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fome other good and well-disposed Woman shall have it: Whereby the House shall be the better reformed (whereof I ensure you it had much need) and God, much the better served: As touching abode at Hever, do therein as best shall like you, for you know best what Aire doth best with you; but I wold it were come thereto (if it pleased God) that neither of us need care for that, for I ensure you I think it long. Suche is fallen fick of the Śwett, and therefor I send you this Bearer, because I think you long to hear Tydings from us, as we do in likewise from you. : Writen with the Hand,

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D ARLING, these shall be only to advertise

you, that this Bearer, and his Fellow, be dispatched with as many Things to compasse our Matter, and to bring it to passe, as our Wits could imagine or devise ; which brought to pafle, as I trust by their Diligence it shall be, shortly you and Í hall have our desired End, which should be more to my Hearts Ease, and more Quietnesse to my Minde, than any other Thing in this World, as with God's Grace shortly I truš shall be proved, but not fo foon as I would it were, yet I will eni, e. Of yours only.

fure sure you there shall be no Tyme loft, that may be wone, and further cannot be done, for ultra polle non eft effe: Keep him not too long with you, but defire him for your Sake to make the more Speed, for the fooner we shall have Word from him, the sooner Ihall our Matter come to passe; and thus upon Trust of your short Repair to London, I make an End of my Letter Mine awne Sweetheart. Writen with the Hand of him which defyreth as much to be yours as you do to have him.

H. Rex.

LETTER XV. Original.

DARLING, I heartily recommend me to

you, affertaining you, that I am not a little perplexed with such Things as your Brother shall on my Part declare unto you, to whom I pray you give full Credence, for it were too long to write. In my last Letters I writ to you, that I trusted shortly to see you, which is better known at London, than with any that is about me, whereof I not a little mervelle, but lake of descreet handling must needs be the Cause thereof. No more to you at this tyme, but that I trust shortly, our Meeting shall not depend upon other Men's light Handlings, but upon your awne. Writen with the Hand of him that longeth to be Yours.

H. Rex.


LETTER XVI. Original.

M YNE awne Sweetheart, this shall be to adIV. vertise you of the great ellingness that I find here since your departing, for I ensure you, me thinketh the Tyme longer since your departing now last then I was wont to do a whole Fortnight; I think your Kindness and my Fervence of Love causeth it, for otherwise I wolde not thought it possible, that for so little a while it should havegrived me, but now that I am comeing toward you, methinketh my Pains been half released, and also I am right well comforted, : infomuch- that my * Book maketh substantially for my Matter, in writing whereof I have spent above anni Hours this Day, which caused me now write the shorter Letter to you at this tyme, because of some Payne in my Head, wishing myfelf (specially an Evening) in my Sweethearts Armes, whose pritty Duckys I trust shortly to kysle. < Writen with the Hand of him that, was, is, and shall be yours by his Will,

H. Rex.

LETTER. XVII. Original.

TO informe you what Joye it is to me to under

stand of your Conformableness with Reasone, and of the fuppreffing of your inutile and vain * The King wrote a Treatise against the Pope's Supremacy.


Thoughts and Fantasies with the Bridle of Reason, I ensure you all the Good of this World could not counterpoise for my Satisfaction, the Knowledge and Certainty thereof; wherefore good Sweetheart, continue the same not only in this, but in all your Doings hereafter, for thereby shall come both to you and me the greatest Quietnesle that may be in this World. The Cause why this Bearer' stayed so long, is the Business that I have had to dresse up Geer for you, which I trust ere long to see you occupye, and then I trust to occupy yours, which shall be Recompence enough to me for all my Pains and Labours. The unfayned Sickness of this well-willing Legate, doth somewhat retard his Access to your Person, but I trust veryly, when God shall send him Health, he will with Diligence recompence his Demurre, for I know well where he hath said (lamenting the Saying, and brute, that he shall be thought Imperial) that shall be well known in this Matter, that he is not Imperial. And this for lake. of Tyme farewell. Writen with the Hand which faine would be yours, and fo is the Heart.

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H. Rex.

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Cardinal W OIS É y.


FOR Y Lord, in my most humblest wise

A that my Heart can think, I desire M S you to pardon me that I am so bold

to trouble you with my simple and CaCO3 rude Writing, efteeming it to proceed

from her, that is a much desirous to know that your Grace does well, as I perceive by this Bearer that you do. The which I pray God long to continue, as I am most bound to pray; for I do know the great Pains and Troubles that

: * Ibis Letter is remarked on by Dr. Burnet, in his Hift. of the Reformat. p. 55. Vol. I.


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