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BURTON-UPON-TRENT, LINCOLNSHIRE. TUESDAY, August 29.---The Burton Stakes of 5gs. each, with

25gs. added, for horses, &c. not thorough bred.-Two-mile heats, Nine subscribers. Mr. Lacey's-b.g. King Richard, by Traveller, 12st.

1 Mr. Flamstead's b. m. Zuleika, hy. Cheshire-Cheese, 5 yrs old, 11st. 71b.....

2 2
Mr. Royd's bl.g. by Banker, 5 yrs old, 11st. 7lb.
Mr. Duncan's b.g. Zisca, by Young Whiskey, 5 yrs, 11st. 7lb. ..4

Fifty Pounds for all ages. ---Three-mile heats.
Mr. Ridsdale's b. c. Bosville, by Orville, 4 yrs, 7st. glb. 3 1 2 1
Sir H. Mainwaring's 6. g. Bellerophon, by Cardinal York,
or Pandolpho, 4 yrs old, 7st. 121b.

2 2 1 2 Col. King's gr. c. Kingston, 4 yrs old, 7st. glb............. 1 3 3 dr.

WEDNESDAY.-Sweepstakes of 5ys. each, with 25gs. added, for all ages.—Two-mile heats.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Shawe's b. h. Ambo, by Meteor, or Diamond, 6 yrs old, gst. 121b.

walked over,

..4 4

CHESTERFIELD MEETING, DERBYSHIRE.. WEDNESDAY, August 30.--Sweepstakes of 5gs. each, for all

ages.-Once round the Course.-Twelve subscribers. Sir H. Neltharpe's ch. g. by Lyck's-All, 3 yrs old, 7st. 2/b. (T. } Shepherd)

1 Mr. Houldsworth's b. f. by Shuttle, dam by Patriot, 3 yrs, 7st. 21h... 2 Mr. Pratt's ch. f, by Dick Andrews, dam by Trumpator, 4 yrs old, 7st. 131h.

Two and 3 to 1 on the winner.-Won in a canter.

Sixty Guineas for maiden horses, &c.—Two-mile heats. Mr. Denhain's b. c. Prince, by Hambletonian, 3 yrs oll, 7st. 4lb. (W. Scott):

1 Mr. Pratt's br. f. Rosabella, by Clinker, 3 yrs old, 7st. 21b... 2 2 Mr. Sybray's b.m. Rarity, 5 yrs old, 8st. 1ilb.

dr Mr. Elliott's ches. colt, 4 yrs old, st. 81h.

dis. Two to 1 on Prince.-Won easy.



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THURSDAY, August 31.--Sweepstakes' of 5gs. each, for hunters, 12st.--Twide round the Course.-Eighteen sạbscribers. Mr. Brown's br. g. Tickle Toby, by Grazier, 5 yrs old, 11st. 10lb.

(the owner) Mr. Sitwell's ch. m, Elvira, by Chaunter, aged, 12st. Mr. Sybray's b. m. Rarity, by Cheshire-Cheese, 5 yrs, 11st. Tolb.

Şix to 4 on Elvira.-Won very easy.

Şixty Guineas for borses, &c.- Four-mile hcats, Col. Thornton's b. f. Sweetheart, by Sir Paul; 4 yrs old, 7st. 5lb. (W. Scott)

1 1


Mr. Perkins's b.g. Industry, (late Scout) 6 yrs old, &st. 11h.......22 Capt. Handley's ch. c. Brief, by Stamford, 4 yrs, 7st. 21b. (bolted) dis. Mr. Denham's ch. g. by Pandolpho, 4 yrs old, 7st. 2/b. (fell).

dis. Six to 4 on the Pandolpho gelding; after the heat, 3 and 4 to ! on

Sweetheart.--After running about tbree quarters of a mile, the Pang dolpho gelding fell, and injured his rider very severely,



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WARWICK MEETING. TUESDAY, September 5.-The King's Purse of 100gs. for four-year:

olds and upwards.-Four-mile heats. Lord Derby's b. c. Spartan, by Milo, 4 yrs old, 10st. 416.

1 Mr. Fletcher's ch. c. Meteor, 4 yrs old, 10st. 4lb.

2 2 Mr. West's b. m. Locket, aged, 12st. 21b...

3 dr. Mr. Platel's b. m. The Virgin, aged, 12st. 2/b..

4 dr. Six to 4 on Spartan.-Won easy. Sweepstakes of 10gs. each, for hunters.-Two-mile heats - Five suh

scribers. Mr. G. Lacy's gr. c. hy Cleveland, 4 yrs old, 10st. 8lb.

3 1 1 Mr. Duncan's br. g. Zisca, 5 yrs old, 1! st. 41b.

1 3 2 Mr. Platel's The Virgin, aged, 11st. 121b.

2 2 dr. Two to 1 agst the winner.-Won easy. Sweepstakes of 10gs. each, for three-years-old colts, 8st. 8lb, fillies,

8st. 5lb.--One mile.-Eight subscribers. Lord Grey's ch. c. hy Maltonian, dam by Sir Peter Lord Grosvenor's b. c. St. Sebastian, by Castrel..

2 Mr. Bayzand's ch. c. by Sorcerer, ont of Brandy Nan

3 Mr. Pigott's Miss Kitty, by Sir David

4 Lord Derby's b. c. Pallas, by Evander

5 Mr. Leigh's bl. c. Arthur O`Bradley-O! hy Pam

6 Even betting on St. Sebastian. A complaint was made agst Lord Grey's

jockey for crossing St. Sebastian.

Fifty Pounds for all ages.--Two-mile heats.
Mr. Dickinson's br. c. Bosville, hy Orville, 4 yrs old, 9st. 1 2 0 1
Mr. Clifton's b. h. Diabolus, 5 yrs old, gst. 9/b...

2 1 Odi Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Passamaquoddy, 3 yrs, 7st. 10lb. ....

4 3 dr. Sir T. Stanley's br. c. by Young Chariot, 3 yrs old, 7st.glb... 3 dr.

Diabolus the favourite.



WEDNESDAY, September 6.-— The Golul-Cup, value 100gs. by fif, teen subscribers of: 10gs. each, with 20gs. added ; che surplus to the winner in specie.-Four miles. Lord Derby's bl. b. Rinaldo, hy Milo, 5 yrs old, 8st. 13/b... Lord Grey's ch. c. Prince of Orange, 4 yrs old, 8st. 316.

2 Mr. Tomes's b. g. Watchman, aged, 9st. 3 h. (broke down) Lord Stafford's b. c. Bay Trentham, 4 yrs old, 8st. 31b. (broke down) 4

Six to 4 agst Rinaldo.-Won easy.


Fifty Pounds for maiden borses, &c.Two-mile heats, Sir T. Stanley's b. c. hy. Young Chariot, 3 yrs old, 6st. 41b. 5 1 1 Mr. F. Charlton's b. c. by Selim, 3 yrs old, 6st. 4lb.

1 2 2 Sir T. Winnington's b. f. Primrose, 3 yrs old, 6st. 2/b.

3 4 3 Lord Derby's b. c. Pallas, 3 yıs old, Ost. 41b.

2 3 dr. Mr. Bayley's ch. f. Milkmaid, 4 yrs old, 7st. 3lb.

4 5 dr. Mr. Charlton's colt the favourite.

Fifty Pounds for all ages.-Two-mile heats. Mr. Thompson's b. h. Uncle Dick, by Cock fighter, aged, 9st. 9!b. 1 1 Lord Derby's ch. f. Rosalva, 4 yrs old, 8st. glb.

2 2 Mr. Wills's b.g. Wellington, 5 yrs old, gst.

3 Three to 1 on Rosalva.-Won easy.

AYR MEETING, SCOTLAND. WEDNESDAY, September 6.--The Gold Cup, value 100gs. by

thirteen subscribers of 10gs. each, the surplus in specie, for horses, &c. bred in Scotland.-Two miles. Mr. J. H. Blair's b. c. by Sir Cbarles, out of Georgina, 3 yrs old,

7st. 5lb. (G. Oates).. Mr. Baillie's b. c. Jobony Cope, 4 yrs old, 8st. 5lb. Lord Tweedale's, b. c. by Orville, out of Clementina, 4 yrs, 8st. 5lb... 3 Lord Queensberry's gr. f. Ma-Belle, by Tim, 3 yrs old, 7st. 3lb.

Even betting on Ma Belle.-Won easy. The Coilsfield Stakes of 25ys. each, 15gs. ft. for three-years-old colts,

&st. 21h, fillies, 8st.One mile and a half.-Nine suhscribers. Sir D. H. Blair's b. c, Carrick, by Sir Charles, dam by Anvil (W.

Boynton)... Lord Queensherry's gr. f. Ma-Belle, by Tim'.. Mr. J. H. Blair's b. c. by Sir Charles, out of Georgina, by St. George 3 Mr. Baillie's b. c. Tam-a-Shanter, by Caleb

Mr. Blair's cole the favourite.Won easy. THURSDAY, September 7.-Fifty Pounds for all ages.-Four-mile heats. Mr. Frank's b. c. by Sir David, dam by Beninghrough, or Zecbariah

walked over. FRIDAY, September 3. Produce Stakes of 50gs. each, b. ft. for three-year-olds.- One mile and a ball.--Four subscribers. Sir D. H. Blair's b.c. Carrick, by Sir Charles, Sst. 3lb. (W. Boynton) 1 Mr. Baillie's.cb. f. Meg Merrilees, by Oriois, 7st. 12lb..



Won easy..

Fifty Pounds for all ages.Two-mile beats. Mr. Frank's b. c. by Sir David, 3 yrs old, 7st. 51b.

1 1 Mr. Baillie's cb.f. Meg Merrilees, 3 yrs old, 6st. 11lb.

2 2 Mr. Boswell's b. e. by Jobn Bull, 4 yrs old, &st. 3lb. (fell lame)..3 dr.


PONTEFRACT MEETING. TUESDAY, September 12.--The Produce Stakes of 50gs, each;

b. ft. colts, 8st. 3lb. fillies, 8st. (3lb. allowed, &c.)-Two miles. Seven subscribers, Lord Fitzwilliam's br. f. by Clinker, out of Pewett, alb. (W. Clift) .. 1 Mr. Kirby's b. f. by Orville, out of Sylph

2 Duke of Leeds's b. f. by Dick Andrews, dam by Shụttle, grandam by

Sir Peter Mr. N. B. Hodgson's b. c. by Patroclus, out of Priscilla, 3lb. Mr. Uppleby's b. c. David, by Sir David, out of Patricia, 3lb. Seven to 4 agst the Clinker filly, and 5 to 2 agst the Patroclus colt.

Won in a canter. Sweepstakes of 30gs. each, logs. ft, colts, &st. 3lb. allies, est.--Last

mile and three quarters.--Fifteen subscribers. Colonel King's b. c. Fulford, by Orville, out of Maniac, by Shuttle (J. Jackson)

1 Mr. Mosey's br. c. Brownlock, by Whitelock, out of Tar's dam 2 Mr. Garforth's gr. c. by Camillus, dam by Ruler

3 Seven to 4 and 2 to l'on Fulford.-Won very cleverly.--Jackson rode

in a most masterly style. The Produce Stakes of 50gs. each, h. ft. for four-years-old colts, 8st.

4lb. fillies, &st. 11b.--Four miles.-Four subscribers. Lord Fitzwilliam's ch. c. by Dick Andrews, out of Mary, by Sir Peter.....

walked over. Fifty Pounds for all ages.--Heats, two miles and a half. Mr. Gascoigne's h. c. Waterloo, by Orville, 4 yrs old, 7st. 13lb. (J. Garbutt)....

141 Mr. Ellerker's gr. c. by Sir Harry Dimsdale, 3 yrs old, 6st. Olb... 5 1 3 Lord Scarbrough's bl. e. Medium, 3 yrs old, 6st. glb...

6 5 2 Mr. N. B. Hodgson's b. f. by Patroclus, 3 yrs old, Ost, alb. Sir W. Milner's b. f. Mamoune, 4 yrs old, 7st. 7lb....

8 8 dr. Sir M. W. Ridley's br. c. Shepherd's Boy, 4 yrs old, 7st. 816. Shepherd's Boy the favourite; after the first heat, 6 to 4 agst Waterloo ;

after the second beat, the field the favourite.-Won very easy. WEDNESDAY, Sept. 13.--The Macaroni Stakes of 10gs. each, for horses, &c.-Gentlemen riders.--Three miles.--Six subscribers. Mr. Wyvill's b. m. by Orville, out of Maria, 5 yrs old, 10st. Blb. (Mr. T. Gorwood)

1 Mr. Brown's br. g. Tickle Toby, by Grazier, 5 yrs old, 11st. 131b. 2 Gen. Lumley's b.g. by the Douglas Arabian, aged, 12st.

3 The Gold Cup, value 100gs. by ten subscribers of 10gs. each, with 20gs.

added to the winner for all ages. Four iniles. Sir H. Nelthorpe's ch. g. by Luck's-All, dam by Mercury, 3 yrs old,

6st. 3lb. (a Boy) Mr. Garforth's gr. m. Marciana, hy Stamford, 6 yrs, &st. 121b... 2 Mr. Uppleby's ch. f. Miss Cantley, hy Stamford, 3 yrs old, Gst. 3lb... 3


....2 2 dr.

..4 dr.

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Mr. Bower's h. f. Miss Craigie, hy Orville, 4 yrs old, 7st. Ulb....... 4 kven betting on Miss Craigie, 2 to 1 agst Luch's-Al), and 4 to ! agst Marciana. One of the finest races ever run over Pontefract Course.

Fifty Pounds for horses, &c.--Heats, one mile and three quarters, Mr. Mosey's br. c. Brownlock, by Whitelock, vat of Tar’s dan, 3 yıs old, 6st. 41h...

1 Mr. Kirby's b. f. by Orville, out of Sylph, 3 yrs old, 6st.4lb. ....7 2 Loid Scarbrough's b. h. Kexby, by Golumpus, 5 yrs old, 8st.glb. 4 3 Mr. Walton's br. m, Moll-in-th-Wad, by Hambletonian, 5 yrs old, 8st. 3lb.

2 4 Sir G. Armytage's b. f. Emma, by Hambletonian, 3 yrs, 6st. 1lb...3 5 Sir M. W. Ridley's gr. c. Glow-Worm, by Camillus, 3 yrs old, Ost. 4lb....

5 6 Mr. Brown's b. h. Martin Luther, by Williamson's Ditto, 5 yrs old, 8st. 6lb.

6 dis Mr. Uppleby's cb. f. Miss Cantley, by Stamford, 3 yrs, 6st. llb.. 8 dr. Six .to.4 on the field; after the heat, 2 to 1 on Brownlock.--Won easy.

THURSDAY, September 14.-Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, with 20ys. adderl, for fillies, 8st. 4lb.-Last mile and three quarters.-Six subscribers. Mr. T. Sykes's bay, Orphan, by Camillus, out of Sledmere's dan (T. Shepherd)

1 Mr. Garforth's grey, by Hambletonian, out of Marcia

2 Mr. Watt's bay, Kirkham-Lass, by Dick Andrews, dam by Timothy 3 Mr. Robinson's grey, Miss Whitewall, Sister to Wbitewall

Even betting on Mr. Garforth's filly.-Won easy.
Seventy Pounds for all

ages.—Three-mile beats.
Sir G. Armytage's bif. Legacy, by Beningbrough, 4 yrs old, 7st.
71b. (T. Shepherd)

4 1 1 Mr. Gascoigne's b. c. Waterloo, by Orville, 4 yrs old, 7st. 131b... 1 3 2 Mr. Beverley's B. c. Robin Adair, by Runaway, 3 yrs old, 6st. 41b.

3 2 dr. Sir M. M. Sykes's gr. c. by Camillus, 4 yrs old, 7st. slb. (broke down)

20 Six to 4 on Waterloo; after the first heat, 6 to 4 agst Waterloo ; after

the second beat, 2 to 1 on Legacy.


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