Egypt, Peninsula, Waterloo and South Africa

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Groombridge and sons, 1861

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Страница 54 - Elvina, was struck on the left breast by a cannon shot ; the shock threw him from his horse with violence, but he rose again in a sitting posture, his countenance unchanged, and his steadfast eye still fixed upon the regiments engaged in his front, no sigh betraying a sensation of pain. In a few moments, when he was satisfied that the troops were gaining ground, his countenance brightened, and he suffered himself to be taken to the rear.
Страница 159 - Bulow, upon the enemy's flank, was a most decisive one ; and even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack, which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire, if his attacks should have failed, and would have prevented him from taking advantage of them, if they should unfortunately have succeeded.
Страница 35 - Roleia is situated on an eminence, having a plain in its front, at the end of a valley, which commences at Caldas, and is closed to the southward by mountains, which join the hills, forming the valley on the left, looking from Caldas. In the centre of the valley, and about eight miles from...
Страница 89 - Such a gallant line, issuing from the midst of the smoke and rapidly separating itself from the confused and broken multitude, startled the enemy's...
Страница 89 - Hawkshawe, fell wounded, and the fusilier battalions, struck by the iron tempest, reeled and staggered like sinking ships ; but suddenly and sternly recovering they closed on their terrible enemies, and then was seen with what a strength and majesty the British soldier fights.
Страница 58 - The position taken up by the troops at Talavera extended rather more than two miles ; the ground was open upon the left, where the British army was stationed, and it was commanded by a height on which was, in £chellon and in second line, a division of infantry under the orders of MajorGeneral Hill.
Страница 120 - LieutenantGeneral the Earl of Dalhousie to possess himself of the top of the mountain in his front, by which the enemy's right would be turned, and Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton to cross the heights on which the enemy's left had stood, and to turn their left by the road to Roncesvalles.
Страница 110 - I found that the judicious arrangement which had been adopted immediately upon the arrival of Colonel Proctor, had compelled the enemy to retreat, and take shelter under the guns of his fort : — that officer commenced operations by sending strong detachments across the river, with a view of cutting off the enemy's communication with his reserve.
Страница 58 - Olalla. It was then obvious that the enemy intended to try the result of a general action, for which the best position appeared to be in the neighbourhood of Talavera, and General Cuesta having consented to take up this position on the morning of the 27th...
Страница 67 - Returns, signed by himself, specifying the names and ranks of those Officers whom he shall have selected as particularly deserving. 4th. The Commander of the Forces in making the selection will restrict his choice to the undermentioned ranks : viz. — General Officers. Commanding Officers of Brigades. Commanding Officers of Artillery, or Engineers. Adjutant-General, and Quarter-Master-General.