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let none presume ; no, not the name is written in the book of most righteous, for he shall scarcely, life,” as our Saviour enjoins (Luke, be saved (1 Pet. iv. 18); yet let x, 20), though thou hadst nothing him not despair, for he shall else to rejpice in. But it is nobę sąvęd, (Rom. viii. 35.) Only thing to be blessed until we un, aceept with all thankfulness the derstand ourselves to be so; wheremercy offered, and apply the pro- fore, mises to thine own soul. The Viait God's leisure with paphysician is more offended at the tience, and hold fast to him in all contempt, of his physic in the pa- pressures. Time, saith Seneca, is tient, than with the loathsomeness the best medicine for most diseases, of the disease. And this I can of the body; and so likewise for, assure thee, if the blood of Christ the soul, if it be an afflicted con-, be applied to thy soul, it will soon 'science, waiting God's leisure for, stanch the blood of thy conscience, the assurance of his love, is the and keep thee from bleeding to best remedy. . death. (1 John, i. 7.).

But, instead of mourning continually, as the tempter bids thee,

PREPARATION FOR THE SABrather rejoice continually, as the


BY THE LATE REV. Apostle bids thee. 71 Thess. v. 16.) MOSES BROWNE, VICAR OF OLNeither think it an indifferent NEV, &c. thing to rejoice or not to rejoice; EVERY Saturday I purpose to but know that we are commanded break off from worldly enploy, to rejoice, to show that we break meats as early as is possible, and, a commandinent if we rejoice not: separate my mind from all worldly yea, we cannot believe if we rejoice engagements, that I may bring its not: for faith in the command in a more prepared frame for God; ment produces obedience; in the and as it is the usual custom for, threatenings, fear; in the promises, men, when their business is over comfort. True, thou thinkest on this evening, to mingle in conthou doest well to mouro continu. panies, and resort to places of en. ally; but thou doest very ill in it; tertainment and mirth, let it be for, when thou forgettest to rejoice my constant practice to avoid all in the Lord, then thou beginnest to such places and engagements, to muse, and after to fear, and after to retire from the world, and read in distrust, and at last to despair ; and private the holy word of God, or every thought seems to be a sin some other serious and useful against the Holy Ghost. Year, books, to meditate on the transachow many sins doth the afflicted tions of the week past, see what conscience record against itself; evil I have committed, what duty and never repenteth for breaking perforined, what growth and prothis commandment,“ Rejoice ever gress I am making in heavenly atmore.'?

tainments. Let me take a view of But what is the reason ?-Igno. things to come;, what duty is inrance. Tlou thinkest thyself çumbent upon me to discharge poor and miserable, and only there, which I have not yet set about, fore thinkest so, because thou and purpose to perform it out of knowest not thy riches in Christ; hand; and let me go a degree furfor else thou wouldest say with the ther, and study if I cannot find Prophet Habbakkuk, in the want of some opportunity for doing good, all other things, “ I will rejoice in and promoting the glory of God, the Lord, I will joy in the God of which I have not yet engaged in, my salyațion." (Hab. iii. 17, 18.) and which lies more remote, and Thou wouldest “ rejoice that thy out of the ordinary course of duty:


As, if I can forward any body's they find in their most sacred priworldly interest, recover and de- vileges this foe, which endeavours fend his reputation, compose dif- to rob God of his glory, and to ferences between any discreetly, render his servants satisfied with reprove vices, comfort the afflicted themselves, or with that liberty and indigent, and be the means of and enjoyment which he has imraising up the bounty of others parted. This opposer of truth can towards them; as much as I am only be detected by a comparison able, and upon every occasion, with the word of God, which has show my zeal and love for the sal- for its aim the degradation of all vation of the souls of all. O how earthly things, and the exaltation much work may a sincere Chris. of Jesus. . ' tian cut out for himself in the The moral and amiable, who are world, the care of his own soul inclined with their hearts to say, and of his family's, and of others, "God, I thank thee that I am not and a regard to their present in- as other men,” forget that the reterests in the world! Lord, make straining power of God stops them me that faithful servant of thine, from running to the same excess whom, when thou comest, thou of riot, and falsely ascribe the difshalt find so doing! and may I be ference to their purity of heart and found frequent in prayer to God good resolutions; they have a for his blessing on all these mine mistaken idea that they shall be endeavours for larger wisdom and saved, because God will render to direction, and more established every man even as his work shall resolutions, for a prepared mind be; but they forget that no one can and frame to attend on religious work except God worketh in him ordinances, for comfort in the use both to will and to do of his of them, advantage by them, and good pleasure. As Christ came perseverance in them, for faith and to seek and to save that which was hope, and love and heaven! 0 lost, there is no salvation for the send forth thy light and thy truth! moral or the amiable, until they Let them lead me, let them guide are brought to the feet of the Same, to thy holy hill, and to thy ta- viour to be saved simply as sinners. bernacle!

The verse before us is a part of

that admirable chapter which THE CHRISTIAN MORE THAN A

forms a complete summary of

Christian doctrine: in it we have CONQUEROR.

a clear demonstration that the . Rom. viii. 37.

doctrines of Jesus have a practical The enmity of unconverted per- tendency, and we may observe sons to the doctrine of salvation that they who (by the teaching of by grace, through faith which is the Spirit) have sought the Sain Christ, is a strong ground of ar- viour, possess scriptural authority, gument to prove the truth of the to conclude that the law has no Gospel, which declares, “ The longer any power to condemn. carnal man receiveth not the things. The ceremonial law was abrogated of the spirit of God, because they when the Son of God suffered on are foolishness' unto him ;" until the cross; it was not of any utility he can discern spiritually, he will after the great Antitype of all the not cease to stumble at the plainest sacrifices had, by the one offering declarations in the preaching of of himself once offered, perfected the cross. Self-righteousness is for ever them that are sanctified. the greatest enemy to the kingdom Jesus fulfilled the whole moral law of Christ; it cleaves not only to in behalf of his church, and his the unregenerate, but is the hin- . righteousness is theirs by imputaderance of the people of Immanuel: tion; the Spirit also fulfils the law in the believer, because the persecutes the seed of the woman, love of God is shed abroad in his and the experimental Christian heart by the spirit which God hath requites opposition with prayer. ; given ; and love is the fulfilling of . Though all who profess the the law.

name of Jesus should, as far as It might well be supposed that lieth in them, live peaceably with they who have privileges so great all men, yet the friendship of the as those which God lias bestowed world is incapable of being enjoyon his beloved, should incur the ed where the love of God predoopposition and enmity of the minates; and that believer who prince of darkness, and of his fol- has most extensive communicalowers in this world; but when we tion with his Lord, will, in the are called to suffer reproach for greatest degree, avoid the pollu. the name of God, we may with tions of the world; as his heart propriety rejoice that we are ac- is fixed on heavenly objects, he counted worthy of this honour. pants earnestly for a richer fore

If true religion were as conspi- taste of that happiness which grace cuous in the present age as the has taught him to pursue. profession of it is common, we R especting persecution, it may should have cause to rejoice, that with propriety be observed, that although we have not seen a se- those who suffer, if not always, cond miracle of the cloven tongues, yet generally, are the few to whom' yet the inspiration of the Spirit is God has vouchsafed a portion of greatly extended; but with mere his Spirit ; while, on the contrary, profession there is no conflict, for an inclination to persecute is a the old nature is pleased by for- fearful token of perdition. There mality, and is satisfied by an as- have been instances where a desire sent to truth, which is a work of to appear singular has been the its own power; whereas humilia- actuating motive, and has proved tion of heart is produced by the that men may contend earnestly Spirit.

for their own inventions, while Jesus commands his disciples to they neglect that faith which was take up their cross; the Apostle once delivered to the saints. of the Gentiles, who knew much The internal difficulties of the

of the divine life, found a law in Christian are the most frequent ** his members warring against the and the most severe; when he

law of his mind : and though some looks from the word of God (if it may imagine to themselves a cer- be but for a short space), the tain sinless perfection, this is but enemy of souls snatches the faone of those works of the flesh vourable moment, and leads him which are so ready to intrude either to exalt the pride' of his where Christ should be all in fallen nature, to doubt respecting all.

the love of God, or to depend on Tribulation in the world was the supply of grace, as if it were one of the peculiar blessings which something inherent and not rethe Redeemer declared to be the ceived. property of his followers; and as Even in the renewed man the Esau hated Jacob, so the uncon- remains of a corrupt nature are verted will always feel an enmity continually operating. Hence it to the church of God. Natural happens that he is sometimes affection may subsist in some in-. pleased with the zeal which he stances, but frequently when the feels in God's service, and imputes love of God is experienced, the "to the Spirit that warmth which nearest relations are ready to op- flows in a certain degree from gra. pose; the seed of the serpente tified nature; but above all other


opposers of his spiritual joy, is iniquity to remain unpunished; thât unbelief which is the fore- and he is too just to lay to the rumner of other evils; because, cliarge of his ělect the sins fór from a want of faith in the pro- which his Son hås suffered. “I mises of God proceed all carnal have, blotted out as a thick clousfears, which neither humible the thy transgressions, and as a cloud șinner nör glorify the Lord of his thy sins.” (Isaiah, xliv.22.) “ Tholi salvation.

: art all fair, my love ; there is no Other warriors enter into an en- 'spot in thee." (Cant. iv. 7.). gageinent without any certainty of Respecting the reward of vievictory; the hope of conquest or "tory, which is prepared for all who of glory animates them with valour, 'fight under the command of Jesus, and causés obstacles of much we may gbserve that he has alweight to vanish on the first ap- ready taken possession of the preproach ; but the man who has re- «mised land, and reserves it för ceived Christ as the captain of his those who are kept by the power salvation, comences à warfare, of God through faith unto salvawherein there is no possibility of 'ti011. WTien one of his seldiers has "a total defeat; and although his fought the good fight of faith, he enemy máy boast of some trifling - is immediately called to receive advantages, yet the victory is als that érown of glory which is the ready gained; and the instances, gift of God: the conqueror rewhen his own' hopes have for a joices in the opportunity afforded season been obscured, serve only him to cast the crown at the feet to prove that the battle is the of Jesus. Thus he whó on earth · Lord's, and that he gives it into - Powd that salvation is of the the hand of his sérvánts.

Lord, receiving the reward of the An assurance, that a' general is work of Christ for him, and in well versed in military affairs, in- - him, with a heart sensible of no. spires his soldiers with confidence, thing but love, joins the heavenly and they have a pleasure in re- song,.“ Worthy is the Lamb that flecting that he is equal to his un- was slain.”. dertaking. Much greater is the ! LEGÍS DIVINÆ Avicus. faith of the Christian, who feels ing, with St. Paul, that he also is : . less than the least of all saints, can ORIGINAL LETTERS FROM PIOUS with the same inspired Apostle CHARACTERS DECEASED. :. rejoice that he can do all things ."

No. LXVII. through Christ which strengtheneth.

10 From the late Rev. John Nerton, The sinner for whom Christ has Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth, to fought the battle, more than con- " Miss a . quers, because the victory is gain- MY DEAR MISS, ed before he enters the field. The “ 'HAVING written to Mr. and Saviour so loved his Church, even Miss — in the course of the week, when lying in its blood, possessed I hope I shall have half an hour of nothing which could render it to indulge myself" in writing to worthy of his notice, unless its you; but I am in danger and iny wretchedness could influence his fear of interruption eyery moment. Howels of mercy; that he gave . Though you are not sick, I con

himself for it, and his blood has sider you as a sufferer. Your pře- . "removed the iniquities of his chile' sent situation exercises your feel. . * dren, as far as the east is from the ings and your faith. But you

know whose you are, and whóm. tốo holy-to-stifer any you serve. The promises of gráce

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sufficient for us, of strength ac- of our friends at Bristol, and recording to our day, and that all - membered them in prayer. Lady M. things shall work together for good, was with us; she is very weak and afford a threefold cord not easily poorly, but resigned and happy. to be broken. I am almost asham. In her I see a specimen of what ed to write or to speak of what I the grace of God can do. One seem to have learnt from the word is almost tempted to wish such of God, because I find it so much persons had health, as we think it easier to propose these things to would add to their usefulness as others, 'than to apply them to my well as to their own comfort. But own use and case. How just is the Lord sees otherwise, or else that reproof, and how forcibly does how easily could he restore her! It speak to mie, Thou that teachest Who can say that she would have others, teachest thou not thyself? been equally spiritual and humble However, the truth must be spoken, if she was or had been always and I will tell you, because I hope well? Who can be sure she would you will improve it better than I have been equally peaceful and do, that the Lord is gracious, happy in her own soul ? For my wise, comppassionate, and faithful, own part, I wish to be thankful for and takes the most accurate no-healthit is a great mercy-and tice and care of all our concerns. I set a double value upon it as a MiHe does all things well, and lays nister : but may not much of what no trial upon us, without a need. I have daily cause to mourn "over, be; nor will he suffer us to be tried .be in part owing to the smoothness beyond what he will enable us to of my outward path, and to the bear. .. ..

good health I ani favoured with ? in 'The more self is subdued, and this inbred stupidity, which

the power of the divine life grows makes it so hard toi prize the * in our hearts, the more we shall Lord's temporal mércies, or to be be satisfied with all his appoint- · duly thankful for them, if they are menits. One thing is to us espe- continued to us for a good while cially needful, and this one thing without interruption! In the time may be sought, and even possessed, of adversity prayer is quickened ;

under all the changes of circum- but if he gives its a course of pro· stance we pass through-I mean sperity, this, instead of heighten' a patient, loving dependence uponing our gratitude as it ought, has - him, accounting his loving-kind- too often a tendency to make us ness and the light of his counte- cold, formal, and careless. I ain

nance our true happiness. If we ashamed of myself, I reproach : 'can set him always before us, why myself, but I cannot help myself.

should we be greatly moved? In- Blessed be the Lord, he is oúr, finite wisdom is a safe guide, and helper; he pities, pardons, and almighty power a sure support of saves to the uttermost. I wish · defence., He communicates inuch not to be burdened and distressed

of his goodness to us through the with the sense of what I am, but I • pipes and channels of creatures, wish to be more humbled, to be . "ineans, and ordinances; but if lower in the dust, to be more weak· these fail, the fountain that sup--ed from self in every shape, and to - plies them all, is still full, and ala Kave my eye and my heart, myad. : ways near. He can bless us with miration, desire, love, and hope, his own inimitable light and sun- more simply fixed upon him. I shine, when our candles, our crea- wish to be nothing, and to be cottture comforts, expire in the socket.' tent with being nothing, that I may !

Yesterday I preached at the rejoice in him as my all in all.. Lock, and we afterwards dided Your affectionate and obliged . with Mr. C. and C-, we talked servant, J. NEWTON.

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