The Chief European Dramatists: Twenty-one Plays from the Drama of Greece, Rome, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Norway, from 500 B.C. to 1879 A.D.

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Brander Matthews
Houghton Mifflin, 1916 - 786 страници
Twenty one plays from the drama of Greece, Rome, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Norway from 500 B. C. to 1879 A.

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Страница 763 - ... [Stands up.] Torvald — in that moment it burst upon me that I had been living here these eight years with a strange man, and had borne him three children. — Oh, I can't bear to think of it! I could tear myself to pieces! HELMER. [Sadly.] I see it, I see it; an abyss has opened between us. — But, Nora, can it never be filled up? NORA. As I now am, I am no wife for you. HELMER. I have strength to become another man. NORA. Perhaps — when your doll is taken away from you. HELMER.
Страница 646 - Away ! I'll call you when the coast is clear. [MELCHTHAL retires. Unhappy youth ! I dare not tell him all The evil that my boding heart predicts ! Who's there? The door ne'er opens, but I look For tidings of mishap. Suspicion lurks With darkling treachery in every nook. Even to our inmost rooms they force their way, These myrmidons of power ; and soon we'll need To fasten bolts and bars upon our doors. [He opens the door, and steps back in surprise as WERNER STAUFFACHER enters.
Страница 659 - Rdsselmann (stepping into the circle) Bethink ye well, before ye draw the sword. Some peaceful compromise may yet be made; Speak but one word, and at your feet you'll see The men who now oppress you. Take the terms That have been often tendered you; renounce The Empire, and to Austria swear allegiance!
Страница 739 - That was nothing to me. I didn't care in the least about you. I couldn't endure you for all the cruel difficulties you made, although you knew how ill my husband was.
Страница 761 - No; only merry. And you have always been so kind to me. But our house has been nothing but a play-room. Here I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I used to be papa's doll-child. And the children, in their turn, have been my dolls. I thought it fun when you played with me, just as the children did when I played with them. That has been our marriage, Torvald.
Страница 639 - Impossible ! a storm is close at hand, Wait till it pass ! You must. BAUM. Almighty heavens! I cannot wait ; the least delay is death. KUONI (to the fisherman). Push out — God with you! We should help our neighbors ; The like misfortune may betide us all.
Страница 685 - What! Are the people mad, That they make music to a murder? Silence! — [Music breaks off suddenly. People continue to flock in.] Speak, if you can, my lord. Have you no charge To trust me with? [GESSLER makes signs with his hand, which he repeats with vehemence when he finds they are not understood.] Where shall I take you to? To Kussnacht?
Страница 101 - Traiii'd in exercise and art, in sacred dances and in song, All are ousted and supplanted by a base ignoble throng; Paltry stamp and vulgar mettle raise them to command and place, Brazen counterfeit pretenders, scoundrels of a scoundrel race; Whom the state in former ages scarce would have allow'd to stand, At the sacrifice of outcasts, as the scapegoats of the land.
Страница 27 - Yet ah my king, my king no more ! What words to say, what tears to pour Can tell my love for thee ! The spider-web of treachery She wove and wound, thy life around, And lo ! I see thee lie, And thro...
Страница 763 - Can you say so! NORA. Oh, I'm so sorry, Torvald; for you've always been so kind to me. But I can't help it. I do not love you any longer. HELMER [mastering hvmselfurith difficulty].