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Mr. Wyndham's colt, hy Canopus, 4 yrs old, 7st.
Seven to 4 agst Mr. Wyndbam's colt, and 2 to 1 agst Pointers.

Sweepstakes of 60gs. each.-T. Y. C. ME. Payne's br.c. Quinola, by Waxy, out of Black Diamond, 4st, 8lb. (F. Buckle)

1 Lord Foley's b. f. by Eagle, &st. 316.. Mr. Villiers's b. f. Serena, by Hapbazard, 8st. 21b...

Seven to 4 on Quinola.

Mateh for 50gs.-T. Y. C. Lord Darlington's ch. c. Sir Thomas, by Sir David, 8st. 3lb. (S. Chitney).

1 Lord F. Bentinck's b. c. Monkey, 8st. 10lb.

2 Five to 4 on Sir Thomas. Tbe Town Purse of 501. for three-years-old colts, 8st. 41b. fillies, 8st.

Last mile and a distance. Mr. Payne's br. c. Quipola, hy Waxy (F. Buckle).

1 Lord Darlington's ch. c. Sir Thomas ..

2 Lord Foley's b. f. by Eagle...

0 General Grosvenor's b. f. Reserve, hy Waxy Mr. Wyndbam's b. c. by Canopus Mr. Lake's b. c. by Rubens..

Six to 5 agst Quinola, and 6 to 4 agst Sir Thomas.

Match for 25gs. First half of Ab. M. Mr. Shakespear's br. c. Skipjack, by Young Whiskey, 8st. 4lb. (T. Goodisson)...

1 Lord F. Bentinck's b. c. Monkey, 8st.

Five to 4 on Skipjack.


PRESTON MEETING, LANCASHIRE. TUESDAY, July 11.--The Produce Stakes of 50gs. each.--Two

miles.-Nine subscribers. Duke of Hamilton's bl. f. by Governor, out of Young Miss Pratt, 7st.

Tilb. (B. Smith)
Sir T. Stanley's ch.f. Maid of Lorn, by Castrel, 8st...

2 Mir. Benson's b. f. by Eagle, out of a Sister to Expectation, Sst..... 3 Lord Derby's ch. f. by Milo, out of Pamela, 7st. jilb.

4 Seventy Pounds for all ages.-Two-mile heats. Sir W. Gerard's b. c. by Windle, dam by St. George, 3 yrs old, 6st. jolb. (Nicholson)

1 Mr. Davis's b. c. by Young Chariot, 3 yrs old, 6st. 10lb.

5 2 Mr. Tatham's bl. c. by Windle, 3 yrs old, 6st. 10lb.

4 3 Mr. Brade's b. f. Kirkham-Lass, 3 yrs old), 6st. 71h.

3 4 Sir Wm. Wynne's b. f. by Waxy, 3 yrs old, 6st. 7lb.

2 dr. Mr. Simpson's b. f. Lady Abbess, 4 yrs old, 7st. Ilib,

6 dr.


Sir W. Gerard's b. c. by Windle, dam by St. George, receired forfeit from Lord Derby's gr. c. by Castrel, dam by Sir Peter, &st. 5lb. each, two miles, 100gs. b.ft.

WEDNESDAY, July 12.-Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, for threeyears-old colts, 8st. 3lb. billies, &st. 216.-Two miles. Five subscribers. Sir Wm. Wynne's ch. c. Champion, by Selim, out of Podagra (H. Artbur)

1 Mr. Scarisbrick's bl. c. Arthur O'Bradley.0! by Pam

22 Mr. Brade's ch. c. Master Thomas, by Parlington, dam by Dun

gannon The Gold Cup, value 100gs. added to a Snbscription of 10gs. each.com

Four miles.-Seventeen subscribers. Mr. Riddell's br. c. Doctor Syntax, by Paynator, 4 yrs old, sst. (R. Johoson).

1 Lord Derby's bl. b. Rinaldo, 5 yrs old, 8st. 1ólb.

2 Mr. Gascoigne's b. c. Waterloo, by Orville, 4 yrs old, &st.

3 Doctor Syntax the favourite.Won easy.

Seventy Pounds for borses, &c.Two-mile beats. Sir W. Gerard's br. f. Sophy, by Young Chariot, 4 yrs, &st. 41b, 5 i i Sir Wm. Wyone's h. f. by Waxy, 3 yrs old, 6st. 11lb.

1 2 2 Mr. T. Sykes's gr. c. Outcry, 4 yrs old, 8st. 71b. Mr. Hutchinson's b.g. by Sweetwilliam, 3 yrs old, 7st. 3lb..... Duke of Hamilton's b. f. Miss David, 3 yrs old, 7st.

3 dr. Sir T. Stauley's ch, c. Tamerlane, 4 yrs old, &st. 71h..

4 dr.

..6 4 3

2 3 dr,

NOTTINGHAM MEETING. TUESDAY, July 18.---The King's Purse of 100gs. for horses, Hee.

Four-mile heats. Mr. Fletcher's ch. c. Meteor, by Milo, 4 yrs old, 10st. 4lb. (W. Dupn)

2 1 1 Mr. Tome's b. g. Watchman, aged, 12st. 21b.

1 2 2 Colonel Thornton's b. f. by Sir Paul, dam by Lignum-Vitæ, 4 yrs old, 10st. 411,

3 dr, Mr. Frisby's h. m. Syringa, 5 yrs old, 11st. 6lb.

4 dr. Mr. Elliott's h.g. Phosphor, 5 yrs old, 11st. 6lb.

dis. Six to A on the field; after the first heat, 5 to 1 on Watchman; after

the second heat, 6 and 6 to 1 on Meteor. The County Members' Purse of 701. for three-year-olds.-- Heats, once

round the Course. Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Passamayuoly, by Lignum-Vitæ, &st. (W. Duun)

1 Mr. Beal's b, f. by Sir Solomon, Sst.

3 Mr. Suave's ch. c. Little Boney, by Newcastle, 8st. 316...

2 3 Passamaquody the favourite.Won easy.



1 2

Mr. Sir


WEDNESDAY, July 19.-The Gold Cup, value 100gs. by 22 sudscribers of 10gs. each.—Twịce ronnd the Course. Mr. Shawe's b. h. Amho, by Meteor, or Diamond, 6 yrs old, gst.

(W. Durin) ... Mr. Chaworthi's b. f. Miss Appleton, 4 yrs old, 7st 5lb. Mr. Painter's b. m. Queen of Diamonds, 6 yrs old, 8st. 121h..

3 Mr. Frishy's b.m. Syringa, hy Sorcerer, 5 yrs old, 8št. 51b.

4 Mr. 'Houldsworth's' br. f. by Shuttle, dam by Patriot, 3 yrs old,

*5st. 12/b. (bolted). Six to 4 agst Ambo; 7 182 agst Queen of Diamonds, 5 to 2 against the

Shuttle filly, "auit 4*to lagst Miss Appleton.'

Fifty Pounds for all ages.--Heats, twice round.
Mr. Chawortb's b. f. Miss Appleton, by Hyacinthus, 4 yrs old,

8st. 316. (Mark Noble)..
Mr. Frisby's b. m: Syringa, 5 yrs old, 8st. 10lb.

3. 2 Mr. Houldsworth's br. f. by Shuttie, 3 yrs old, 7st. Ilb.

2 3 Five to 4 on the Shuttle filly; after the beat, 6 to 4 on Miss Appleton.

Wou very easy.-In running for the first heat, Mr. Houldsworth's filly bolter, but T. Nicholson), the rider, got her back and came in gecond.

Со! M. Mr Co




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THURSDAY, July 20.-Seventy Pounds for maiden horses, &c.-
Heats, twice round the Course.
Colonel Thornton's b. f. by Sir Paul, 4 yrs old, 7st. 10lb,
(Mark Noble)...

0 2 1 1
Col. King's gr. c. Kingston, by Selim, 4 yrs old, 7st. 121b. 0 1 2 3
Mr. Hill's ch. f. Bartonia, by Caniillus, 3 yrs old, 6st. 51h. 5 3 3 2
Mr. Pratt's br. f. hy Clinker, 3 yrs old; 6st. 5lb.

3 4 dr. Mr. Perren's b. f. Sophia, by Sir David, 3 yrs old, 6st. 5lb. .. 4 dr. Six to 4 against Kingston, anı 2 to 1 against Bartonia ; after the dead

heat, 6 to 4 agst Col. Thornton's filly, after the third beat, 3 to I on

Col. Thornton's filly.--W'on easy.
Siveepstakes of 10gs. eacb, for horses'not thorough bred, 12st. each.—,

Three tinies round.-Nine subscribers.
Mr. Lacey's bay gelding, by Traveller, aged ...

1 Mr. Rolleston's chesnut gelding, Antelope, aged


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Won easy.

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BATH :MEETING, SOMERSETSHIRE, WEDNESDAY, June 28.–Sweepstakes of 5gs. each, with 50.

added, for horses, &c.Two miles.—Twenty-two Subscribers. Mr. C: Davy's b. m. Zuleika,' by Gohanna, 5 yrs old, 9st. 21b. 1 Sir H. Lippincott's bih. Illusion, 5 yrs old, gst, 5lb..

The following also started, but were not placed :
Col. Thornton's b. m. by Esher, dam by Chance, 5 yrs old, gst. 21b.
Mr. Hornyold's b. f. Prototype, by Williamson's Ditto, 3 yrs, 7st.
Mr. Calley's ch. f. Yellow Slipper, 3 yrs old, 7st.
Col. Kingscote's b. f. Caroline, by Barbarossa, 3 yrs old, 7st.
Mr. Bacon's b. f. Hécate, by Sorcerer, 3 yrs old, 7st.
Mr. Willis's b. c. King Charles, 4 yrs old, 8st. 71b.
Mr. Hart's b. b. Surprise, aged, 10st. (broke down)

Fifty Pounds for three and four-year-olds.—Two-mile beats.
Mr. Dundas's b. c. Robin Adair, by Walton, 4 yrs, 8st. 121b.....1:1
Mr. George's b.c. Foxglove, by Foxbury, 3 yrs old, 7st. 71b. 2 2
Mr. Wills's b. c. King Charles, 4 yrs old, 8st. 121b...

THURSDAY. - The Gold Cup, value 100gs. with 50gs. in specie,
for all ages.-Three miles.
Mr. Dundas's cb. b. Pyramus, by Meteor, 5 yrs old, 9st.

1 Mr. Radclyffe's bl. c. Midnigbt, 4 yrs old, 7st. 71b.

2 Mr. Calley's ch, m. Miss Platoff, 5 yrs old, 8st. 121b...

3 Fifty Pounds for three-year-olds and upwards.-Two-mile heats. Mr. Bacon's br. h. Tooley, by Walton, 6 yrs old, 9st. 3lb.......211 Mr. Maskelyne's b.g. Cambric, aged, 9st. 2lb.

1 2 dr. Mr. Calley's ch. m. Miss Platoff, 5 yrs old, øst. Olb.

FRIDAY.-Sweepstakes of 5gs, each, with 30gs, added, for all ages.
Two miles.-Four subscribers.
Mr. Dundas's b. c. Robin

Adair, by Walton, 4 yrs old, 8st. 21b. 1
Mr. Calley's ch. m. Miss Placoff, 5 yrs old, 8st. 6lb.

2 Sir H. Lippincott's b. b. Illusion, 5 yrs old, 8st. 1olb.

3 Sweepstakes of 15gs. each, with 20gs. added.-One mile and a half. Mr. Calley's cb. f. Yellow Slipper, by Rubens, 3 yrs old, 8st. 3lb..... 1 Mr. Bacon's br, f. Hecate, 3 yrs old, 8st. (bolted)


..3 dr.

THURSDAY, June 29.--Fifty Pounds for maiden borses, &c.

Three-mile beats.
Mr. Weaver's bl. f. Bellona, 4 yrs old, 7st. 9/b...

1 3 3 1 Mr. Gattey's ch. c. Revenge, 3 yrs old, 6st. 81b.

7 2 1 2 Sir J. Dashwood's b. f. Bella, 4 yrs old, 7st. glb.

6 1 2 3 Mr. Lawton's b.c. Forester, 4 yrs old, 7st. 121b.

2 4 4 Mr. Bloss's ch. f. Feronia, 3 yrs old, 6st. 51b...

3 5 dr. Sir W. Lumley's b.g. Usurper, aged, 8st. 13lb..

4 6 dr. Mr. Powell's b. g. Wellington, 4 yrs old, 7st. 9lb..

5 7 dr. VOL. XLVI.-No. 275.



Sweepstakes of 10gs. each, with 30gs. added, for horses, &c. Four

miles.--Nine subscribers. Mr. Spencer's b. m. Queen of Diamonds, by Diamond, 6 yrs old, 8st. Tilb......

i Mr. Muosey's b. m. Meteoripa, aged, Sst. 11lb...

2 Sir G. Pigott's b. c. Belgium, 4 yrs old, 8st.

3 Sweepstakes of 10gs. each, for bunters bred in Salop or the adjoiping

counties.-Four miles.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Charlton's b. c. Woodman, by Lop, 4 yrs old, 12st. 5lb.

1 Mr. Tench's ch. g. by Lignum-Vitæ, 5 yrs old, 1 1st. 11lb.

2 Mr. F. Charlton's gr. c. by Cleveland, 4 yrs old, 12st.

FRIDAY.-The Ludford Stakes of 10gs. each, for horses, &c.Heats, one mile and a balf.—Thirteen subscribers. Mr. Charlton's b. c. Parson Tozer, by Fyldener, 4 yrs old, 8st. Sir T. Stanley's ch.c. Tamerlane, 4 yrs old, 8st. ...,

2 dr. After passing the Winning-Post, Parson Tozer went over the rope

and fell :--Mr. Charlton then agreed to allow Sir T. Stanley half of the Stakes to withdraw, and declined receiving his bets on the race.

Fifty Pounds for all ages.--Four-mile beats. Mr. Spencer's b. c. Clinton, by Alexander, 4 yrs old, Sst. Mr. Benbow's b. c. Woodman, 4 yrs old, 8st. 5lb.

2 2 Sir W. Lumley's b.g. Usurper, aged, 9st.

3 3


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(Concluded from page 55.) THURSDAY, June 29.--Fifty Pounds for all ages.-Three-mile

heats. Mr. Platel's b. m. The Virgin, by Delpini, aged, gst. 716....... 31 1 Mr. Goodisson's b. f. hy Cardinal York, 4 yrs old, &st. 6lb. 1 2 2 Mr. Hesilrige's b. e. Neptune, by Staveley, 4 yrs old, 8st. 6lb... 2 3 3 Mr. Goodisson's filly the favourite ; after the second heat, 6 to 4 on

The Virgin.


IPSWICH MEETING, SUSSEX. TUESDAY, July 4 The King's Purse of 100gs. for three and

four-year-olds. Two-mile heats. Duke of Grafton's br. f. Wire, by Waxy, 4 yrs old, gst. 2/b. (T. Goodisson)

1 Major Wilson's b. c. Spectre, 4 yrs old, 9st. Slb.

Two to I on Wire. WEDNESDAY.-Fifty Pounds for all ages. Heats, two miles and a quarter. Lord Rous's b. c. Shrapnell, hy Zodiac, 3 yrs old, 7st. 71b.......


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