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Narrative Pieces. s. 1. No rank or possesions can make the guilty mind, happy,

39 2. Change of external condition often adverse to virtuo, 40 3. Haman; or the misery of pride,

41 4. Lady Jane Grey,

42 5. Ortogrul; or the vanity of riches,

45 6. The hill of science, 7. The journey of a day; a picture of human life,


Didactic Pieces. 'krt. 1. The importance of good education,

64 2. On gratitude,

65 3. On forgiveness.

56 4. Motives to the vay !! of gentleness,

57 5. A suspicious tempe. we source of inisery to its possessor,

58 6. Comforts of religion,

59 7. Diffidence of our abilities a mark of wisdom,

60 8. On the iinportance of order in the distribution of our tiine,

61 9. The dignity of virtue amidst corrupt examples, 10. The mortifications of vice greater than those of virtue, 64 11. On contentment, 12. Rank and riches afford no ground for envy, 13. Patience under provocalions our interest as well as duty,

69 14. Moderation in our wishes recommended,

70 15. Omniscience and omnipresence of the Deity, the source of consolation to good men.


Argumenlalire Pieces. lect. 1. Happiness is founded in rectitude of conduct,

76 2. Virtue man's highest interest,

76 & The injustice of an uncharitable spirit,


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Sect. 4 The Rimlortubes of men mostly chargeable on them.

8. On disinterested friondship,
6. On the immortality of the soul,





Descriptive Piecu.
Sect. I. The seasons,

2. The cataract of Niagara, in Canada, North America,
3. The grotto of Antiparos,
4. The grotto of Antiparos continued,
6. Earthquake at Cataner,
6. Creation,
7. Charity,
8. Prosperity is redoubled to a good man,
9. On the beauties of the Psalms,
10. Character of Alfred, king of England,
H. Character of Queen Elizabeth,
12. On the slavery of vice,
13. The man of integrity,
14. Gentleness,





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Pathelic Pieces.
Sect. 1. Trial and execution of the Earl of Strafford,

2. An eminent instance of true fortitude of mind,
8. The good man's comfort in affliction,
4. The close of life,
8. Exalted society, and the renewal of virtuous con-

nexions, two sources of future felicity,
6. The clemency und amiable character of the patri-

arch Joseph,
7. Altamont,


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Sect. 1. Democritus and Heraclitus,

2. Dionysius, Pythias, and Damon,
8. Locke and Bayle,

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Public Speeches.
VECT 1. Cicero against Verres,
2. Speech of Adherbal to the

Roman Senate, imploring
their protection against Jugurtha,
& The Apostle Paul's noble defence before Festus and



Page. Bucr. 4. Lord Mansfield's speech in the House of Lords, 1770,

on the bill for preventing the delays of justice, by
claiming the privilege of parliament,

123 h An address to young persons,


Promiscuous Pieces.

Bict. 1. Earthquake at Calabria, in the year 1638.

186 2. Letter from Pliny to Geminius,

189 3 Letter from Pliny to Marcellinius, on the death of an amiable young woman,

ib. 4. On Discretion,

140 5. On the government of our thoughts,

143 6. On the evils which Row from unrestrained passions, 145 7. On the proper state of our temper, with respect to one another,

146 8. Excellence of the Holy Scriptures,

148 9. Reflections occasioned by a review of the blessings,

pronounced by Christ on his disciples, in his sermon
on the mount,

149 10. Schemes of life often illusory,

160 !1. The pleasures of virtuous sensibility,

102 12 On the true honour of man,

16 13. The influence of devotion on the happiness of life, 10 14. The planetary and terrestrial worlds comparatively considered,

157 15. On the power of custom, and the uses to which it may be applied,

160 16. The pleasures resulting from a proper use of our faculties,

160 17. Description of candour,

161 18. On the imperfection of that liappiness which rosts solely on worldly pleasures,

162 19. What are the real and solid cnjoyments of human life,

165 20. Scale of beings,

167 21. Trust in the care of Providence recominended,

169 22. Piety and gratitude coliven prosperity:

171 2. Virtue, when deeply rooted, is not subject to the in. fluence of fortune,

178 M. The speech of Fabricius, a Roman ambassador, to

king Pyrrhus, who attempted to bribe him to his
interests, by the offer of a great sum of money,

174 Ale Character of James I. king of England,

176 23. Charles V. emperor of Germany, resigns bis dominicns, and retires from the world,

176 37. The same subject continued,


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fact. Care of birds for their young,

8. Liberty and slavery contrasted,
6. Charity. A paraphrase on the 13th chapter of the

First Epistle to the Corinthians,
7. Picture of a good man,
8. The pleasures of retireinent,
0. The pleasure and benefit of an improved and well-

directed imagination,

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Palhetic Pieces.

221 223 224 ih.

Bics. 1. The hermit,

2. The beggar's petition,
3. Unhappy close of life,
4. Elegy to pity,
6. Verses supposed to be written by Alexander Selkirk,

during his solitary abode in the Island of Juari

6. Gratitude,
9. A naan perishing in the snow; from whence reflec-

tions are raised on the miseries of life,
8. Amo hymn,

225 227

228 230


Promiscuous Pieces.

faci 1. Ode to Content,

2. Thc shepherd and the philosopher,
3. The road to happiness open to all men,
4. The goodness of Providence,
d. The Creator's works attest his greatness.
6. Address to the Deity,
7. The pursuit of happiness often ill directed
8. The Bre-side,
9. Providence vindicated in the present state of man,
:0. Selfishness reproved,
11. Human frailty,
19. Ode to peace,
13. Ode to adversity,
14. The Creation required to praise its Author
15. The universal prayer,
16. Conscience,
17. On an infant,
18. The cuckoo,
19. Day. A pastoral in three parts,
20. The order of nature,
21. Hymn composed during sickness,
22. Hymn, ou a review or do seutus,
23. Ox solitude,

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