Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland

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Cambridge University Press for the Royal Asiatic Society, 1895
With appendices.

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Страница 847 - Metcnlft.—The village communities are little republics, having nearly everything that they want within themselves, and almost independent of any foreign relations. They seem to last where nothing else lasts. Dynasty after dynasty tumbles down : revolution succeeds to revolution; Hindoo, Patan, Mogul, Mahratta, Sikh, English, are all masters in turn, but the village communities remain the same.
Страница 113 - ... services; from the fourth, the grain in the husk ; and from the fifth, the grain cleaned. Five hundred li (beyond) constituted the Domain of the Nobles.
Страница 915 - Khurasan, of their escapes, adventures, successes, and discomfitures, let us more into the condition of the country and feelings of the inhabitants of these states and of Kashghar at that crisis, than perhaps any other monument extant.
Страница 234 - The book is as scholarly as it is useful. Of particular importance are the numerous grammatical annotations which give the beginner an insight into the method of the Arabic national grammarians, and which form an excellent preparatory study for the perusal of these works in the original The introduction and the remarks in particular show how well Mr. MARGOLIOUTH has mastered the immense literatures of Moslim Tradition. Grammar and Kalalm. . . . The perusal of the book affords pleasure from beginning...
Страница 780 - JLjLJ ou«, otherwise called , is the lowest part of the room, beyond the carpet, where visitors remove their shoes on entering ; the least honourable place, where people of the humbler sort stand (Browne, JRAS, 1895, p. 806). It is also a place of penance and humiliation. The darvish who has committed a fault must stand here on one foot, holding his left ear in his right hand, and his right ear in his left, - , ,* j • , until the Director (j«j) allows him to go.
Страница 119 - ... your work on the right, it will be a disregard of my orders. If you, charioteers, do not observe the rules for the management of your horses, it will be a disregard of my orders. You who obey my orders shall be rewarded...
Страница 552 - The mulberry tree and silk worms are found there. Silk handkerchiefs and caps embroidered with gold, painted ware, basins, cups, steel, GUNS, knives and scissors are all to be had there. They manufacture a white paper from the bark of a tree, which is smooth and glossy like a deer's skin.
Страница 234 - Margoliouth (DS) — Chrestomathia Baidawiana. The Commentary of El-Baidawi on Sura III. Translated and explained for the Use of Students of Arabic. By DS MARGOLIOUTH, MA, Laudian Professor of Arabic in the University of Oxford, etc. etc. Post 8vo. Cloth.
Страница 536 - At first he served in the palace of the Prince of Yen (afterwards emperor under the name Ch'eng-tsu), and having acquired military merit, he was gradually raised to the rank of first eunuch. "When the emperor Ch'eng-tsu (1403 — 1424) feared that Hwuiti (his predecessor, whom he had driven from the throne) was concealing himself in some country over the sea, he wanted to trace him and at the same time to display his military force in foreign countries, in order to show that China was rich and strong....
Страница 588 - When wilt thou, O sun, expire ? We will all perish with thee.' * Such is the course of the sovereign of Hsia, and now I must go and punish him. " Assist, I pray you, me, the One man, to carry out the punishment appointed by Heaven. I will greatly reward you. On no account disbelieve me; I will not eat my words. If you do not obey the words which I have thus spoken to you, I will put your children to death with you; you shall find no forgiveness.