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Sweepstakes of 5g8. each, for horses, &c. not thorough bred.-Two

mile beats.--Ten subscribers. Mr. G. A. Pelbam's b. h. by Truth, 5 yrs, 11st. gib. (owner)....2 1 1 Mr. Holgate b. m. by Idris, 5 yrs old, 11st. 6lb.

1 2 2 Produce Match.--Captain Wright's cb.c. Fitz-Selim, by Selim, beat Mr. R. Cropper's b. f. by Orville, 25g8.-Weight and distance not mentioned.

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PONTEFRACT SPRING MEETING, YORKSHIRE. WEDNESDAY, March 29.--The Badswortb Hunters' Stakes of

10gs. each, for horses, &c. not thorough bred.—Gentlemen riders. Heats, two miles and a half.-Five subscribers. Mr. Brown's br. g. by Grazier, 4 yrs old, 10st. 13lb. (the owner).. 1 1 Mr. Cbaworth's b. g. Glyder, aged, 11st. 13lb.

2 2 Mr. Ramsden's b. g. Skyrocket, aged, 11st. 13lb.

3 3 Mr. E. L. Hodgson's ch. g. Trap, aged, 11st. 13lb.

dis. The winner the favourite.Won in a canter.

Matcb for 300gs.—Three miles. Mr. B. N. R. Batty's b. g. Uncle Ben, 5 yrs old, 8st.

1 Mr. Walker's b.g. Leicester, 4 yrs old, Sst.

A fine race.

Match for 50gs.-Two miles. Mr. T. Ramsden's br. g. Planet, by Star, aged, 11st. 21b. Capt. Ranisden's br. m. Gulnare, by Hambletonian, 5 yrs, 11st. 21b. 2

An excellent race. The Huddersfield Hunters' Stakes of 20gs. each, for horses, &c.Heats,

two miles and a balf. Mr. Atkinson's b. g. Little Jack, (late Speculator) by Chance,

6 yrs old, 12st. (Mr. Clark)

4 1 1 Mr. Walker's b. g. Leicester, 4 yrs old, 10st. 716.

1 2 2 Mr. T. Atkinson's b. f. Camilla, 4 yrs old, 10st. 71b...

2-3 3 Mr. Batty's b. g. Uncle Ben, 5 yrs old, 11st. 71h.

3 4 4 A good race, and won with difficulty.


CATTERICK-BRIDGE MEETING, YORKSHIRE. WEDNESDAY, March 29. __The Craven Stakes of lógs, each;

for all ages. One mile and a quarter. Ten sabscribers. Mr. Riddell's br. c. Doctor Syntax, by Paynator, 3 yrs old, 8st. (R. Johnson)....

1 Sir W. Gerard's br. f. Sophy, 3 yrs old, 7st. 111b.. Lord Queensberry's b. f. Louisa, 2 yrs old, 5st. 7lb, Duke of Leeds's b. c. Rodolpho, 3 yrs old, 8st.

4 Mr. Walton's br. f. Moll-in-th-Wad, 4 yrs old, 8st. 6lb, Mr. Chadwick's b. f. Miss Oliver, 2 yrs old, 5st. 71b...

6 Mr.

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Mr, Claridge's h. f. Tunis, 3 yrs old, 7st. Dilb.....
Mr. W. Wilson's b. c. by Stripling, 2 yrs old, 5st. 10lh.

Doctor Syntax the favourite.-.-Won easy.
The Gold Cup, value 100gs. for horses, &c. of all ages. Three miles.
Mr. D. Lambton's b. c. Biddick, by Dick Andrews, 3 yrs old, 8st.

(W. Peirse) Mr. Crompton's br. c. Shepherd's Boy, 3 yrs old, 8st.

2 Sir W. Maxwell's ch, c. Norton, 3 yrs old, &st.

3 Mr. Don's cb. m. Agnes Sorrel, 5 yrs old, 8st.4lb... Duke of Leeds's ch. f. by Pandolpho, 2 yrs old, 6st..

5 Lord Strathmore's b. c, Heart of Oak, 3 yrs old, 8st.

6 The Produce Stakes of 25ys. each, h. ft. colts, 8st. 3lb, fillies, est

Two miles.--Fifteen subscribers.--3lb. allowed for those got by un

tried stallions, &c. Mr. Hutchinson's br. c. by Remembrancer, dam by Sir Peter..

1 Duke of Leeds's b. f. by Dick Andrews, dam by Sir Peter (3lb.) 2 Mr. Shafto's b, c, by Sir David, dam by Beningbrough, or Zecharial, 3lb.....

3 Mr. Claridge's ch. c, by Young Woodpecker, out of Platina The Foals' Stakes of 30gs. each, 10gs. ft. colts, Sst. 3lb. fillies, 8st.

Two miles.-Eleven subscribers. Mr. Allison's b. c. by Windle, out of Anna-Bella Lord Queensberry's b. c. Ned, by Orville

2 Mr. Hutchinson's br.c, by. Remembrancer, dam by Sir Peter.. 3 Mr. T. Harrison's br. c, by Windle, danı by Rules.... Mr. Brandling's ch.c. Cygnet, by Brainworm

5 weepstakes of 100gs. eacb, b. ft. colts, 8st. 3lb, fillies, est-Que mile

and a half. Four subscribers. Sir W. Maxwell's b. c. Filho da Puta, by Hapbazard, out of Mrs.

Barnet (J. Jackson)... Duke of Leeds's cb. c. by Pandolpho, out of Mary, by Young Marsk 2 Mr. Lonsdale's b. f. by Shuttle, out of Dowager

3 Filho da Puta the favourite.Won cleverly. THURSDAY, Marel 30.-The Old Stakes of 10gs. each, colts, 8st. 3lb. fillies, Sst.-Two miles.-Eight subscribers. Mr. Mason's br. c. Brother to Herdsman, hy Sir Harry Dimsdale.... Mr. Hutchinson's b. g. by Sweetwilliam, dam by Remembrancer 2 Mr. Robson's b. c. by Cardinal York, dam by L'Orient.... Mr. Scarisbrick's bl. c. Arthur O'Bradley-01 by Pam...

4 Fifty Pounds for maiden horses, &c. rising three years old, 7st. four,

est. 41b. five, six, and aged, 8st. 121h.-Mares and geldings allowed

316.-T'wo-mile beats. Mr. Scarisbrick's h. c. Fell End, by Windle, out of Merryfield's danı, 3 yrs old

5 1 1 Mr. Don's ch. m. Brother to Agnes Sorrel, 5 yr's


1 4 5 Mr. T. Sykes's gr. c. Outcry, hy Camillus, 3 yr's


4 2 2 Mr. Walker's b. g. by Sweetwiliam, dam by a Brother to Eagle,


3 3 0 A2




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Lord Strathmore's b. f. by Hermes, 3 yrs old....

000 Mr. Shipley's b. c. by Golumpus, 3 yrs old...

OOO Mr. W. Wilson's b.c, by Stripling, 3 yrs old......

O O O Sweepstakes of 12gs. each, for horses, &c. not thorough bred.--Two

miles. Mr. Featherstonbaugh's b. m. Zuleika, by Alonzo, 6 yrs old, 12st. 21b. (owner)

1 Mr. Hopkinson's br. c. Actæon, by Runaway, 4 yrs olel, 11st. 7lb. (Mr. F. Hartley).....

2 Mr. Lamb's br. m. Spanking Fanny, 5 yrs old, 12st.

3 Mr. Ferguson's br. g. Liberator, hy John Bull, 4 yrs old, i1st. 1lb... 4 The Fillies' Stakes of 20gs. each, 8st.-One mile and a half.-Tbree

subscribers. Lord Strathmore's bay, by Remembrancer, out of Beatrice .

1 Mr. Trotter's bay, by Beningbrough, dam by Oberon

2 The Yearling Stakes of 20gs. each, colts, 8st. 3lb. fillies, 8st.-One milę.

Six subscribers.
Sir B. Graham's b. c. hy Remembrancer, out of Masqueradle, by

Mr. Trotter's br. c. by Brown-Bread, dam by Pegasus

2 Mr. W. Wilson's b. f. by Cardinal York, dam hy Beningbrongb 3 :Mr. D. Lambton's cb. c. by Cardinal York, dam by Delpini ... 4 Lord Queensberry's b. f. Charlotte, by Caleb Quot'em, out of Bit of

Tartan .... Mr. Frank's br. c. Firebrand, by St. George Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, for all ages.---Two miles.--Four subscribers. Mr. Riddell's br. c. Doctor Syntax, 3 yrs old, 8st. (R. Johnson)....1 Duke of Leeds's b. c. Rodolpho, 3 yrs old, 8st.

2 Lord Stratbmore's b.c. Heart of Oak, 3 yrs old, 8st..

3 Doctor Syntax the favourite.-Won easy.


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MIDDLEHAM MEETING, YORKSHIRE. MONDAY, April 3.-The Craven Stakes of 10gs. each, for all

ages.- The Craven Course - Eight subscribers. Mr. Claridge's ch. c. by Young Woodpecker, out of Platina, 2 yrs

old, 5st. 10lb. (W. Boynton) Lord Queensberry's ch. c. King David, 3 yrs old, 8st.

2 Mr. Bower's b.c. Diabolis, 4 yrs old, 8st. 9lb.

3 The following also started, but were not placed ; Hon. T. O. Powlett's b. f. by Shuttle, dam by Patriot, 2 yrs old,

5st. 10lb... Duke of Leeds's b. c. Rodolpho, 3 yrs old, &st. Sir W. Maxwell's cb. c. Norton, 3 yrs old, 8st.. Sir W. Gerard's hr. f. Sophy, 3 yrs old, &st. Lord Tweedale's cb. f. by Hutton, out of Clementina, 2 yrs old, 5st. 1olh.....

..o Five to 4 on Sophy.-Won easy.


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Sweepstakes of 10gs, each, for three-years-old colts, Sst. 3lb. fillies, Sst.

Last mile and a half.-Five subscribers. Mr. Ellerker's gr. c. by Sir Harry Dimsdale, out of Charmer (B. Smith)...

1 Mr. Hutchinson's br. c. Brother to Orange Boven

2 Lord Queensberry’s b. c. Ned, by Orville

Even betting on the winner.-Won easy.
Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, for fillies rising three years old, 8st. 21h.

Tbe last mile and a half.
Mr. Riddell's brown, hy Orville, dam by Star (J. Jackson)

1 Lord Queensberry's grey, Ma-Belle, by Tim .

2 Lord Strathmore's bay, Sister to Heart of Oak..

3 Two to i on Ma-Belle.--A good race. The Gold Cup, value 100gs, for all ages.--Three miles.-(Ages as in

May.)-Eleven subscribers. Mr. Riddell's br. c. Doctor Syntax, by Paynator, 4 yrs old, 8st. (R. Johnson).

1 Mr. Bower's b. f. Miss Craigie, 4 Sir W. Maxwell's ch. c. Norton, 4 yrs old, 8st.

3 Mr. Scarisbrick's ch, c. Lamplighter, 4 yrs old, 8st.

Even betting on Doctor Syntax.- Won easy. TUESDAY, April 4.—Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, for two-years-old colts, 8st. fillies, 7st. 11lb.-The Yearling Course.—Eight subscribers. Sir B. R. Graham's b. c. by Remembrancer, 'out of Masquerade, 3/h. : extra (R. Johnson)..

1 Mr. Frank's br. c. Firebrand, by St. George Mr. Scarisbrick's ch. c. Jobn Blunt, by Sir David..... Sweepstakes of 10gs. each, for horses not thorough bred, 13st.-Gentle

men riders. Heats, one mile and a balf.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Ferguson's b. g. Liberator, hy Jobo Bull, dam by Gustavus 1 1 Mr. Hopkinson's br.g. by Driver, out of Actæon's dam...

2 For the 501. Plate.No race.





NEWMARKET CRAVEN MEETING. MONDAY, April 10.—The Craven Stakes of 10gs. each, for two

year-olds, 5st. 10lb. tbree, Sst. four, 8st. glb. five, gst. Ilb, six, gst. 5lb. and aged, gst. 716.-Across the Flat.-Twenty-one subscribers. Duke of Grafton's br. f. Wire, Sister to Whisker, hy Waxy, 3 yrs old, (T. Goodisson)

1 Lord Grosvenor's ch. c. Phosphor, 4 yrs old

2 Mr. West's cb.c. by Williamson's Ditto, 2 yrs old.....

The following also started, but were not placed : Lord Jersey's b. c. Fugitive, 4 yrs old..

0 Mr. Blake's gr. f. by Rubens, dam by Bening brough, bought of Mr. Rich, 2 yrs old


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Mr. Kingsman's b. c. Olive, 3 yrs old.....
Lord Stawell's b. c. Golden-Leg, 3 yrs old.
Mr. Lomax's b. c. Sbendley, 3 yrs old..
Mr. Prior's b. c. Scroggins, by Giles, 4 yrs old
Mr. R. Prince's ch. c. by Remembrancer, 2 yrs old
Mr. R. Prince's b. b. Young Eagle, 5 yrs old.
Mr. Watts's ch. f. Miss Stephens, 3 yrs old...
Mr. Stonebewer's cb. h. Slender Billy, 6 yrs old
Duke of Rutland's b. c. Curlew, 4 yrs old
Duke of Dorset's be h. Pointers, 5 yrs old ...
Gen. Gower's br. f. by Rubens, out of Miranda, 2 yrs

old Lord Suffield's b. c. Little Turk, 3


Sir J. Shelley's ch, c. Amber, 3 yrs old
Mr. Wyndham's ro, c. Quack, 4 yrs old
Lord Rous's cb. g. Araxes, 3 yrs old ....
Mr. Watson's br. c. Paulus, 3 yrs

old Four to 1 agst Phosphor, 5 to 1 agst Pointers, 10 to 1 agst Wire, and

10 to 1 ágst Paulus.

Match for 200gs.-Two-year-Olds' Course. Mr. Payne's colt, by Clinker, out of Trull, by Precipitate, 2 yrs old, Ost. 71b. (a Boy)...

1 Lord Foley's ch. c. Scapewell, 4 yrs old, 8st. 716,

2 Six to 5 on Scapewell. The Riddlesworth Stakes of 200gs. each, h. ft. colts, 8st. 7lb, fillies, &st.

41b.—Ah. M.-Eighteen subscribers. Mr. Neville's ch. c. Sir Joshua, by Rubens, out of a Sister to Hap

hazard, 8st. 4lb. (W. Arnold). Mr. Payne's cb. f. by Selim, out of Zoraida, 7st. 13/b.

2 General Gower's b. c. Raphael, by Rubens, out of Iris, 8st. 4lb.

The following also started, but were pot placed : Lord Suffield's b. c. Congress, by Eagle, or Hapbazard, out of Pet.

worth's Sister, 8st. 7lb. Mr. Nortbey's b. c. by Gamenut, out of Ralpbina, 8st. 41h. Mr. Taylor's ch. f. hy Buffer, out of the dam of Mr. Whaley's Char

lotte, 8st. 4lb. Mr. Villiers's cb. f. Serena, by Hapbazard, out of Ipswich's dam,

8st. 41). Mr. Batson's filly, by Canopus, or Gobanoa, out of Maid of Orleans,

&st. ilb. Seven to 4 agst Sir Josbua, 4 to 1 agst Raphael, 8 to 1 agst Mr. Payne's

filly, and 8 to 1 agst Mr. Taylor's. Sweepstakes of 200gs. each, b.ft, colts, 8st. 71b. fillies, 8st, 3lb.-Ab. M.

Three subscribers. Duke of Grafton's b. f. hy Popinjay, out of Briseis (T. Goodisson) .. 1 His R. H. the Duke of York's ch. c. by Granicos, out of Aquilina's dam Six to 4 on the winner.



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