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I love the

sea ;
she is


fellow-creature, My careful purveyor, she provides me store; She walls me round; she makes my diet greater;

She wafts my treasure from a foreign shore ; But, Lord of oceans, when compared with Thee, What is the ocean or her wealth to me?

To heaven's high city I direct my journey,

Whose spangled suburbs entertain mine eye; Mine eye, by contemplation's great attorney,

Transcends the crystal pavement of the sky; But what is heaven, great God, compared with Thee ? Without thy presence, heaven's no heaven to me.

Without thy presence, earth gives no refection;

Without thy presence, sea affords no treasure; Without thy presence, air's a rank infection ;

Without thy presence, heaven itself no pleasure; If not possessed, if not enjoyed in Thee, What's earth, or sea, or air, or heaven to me?

The highest honor that the world can boast,

Are subjects far too low for my desire;
Its brightest beams of glory are at most

But dying sparkles of thy living fire ;
The proudest flames that earth can kindle, be
But nightly glow-worms if compared with Thee.

Without thy presence, wealth is bags of care ;

Wisdom but folly ; joy, disquiet sadness; Friendship is treason, and delights are snares ;

Pleasures but pain, and mirth but pleasing madness. Without Thee, Lord, things be not what they be, Nor have their being when compared with Thee.

In having all things and not Thee, what have I ?

Not having Thee, what have my labors got ? Let me enjoy but Thee, what further crave I ?

And having Thee alone, what have I not ?

I wish not sea nor land; nor would I be
Possessed of heaven, heaven unpossessed of Thee.


O WHITHER shall I fly? what path untrod
Shall I seek out to 'scape the flaming rod

my offended, of my angry God?

Where shall I sojourn? What kind sea will hide My head from thunder? Where shall I abide Until his flames be quenched or laid aside ?

What if


feet should take their hasty flight, And seek protection in the shades of night? Alas! no shades can blind the God of light.

What if my soul should take the wings of day
And find some desert ? If she springs away,
The wings of vengeance clip' as fast as they.

What if some solid rock should entertain
My frighted soul ? can solid rocks restrain
The stroke of justice, and not cleave in twain ?

Nor sea, nor shade, nor rock, nor cave,
Nor silent deserts, nor the sullen grave,
What flame-eyed fury means to smite, can save.

The seas will part, graves open, rocks will split,
The shield will cleave, the frighted shadows flit ;
Where Justice aims, her fiery dart must hit.

No, no, if stern-browed Vengeance means to thunder,
There is no place above, beneath, or under,
So close but will unlock, or rive in sunder.

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"Tis vain to flee ; 'tis neither here nor there Can 'scape that hand, until that hand forbear: Ah me! where is He not, that's everywhere ?

'Tis vain to flee, till gentle Mercy show
Her better eye; the farther off we go,
The swing of Justice deals the mightier blow.

The ingenuous child, corrected doth not fly
His angry mother's hand ; but climbs more nigh,
And quenches with his tears her flaming eye.

Shadows are faithless, and the rocks are false,
No trust in brass, no trust in marble walls,
Poor cots are even as safe as princes' halls.

Great God! there is no safety here below; Thou art my fortress, Thou that seem'st my foe, 'Tis T..ou, that strik'st the stroke, must guard the blow.

Thou art my God, by Thee I fall or stand ;
Thy grace hath given me courage to withstand
All tortures by my conscience and thy hand.

I know thy justice is Thyself; I know,
Just God, thy very self is mercy too :
If not to Thee, where, whither shall I go?

Then work thy will; if passion bid me flee,
My reason shall obey ; my wings shall be
Stretched out no farther than from Thee to Thee.

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So now the soul's sublimed, her sour desires
Are recalcined in heaven's well-tempered fires ;
The heart restored, and purged from drossy nature,
Now finds the freedom of a new-born creature ;

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