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A brighter blush o'erspreads the damsel's cheeks, And mildly thus the conquer'd stripling speaks: ** A double triumph, Delia, haft thou won, "By Mars protected, and by Venus' son; "The first with conquest crowns thy matchless art, "The second points those eyes at Daphnis' heart." She smil'd; the nymphs and am'rous youths arise, And own, that beauty gain'd the nobler prize.

Low in their chest the mimick troops were lay'd, * And peacesul stept the fable hero's shade.

• A parody of the last line in Pope'i translation of the


And peaceful slept the mighty Hector'* sliade.

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On the poetry of the Eastern nations.

I AM not a little afraid, lest the reader should form an unfavourable idea of the Eastern poetry, from the preceding specimens of it; and lest, if the faults of the translator be imputed to the pieces themselves, I should have injured my cause, instead of supporting it: I will, therefore, endeavour in this essay to efface any impressions, that may have been made to the disadvantage of the Asiat'tck poets; and in the course of my argument I will avoid, as much as I am able, a repetition of the remarks, that were made in a former treatise on the same subject, which I wrote a few years ago in a foreign language, for the use of an amiable Monarch, who admires true genius, in what country soever it is found: though in some places, J fear, I shall be obliged to produce the fame observations, and to illustrate them by the fame examples.

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It is certain (to fay no more) that the poetj of Ajis have as much genius as ourselves; and, if it be shown lvot only that they have more leisure to improve it, but that they enjoy some peculiar advantages over us, the natural conclusion, I think, will be, that their productions must be excellent in their kind: to set this argument in a clear light, I shall describe, as concisely as pofiible, the manners of the Arabs, Persians, Indians, and Turks, the four principal nations, that profess the religion of Mohamet.

Arabia, I mean that part of it, which we call the Happy, and which the Astaticks know by the name of Yemen, seems to be the only country in the world, in which we can properly lay the scene of pastoral poetry; because no nation at this day can vie with the Arabians in the delightfulness of their climate, and the simplicity of their manners. There is a valley, indeed, to the north of Indoflan, called Cajhmere, which, according to an account written by a native of it, is a perfect garden, exceedingly fruitsul, and watered by a thousand rivulets: but when its inhabitants were subdued by the stratagem of a Mogul prince, they lost their happiness with their liberty, and Arabia retained its old title without any rival to dispute it. These are not the fancies of a poet: the beauties of Yemen are proved by the concurrent testimony of all travellers, by the descriptions of it in all the writings of Asia, and fey the nature and situation of the country itself, which lies between the eleventh and fifteenth degrees of northern latitude, under a serene sky, and exposed to the most sav vourable

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