The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax: In Search of 1. The Picturesque, 2. Of Consolation, 3. Of a Wife : the Text Complete

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Alex. Murray and Son, 1869 - 376 страници

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Страница 196 - Who's born for sloth ? * To some we find The ploughshare's annual toil assign'd : Some at the sounding anvil glow: Some the swift-sliding shuttle throw; Some, studious of the wind and tide, From pole to pole our commerce guide: Some (taught by industry) impart With hands and feet the works of art; * Barrow.
Страница 196 - From virtue and unblemish'd fame. By birth the name alone descends ; Your honour on yourself depends. Think not your coronet can hide Assuming ignorance and pride : Learning by study must be won, 'Twas ne'er entail'd from son to son.
Страница 376 - It seem'd grief's mournful holiday. The village wept — the hamlets round Crowded the consecrated ground ; And waited there to see the end Of Pastor, Teacher, Father, Friend ! — When in the cold ground he was laid, Poor Patrick from his trembling spade Could scarce the light dust scatter o'er The form which he should see no more. — — At first the bursting sorrow came In floods upon the widow'd Dame, But, by affection's care consol'd, Unruly grief was soon...
Страница 114 - That man, I trow, is doubly curst, Who of the best doth make the worst ; And he, I'm sure, is doubly blest, Who of the worst can make the best : To sit and sorrow and complain, Is adding folly to our pain.
Страница 32 - ALONG the varying road of Life, In calm content, in toil or strife ; At morn or noon, by night or day, As time conducts him on his way, How oft doth man, by care oppress'd, Find in an Inn a place of rest...
Страница 5 - THE school was done, the bus'ness o'er, When tir'd of Greek and Latin lore, Good Syntax sought his easy chair, And sat in calm composure there. His wife was to a neighbour gone, To hear the chit-chat of the town ; And left him the unfrequent power Of brooding through a quiet hour.
Страница 9 - Tis more than right, it is a duty, If we consider landscape beauty : He ne'er will as an artist shine, Who copies Nature line by line : Whoe'er from Nature takes a view, Must copy and improve it too. To heighten...
Страница 198 - To grace the intervals below. — All this, good Sir, is pretty reas'ning, And to the subject gives a seas'ning; But my old taste and ancient pride Thus argues on the other side. " I think that it should be the aim Of families of ancient name, Never, from fashion, to transfer Their long established character ; Nor e'er blot from th' historic eye, One page that tells their ancestry, But still involve with modern state, Some figure of their ancient date, That they whose grandsires...
Страница 99 - It is not good, this vast profound : I see no well-wrought columns here ; No Attic ornaments appear ; Nought but a washy, wanton waste Of gaudy tints and puny taste : Too large to hear — too long to see — Full of unmeaning symmetry. The parts all answer one another ; Each pigeon-hole reflects its brother ; And all, alas ! too plainly show How easy 'tis to form a row : But where 's the grand, the striking whole ? A theatre should have a soul...
Страница 9 - I've a right — (who dares deny it f) " To place yon group of asses by it. " Aye ! this will do : and now I'm thinking, " That self-same pond where Grizzle's drinking, "If hither brought 'twould better seem, " And faith I'll turn it to a stream : " I'll make this flat a shaggy ridge, " And o'er the water throw a bridge : " I'll do as other sketchers do — " Put any thing into the view ; " And any object recollect, " To add a grace, and give effect. " Thus, tho' from truth I haply err, •" The...