's night-cap in case of necessity, madam? But here's Jarvis.

· Enter JARVIS.

Olivia. O Jarvis, are you come at last ? We have been ready this half hour. Now let's be going. Let us fly.

Jarvis. Aye, to Jericho; for we shall have no going to Scotland this bout, I fancy.


How! what's the matter?

Jarvis. Money, money, is the matter, madam. We have got no money. What the plague did you send me of your fool's errand for? My master's bill upon the city is not worth a rush. Here it is; Mrs. Garnet may pin up her hair with it.

Olivia. Undone! How could Honeywood serve us sa! What shall we do? Can't we go without it?


Go to Scotland without money! To Scotland without money! Lord how some people understand geography! We might as well set sail for Patagonia upon a cork jacket.

Olivia. Such a disappointment! What a base insincere man was your master, to serve us in this manner? Is this his good nature ?

Jarvis. Nay, don't talk ill of my master, madam. I won't bear to hear any body talk ill of him but myself.

Garnet. Bless us ! now I think on’t, madam, you need not be under any uneasiness : I saw Mr. Leontine receive forty guineas from his father just before he set out, and he can't yet have left the inn. A short letter will reach him there.

Olivia. Well remember'd, Garnet; I'll write immediately. How's this! Bless me, my hand trembles so, I can't write a word. Do you write, Garnet; and, upon second thought, it will be better from you.


Truly, madam, I write and indite but poorly. I never was kute at my learning. But I'll do what I can to please you. Let me see. All out of my own head, I suppose ?


Whatever you please.

Garnet. (Writing.) Muster Croaker-Twenty guineas, madam ?


Aye, twenty will do.

Garnet. At the bar of the Talbot till callid for. Expedis tion-Will be blown up-All of a flameQuick dis

patch-Cupid, the little god of love I conclude it, madam, with Cupid ; I love to see a love-letter end

like poetry


Well, well, what you please, any thing. But how shall we send it? I can trust none of the servants of this family,


Odso, madam, Mr. Honeywood's butler is in the next room : he's a dear, sweet man; he'll do any thing

for me.

Jarvis. He! the dog, he'll certainly commit some blunder. He's drunk and sober ten times a day.

Olivia, No matter. Fly, Garnet; any body we can trust will do. (Exit Garnet.] Well, Jarvis, now we can have nothing more to interrupt us. You may take

up the things, and carry them on to the inn. Have you no hands, Jarvis ?

Jarvis. Soft and fair, young lady. You, that are going to be married, think things can never be done too fast: but we that are old, and know what we are about, must elope methodically, madam.

Olivia. Well, sure, if my indiscretions were to be done over again

Jarvis. My life for it, you would do them ten times over.

Olivia. Why will you talk so ? If you knew how unhappy they make me

Jarvis. Very unhappy, no doubt : I was once just as unhappy when I was going to be married myself. I'll telt you a story about that

Olivia. A story! when I'm all impatience to be away. Was there ever such a dilatory creature !

Jarvis. Well, madam, if we must march, why we will march ; that's all. Though, odds bobs, we have still forgot one thing, we should never travel without-a case of good razors, and a box of shaving-powder. But no matter, I believe we shall be pretty well shaved by the way.




Undone, undone, madam. Ah, Mr. Jarvis, you said right enough. As sure as death, Mr. Honeywood's rogue of a drunken butler dropp'd the letter before he went ten yards from the door. There's old Croaker has just pick'd it up, and is this moment reading it to himself in the hall.

Olivia. Unfortunate! We shall be discovered.

Garnet. No, madam : don't be uneasy, he can make neither head nor tail of it. To be sure he looks as if he was

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