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Than Aquitain fo gelded as it is.

Dear princefs, were not his requests so far
From reafon's yielding, your fair felf fhould make
A yielding 'gainst fome reafon in my breaft;
And go well fatisfied to France again.

Prin. You do the King my father too much wrong,
And wrong the reputation of your name,
In fo unfeeming to confefs receipt
Of that, which hath fo faithfully been paid.
King. I do proteft, I never heard of it;
And if you prove it, I'll repay it back,
Or yield up Aquitain.

Prin. We arreft your word:
Boyet, you can produce acquittances
For fuch a fum, from fpeciał officers
Of Charles his father.

King. Satisfy me fo.

Boyet. So please your Grace, the packet is not come,
Where that and other specialties are bound:
To-morrow you shall have a fight of them.

King. It fhall fuffice me; at which interview,
All liberal reafon I will yield unto:
Mean time, receive fuch welcome at my hand,
As honour without breach of honour may
Make tender of, to thy true worthiness.
You may not come, fair Princefs, in my gates;
But here, without, you shall be so receiv'd,
As you shall deem yourself lodg'd in my heart,
Tho' fo deny'd fair harbour in my houfe:
Your own good thoughts excufe me, and farewel;
To-morrow we fhall vifit you again.

Prin. Sweet health and fair defires confort your

King Thy own Wish wish I thee, in every place.


varre declares, he had rather re- than detain the Province mortceive the Refidue of his Debt, gag'd for Security of it. THEOB.


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Biron. Lady, I will commend you to my own heart.
Rof. I pray you, do my commendations;
I would be glad to fee it.


Biron. I would, you heard it groan.
Rof. Is the fool fick?

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Biron. Sick at the heart.
Rof. Alack, let it blood.
Biron. Would that do it good?
Rof. My phyfick fays, ay.
Biron. Will you prick't with your eye?
Rof. Non, poynt, with my knife.
Biron. Now God fave thy life!
Rof. And yours from long living!
Biron. I can't ftay thanksgiving.
Dum. Sir, I pray you a word: what lady is that fame?
Boyet. The heir of Alanfon, Rofaline her name.
Dum. A gallant lady; Monfieur, fare you well. [Exit.
Long. I befeech you, a word: what is the in white?
Boyet. A woman fometimes, if you faw her in the


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That is, mayft thou have fenfe and ferioufnefs more proportionate to thy beard, the

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Long. Perchance, light in the light; Idefire her name. Boyet. She hath but one for herfelf; to defire That, were a fhame.

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Long. Pray you, Sir, whofe daughter?
Boyet. Her mother's, I have heard.
Long. God's bleffing on your beard!*.
Boyet. Good Sir, be not offended.
She is an heir of Faulconbridge.
Long. Nay, my choller is ended:
She is a moft fweet lady.


Boyet. Not unlike, Sir; that may be. [Exit Long..
Biron, What's her name in the
Boyet. Catharine, by good hap.
Biron. Is the wedded, or no??
Boyet. To her will, Sir, or fo.

length of which fuits ill with
fuch idle catches of wit.

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Biron. You are welcome, Sir: adieu! Boyet. Farewel to me, Sir, and welcome to you. [Exit Biron. Mar. That laft is Biron, the merry mad-cap lord; Not a word with him but a jeft. Boyet. And every jeft a word.

Prin. It was well done of you to take him at his word.


Boyet. I was as willing to grapple, as he was to

.: board.

Mar. Two hot fheeps, marry.

Boyet. And wherefore not fhips?

No sheep, fweet lamb, unless we feed on your lips. Mar. You fheep, and I pafture; fhall that finish the jest?

Boyet. So you grant pafture for me.
Mar. Not fo, gentle beaft;

My lips are no common, though feveral they be?.
Boyet. Belonging to whom?

Mar. To my fortunes and me.

Prin. Good wits will be jangling; but, gentles,

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The civil war of wits were much better us'd

On Navarre and his book-men; for here 'tis abus'd. Boyet. If my obfervation, which very feldom lies, By the heart's ftill rhetorick, disclosed with eyes, Deceive me not now, Navarre is infected.

Prin. With what?

Boyet. With that which we lovers intitle affected. Prin. Your reafon?

My lips are not common though feveral they are.] Several is an inclofed field of a private proprietor; fo Maria fays, her lips are private property. Of a Lord that was newly married

one obferved that he grew fat; Yes, faid Sir Walter Raleigh, any beaft will grow fat, if you take him from the common and graze him in the feveral.


Boyet. Why, all his behaviours did make their



To the Court of his eye, peeping thorough defire:
His heart, like an agat with your print impreffed,
Proud with his form, in his eye pride expreffed:
His tongue, all impatient to fpeak and not fees,
Did ftumble with hafte in his eye-fight to be:
All fenfes to that fenfe did make their repair,

*To feel only looking on faireft of fair;

Methought, all his fenfes were lock'd in his eye,

As jewels in crystal for fome Prince to buy;

Who tendring their own worth, from whence they were glafst,

Did point out to buy them, along as you past..
His face's own margent
did quote
fuch amazes,
That all eyes faw his eyes inchanted with gazes:
I'll give you Aquitain, and all that is his,

An' you give him for my fake but one loving kifs.
Prin. Come, to our pavilion: Boyet is difpos'd.
Boyet. But to fpeak that in words, which his eye
hath difclos'd;

I only have made a mouth of his eye,

By adding a tongue which I know will not lye.. Rof. Thou art an old love-monger, and fpeakest fkilfully.

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Mar. He is Cupid's grandfather, and learns news of him.



Rof. Then was Venus like her mother, for her father is but grim.

Boyet. Do you hear, my mad wenches?

Mar. No.

Boyet. What then, do


His tongue all impatient to peak and not fee.] That is, his tongue being impatiently defirous to fee as well as speak.


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The Park; near the Palace.

Enter Armado and Moth'.


ARBLE, child; make paffionate my fenfe of

WA hearing.

Moth. Concolinel


Arm. Sweet Air!-Go, tendernefs of years; take this key, give inlargement to the fwain; bring him feftinately hither: I must imploy him in a letter to my love.


9 Boyet. You are too hard for me.] Here, in all the Books, the 2d Act is made to end; but in my Opinion very mistakenly. have ventur'd to vary the Regulation of the four laft Acts from the printed Copies, for thefe Reafons. Hitherto, the 2d Act has been of the Extent of 7 Pages; the third but of 5; and the 5th of no less than 29. And this Difproportion of Length has crouded too many Incidents into fome Acts, and left the others quite barren. I have now reduced them into a much better Equality; and diftributed the Bufinefs likewife (fuch as it is) into a more uniform Caft.



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