Biological Experimentation, Its Function and Limits: Including Answers to Nine Questions Submitted from the Leigh-Browne Trust

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Bell, 1896 - 170 страници

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Страница 37 - As nitrous oxide in its extensive operation appears capable of destroying physical pain, it may probably be used with advantage during surgical operations in which no great effusion of blood takes place...
Страница 148 - Were I again to deliver a course of physiological lectures to qualified hearers, I should make the experimental demonstrations on living animals as few and far between as was compatible with duty. They would be exceptional of exceptional, and painless from beginning to end.
Страница 109 - ... men too strongly from methods of research that not only lie open to the curious mind, but which lie temptingly open." And speaking of medical treatment for disease, he says: " Treatment at this time is a perfect Babel. . . . Two men scarcely ever write the same prescription for the same disease or the same symptom. I have watched the art of prescribing for fifty years, and I am quite sure that divergence of treatment is at this moment far greater than it ever was in the course of that long period....
Страница 130 - Let us cleanse our outward garments, our bodies, our food, our drink and keep them cleansed. Let us cleanse our minds, as well as our garments, and keep them clean...
Страница 139 - ... designated intellectual and moral evil. At the same time, let it be understood that I do not include in the criticisms experiments which are devoid of pain, nor experiments which being devoid of pain, may cause the death even for the service of man. Above all, I could not for a moment object to experiment by a truly competent man for the purpose of inquiry into some great theory that has been leisurely formed, and can be proved or disproved by no other means, as for example, whether an important...
Страница 133 - ... but pleasant to the mind. On the contrary, when the experiment has been conducted on living or animate matter, the labour, whether affirmative or negative in its results has never, at any point of it been pleasant. The results may, and often have excited curiosity; they may have been important, and they may have opened the way to new inquiry, but they have never been free of anxiety nor of a sense that whatever came from them, there was something that VMS not right.
Страница 3 - ... here given. They are of special value, as the views of an eminent physician, a scientific discoverer, and a practical physiologist. If in creation there was no pain, if no pain could be extorted except by a physiologist, a physiologist inflicting pain, even for the cure of disease would be an accepted criminal by the general voice of mankind. But Nature is a laboratory of pain on the most gigantic scale; she stands at nothing in the way of infliction, spares nothing that is sentient. She inflicts...
Страница 54 - ... them have been saved the agonies of painful death, but they have (not) been subjected to painful experiment in the course of discovery. . . . The instauration of general anaesthesia came from experiments made on man alone. There is no suspicion of any experiment on a lower animal in connection with it.
Страница 53 - Notice of a New Anaesthetic Agent as a Substitute for Sulphuric Ether in Surgery and Midwifery.
Страница 128 - ... cleanliness, and to make everyone of the community a disciple and follower of the same law. The minister of medical art should be prepared to devote his life to this simple duty. He needs no higher calling, no nobler vocation, and a world that knew its own interests should sustain him in the task. At present, the rage is for experimentation, although it seems least wanted, for which rage the selfish and ignorant world is most to be blamed. The world now, as in the days of Naaman the leper, wants...