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[blocks in formation]

And to the murmurs of the waters sleep:
The circling air 's at rest, and feels no noise,
Except of some short breaths upon the trees,
Kocking the harmless birds that reft upon them.

; . : OTWAY.


No tree in all the grove but has its charms,
'Though each its hue peculiar; paler some, ;
And of a wannish gray; the willow such,
And poplar, that with silver lines his leaf ;
And ash, far stretching his umbrageous arm.
Of deeper green the elm; and, deeper still,
Lord of the woods, the long-surviving oak.
Some gloffy-leav'd, and shining in the sun;
The maple, and the beech, of oily nuts
Prolific; and the lime, at dewy eve.
Diffusing odours : nor unnoted pass
The sycamore, capricious in attire,
Now green, now tawny, and, ere autumn yet
Have chang'd the woods, in scarlet honours bright.


The Spider.The Rose.



The treach'rous spider, when her nets are spread,
Deep ambush'd in her filent den does lie,
And feels, far off, the trembling of her thread,
Whose filmy cord thould bind the struggling fly :
Then, if at last the find him faft beset,
She issues forth, and runs along her loom;
She joys to touch the captive in her net,
And drags the little wretch in triumph mohe.



Child of summer, lovely rose,
In thee what blushing beauty glows !
But, ere to-morrow's setting fun,.
Thy beauty fades, thy form is gone.
Yet, though no grace thy buds retain,
Thy pleasing odours still remain. .
Ye fair, betimes the moral prize,
"T is lasting beauty to be wise !

150 The Stream of the Desert.---The Balloon.



If from lone cliffs a bursting rill expands
Its transient course, and links into the sands,
O'er the moist rock the fell hyæna prowls,
The leopard hiffes, and the panther growls;
On quiv'ring wing the familh'd vulture screams,
Dips his dry beak, and sweeps the gushing

With foamy jaws beneath, and fanguine tongue,
Laps the lean wolf, and pants, and runs along;
Stern stalks the lion on the rustling brinks,
Hears the dread snake, and trembles as he drinks ;
Quick darts the scaly monster o’er the plain,
Fold after fold, his undulațing train ;
And, bending o'er the lake his crested brow,
Starts at the crocodile that gapes below.



So, on the shoreless air th’intrepid Gaul Launch'd the vast concaye of his buoyant bail ;


[blocks in formation]

Journeying on high the filken castle glides,
Bright as a meteor, through the azure tides ;
O’er towns and tow'rs and temples wins its way,
Or mounts sublime, and gilds the vault of day.
Silent, with upturn’d eyes, unbreathing crowds
Pursue the floating wonder to the clouds ;
And Aush'd with transport; or benumb’d with fear,
Watch as it rises the diminish'd sphere.
Now less and less !--and now a speck is seen !
And now the fleeting rack intrudes between!
The calm philosopher in æther fails,
Views broader stars, and breathes in purer gales;
Sees, like a map, in many a waving line,
Round earth’s blue plains her lucid waters shine;
Sees at his feet the forked lightnings glow,
And hears the harmless thunders roar below.



................ From his oozy bed
Old father Thames advanc'd his rev'rend head.
Around his throne the sea-born brothers stood,
Who swell with tributary urns his flood.


152 The Coming of a Shower.
First, the fam'd authors of his antient name,
The winding Isis, and the fruitful Tame:
The Kennet: swift, for Glver cels renown'd,
The Loddon flow, with verdant alders crown'd;
Cole, whose dark ftreams his dow'ry iflands lave; .
And chalky Wey, that rolls a milky wave:
The blue transparent Vandalis appears ;
The gulphy Lee his sedgy treffes rears;
And sullen Mole, that hides his diving food;
And Glent Darent itain'd with Danish blood.



Now the light swallow, with her airy brood, Skims the green meadow, and the dimpled flood; Loud thrieks the lone thrush from his leafless

thorn, Th'alarmed beetle sounds his bugle horn; Each pendent spider winds with fingers fine His ràpell’d clue, and climbs along the line ; Through the still air descend the genial show'rs, And pearly rain-drops deck the laughing flow'rs.


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