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THE MAN WITH ONE EPITHET-PROVERBS—ANIMALS. along with several heavy articles of luggage, "Faith!" returned Mr. Buckram, " that must be a were all projected several yards off into the mo- superb well." rass. As the place was rather soft, nobody was At another time, he was walking Broadway, one of much hurt; but, after every thing had again been those four-footed gentry who enjoy the freedom of put to rights, the tall man put some two thirds of the city” without a gold box, came running furiously himself through the coach window, in his usual down the sidewalk, and taking Mr. Buckram between manner, and asked the guard if he was sure his the legs, bore him off through several squares, unul trunk was safe in the boot.

suddenly turning a comer, he landed him plump in the “Oh, sir! cried the guard, as if a desperate dignantly, wiped the mud from his unmentionables

gutter. The merchant got up, stared about most inidea had at that moment rushed into his mind, and exclaimed to the bystanders, “Superb! superb!" the trunk was on the top. Has nobody seen it Dining one day at a public house, he told the waiter lying about any where?"

to fetch him a piece of roast beef. “?If it be a trunk ye're looking after,' cried a “How will you have it ? said the waiter. rustic, very coolly, 'I saw it sink into that "Oh, superb," said the merchant. well-ee* of a quarter of an hour syne.'

"Superb!" exclaimed the waiter, scratching his “Oh! exclaimed the distracted owner, my head in a quandary. trunk is gone for ever. Oh my poor dear trunk!

" Don't stand here scratching." said the merchan, -where is the place, show me where it disap-1* but fetch me the beet steak, superb." peared.'

“We havn't any sich, if you please," returned the “The place being pointed out, he rushed mad waiter. ly up to it, and seemed as if he would have

plun- patiently" then

you must be a most superb set of

“ Havn't any sich ;" exclaimed the merchant imged into the watery profound to search for his wretches, indeed." And so taking his hat, he left the lost property, or die in the attempt. Being infor-house. med that the bogs in this part of the country When the cholera began to prevail here last sumwere perfectly bottomless, he soon saw how vain mer, Mr. Buckram, taking counsel of his fears, like every endeavour of that kind would be; and so he many another of his fellow citizens, cleared out, and was with difficulty induced to resume his place never stopped to breathe until he had reached a in the coach, loudly threatening, however, to friend's house, forty miles in the country. When still make the proprietors of the vehicle pay sweetly looking blue with sheer affright, he declared that the for his loss.

cholera was " killing people in most superb style." “What was in the trunk, I have not been able

In short, such is Mr. Buckram's fondness for this to learn. Perhaps the title-deeds of an estate word, so constantly does he apply it on all occasions, were among the contents: perhaps it was only whether

good, bad, or indifferent, that he may very

and to the exclusion of all other qualifying terms, filled with bricks and rags, in order to impose properly be called THE MAN WITH ONE EPITHET. upon the inkeepers. In all likelihood, the mysterious object is still descending and descending,

PROVERBS. like the angel's hatchet in Rabbinical story, A bitter jest is the poison of friendship. down the groundless abyss; in which case its Bear your misfortunes with fortitude. contents will not probably be revealed till a Cheerfulness is perfoctly consistent with piety. great many things of more importance and equal Defer not what thou iniendest to give. mystery are made plain."

Entertain charity, and seek peace with all men

Favorites are commonly unfortunate. THE MAN WITH ONE EPITHET.

Idleness is the parent of want and shame.

Judge not of men or things at first sight. Benjamin Buckram is a dashing merchant in this Knowledge is the treasure of the mind. city. He deals largely in dry goods, both wholesale Learning refines and elevates the mind. and retail, and is thought by many to be growing Make no friendship with an envious man. rich. Like many of his brethren, he does not want Never speak to deceive, nor listen to betray. for fluency of speech; though he has not, like some Of all studies, study your present condition. others, a very great command of choice epithets for Party faction is the bane of society. setting off his goods. In fact he has but a single one; Quick landlords make careful tenants. and that he applies in all cases: every thing with Raze not the pillars of a fair name. him is SUPERB. His goods are superb; the materials Scandal will rub out, like dirt, when it is dry. out of which they are made are superb; the fabric is That which opposes right must be wrong. superb; the colors are superb; the gloss and finish Underhand practices fail in the end. are superb; and finally they will wear superb.

Value a good conscience more than praise. But it is not Mr. Buckram's merchandise only that We lessen our wants by lessening our desires. is superb. His house, his carriage, his horses, his wife, his daughters-all are superb. Nor is he so ATTACHMENT OF ANIMALS.There were two Han. selfish as to confine this epithet to his own property overian horses, which assisted in drawing the same only.

gun during the whole Peninsular war, in the German Walking along the street with him the other day, Brigade of rtillery. One of them met his death in an he pointed to the entrance of a cellar where certain engagement; after which the survivor was picqueted testaceous dainties were kept to tickle the palate as usual, and his food was brought to him. He rewithal, and assured me it was the most superb oyster. fused to eat and kept constantly tuming his head cellar in the city of New York.

round to look for his companion, and sometimes calling Proceeding on, we came to where Disbrow was him by a neigh. Every care was takeş, and all means boring for water. “What depth have you got ?" that could be thought of were adopted, to make hima asked the merchant.

eat, but without effect. Other horses surrounded him "Five hundred feet," replied the workman. on all sides, but he paid no attention to them; his

whole demeanor indicated the deepest sorrow, and * The orifice of a deep pool in a morass is so called he died from hunger, not baving tasted a bit from the in Scotland.

time his companion Rol.

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RUNNING DOWN A BOASTER. [bar room of a tavern.]

A country fellow was one day boasting about the

swiftness of his horse; and declared he could outrun Nutmeg. (Addressing Cracker, a Georgian.) I say, any thing which went upon four legs. A neighbour of Mister, you haint seed nothing of no umbrella, no his dispuied it, and said he had a mule which could wheres about here, haint you?

beat him. Cracker. Now, I tell you what, stranger, if you'll "A mule ?" said the boaster, “I'll bet you a hundred just untwist thai and say it over agin, I'll gin you an dollars of that.”.

“Done!" said the other. Nui. Now-do tell; I guess you are about as snap- “Done!" said the boaster. pish as Deacon Holme's new invented sheep shears; "Now cover that," said the owner of the mule, layihey not only took the wool clean of, but shaved the ing down a hundred dollars. ears and tail with it!

The boaster began to be frightened at this. He Crack. You're a screamer ! Come, figure in with thought there must be something more about the mule me in a mint julep, if you know what's wliat. Mint's than he was aware

of, otherwise his owner wouldn't all the go South-and if you want to git the first chop, plank a hundred dollars, to run him against a horse, go to the grave of any southern nullifier, who moughi He began to hitch about uneasily. He put his hand have recently died, and there you'll find the mint as into his pocket; he pulled it out again; and at last they say, shooting up spontaneously..

said: “I don't know, I swow, about that tarnal mule; Nut.' 'No? you don't say so? Well now that's a he may be the devil and all to run, for what I know." good one. Howsomdever, mister, I guess you never “Do you back out, then ?" drinked no black-strap, did vou? Spose you hav'nt. “Yes, I back out and treat." So saying, he called Why bless your 'tarnal soul, it's the sweetest drink in the liquor; but declared that his horse could beat that ever streak'd it down a common sized gullet.- any thing which went upon four legs, except the 'Lasses and rum, with a lettle daslı o' water-why, do mule.". you know when Deacon Snooks died he was buried “Why," said the other, “I've got a jackass that will in farmer Greg's old lot, just behind Major Stakes' beat him." grocery and liquorstore; you know where it is? Well, “I'll bet a hundred dollars of that," said the boaster. ever since he was laid there, which may be, I guess, " Done!" said the other. about twelve years ago, there's been a spring of black- And “done!" said the boaster. strap running

“Cover that," said the man, again putting down the Crack. Well, stranger, you can take the rag off hundred dollar the bush about a leetle the cleanest I ever heard tell. “Cover that!" exclaimed the boaster, “so I will I reckon you'll beat our old nigger Coot, who once plaguy quick," taking out his pocket-book. run again a lawyer, and has never been able to tell the "Well, cover it, if you dare and I'll put another truth since. You can come huckleberry over my pris hundred atop of it. Why do you hesitate ? 'Down with cimmon to-day.

your dust, I say." Nut. Well, I guess I am not quite as slow as a “I don't know, faith, I never saw that jackass of punkin vine, or as dull as a rainy day. But you appear yours run," said the boaster, beginning to hesitate, to be a green one in these paris-how do you like the he may be the devil and all upon a race, for what I middings of Maryland ?

know.” Crack. Why I can't zactly say,– I reckon your “Do you flunk out, then?" niggers are about a notch 100 independish--why, it's "Yes, I jummer this time; but, by jingo, there's a fach, the vile calamounts are so plaguy slow on their nothing else you can bring, except the jackass and the troiters when a feller speaks to 'em, that they might mule, but my horse can bear.” run a race with a goard and be distanced arter all. I " Are you certain of that, my good fellow ?" reckon you had ought to see our Georgy niggers * I think faith.” they're a leerle wurse than the sharp end of nothing Why, if you're not quite certain, I'll bet you somewhiitled down, if they can'ı dodge a panther at three thing that I've got a nigger that will outrun him." inonths old. I sced a nigger strick it on the Savan. A nigger!" rah river again stream and wind, middle deep in the “Yes, my nigger Tom will beat him." water, at the rate of ten miles an hour; if I didn't may I'll bet a hundred dollars of that-there aint no I be screwed down to a hoc cake in a cider press. nigger that ever breathed, that can beat my liorse."

Nut. Well now-do tell; you must have a rail Very well-cover that." As he said this, the man handsome climate in Georgia.

once more put down the hundred dollars. But," said Crack. I tell you whai, stanger, our climate's got he, “ if you back out this time, you shall for feit ten no nature at all. In the uplasids it mought be ihe dollars; and if I back out, I'll do the same.", same as this 'ere one day, and another jist hot enough "Agreed," said the boaster, “ I'm sure my horse can 10 roast a common sized salamander. Some folks beat a nigger, if he can't a mule or jackass." there can't count their children, and don't die until “Well, plank the money, if you please." they're so particularly old that they can't step into " Plank'it! so I will—don't you fear that." Saying their coffin. But I reckon you've never bern in the low this, he once more took out his pocker-book and began countries? The fog there is so thick that you have to fumble for the money, to cut your way through it with a pick axe.

“Come, man, down with your dust," said the othes, boat was once smashed to pieces by running agin a taking out more money, "for I'm ready to back my Georgia fog.

bet with another hundied dullars-or two hundred if Nui. I gwow! mister, I should like to know what you like. Come, why do you hesitate? Here's three school you got your children in? May he you were hundred dollars I'm ready to stake.” brought up in the lying-in-hospital—and fed on razors, “Three hundred dollars!” exclaimed the boaster, I guess if you were put into a cider mill you'd come staring like a stuck pig-three hundred dollars upon out a regular built Cholera morbus.

a nigger! I don't know, I swan." Crack. Right, stranger-and yu'd have to pass "What, man! you're not a going to get frightened through all the cotton gins in Georgy afore you'd again ?”. come out an honest man. Howsomever, you're a Frightened! Oh, no--oh, no; it's no easy matter screamer, so gin us a shake o'your com-stealer--and to frighien me—but really-" let's paddle canoes together.

“You mean to back out."

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SNUFF-AN UNWELCOME VISITOR, "I declare, neighbour, I don't know what to think this purpose, in a facetious mood, arising from the sudabout it. It's a kind o' risky business."

den turn affairs had taken, the master called his man “You forfeit the ten dollars, then ?"

to him who was lingering near, "Come here, you Irish “Why, yes, I 'spose I must,” said the boaster, hand. blackguard, and tell these gentlemen what you call ing over the money, with an air of great mortifica- this snuff of your own making." tion—" better lose this than more-for there's no Larey, who did not want acuteness, and perceived knowing how fast these blamed niggers will run. But the aspect of things, affected no trifling degree of sulany thing else you can bring, except the mule, the ky indignation, as he replied—“And is it a name ye're jackass, and the nigger, I'm ready to run against."- in want of, sir? fait I should have thought it was the N. Y. Constellation.

last thing you couldn't give; without, indeed, you've

given all your stock to me already. You may even THE SNUFF CALLED "IRISH BLACK.

call it 'Irish Blackguard,' stid of one Michael Larey." GUARD."

Upon this hint he spake, and as many a true word Lundy Foot, the celebrated snuff manufacturer,

some is spoken in jest, so it was christened on the spot six-and-(wenty years ago, had his premises at Essex. The snuff was sent to England immediately, and to bridge, in Dublin, where he made the common scented different places abroad, where it soon became a favor. snuffs then in vogue. In preparing the snuffs, it was ite to so great a degree, that the proprietor took out a usual to dry

. them by, a kiln at night, which kiln was patent, and rapidly accumulated a handsome fortune. always left in strict charge of a man appointed to re-Such are the particulars connected with the discovery gulate the heat, and see that the snuffs were not spoil of the far-famed Lundy Foot, or Irish blackguard ed. The man usually employed in this business, La for which we are indebted to a member of the Irish rey by name, a tighi boy of Cork, chanced to get bar, who was a resident in Dublin at the time.- Mil drunk over the "cratur," si. e. a little whiskey,) that ler's Nicotiana. he had gotten to comfort him, and, quite regardless of his waich, fell fast asleep, leaving the snuff drying

TOM CRINGLE. away. Going his usual round in the morning, Lundy AN UNWELCOME VISITOR-I had rigged my hans Foot found the kiln still burning, and its grardian lying mock between the foremost and aftermost hoops of snoring with the fatal

bottle, now empty, in his right the toldo, and as I was fatigued and sleepy, and as it hand. Imagining the snuff quite spoiled, and giving was now getting late, I desired to betake myself to way to his rage, he instantly

began belabouring the rest ; so I was just flirting with a piece of ham, preps. shoulders of the sleeper with the stick he carried. ratory to the cold grog, when I again felt a silent

“Och, be quiet wid ye, what the divil's the matter, thump and rattle against the side of the canoe. There master, that ye be playing that game?" shouted the was a small aperture in the palm thatch, right opposite astounded Larey, as he sprung up, and capered about to where I was sitting, on the outside of which I now under the influence of the other's walking-cane. heard a rustling noise, and presently a long snout was

"You infernal scoundrel, I'll teach you to get drunk, hrust through, and into the canoe, which kept openfall asleep, and suffer my property to get spoiled," ut- ing and shutting with a sharp rattling noise. It was tered the enraged manufacturer, as each word was more like two splinters of mud covered and half deaccompanied by a blow across the dancing Mr. La cayed timber, than any thing I can compare it to; rey's shoulders.

but as the lower jaw was opened, like a pair of Brob Stop! stop! wid ye now! sure you wouldn't be dignag scissors, å formidable row of teeth was un. afther spaking to ye'r ould sarvani that way—the masked, the snout from the tip to the eyes being near. snuff's only a leetle drier, or so, may be," exclaimed ly three feet long. The scene of this moment was ex. "the boy," trying to soften matters.

ceedingly good, as seen by the light of a small, bright "You big blackguard, you; didn't you get drunk silver lamp, fed with spirits of wine, that I always ua. and fall asleep?" interrogated his master, as he sus velled with, which hung from one of the hoops of the pended his arm for a moment.

toldo. First, there was our friend, Peter Mongrove, “Och, by all the saints, that's a good'un nowocowering in a comer under the after part of the awn. where can be the harum of slaaping wid a drop or so? ing, covered up with a blanket, and shaking as if with besides—but hould that shilelah—hear a man spake an ague fit, with the patron peeping over his shoulder raison."

no less alarmed. Sneezer, the dog, was sitting on end, Just as Lundy Foot's wrath had in some degree with his black nose resting on the table, waiting pa subsided in this serio-comic scene, and he had given tiently for his crumbs; and the black boatmen were the negligent watcher his nominal discharge, who forward in the bow of the canoe, jabbering and laughshould come in but a couple of merchants. They ining, and munching, as they clustered round a spark. stantly give him a large order for the muffs they were ling fire. When I first saw the apparition of the dia. usually in the habit of purchasing, and requested him bolical looking snout, I was in a manner fascinated to have it ready for shipping by the next day. Not and could neither speak not move. Mangrove and having near so large a quantity at the time by him, in the patron were also paralysed with fear, and the consequence of what had happened, he related the oc. others did not see it, so Sneezer was the only creature currence to them, at the same time, by way of illustra- amongst us aware of the danger, who seemed to have tion, pointing out the trembling Larey, occupied in his wits about him ; for

the instant he noticed it, he rubbing his arms and back, and making all kinds of calmly lifted his nose off the table, and gave a short contortions.

startling bark, and then crouched, and drew himself Actuated by curiosity, the visitors requested to look back as if in the act to spring, glancing his eyes from at the snuff, although Lundy Foot told ihem, from the the monstrous jaws to my face, and puzzling and time it had been drying, it must be burnt to a chip.-- whining with a laughing expression, and giving a smal Having taken out the tins, they were observed to emit yelp now and then, and again rivetting his eyes with a burni flavour any thing but disagreeable, and on one mtense earnestness on the alligator, telling me as of the gentlemen taking a pinch up and putting it to plainly as it he had spoken it—"If you choose it, mas his nose, he pronounced it ihe best snuff he had ever ier, I will attack it, as in duty bound, but really such tasted. Upon this, the others made a similar trial, and a customer is not at all in my way;" and not only did all agreed that chance had brought it to a degree of he say this, but he showed his intellect was clear, and perfection before unknown. Reserving about a third, no way warped through fear, for he now stood on his Lundy Foot sold the rest to his visitors. The only hind legs, and holding on the hammock with his fore thing that remained now was to give it a name; for paws, he thrust his-snout below the pillow, and pulled



out one of my pistols, which always garnished the inches in circumference. The fruit, which hangs in a head of my bed, on such expeditions as the present. pendant manner, is a woody ground like capsule with a

My presence of mind returned on witnessing the downey surface, about nine inches in length and four courage and sagacity of my noble dog. I seized the in thickness, containing numerous cells, in which loaded pistol, and as by this time the eyes of the alli- brown kidney-shaped seeds are embeded in a pulpy gator were inside of the toldo, I clapped the muzzle to acid substance. The timber is soft and spongy, and the larboard one and fired. The creature jerked back we are not aware that it is used for an economical so suddenly and convulsively, that part of the toldo purpose. It is easily perforated, so that, according to was tom away, and as the dead monster fell off, the ca. Bruce, the bees in Abyssinia construct their nests noe rolled as it in a seaway: My crew shouted, Que es within it and the honey ihus obtained, being supposed esto ?" Peter Mangrove cheered-Sneezer barked and to have acquired a superior flavor, is esteemed in preyelled at a glorious rate, and could scarcely be held in ference to any other. À more remarkable excavation the canoe-and looking overboard, we saw the mons- is however made by the natives; diseased portions of ter, twelve feet long at least, upturn his white belly to the trunk are hollowed out and converted into tombs the rising moon, struggle for a moment with his short for the reception of the bodies of such individuals as, paws, and after a solitary heavy lash of his scaly tail, by the laws or customs of the country, are denied the he floated away astern of us, dead and still.

usual rites of interment. The bodies thus suspended

within the cavity, and without any preparation or emDOMINIE SAMPSON.— The original of this singular balmment, dry into well preserved mummies. The character, as it appears from the Waverley Anecdotes, juicy acid pulp is eaten by the natives and is considered was Mr. James Sanson, son of a miller in Berwick beneficial in fevers and other diseases on account of shire, England. He was partially educated at a coun- its cooling properties. The duration of the boabab is try school and afterwards studied at Edinburgh and not the least extraordinary part of its history, and has Glasgow colleges, where he made great proficiency given rise to much speculation. In it we unquestion. in the ancient languages and the abstruse sciences. ably see the most ancient living specimen of vegetation. When he became a tutor in a private family, all his It is, says the illustrious Humboldt, the oldest organic leisure was passed in study: He was seldom

seen monument of our planet; and Adanson calculates that walking without a book in his hand, and was general. trees now alive have weathered

the storms of five ly so intent upon it as not to notice the appearance or thousand years. -Edinburgh Cabinet Library. No. address of another person.

XII. -Nubia and Abyssinia. He was a preacher after this, and then he took it into his head to travel on foot over England. He also LA BELLE STUART, AND BRITANNIA.-King Charles went to the Low Countries, and passed over a large II. was so deeply enamoured with Frances Theresa, part of Germany, at an expense of less than a third of grand-daughter of Walter, first Lord Blantyre—"a the £25 which he had carefully amassed to start with. Belle Stuart" of Grammont-as to give rise to the report After his return in 1784, he became tutor in the family that he meditated a divorce from his queen, and to of Thomas Scott, uncle of the novelist; and at this raise her to the throne. To escape his importunities, period, as he occasionally officiated in the parish she accepted the honourable proposals of his kinsman, church, he is supposed to have first received the title Charles Lennox, sixth and last Duke of Richmond of of Dominie Sampson. Subsequently he acted as chap- that family, and was married privately, 1667, to the lain among the tenants of the earl of Hopetown. Here great wrath of her royal persecutor, which burst on his labors were required chiefly in the damp and the chancellor's head, whom he unfairly suspected to noxious atmosphere of the lead mines, and he con. have conspired against his hopes. The reverse of a scientiously persisted in them to such an extent that gold medal by Philip Rotier, struck by order of the he soon lost his teeth—then his eye-sight—then his life. monarch, from a picture of the lady by Sir

Peter Lely, He died a martyr to the impulses of his own generous is said to be the origin of the figure of Britannia

on heart.

the copper coin of the realm. She remained a widow The foundation of this worthy man's poetic immor. thirty years, and died 1702, bequeathing considerable tality is based largely upon his personal eccentricities. wealth, with the seat of Lennox love, to her great He was very large and tall, his person coarse, his nephew, Alexander, fifth Lord Blantyre.-Sharpe's limbs stout, and his manners exceedingly awkward. Peerage. In private life he was much beloved, and his discourses from the pulpit are said to have been written with POPPING THE QUESTION.—"Oh, beautiful! oh, more great taste, and much admired by all classes of hearers. than beautiful! for thou to me art like a dream un. Such was Darlinie Sampson. Little did the poor broken," exclaimed the young leader of Israel, “let man dream of his posthumus fortune.

me breathe my adoration. I offer thee not empire ; I

offer thee not wealth; I offer thee not all the boundless THE LARGEST TREE IN THE WORLD:- The boabab or gratification of magnificent fancy—these may be thine, monkey-bred (Adansonia digitata) is the most gigan- but all these thou hast proved;

but if the passionate af. tic tree hitherto discovered. The trunk, though fre- fections of a spirit, which ne'er has yielded to the pow. quently eighty feet in circumference, rarely exceeds er of woman, or the might of man—if the deep devo. twelve or fifteen feet in height; but on the

summit of tion of the soul of Alroy be deemed an offering meet this huge pillar is placed a majestic head of innumera for the shrine of thy surpassing loveliness, I worship ble branches fifty or sixty feet long, each resembling thee! Since I first gazed upon thee, since thy beauty first an enormous iree, densely clothed with beautiful rose upon my presence like a star, bright with my des green leaves. While the central branches are erect tiny, in the still sanctuary of my secret love, thy idol the lower series extend in a horizontal direction, often has ever rested. Then, then, I was a thing whose touching the ground at there extremity so that the very touch thy creed might count a contumely, I whole forms a splendid arch of foliage, more like the have avenged the insults

of long centuries in the best fragment of a forest than a single tree. The grateful blood of Asia ; I have returned, in glory and in pride, shade of this superb canopy is a favorite retreat for to claim my ancient sceptre ; but sweeter far than ven birds and monkeys; the natives resort to it for repose, geance, sweeter far than the quick gatherings of my and the weary traveller

in a burning climate gladly sacred tribes, the rush of triumph and the blaze of em. flies to it for shelter. The leaves are quinate, smooth, pire, is this brief moment of adoring love, wherein 1 resembling in general form those of the horse chesnut. pour the passion of my life!"-Wondrous Tale of The flowers are white and very beautiful, eighteen 1 Alroy.)

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