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204 Epitaphium

205 Song, by a Person of Quality

206 Carmen Elegans

207 Part of Homer's Hymn to Apollo, translated

from the Greek From Catullus The first Book of the Henriade, translated

from the French of M. de Voltaire 222



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OU say, “it hurts you to the soul
To brook confinement or controul.”
And yet will voluntary run
To that confinement you would shun,
Content to drudge along the track,
With bells and harness on your back.
Alas! what genius can admit
A monthly tax on spendthrift wit,
Which often Aings whole stores away,
And oft has not a doit to !
-Give us a work, indeed-of length-
Something which speaks poetic strength;
Is sluggish fancy at a stand ?
No scheme of consequence in hand?
Vol. II.



I, nor

I, nor your plan, nor book condemn,
But why your name, and why A, M?

A U T H O R.
Yes-it stands forth to public view,
Within, without, on white, on blue,
In proper, tall, gigantic Letters,
Not dash'd-emvowell'd-like my betters.
And though it stares me in the face,
Reflects no shame, hints no disgrace.
While these unlaboured trifles please,
Familiar chains are worn with ease.
-Behold! to yours and my surprize,
These trifles to a VOLUME rise.
Thus will


see me, as I go,
Still gath’ring bulk like balls of snow,
Steal by degrees upon your shelf,
And grow a giant from an elf.
The current studies of the day,
Can rarely reach beyond a PLAY:
A PAMPHLET may deserve a look,
But Heav'n defend us from a Book!
A Libel flies on Scandal's wings,
But works of length are heavy things.

-Not one in twenty will succeed
Consider, fir, how few can read.


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