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(Continued from our last Number, page 13.) THURSDAY, April 20.-The Gold Cup, value 100gs. by eleven

subscribers of iOys. each, with 20gs. added, for all ages.--Three miles. Mr. Fletcher's br. f. Arabella, by Williamson's Ditto, 4 yrs old, 8st. (B. Smith)

1 Mr. J. D. Lambton's b. c. Biddick, by Dick Andrews, 4 yrs old, &st.

(W. Peirse).. Mr. Lonsdale's b. c. by Orville, out of Yarico, 4 yrs old, 8st. (W. Boynton)...

0 The Judge only placed Arabella.-From 5 to 10 to 1 on Biddick, and

8 to 1 agst Arabella. The Lambton Hunt Stakes of 5gs. each, for horses, &c.---Two-mile

heats. Fifteen subscribers. Mr. Lambton's b. g. Rifleman, by Firelock, 5 yrs old, 11st. (Mr. Hunter)

1 1 Mr. R. J. Lambton's b. g. Warrener, by Spanker, aged, 12st. 3lb. (Mr. F. Hartley).

3 2 Mr J. Robinson's b. b. Sir Robert, by Windlestone, aged, 12st. (the owner)....

2 3 Two and 3 to 1 an Rifleman.--Two excellent beats; the last was won

by only half a head. FRIDAY, April 21.-The Maiden Purse of 50l. with 201. added, (the second received 10l.)-Two-mile beats. Mr. T. Hutchinson's h. g. by Sweetwilliam, dam by Remembrancer, 3 yrs old, 7st. 21b. (W. Scott)

1 2 Mr. Shafto's b. c. by Sir David, dam by Beningbrough, or Zecha

riah, 3 yrs old, 7st. 5lb. Mr. Ridsdale's b. f. by Walton, dam by Trumputor, 3 yrs old, 7st. 21b.

0 3 3 Mr. Trotter's b. c. Ascarides, by Brainworm, 4 yrs, &st. gll... 2 O dr. Mr. Chadwick's b. f. Miss Oliver, by Cardinal York, 3 yrs old,

0 Odr. Mr. Robson's b. c. by Cardinal York, dam by L'Orient, 3 yrs old, 7st. 511.

0 O dr. The winner the favourite.- lbe second heat was won by a head.

Match for 50gs. --Two miles. Mr. Westall's b. m. by Young Beninghrough, 8st. (Mark Noble).... 1 Mr. B. J. Salviu's bo g. by Young Beninghrough, 8st. 3lb...

2 Three to I on the winner. SATURDAY.-Fifty Pounds for all ages, with 201. added, (the second received 101.)-Three-mile heats. Mr. Bower's b. b. Diabolis, by Williamson's Ditto, 5 yrs old, 9st. 1lb. (Mark Noble).....

1 Mr. F. Stevenson's br. c. by Orville, 4 yrs old, 8st. 5lb.

2 2

Ayes Vol. XLVI.-No. 272.


.3 1 2

7st. 21b.

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Mr. Maw's gr. c. Eldon, by Young Beningbrough, 3 yrs old, 6st. 4lb. (bolted) ..

.3 dis Six to 4 on the Orville colt; after the heat, 2 and 3 to 1 on Diabolis.

Won easy.

Durham Races have been uncommonly well attended this year:-Among

the company present at the Ordinaries, Assembly, Theatre, and on the Course, we noticed the following, viz. Sir Charles Loraine, Messrs. R. J. Lambton, T. Davison, Baker, C. Bigge, H. Ordle, Runnikirk, Riddell, Hilton, Park, Grange, Charlton, T. Bigge, W. Loraine, R. Wright, Sands, Ogle, Ellingham, Brown, Benton, Pearson, Morrison, T. Fenwick, Banns, Hodgson, Bowlby, Liddell, Marshall, Wetenhall, Cooksons, Bower, Parker, J. Dawson Lambton, Surtees, Redworth, Mason, Bowser, F. Hartley, W. T. Greenwell, Booth, Ellison, J. Hunter, Curry, Dobson, T. Davison, Trotter, Colling, Maudes, Witham, J. Allan, W. T. Salvin, two Featherstonebaugbs, Wilkinson, Smith, Orde, Jackson, Eppleton, Robinson, Shepperdson, Beckwith, Nesbam, Stafford:-Reverends, Munday, Fawcett, Theakston, &c. &c.—Tbe Assembly was numerously attended, and the Theatre, on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, when the Lambton Hunt, the Stewards, and Mrs. Baker bespoke the plays, was crowded to excess.—The Stewards for next year are Sir Charles Loraine, Bart. William Beckwith, Esq. and the Mayor of Durham; and several new Stakes are already entered into for next year.


NEWMARKET FIRST SPRING MEETING. MONDAY, April 24.—Match for One Handred Guineas.— The

Yearling Course.
Mr. Dundas's ch. c. Pyramus, by Meteor, Sst. 81b. (Sayer)

1 Lord Foley's cb. c. Scapewell, 8st. 416.

2 Even betting, and 6 to 5 on Pyramus.

Match for 50gs.-T. Y. C. Mr. Wilson's ch. c. Capricorn, by Zodiac, 8st. (F. Buckle) ........ ! Duke of Rutland's br. c. Kutusoff, 8st. 121b...

Six and 7 to 4 on Kutusoff.

Match for 200gs.—Rowley Mile. Mr. Udny's ch. f. Emily, hy Stamford, 4 yrs, 8st. 31b. (F. Buckle) 1 Lord G. H. Cavendish's bl. m. Cat, 5 yrs old, Sst. 71b.

2 Two to ! on Emily. The Gipping Stakes of 200gs. each, h. ft. 8st. 716. each.—R. M.—Ten

subscribers. Mr. Andrew's b. c. Garus, by Hambletonian, out of L'Huile de Venus (F. Buckle)

1 Mr. Thornbill's ch.c. Anticipation, hy Hambletonian, out of Hyale.. 2 Lord Foley's colt, hy Quiz, out of Chippenbam's Sister

3 Lord G. H. Cavendish's b. c. by Waxy, out of Lily Sir J. Shelley's b. f. by Sorcerer, or Waxy, out of Houghton-Lass.

Sir J. Shelley's ch. f. by Walton, out of Fanny

6 Seveu to 4 agst Garus, 2 to 1 agst Lord G. H. Cavendish, and 5 to 1

agst Anticipation.-Woo easy.

Match for 100gs.—Across the Flat. Lord Jersey's b. c. Cannon-Ball, by Sancho, Sst. 71b. (W. Edwards) 1. Mr. Dundas's b. c. Liberator, by Johnny, 8st.

2 Two to 1 and 5 to 2 on Cannon-Ball. --Won by a head. The King's Purse of 100gs. for mares. Last three miles of B. C. Duke of Grafton's browo, Wire, by Waxy, 3 yrs old, 8st. 4lb. (T. Goodisson) ...

1 Lord G. H. Cavendish's Cat, 5 yrs old, 9st. 10lb.

2 Mr: Wyndbam's brown, Mermaid, 3 yrs old, 8st. 4/b.

3 Mr. Blake's bay, Anna, 3 yrs old, Sst. 41b.

Three and 4 to 1 on Wire.-Won easy. The Cockboat Stakes of 100gs. each, h. ft. colts, 8st. 315. fillies, 8st.

D. M.-Four subscribers. Sir J. Shelley's b. c. by Walton, out of Vulture's dam .... walked over.

Mr. Perren's Parson Tozer, by Fyldener, 8st. received 40gs. from Mr. R. Prince's Young Eagle, 9st. Across the Flat, 60gs.

Sweepstakes of 50gs.each, b. ft. 8st. 41b. each.-T. Y. C. Mr. Stonebewer's colt, by Selim, dam by Trumpator, received forfeit

from Lord F. Bentinck's colt, hy Cæsario, out of Scapewell's dam,

and Mr. Craven's b. f. Nadejda, hy Granicus. Mr. Payne's h. c. Quinola, by Waxy, out of Black Diamond, received forfeit from Mr. Neville's colt, (dead) by Rubens, out of Brown Justice, 8st. 41b, each, Ab. M. 200gs. h. ft.

Sir W. Gerard's filly, by Shuttle, out of Larly Sarah, 8st. 71b, agst Lord Darlington's filly, hy Cardinal York, dam by Coriander, 8st. 3lb. Ab. M. 100gs. h. ft.-Of.

TUESDAY, April 25.-Fifty Pounds for all ages; fite-year-olds, 8st, 31b, and six, 8st. 71b.--Last three miles of B. C. Mr. Watson's br. b. Pericles, by Evanđer, 5 yrs old (F. Buckle). 1 Lord Foley's br. h. Merryfield, yrs old.

2 Five to i on Pericles.-Won very easy.

Match for 300gs.--T. Y. C. Mr. Craven's b. f. Nadejda, by Granicus, out of a Sister to Election,

8st. 4lb. Mr. Udny's filly, by Alexander the Great, 8st. 41b.

Ran a dead heat.-Two to 1 on Nadejda. The 2000gs. Stakes of 100gs. each, h. ft. colts, 8st. 71b. fillies, 8st. 41b.

R. M. -Twenty-two subscribers. Lord Rous's ch. c. Tigris, by Quiz, out of Persepolis, (Granicus's dam) by Alexander (W. Arnold)

1 Mr. Lake's b. c. Castanet, by Granicus, out of a Sister to Castanea.. 2

The following also started, but were not placed : Mr, Dundas's b. c. Original, by Rubens, out of Life-Boat

o Lord Grosvenor's b. c. St. Sebastian, by Castrel, out of Olive-Brancho

C 2


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Lord Foley's b. c. by Selim, out of Glory
Mr. Wilson's ch. c. by Sorcerer, out of Little Sally
Mr. Wyndham's b. c. by Canopus, out of Scotina
Duke of Grafton's b. c. Whisker, Brother to Whalebone
Mr. Shakespear's b. c. Donkey, by Bobtail, out of Fractious

Mr. Watson's b. c. Seagrave, by Walton, out of Dodona
Seven to 4 agst Tigris, 5 to 2 agst Wbisker, 5 to 1 agst Lord Foley's

Selim colt, 10 to 1 agst the Little Sally colt, and no odds agst Cas-
tanet.-Won by balf a peck.

Match for 100gs.-Across the Flat.
Mr. Hallett's ch. f. Joanna Southcott, by Beningbrough, gst. 2lb.

(W. Clift)
Mr. Stonehewer's ch.c. by Gohanna, out of Ransom, 8st. 41b... 2

Two to I on Joanna Southcote.
The Claret Stakes of 200gs, each, b. ft. colts, 8st. 7lb. fillies, 8st. 21b.--.

Ditch-in.-Six subscribers. The owner of the second received back

his Stake. Lord G. H. Cavendish's b. c. Bourhon, by Sorcerer (W. Arnold).... 1 Mr. Wilson's b.f. Charlotte, by Orville, out of Sopbia

2 Lord Foley's ch.c. by Haphazard, dam by Buzzard

2 Even betting on Bourbon, 6 to 4 agst the Haphazard colt, and 5 to 1

ayst Charlotte.-Won easy.
WEDNESDAY, April 26.--Sweepstakes of 20gs. eacb.Across the
Sir J. Shelley's cb. f. by Walton, out of Fanny, 6st, Ilh. (a Boy)...
Mr. Blake's gr. f.. by Rubens, 6st. Ilb.

2 Duke of Portland's br. c. by Orville, 6st. 4lb.

3. Mr. Hallett's cb. f. Joanna Southcote, 8st.... Two to 1 agst Sir J. Shelley's filly, and 5 to 2 agst the Rubens filly.

Won easy.

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Sweepstakes of 100gs. each.-D. M.-Six subscribers.
Mr. Lake's ch. c. Aladdin, by Giles, 4 yrs, 8st. 5lb. (W. Wbeatley)..
Mr. Stonebewer's Hamlet, 6 yrs old, 8st. Tilb.
Lord G. H. Cavendish's Alcohol, 4 yrs old, 8st..

Lord Stawell's Cato, 5 yrs old, 8st. Ilb., ...
Mr. Shakespear's Merry-go-round, aged, 8st. 1olb.

5 Five and 6 to 4 on Alcohol, 2 to 1 agst Hamlet, and 8 to 1 agst

A good race.
The Port Stakes of 100gs. each, b. ft. colts, 8st. 71b. fillies, 8sti 41b.

T. M. M.Seven subscribers.
Duke of Grafton's br. f. Wire, by Waxy (T. Goodisson)..... 1
Lord Stawell's b. c. Blucher, by Waxy

2 Mr. Wyndham's h. c. Wanderer, Brother to Hedley

3 Duke of Rutland's ch. f. Medora, by Selim... Five and 6. to 4 on Blucher, 2 to i agst Wire, and 5 to lagst Medora.

Won very easy.

Match for 50gs.-T. Y. C.
Mr. Craven's b. c. Eaglet, by Eagle, 4 yrs old, 8st. volb. (W. Arnold) 1


1 2 3

Gen. Grosvenor's b. f. Bellaria, by Popinjay, 3 yrs old, 8st.

Two to I on Bellaria. The Newmarket Stakes of 50gs. eacb, b. ft. colts, 8st. 716. fillies, 8st. 2lb.

-D. M.-Twenty-three subscribers.--The owner of the second re

ceived 100gs. out of the Stakes. Lord Lowther's br. c. Busto, by Clinker, out of Bronze (W. Wheatley)

I Duke of Grafton's lo. c. Whisker, Brother to Whalebone, by Waxy.. 2 Mr. Payne's cb, f. Zora, by Selim, out of Zoraida ....

3 The following also started, but were not placed : Lord Darlington's ch. c.

Sir Thomas, by Sir David Mr. Hallett's b. f. The Desired, by Scud, out of Teazle Ovna Lord Rous's b.c. Shrapnell, by Zodiac, out of Latimers Mr. Andrew's b, c. by Orville, out of Caniilia...... Duke of Grafton's gr. c. Bon Mot, Brother to Joke Two to 1 agst Whisker, 3 to 1 agst Zora, and 5 to 2 agst Busto. Won

cleverly. Fifty Pounds for all ages; three-year-olds, 7st. 5lb. four-year-olds, 8st.

lilb.-B. C. Mr. Jones's b. c. King of Diamonds, by Diamond, 4 yrs old, (s.

Chifney) Nr. Kingman's b. c. Olive, by Sir Oliver, 3 yrs old Mr. Dundas's b. c. Robin Adair, 3 yrs old Eleven to 8 on King of Diamonds, 5 to 2 agst Robin Adair, and 8

to 1 agst Olive. THURSDAY, April 27.-Sweepstakes of 10gs. each; colts, 8st.7lh. fillies, est. 4lb.-T. Y. C.-Five subscribers. Mr. Payne's br. c. by Staveley, dam by Highflyer Mr. Crockford's colt, by Selim, dan by Waxy

2 Lord Saffield's ch. c. by Sorcerer, out of Rosetta

3 Sir J. Shelley's b. f. by Sorcerer, or Waxy, out of Houghton-Lass .. 4 Even betting and 5 to 4 on Mr. Crockford's colt, 5 to 2 against Sir J.

Shelley's filly, 7 to 2 agst Lord Suffield's colt, and 4 to 1 agst the winner.

Sweepstakes of 100gs. each.-Across the Flat. Mr. Watson's br. c. Paulus, by Sir Paul, 3 yrs, Sst. 3lb. (F. Buckle) 1 Mr. Stonehewer's cb. h. Slender Billy, 6 yrs old, sst. 121b.

2 Mr. Charlton's b. c. Parson Tozer, 3 yrs old, 8st. llb.

3 Six to 4 agst Slender Billy, 6 to 4 agst Paulus, and 3 to 1 agst Parson


Match for 50gs.-T. Y.C.
Mr. Wilson's ch. c. Capricorn, by Zodiac, 8st. (Buckle)
Lord Jersey's b. c. Fugitive, 9st.

2 Five and 6 to 4 on Fugitive.

Match for 100gs.-Across the Flat. Mr. Perren's b. g. Cambrian, by Sir Solomon, aged, 8st.

1 Mr. Lomax's b. c. Childwick, gst. 71b.

2 Four to l on Cambrian.


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