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To watch the stars, that gild the lucid pole,
And view yon orbs in mazy order roll;
To hear the tender nightingale complain,
And warble to the woods her am'rous strain;
No more mall these my pensive soul delight,
But each gay vision melts in endless night,

* Nymphs, that in glimm'ring glades by moonlight dance, And ye, that through the liquid crystal glance,

IMITATIONS. Ne d' aspettato ben fresche novelle,

Ne dir d'Amore in stili alts ed ornati;

Ne tra chiare fontane, e verdi prati

Dolce cantare oneste donne e belle; Ne altro sarà mai eh' al cor m'aggiunga,

Si seco il seppe quella sepellire,

Che sola a gli occhi miei su lume e speglio.

* Ver. 143. Sonnet. 263,

O vaghi abitator de' verdi boschi,

O Ninse, e voi, che'l fresco erboso fondo

Pel liquido cristallo alberga e pasce.


That oft have heard my sadly-pleajing moan,
Behold me now a liseless marble grown.
Ah! lead me to the tomb where Laura lies:
Clouds, fold me round, and, gather'd darkness, rise!
Bear me, ye gales, in death's soft slumber lay'd,
And, ye bright realms, receive my fleeting shade!

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Y_T EAR how the nightingales on cv'ry spray,
.*- "*. Hail in wild notes the sweet return of May!
The gale, that o'er yon waving almond blows,
The verdant bank with silver blossoms straws:
The smiling season decks each flow'ry glade.
Be gay: too soon the flow'rs of Spring will fade.

ip\INLEH bulbul kissa sen kirn gHdi eiami behar,
*-^ Kurdi her bir baghda hengamci hengami behar,
Oldi sim aflhan ana czhari badami behar
Ylh a nush it kim gicher kalmaz bu eiaml behar.

Thou bear est the tale of the mgbthgaU " that the vernal season "approaches." The Spring has spread a bower os joy in every grove, where the almond-tret Jbedi its silver bkffom. Be t beersul; &e full of mirth; for the Spring passes soon awry. if will not last.


What gales of fragrance scent the vernal air I
Hills, dales, and woods their loveliest mantles wear.
Who knows what cares await that fatal day,
When ruder gusts shall banish gentle May?
Ev'n death, perhaps, our valleys will invade.
Be gay: too soon the flow'rs of Spring will fade.

Yineh enwai sliukusileh bezendi bagh u ragh,
Ysh ichun kurdi chichckler sahni gulshenda otagh,
Kim bilur ol behareh dek kih u kim ola sagh?
Ysh u nusli it kim gicher kalmaz bu eiami behar.

The groves and bills are again adorned with all forts of flouitrs: a pavilion of roses, as the feat of pleasure, is raised in the garden. Who knows which of us will be alive when the fair season ends? Se cheerful, (Sfc.


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