The married life of Rachel lady Russell, tr. from [L'amour dans le mariage, by J. Martin].

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Страница 60 - Russel, the ornament of his age, whose great merits it was not enough to transmit by history to posterity ; but they were willing to record them in their royal patent, to remain in the family, as a monument consecrated to his consummate virtue ; whose name could never be forgot, so long as men preserved any esteem for sanctity of manners, greatness of mind, and a love to their country, constant even to death.
Страница 42 - I need not tell you, good Doctor, how little capable I have been of such an exercise as this. You will soon find how unfit I am still for it...
Страница 40 - I find my husband's enemies are not appeased with his blood, but still continue to misrepresent him to Your Majesty. It is a great addition to my sorrows, to hear Your Majesty is prevailed upon to believe, that the paper he delivered to the sheriff at his death was not his own. I can truly say, and am ready in the solemnest manner to attest, that...
Страница 87 - THE REVIVAL OF THE FRENCH EMPERORSHIP Anticipated from the Necessity of Prophecy. By the Rev. GEORGB STANLEY FABER, BD Fourth Edition. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. " We recommend this book to the attention of our readers. It is candid and ingenuous.
Страница 62 - I could not miss this opportunity, of giving your ladyship some account of Lord Ross and Lady Ross's journey, and their reception at Belvoir ; which looked more like the progress of a king and queen through their country, than that of a bride and bridegroom, going home to their father's house.
Страница 43 - I have deserved my punishment, and will be silent under it ; but yet secretly my heart mourns, too sadly, I fear, and cannot be comforted, because I have not the dear companion and sharer of all my joys and sorrows. I want him to talk with, to walk with, to eat and sleep with ; all these things are irksome to me now ; the day unwelcome, and the night so too ; all company and meals I would avoid, if it might be ; yet all this is, that I enjoy not the world in my own way, and this, sure, hinders my...
Страница 22 - God see fit) of these present enjoyments ? if not, a submission, without murmur, to his must wise dispensations and unerring providence; having a thankful heart for the years I have been so perfectly contented in : He knows best when we have had enough here ; what I most earnestly beg from his mercy is, that...
Страница 74 - ... who will be mistress, has in some measure, with time, relieved herself, then, and not till then, I trust the goodness which hath no bounds, and whose power is irresistible, will assist me by his grace to rest contented with what his unerring providence has appointed and permitted. And I shall feel ease in this contemplation, that there was nothing uncomfortable in his death, but the losing him.
Страница 64 - the Duke of Shrewsbury bid me tell your " Ladyship, that if you did consent he should " stand, which he doubted not but you would, " since it was on so good an account, that then " they must have leave to set him up for that " day only, by the name of Lord Russell, which (1) Sir John WolstonhoJme, who was returned with Lord Edward Russell. " would bring ten thousand more on his side, " if there be so many freeholders in the county.
Страница 68 - I am very sorry the case stands with you as it does in reference to the oath ; and still wonder (unless I could find Kings of divine right) why it does so ! and all this is the acceptation of a word which I never heard two declare the meaning of but they differed in their sense of it. You say you could have taken it in the sense some worthy men have done ? Why will you be more worthy than those men ? It is supererogation.