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and shewing the nature of the different Sermons chiefly designed for the use of Public Securities, with the manner of ma- Families. By John Fawcett, A. M., Rec-: king Investments therein. Also an Histo- tor of Scaleby and Perpetual Curate of St rical Sketch of the National Debt of the Cuthbert's, Carlisle. Third Edition. 2 British Empire, authenticated by Official Vols. 12mo. Price 12s. Documents. By Bernard Cohen.

Sermons, preached before a Country Suggestions addressed to the Legislature Congregation, by, William Bishop, M.A. and the Landed Interest; occasioned by 2s. 6d. the Hills submitted to Parliament by the Remarks on Scepticism, especially as it Government of Ireland for a Composition is connected with subjects of Organization and Commutation of Tithes. By J. J. and Life, being an Answer to the Views of Park, Esq. Barrister at Law.

M. Bichat, Sir T. C. Morgan, and Mr

Laurence, upon those points. By the Rev. Exempla Concionum ; or, Plans of Ser. Thomas Rennell, A. M. Sixth Edition. mons; chiefly intended as Outlines to be 2s. 6d. filled up by Written Compositions, or to Lectures on Miracles, selected from the assist and facilitate Extemporaneous De- New Testament. By the Author of " Leclivery. 1 vol. 12mo. 4s.

tures on Parables," and “ Geraldine." A General View of the Doctrine of Re- Cr. 8vo. 8s. generation in Baptism. By Christopher

TOPOGRAPHY. Bethell, D. D. Dean of Chichester. Ss. Reliquiæ Diluvianæ ; or, Observations

St Paul's Thorn in the Flesh, explained on the Organic Remains contained in Caves, in a Discourse on 2 Corinthians, xii. 7. with Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel, and on a Preface and Notes. By the Rev. J. G. other Geological Phenomena, attesting the Tolley. 2s.

action of an Universal Deluge. By the The Perfect Model for Christian Teach- Rey. Wm. Buckland, B.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. Is. 6d.

Professor of Mineralogy and Geology in A Sermon Preached to the English Con. the University of Oxford. 4to. £1, 11s. 6d. gregation assembled at Rome, Sunday, 6th A concise Description of the English April 1823, for the Benefit of the Primi. Lakes and the Mountains in their vicinity ; tive Church of the Vaudois, or Ancient with remarks on the Mineralogy and GeoAbigenses and Waldenses. By the Rev. logy of the District. By Jonathan Otley. Lewis Way, A. M. Minister of the Epis- 12mo. 4s. 6d. copal Protestant Chapel at Nice, in Sar.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. dinia. Price 2s. 6d. The Second Edi. Journal of a Tour in France in the tion, with an Appendix of the “ House- Years 1816 and 1817. By Frances Jane hold of Faith."

Carey. 1 vol. 8vo. For the Oracles of God. Four Orations, The Pyrenees and the South of France, For Judgment to come. -An Argument, during the Months of November and Des in Nine Parts. By the Rev. Edward cember 1822. By A. Thiers. Irving, A.M. 12s.

Letters from Mecklenburg and Holstein The Word of God, concerning all that comprising an Account of the Free Cities are in Trouble or Affliction. The Second of Hamburg and Lubeck. Written in the Edition. By the Rev. J. W. Brooks. Summer of 1820. By George Downes,

Scripture Names of Persons and Places A. B. familiarly explained. Intended as a Com. Description of the Scenery of Dunkeld panion to the reading of the Holy Scrip- and of Blair, in Atholl. In 1 vol. duotures, for the ease of Young Persons. As. decimo.


EDINBURGH. The Edinburgh Christian Instructor, Case of the Inhabitants of Edinburgh, No. CLVI., for July.

relative to the Classical Education of their The New Edinburgh Review, No. IX. Sons. By A. Scott, Esq. 8vo. ls. 8vo. Os.

Original Institutions of the Princely Or. Memoirs of the Wernerian Natural His. ders of Collars. By Sir William Segar, tory Society. Vol. IV. Part 2d. 8vo. 108. From an original MS. in the Advocates' 6d.

Library, now first published with Eight Ellen Gray, or the Dead Maiden's Engravings, being fac similes of the ori. Curse, a Poem. By the late Dr Archibald ginal drawings, splendidly coloured emblaMacleod. 8vo. 3s.

zoned, in one volume quarto, printed by The Fire Eater, a Tale. 12mo. 8s. Ballantyne, half bound, LI, 1ls. 6d.

A Series of Picturesque Views. Part “Sir W’illiam Segar, Knight, Garter PrinI. containing, 1. Edinburgh from St An- cipal King atArms, during the reign of James thony's Well—2. Edinburgh from Canon- the First, is well known as the author of a Mäls.-3. Edinburgh Castle from the site valuable work, entitled, Of Honour, Mi. of the West Port. Price 5s. Drawn by litary und Civil; treating of Jurisdiccion J. Ewbank. Engraved by W. H. Lizars. Military, Knighthood, Combats, and pre

cedency, dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, and The Picture of Edinburgh ; containing printed at London in 1602; and also of a Description of the City and its Environs. Baronagium, Genealogicum--a manuscript By J. Stark. 18mo. 7s. collection which formed the basis of Ed. Jacob; or, Patriarchal Piety. A Series monson's work, which bears the same title. of Discourses by the Rev. Edward Craig, Among his other Heraldic Manuscripts, A. M. Oxon, Minister of St James's ChaSegar left a short account of the Original pel, Edinburgh. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Institutions of the Princely Orders of Col- Theological Gems. 18mo. 5s. lars, dedicated to his patron, James the The Morning and Evening Sacrifice, or First. This work, which has not hitherto Prayers for Private Persons and Families. been published, and from which the present New Edition. Post 8vo, 10s. 6d. ; 12mo, impression has been printed, now belongs 5s. 6d. to the Library of the Faculty of Advocates The Life of Sir Thomas Craig of Ricat Edinburgh. It is written upon vellum, cartoun, with Biographical Sketches of his and is in the highest state of preservation. most eminent legal Contemporaries. By The work was probably executed soon af- P. F. Tytler, Esq. Advocate, F. R. and ter James the First ascended the Throne of A.S.S. England.

A Pocket Guide to the Riga Trade. " The historical notices which accom- Is. 6d. pany the emblazonings of the different Col- A Catechism of Music, chiefly adapted lars, although short, are curious; and no- for Learners on the Pianoforte. thing can be more beautiful than the co. Macpherson. 12mo. 6s. louring and emblazonings of the Collars by Remarks on Duelling, comprising Ob. Segar. They have been minutely copied servations on the Arguments in Defence of for the present impression by Mr Lizars, that Practice. By George Buchan, Esq. who, with his usual ingenuity, has succeed- of Killoe. 8vo. 2s. ed in producing an effect nearly equal to the Another Chapter for the Use of the Tyro originals."-Notice by the Editor. in the Court of Session. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

By D.


METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extructed from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after

noon.—The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.

Ther. Barom. Ther.



Ther. Barom.


aftern. dull. June 16{



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A. 19

6 4.40


June 1
M.41 29.939 M.64 ) Foren. suns.

A. 55

.570 A. 58

.201 M.58) Foren. sh.
A. 51
.204 A. 56 )


aftern. fair. SM.38

.138 M.58
3 {

Heavy shrs.
A.50 128.999 4. 58


M.37 .938 M.58

Dull, with
A.51 .938/A. 59


shrs. rain.
M.39 .937 M.57

Dull, with
A. 52 129.202 A. 55

heavy sh.
.464 M.58

A. 53 .307 A. 59S

with rain.
.399 M.59

Cold, and
A. 53
.382 A. 59

SW. shrs. rain.
M.44 .312 M.60

.416A. 56

Chle. with h. shrs.
,552 M.60

Dull foren.
A. 53 .624 A. 58

NW. warm aftern.
M.39 .769 M.55

Rain foren.
A. 49 .851 A, 58

Cble. warm aftern.
M.12 .753 M.61

Dull, but
A.57 .750 A. 60

Cble. fair.
.705 M.61

Dull, rain
A. 57 .722 A. 62

W. morning.
.602 M. 65

Dull, but

.578 A, 60

.650 M.60 NW.

Dull morn.

sunsh. aft.
.750 M.59

Morn. cold,

Cble. .9501A, 56

|day sunsh.

M.38 29.995 M.61

Frost morn.,

A. 54 .999 A. 61

sunsh. day. M.373) .999 M.63

Cold morn.

A. 54" 30.102 A. 60) day warm.
.132 M.60

Dull foren.
A. 51
.136 A. 58

aft. warm. M.38 ,101 M.59

Dull and 19

A.50 29.999 A. 57

.980 M.55

Dull foren. 20

.940 A.55


sunsh. aft. .938 M.55

Dull and 21

.962 A. 55 )

996 M.57

Foren. cold, 92

NE. ,985 A. 55

aftern. mild. .901 M.59

Foren. sun. 23

732 A, 59)


dull aftern. 588 M 58

Rain morn. 376 1.56 ) M. 101 .270 M.58

Dull, heavy 253 A, 57


sh, hail.

Sunsh, and .247 A. 60

230 M.59

Th. & light. 27{

.134 A.58

E. foren. rain. M.39 28.999 M.58 Dull, fair, 28

A. 55 29.205 A. 62 )

with thund. .390 M.63

Warm and 29

E. .568 A. 62

dull, with sh. .728 M.62

Changeable, .695 A, 58 )


A. 55

A, 49
A. 50
A. 53


Cble. dull day.


A. 51
A. 49

247 M.57 w.


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Pease & Beans. Ist,.. 33s. Od. 1st,...27s. Od. 1st....... 245. Od. 1st,...... 198. 6d. 2d, ... 295. 6d. 2d, ... 24s. Od. 2d, ......22s. Od. 2d, ...... 18s, Od. 3d, ... 25s. 6d. 3d, ...23s. Od. 3d,...... 20s. 6d. 3d, .....175. Od.

Average, £1, 9s. 11d. 6-12ths.

Tuesday, July 8. Beef (17) oz. per lb.) 0s. 4d. to Os. 6d. | Quartern Loaf Os. 7}d. to 0s. 8d. Mutton

Os. 5d. to Os. 6. New Potatoes (28 lb.) 0s. Cd. to 0s. 8d. Veal

Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Fresh Butter, per lb. ls. 20. to Os. Od. Pork

Os. 4d. to Os. 6d. Salt ditto, per stone 16s. Od. to 0s. Od. Lamb, per quarter . ls. 6d. to 3s. 6d. Ditto, per Ib. ls. Od. to

Os. Od. Tallow, per stone · 5s. Od. to 6s. 6d. Eggs, per dozen Os. 8d. to Os. Od.



Beans. 1st, ....3ls. Od. 1st, .... 28s. 6d. Ist; ...22s. 6d. 1st, 19s. 6d. 1st, 19s. 6d. 2d, ....30s. 63. 2d, .... 26s. 6d. 2d,..... 20s. Od. | 2d, 178. 6d. 2d, 17s. 6d. 3d, ....28s. Od. 3d, .... 258. Od. 3d, ....18s. Od. | 3d, ... 165. Od. | 3d, 163. Od.

Average, £1 : 8s. 10d. 6-12ths. Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended July 5.
Wheat, 60s. 1d.-Barley, 31s. 60.-Oats, 25s. 1d.-Rye, 36s. 70.-Beans, 36s. 70. —Pease, 36s. 5d.
London, Corn Exchange, July 7.

Liverpool, July 15.
8. d.

s. d.

8. d. Wheat, red, old - to -Maple, new - to - Wheat,

Amer. p. 196 lb.
Fine ditto 50 to 51 White pease . 34 to 38 Eng. Old 8 6 to 9 3 Sweet, U.S. -- 0 to -
Superfine ditto 56

60 Ditto,
boilers 40 to 43 | New

O to - Do. inbond - 0 to
Ditto, new

48 Small Beans, new 32 to 36 Foreign . 6 to 5 0 Sour do.. 30 0 to 32 0 White, old - to - Ditto, old. 34 to 36Waterford 6 0 to 6 10Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine ditto. 54 to 60 Tick ditto, new 28 to 32 Limerick o to 0 English 27 0 to 30 0 Superfine ditto 64 to 66 Ditto, old 30 to 33 Drogheda 7 0 to 7 1 Scotch. 22 0 to 26 Ditto, new 45 to 52 Feed oats 20 to 23 Dublin 6 0 to 7 o Irish ... 22 0 to 26 0 Rye

33 to 36 Fine ditto 22 to 25|Scotch. 8 0 to 8 9 Bran, p.24lb. 1 0 to 1 0 Barley, new 27 to 30 Poland ditto 22 to 26|Irish Old . 6 3 to 7 0 Fine ditto.

Butter, Beef, &c. 31 to 33 Fine ditto 27 to 28 Barley, per 60 lbs. Superfine ditto 51 to 35 Potato ditto 23 to 26 Eng. 4 3 to 4 8 Butter,p.cwt. s. d. s. d.

50 to 54 Fine ditto 27 to 28 Scotch 4 0 to 4 6 Belfast, new 82 0 to 83 0 Fine. 55 to 58 Scotch

28 to 29 Irish 4 0 to 4 Newry : 80 0 to 81 0 Hog Pease 34 to 36 Flour, per sack 50 to 60 Oats, per 15 lb.

Waterford . 76 0 to 77 0 Maple 37 to 10 Ditto, seconds 16 to 54 Eng. new 3 0 to 3 3 Cork, pic. 2d, 74 0 to 75 O

Irish do. . 2 10 to 3 0
Seeds, &c.

3d dry 66 0 to 68 O Scotch do. 3 1 to 3 3 Beef, p. tierce.

s. d. Rye, per qr.-0 to - 0 Mess 82 0 to 88 0 Must. White, .11 to 12 0,Hempseed

32 to 36 0 Malt per b. 8 0 to 8 10 p. barrel 58 0 to 60 O - Brown, new 9 to 15 0 Linseed, crush. 38 to 51 01–Middling 7 6 to 8 oPork, p. bl. - 0 to - 0 Tares, per qr. 28 to 56 01- Fine

Mess 50 0 to 54 0 Sanfoin, 30 to 34 0 Rye Grass,

16 to 32 Q English . 34 0 to 36 0 Middl. . 47 0 to 49 0 Turnips, bsh. 9 to 12 o Ríbgrass,

28 to 14 0 Irish.. 32 O to 34 0 Bacon, p. cwt. - Red & green - to 0 o Clover, red cwt.18 to 54 0 Rapeseed, p.l. -- to - O Short mids. 42 0 to 44 0 Yellow, - to 0 0 - White . . . 30 to 62 o Pease,grey 27 0 to 36 O Sides

40 0 to - 0 Caraway, cwt. 54 to 60 o Coriander . 10 to 14 01-White .40 0 to 48 Canary, per qr. 43 to 18 o Trefoil

6 to 14 0 Flour, English,

0 Hams, dry, 38 0 to 56 o

Green 28 0 to 30 O Rape Seed, per last, £26 to £32.

p.9401b.fine 10 0 to 45 0 Lard,rd.p.c. 40 0 to 440

Ilirish, 2ds 58 0 to 44 0Tongue,p.fir.- U to
Weekly Price of Stocks, from 2d to 23d June 1823.


16th. 23d.

per 70 lb.

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8. d.

46 to 54 Beans, per q.

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[blocks in formation]

Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced,...
3 per cent. consols,com
3 per cent. consols....
4 per cent. consols.com
New 4 per cent. consols,
Imper. 3 per cent. ...
India stock,

Long Annuities,
Exchequer bills,
Exchequer bills, sm....
Consols for acc. cano
French 5 per cents.com

40 39

[blocks in formation]

17 19

811 803 81 85f. 86c.

811 811

88 70

Course of Exchange, July 8.--Amsterdam, 12:10. C. F. Ditto at sight, 12:8. Rotterdam, 12 :11. Antwerp, 12 : 10. Hamburgh, 38:3. Altona, 38 : 4. Paris, 3 d. sight, 25 : 90. Ditto 26 : 10. Bourdeaux, 26: 10. Frankfort on the Maine, 1595. Petersburgh, per rble. 8} :3. Us. Berlin, 7:11. Vienna, 10:30 Eff.flo. Trieste, 10:30 Ef.fo. Madrid, 365. Cadiz, 35h. Bilboa, 364. Barcelona, 351. Seville, 35%. Gibral. tar, 30}. Leghorn, 464. Genoa, 431. Venice, 28 : 10. Malta, 45. Naples, 39. Palermo, 117. Lisbon, 514. Oporto, 515. Rio Janeiro, 47. Bahia, 46. Dublin, 91 per cent. Cork, 94 per cent.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per 02.-Foreign gold, in bars, £3: 17 : 6d. New Doubloons, £0:0: 0d. New Dollars, 4s. 98. Silver in bars, stand. 4s. 11d.


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SUGAR, Musc.

B. P. Dry Brown, .cwt.
Mid. good, and fine mid.

Fine and very fine,
Refined Doub. Loaves,

Powder ditto,
Single ditto,
Small Lumps,
Large ditto,

Crushed Lumps,
MOLASSES, British, cwt.
COFFEE, Jamaica, cwt.

Ord. good, and fine ord.

Mid, good, and fine mid.
Dutch Iriage and very ord.

Ord. good, and fine ord.
Mid. good, and fine mid.
St Domingo,
Pimento (in Bond,)
Jam. Rum, 16 O. P. gall.

Grain Whisky,

Claret, 1st Growths, hhd.
Portugal Red,

pipe. Spanish White, butt. Teneriffe,

pipe. Madeira, . LOGWOOD, Jam. ton.

FUSTIC, Jamaica,

INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib.
TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot.

Ditto Oak,
Christiansand (dut. paid.)
Honduras Mahogany,

St Domingo, ditto,
TAR, American,

PITCH, Foreign, cwt.
TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home melted,
HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton.

Petersburgh, Clean,

Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak.

MATS, Archangel,

Petersburgh Firsts, cwt.
ASHES, Peters. Pearl,
Montreal, ditto,

Pot, OIL, Whale,

tun. Cod, TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, ib.


COTTONS, Bowed Georg.
Sea Island, fine,


£7 15 8 0
8 0 8 10
90 9 10
90 9 10
10 15 11 0
9 0 10 6

[ocr errors]

£8 10 90

9 0 9 15 11 0 0 0 10 0 11 0 11 0 12 0 10 0 11 3

9 Os

11 11s 6 26 3 3

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2 9
2 2
1 0

0 11 1 7 14 6

1 0
1 11
16 O


09 1 1 1 6 1 10 15 0 18 6 20 0 0 0

10 36


0 30 0 £41

44 10





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0 11 5 1 7

0 43

0 8 0 104
1 5 1 7
1 3 1 43
1 3. 1 47
O intl 11
09 0 10
1 11 21
1 oj 11


Middling, Demerara and Berbice, West India, Pernambuco, Maranham,

3 1 5
1 1 1 2

114 1 0
0 9 0 10
1 1 115
1 0 1 1

0 103 104
09 011
0 112 1

ALPHABETICAL List or ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 20th

of May, and the 20th of June, 1823, extracted from the London Gazette.

Annett, T. Liverpool, stone-merchant.

Hurry, J. Liverpool, ship-chandler. Askell, J. Steeple Ashton, Oxfordshire, dealer in Hutton, J. Abchurch-lane, painter. cattle.

Inglis, J. and J. Mark-lane, merchants. Aukland, C. Beauvoir-town wharf, Kingsland Jones, W. Handsworth, Staffordshire, farmer. roaul, builder.

Lax, J. Liverpool, brewer. Ball, H. M. Shakespeare's-walk, Shadwell, auc- Leigh, C. and w. Tooth, Tyldsley, Lancashire, tioneer.

calico-printers. Banks, J. Leeds, flax-spinner.

Lowe, S. Newman-street, Oxford-street. Bell, J. late of Guernsey, merchant.

Mansor, T. Caroline-street, Commercial-road, Bell, W. and J. G. Harris, Bridge-street, West- hoop-manufacturer. minster, haberdashers.

March, G. W. Hope Bowdler, Shropshire, flannelBuck, J. Goldsmith-row, Hackney-road, carpen- manufacturer. ter.

Mercer, W. Packer's-court, Coleman-street, wineBuckle, J. Scarah-mill, Yorkshire, miller.

merchant. Burfitt, T. North Brewham, Somersetshire, coal- Millart, W. Carnaby-street, victualler. merchant.

Milnes, B. Halifax, grocer. Burton, H. Thayer street, Manchester square, Moses, J. Farlam, Cumberland, dealer. auctioneer.

Nelson, W. Jewin-street, Aldersgate-street, brew. Cave, J. Coventry, ribbon-manufacturer.

er Clubbe, T. Chester, brewer.

New, C. Leadenhall-street, umbrella-manufactuCole, J. Wolverhampton, currier.

rer. Comey, J. Beauchamps, Essex, shopkeeper. Parry, J. Everton, Lancashire, joiner, Corby, J. Kingsland-road, carpenter.

Pearse, W. C. Braintree, grocer. Cornwall, w. Trinity-place, Charing Cross, lea- Pitcher, W. Salisbury-square, carpenter. ther-breeches maker.

Prowse, A. Haselbury, Somersetshire, tinman. Coster, W. Mount-street, Hanover-square, brick- Pullan, R. Leeds, merchant. layer.

Radder,J. Bolton-le-Moors, cotton-manufacturer. Cowie, J. George-street, Mansion-house, wine- Randall, J. A. Aldermanbury, corn-dealer. merchant.

Read, J. Love-lane, Aldermanbury, cloth-worker. Darby, D. Halesowen, Shropshire, miller. Rowley, J. Stourport, timber-merchant. Davies, S. Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, grocer. Salisbury, A. Windsor, and D. Sailsbury, Notting. Denne, J. Lamb's Conduit-street, watchmaker. ham, drapers. Dieas, J. Manchester, dealer.

Score, G. Tokenhouse-yard, scrivener. East, W. Newbury, coal-merchant.

Scott, J. Preston, Lancashire, draper. Field, G. Chichester, grocer.

Sedgley, W.jun. Dudley, Worcestershire, grocer. Field, S. Richmond, wine-merchant.

Simpson, J. Birmingham, plater. Flatman, T. Hampton-wick, soap-boiler.

Sparkes, W. and J. Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, Gee, S. Cambridge, tinman.

grocers. Gerhardi, H. Savage-gardens, merchant.

Sutcliffe, B. Cheapside, warehouseman. Gill, R. and C. Griffiths, Skinner-street, Snow- Tate, J. Adam-street, Adelphi, coal-merchant. hill, mercer.

Taylor, H. Leominster, grocer. Gouban, L. J. Haymarket, hotel-keeper,

Taylor, J. Lydeard St Lawrence, Somersetshire, Gray, W. Birmingham, nail-factor.

dealer Grierson, A. Dudley, Worcestershire, draper. Thatcher, S. J. Worth, Sussex, innkeeper. Hall, T. Crown-street, Soho, carpenter.

Thomas, W. L. Brighton, grocer. Hawkins, R. T. Three Colt-street, Limehouse, Trail, A. Hanover-street, boot and shoe maker. patent anchor manufacturer.

Turner, J. Fleet-street, silk-mercer.
Herbert, G. Sibbertoff, Northamptonshire, sales. West, A. Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, grocer.

White, B. Maiden Bradley, Wilts, farmer. Higham, J. Freckleton, Lancashire, coal-mer- Whitehead, R. Norwich, bombazine-manufactu.

chant. Hitching., J. Littleton, Sussex,!farmer.

Wilkie, T. Paternoster-row, bookseller, Hollander, L. A.Winchester-street, diamond-mer- Witcomb, L. Warminster, scrivener,




ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

30th June, 1823, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Chalmers, William, jun. merchant in Elon, coun- Morrison, James, merchant, Grassmarket, Edinty of Aberdeen.

burgh; a dividend after 21st July. Douglas, Alexander, sheep and cattle-dealer, Murray and Bonnard, booksellers and stationers,

sometime at Haugh of Túllimet, now at North Glasgow; a final dividend after 16th July. Binn, parish of Foulis, Easter, county of Perth. Penman, Andrew, booksellers and stationers in DIVIDENDS.

Glasgow; a third and final dividend after 8th

July. Dawson and Marshall, late tanners in Edinburgh; Potter, James, residing at Cuit, near Strathblane; a first and final dividend on 14th July.

a final dividend after 4th July. Kei), Francis, late tenant of Monorgan, in the Sandeman, William, and Co. merchants in Edin.

county of Perth; a final dividend last Tuesday burgh, Leith, and Perth; a dividend after 4th of August.

July. Lindsay, James, grain-merchant in Glasgow ; a Swayne, Walker, manufacturer in Dysart; a disecond and final dividend after 18th July.

vidend till 25th July, Melville, John, merchant and grocer in Graham- Wright,

Alexander, fish-curer and dealer in her. ston, near Falkirk; a dividend on 19th July. rings in Banff; a dividend after 23d July.

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