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In courts and glitt'ring tow'rs she wish'd to dwell,

And scorn'd her lab'ring parents lowly cell:

And now, as gazing o'er the glassy stream,

She saw her blooming cheek's reflected beam,

Her tresses brighter than the morning sky,

And the mild radiance of her sparkling eye,

Low sighs and trickling tears by turns she stole,

And thus discharg'd the anguish of her foul:

"Why glow those cheeks, if unadmir'd they glow?

*' Why flow those trefles, if unprais'd they flow?

"Why dart those eyes their liquid ray serene,

"Unselt their influence, and their light unseen?

** Ye heav'ns! was that love-breathing bosom made

"To warm dull groves, and cheer the lonely glade?

"Ah, no: those blushes, that enchanting face'

"Some tap'stried hall or gilded bow'r might grace,

*' Might deck the scenes, where love and pleasure reign,

"And fire with am'rous flames the youthful train."

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While thus she spoke, a sudden blaze of light
Shot through the clouds, and struck her dazzled sight:
She rais'd her head, astonish'd, to the skies,
And veil'd with trembling hands her aching eyes;
When through the yielding air she saw from far
A goddess gliding in a golden car,
That soon descended on the flow'ry lawn,
By two fair yokes of starry peacocks drawn:
A thousand nymphs with many a sprightly glance
Form'd round the radiant wheels an airy dance,
Celestial shapes, in fluid light array'd;
Like twinkling stars their beamy sandals play'd:
Their lucid mantles glitter'd in the sun,
(Webs half so bright the silkworm never spun)
Transparent robes, that bore the rainbow's hue,
And finer than the nets of pearly dew
That morning spreads o'er ev'ry op'ning flow'r,
When sportive summer decks his bridal bow'r.

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The queen herself, too fair for mortal fight
Sat in the centre of encircling light.
Soon with soft touch she rais'd the trembling maid,
And by her side in silent slumber laid:
Straight the gay birds display' d their spangled train,
And flew resulgent through th' aerial plain;
The fairy band their shining pinions spread,
And as they rose fresh gales of sweetness shed 5
Fan'd with their flowing skirts the sky was mild,
And heav'n's blue fields with brighter radiance smil'd.

Now in a garden deck'd with verdant bow'rs
The glitt'ring car defcends on bending flow'rs:
The goddess still with looks divinely fair
Surveys the sleeping object of her care;
Then o'er her cheek her magick finger lays,
Soft as the gale that o'er a vi'let plays,
And thus in sounds, that favour'd mortals hear,
She gently whispers in her ravisiVd ear;

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"Awake, sweet maid, and view this charming scene "For ever beauteous, and for ever green; ** Here living rills of purest nectar flow ** O'er meads that with unfading flow'rets glow; "Here am'rous gales their scented wings display, "Mov'd by the breath of ever-blooming May; "Here in the lap of pleasure shalt thou rest, "Our lov'd companion, and our honour'd guest,"

The damsel hears the heav'nly notes distil, Like melting snow, or like a vernal rill; She lifts her head, and, on her arm reclin'd, Drinks the sweet accents in her gratesul mind: On all around she turns her roving eyes, And views the splendid scene with glad surprize; Fresh lawns, and sunny banks, and roseate bow^s, Hills white with flocks, and meadows gem'd with flow'rs} Cool shades, a sure defence from summer's ray, And silver brooks where wanton damsels play,


That with soft notes their dimpled crystal roll'd
O'er colour'd shells and sands of native gold:
A rising fountain play'd from ev'ry stream,
SmiPd as it rose, and cast a transient gleam,
Then gently falling in a vocal show'r
Bath'd ev'ry shrub, and sprinkled ev'ry flow'r,
That on the banks, like many a lovely bride,
View'd in the liquid glass their blushing pride;
Whilst on each branch with purple blossoms hung
The sportful birds their joyous ditty fung.

While Maia thus entranc'd in sweet delight
With each gay object sed her eager sight,
The goddess mildly caught her willing hand,
And led her trembling o'er the flow'ry land:
Soon siie beheld where through an op'ning glade
A spacious lake its clear expanse display'd;
In maay curls the flowing jasper wav'd
O'er its smooth bed with polish'd agate pav'd;


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