Military Service and Adventures in the Far East: Including Sketches of the Campaigns Against the Afghans in 1839 and the Sikhs in 1845-6, Том 2

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J. Ollivier, 1849
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Страница 1 - We thought as we hollowed his narrow bed And smoothed down his lonely pillow, That the foe and the stranger would tread o'er his head, And we far away on the billow. Lightly they'll talk of the spirit that's gone And o'er his cold ashes upbraid him, — But little he'll reck, if they let him sleep on In the grave where a Briton has laid him.
Страница 266 - Singh engages never to take, or retain in his service any British subject, nor the subject of any European or American State, without the consent of the British Government.
Страница 3 - ... Chief Engineer, methodically blew up the massive buildings with gunpowder. "War, even under so mild and just a commander as Pollock, is a terrible thing," commented Mackenzie, "and many a guiltless and friendly Hindu and Kuzzilbash was involved in the punishment which befel the bloodstained Caubuli." "This has always appeared to me rather a wanton mode of exciting the hostility of the harmless Bunnists," wrote Captain McKinnon, "to punish the unfortunate house owners of the bazaars was not dignified...
Страница 197 - Artillery, Commanding Artillery, 1st Division, Army of the Sutlej. NB The quantity of ammunition captured with the artillery, and found in the camp of the enemy, is beyond accurate calculation, consisting of shot, shell, grape, and small arm ammunition of every description and for every calibre. The powder found in the limbers and waggons of the guns and in the magazines of the entrenched camp has been destroyed to prevent accidents. Six large hackery loads have also been appropriated to the destruction...
Страница 198 - ... ammunition of every description, and for every calibre. The powder found in the limbers and waggons of the guns, and in the magazines of the entrenched camp, has been destroyed, to prevent accidents. Six large hackery loads have also been appropriated to the destruction of forts in the neighbourhood. As many of the shot and shell as time would admit of being collected have been brought into the Park — the shells, being useless, have been thrown into the river. The shot will be appropriated...
Страница 176 - ... mortal aid. Pain, in all its degrees and hideous varieties was forcibly portrayed on every square yard of earth which surrounded me ; and passing from sufferer to sufferer, I felt, or fancied I felt, each patient's eye following wistfully the movements of such fortunate visitants as were exempted from the services of the knife or lancet, and sometimes dwelling reproachfully on the useless spectator of their sufferings. I felt it was almost a sacrilege to remain in such a place without being useful...
Страница 175 - Outside the hospital tents were laid the bodies of those who had recently died ; many in the contorted positions in which the rigid hand of death had fixed them ; others more resembling sleep than death, had calmly passed away, struck down in full vigour and robust bodily health, when the human frame, it was natural to suppose, would have struggled more fiercely with its arch enemy : but...
Страница 289 - The borrower must return this item on or before > the last date stamped below. If another user places a recall for this item, the borrower will ? be notified of the need for an earlier return. Non-receipt of overdue notices does not exempt the borrower from overdue fines. Harvard College Widener Library Cambridge, MA 02138 617-495-2413 Thank you for helping to preserve library collections at Harvard.
Страница 124 - Many of these guns have long Persian inscriptions on them, and very old dates; some are highly ornamented, carriages in good repair, and closely assimilating to those in use with the Bengal artillery, the whole well fitted for post guns ; the metal in these guns is much heavier than those of a similar calibre in use in the Bengal artillery.
Страница 87 - ... the Sutlej and Moodkee, and the longer towards Ferozepore and the open country. The plains, as at Moodkee, were covered with low jhow jungle, which added to the difficulty of the advance, which was made in four divisions; the left wing under the direction of the Governor-General (Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Hardinge), who had volunteered his services as second in command. One hundred guns of the enemy, nearly one-half of battering * See memoir of Colonel Sir John McCaskill in Appendix, page...