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have been in that which I gave you. I shall be heartily obliged to you, if you please to have some Remembrance of me. 6N. R. 1. de R. O.M.V. E. Z.

Henry Rex.

LETTER IX. Originál.

THE Cause of my Writeing at this Time 1. (good Sweatheart) is wonly to understand off your good Health and Profperity, whereof to know, I would be as glad as in manner myne awne, praying God (that and it be his Pleafure) to send us shortly togyder, for I promise you I long for it, howbeit, trust it shall not be long too, and feeing my Darling is abfent, I can no lefs do, than to fend her fome Fleshe representing my Name, 'which is Hart's-Fleshe, for Henry, prognosticating, that hereafter God willing you must enjoy some of mine, which if he pleased I wolde were now. As touching your Sister's Matter, I have caused Walter Welche to write to my Lord mine Minde therein, whereby I trust that Eve shall not have Power to deceive Adam. For surely whatsoever is said, it cannot so stand with his Honour, but that he must needs take her his natural Daughter now in her extreame Necessity. No more to you at this tyme mine awne Darling, but that with a Wishe I wolde we were togyder one Evening with the Hand of your

H. Rex.

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LETTER X. Out of French.

A Lthough, my Mistress, you have not been and pleased to remember the Promise which you made me when I was last with you, which was, That I should hear News of you, and have an Answer to my laft Letter ; yet I think it belongs to a true Servant (fince otherwise he can know nothing) to send to enquire of his Mistress's Health; and to acquit myself of the Office of a True Servant, I send you this Letter, begging you to give me an Account of the State you are in, which I pray God may continue as long in Prosperity, as I with my own; and that you may the oftner remember me, I send you, by this Bearer, a Buck killed late last Night by my Hand, hoping when you eat of it, you will think on the Hunter; and thus for want of more Room, I will make an End of my Letter. Written by the Hand of your Servant, who often wishes you in your Brother's Room.

H. Rex.

LETTER XI. Out of French.

THE Approach of the Time which I have so

long expected, rejoices me so much, that it seems almost already come. However, the intire Accomplishment cannot be till the two Persons meet, which Meeting is more desired by me than any


Thing in this World; for what Joy can be greater upon Earth, than to have the Company of her who is my dearest Friend? Knowing likewise that she does the same on her Part, the Thinking of which gives great. Pleasure. You may judge what an Effect the Presence of that person must

have on me, whose Absence has made a greater washing Wound in my Heart, than either Words or 1. Writing can express, and which nothing can cure

but her Return: I beg you, dear Mistress, to tell En your Father from me, That I desire him to haften

the Appointment by two Days, that he may be in Court before the Old Term, or at farthest on the Day prefixed; for otherwise I shall think, he will not do the Lover's Turn, as he said he would, not answer my Expectation. No more at present for want of Time; hoping shortly that by Word of Mouth I shall tell you the rest of my Sufferings from your Absence. Written by the Hand of the Secretary, who wishes himself at prefent privately with you, and who is, and always will be,

Your Loyal, and most

Ajured Servant,

H. no other Heart, A. B. seeks Rex.

LETTER XII. Out of French.

THERE came to me in the Night the most - afflicting News possible. For I have Reason to grieve upon three Accounts. First, Because I heard of the Sickness of my Mistress, whom I esteem more than all the World, whose Health I · desire as much as my own, and the Half of whose Sickness I would willingly bear to have her cured. Secondly, Because I fear I shall suffer yet longer that tedious Absence which has hitherto given me all possible Uneasiness, and as far as I can judge, is like to give me more. I pray God he would deliver me from so troublesome a Tormentor. The Third Reason is, because the Physician, in whom I trust most, is abfent at present, when he could do me the greatest Pleasure. For I should hope by him, and his Means, to obtain one of my principal Joys in this World, that is my Mistress cured; however, in Default of him, I send you the second, and the only one left, praying God that he may soon make you well, and then I shall love him more than ever. I beseech you to be governed by his Advice, with relation to your Illness; by your doing which, I hope Mhortły to see you again, which will be to me a greater Cordial than all the precious Stones in the World. Written by the Secretary, who is, and always will be,


Your Loyal, and most

Assured Servant,

H's Heart, A. B. Rex.


E ETTER XIII. Original.

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CINCE your last Létters, myne awn Darling,

Walter Welche, Master Brown, Fohri Care, Trion of 'Brearton, John Cocke the Pothecary, ble fallen of the Swett in this House, and thankyd be Gád all well recovered, so that as yet the Pleague is not fully ceased here; but I trust shortly it shall by the Mercy of God; the rest of us yet be well, and I trust shall passe it, either not to have it, or at the least as easily as the rest have don. As touching the Matter of Wylton, My Lord Cardinal * hath had the Nunys before him, and examined them, Master Bell being present, which hath certified me, that for a Truth, that she hath confessed herself (which we would have had Abbeffe) to have had Two Children by Two fundry Priests; and furder, fince hath been keeped by a Servant of the Lord Broke, that was, and that not long ago. Wherefor I would not for all the Gold in the World clog your Conscience nor mine, to make her Ruler of a House which is of so ungodly Demeanour; nor I trust you would not, that neither for Brother nor Sister I should fo de-' stain mine Honour or Conscience: And as touching the Pryoresse, or Dame Ellenor's Eldest Sister, tho' there is not any evident Case proved against them, and that the Pryorefle is so Old, that of many Years she could not be as she was named; yet notwithstanding to do you Pleasure, I have don that neither of them shall have it, but that

* Wolfey. s. G BA Oesome

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