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Sir M. W: Rilley's b. c. Colleagne, by Dick Andrews
Mr. Shafto's b.c. by Sir David, dam by Beningbrough, or Zechariah
Mr. Storey's b. c. by Cramlington

(To be continued )

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His R. H. the Duke of York .. Purple, black cap and silver tassel.
Duke of St. Albans..... White waistcoat, black cap.
Duke of Grafton..

Scarlet waistcoat and cap:
Duke of Hamilton

Black waistcoat, with a light blue broad

belt, and cap. Duke of Leeds.....

Chocolate waistcoat, black cap. Duke of Rutland.

.: Light blue, purple sleeves, black cap. Marquis of Queensberry Deep red waistcoat, black cap. Lord Belhaven...

Black waistcoat, cap

the same. Lord F. Bentinck

White with black sleeves and cap.
Lord G. H. Cavendisb. Orange.
Lord Darlington

Pink and black stripe, black cap.
Lord Derby

Black waistcoat, white cap. Lord Dundas

White with scarlet spots and cap. Lord Eglinton..

Tartan waistcoat and cap. Lord Egremont

.. Dark green with black cap. Lord Fitzwilliam.


satin, black velvet cap. Lord Foley

Green with white stripe and cap. Lord Grey

Light blue with black cap. Lord Grosvenor

Yellow waistcoat with black cap. Lord Hinchinbrook. . Green waistcoat with white 1.

сар. Lord Jersey

. Dark blue, white stripe, black cap Lord Lowther.

White and yellow stripe. Lord Maynard.

Pink and black, with black cap: Lord Milton

Green waistcoat, cap the same. Lord F. G. Osborne

White waistcoat, cap

the Lord Rous

Pale blue satin waistcoat, Lord Sackville..

White with black cap. Lord Scarbrough...

Sky blue with white stripe and cap Lord C. H. Somerset

Light blue waistcoat, black cap. Lord Stamford.

Sky blue waistcoat with black cap, Lord Stawell

Ligbt blue with brown cap. Lord Strathmore.

. Black waistcoat and cap. Lord Suffield

.. Scarlet with black and white cap. . Lord Wilton

Mazarine blue, black

cap. Hon. Berkeley Craven.. White waistcoat, with red cap. Hon. George Watson

Mazarine blue with white cap. Hon, C. Wyndham .. Yellow waistcoat with blue cap. Sir George Armytage

Wbite satin waistcoat and cap.

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Şir T. C. Bunbury

Pink with white stripe and cap. Sir Richard Brooke.

Yellow waistcoat with black cap. Sir Alexander Don

. Green body, black sleeves and cap. Sir John Egerton...

Purple body with crimson sleeves. Sir William Gerard. · Crimson with white stripe and cap. Sir B. R. Graham

Orange body, blue sleeves, orange and

blue cap quartered. Sir J. L. Kaye.

Ligbt blue with purple sleeves.
Sir Henry Lippincott White, with black seams, and black cap

tied with wbite.
Sir H. M. Mainwaring Black and yellow with black cap.
Sir W. Maxwell ..

Black Velvet body; with wbite satin

sleeves, and black cap. Sir W. Milner

Black body, orange sleeves and cap. Sir Thomas Mostyn.

Yellow waistcoat with black cap. Sir M. W. Ridley.

Pink body, wbite sleeves, pink cap. Sir Jolin Shelley

.. Black waistcoat; white cap. Sir Edward Smith

Black and red stripe. Sir T. M. Stanley..

Blue, yellow sleeves, with blue and yel

low. cap.

Şir M.M. Sykes
Sir W. W. Wynne
General Leveson Gower
General Grosvenor
Colonel Kingscote
Major Wilson
Captain Page Turner
Mr. R. Andrew
Mr. George Baillie
Mr. R. Baird
Mr. S. M. Barrett
Mr. Batson
Mr W. Beckwith
Mr. R. Benson...

Mr. H. Biggs
Mr. Blachford
Mr. J. H. Blair
Mr. D. Blake
Mr. R. Bower
Mr. A. Boswell
Mr. C. J. Brandling
Mr. L. Charlton ..
Mr. C. Cholmondeley
Mr. J. Clifton ..

..Mazarine blue and cap.
Green and red, cap

the same.
Pink with black cap.
. Yellow waistcoat with black cap.
Straw colour with black cap.
Green waistcoat with red sleeves.

.. Scarlet waistcoat, white satin cap.
.. Yellow waistcoat with blue cap.

Black waistcoat and cap.
Black waistcoat with wbite cap.
Crimson and white stripe, black сар:
Light blue with black cap.
Mazarine blue and wbite broad stripe

round the belly and cap.
Green waistcoat with red cap.
Pink body, light blue sleeves and cap.
Orange waistcoat with black cap.
White body with black sleeves.
Harlequin, with wbite cap.
Claret and white,


the same.
Geranium red waistcoat, black cap.
Red and white stripe.
Drab waistcoat, cap the same.
Yellow and snuff-brown broad stripe

round the body, cap the same.
Blue and orange stripe, orange cap.
Orange satin, cap the same.
Yellow waistcoat with black cap.
Green waistcoat with black cap.


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Mr. Crockford ....
Mr. G. Crompton..
Mr. M. Dilly
Mr. Alexander Don..

Mr. J. Douglas

Yellow body, black sleeves and cap. Mr. T. Dupcombe

Blue with wbite sleeves, blue cap. Mr. C. Dundas

Light blue with orange cap: Mr. Elton

Yellow waistcoat with black cap. Mr. R. C. Elwes

Light blue trimmed with black, and

black cap.

Mr. H. Fletcber
Mr. W. Garfortb...
Mr. R. O. Gascoigne
Mr. J. Glover

Mr. T. Goddard

Mr. T. Gorwood
Mr. J. Grimston
Mr. W. Harrison..
Mr. W. N. W. Hewett
Mr. R. Hill..
Mr. E. L. Hodgson.
Mr. N. B. Hodgson.
Mr. W. Hutchinson
Mr. Robert Jones

Mr. Kellermann
Mr. Thomas Kirby ....
Mr. Warwick Lake.

Yellow, blue cap, yellow ribband.
Light blue,


the same. Black and wbite, cap the same. Coclico, with black cap tied with a red

White body, mazarine blue seams,

sleeves, and cap.
White waistcoat with red cap.
Scarlet waistcoat with white

Yellow, black sleeves, red cap.
White calico waistcoat and cap.
White, light blue sleeves and cap.
Gold body, black sleeves and cap.
Light blue, white sleeves and cap.
Pink waistcoat with black cap.
Black body, white sleeves, and black

cap tied with a white ribband.
Scarlet with wbite sleeves.
Brown, white cap with an eagle.
Purple, with black cap and a silver

Straw colour, purple sleeves, black cap.
Buff and blue.
Black body, yellow sleeves, black cap,
Yellow, with white sleeves and cap.
Brown body, white sleeves and cap.
Lincoln green

with black cap.
Purple and yellow.
White and straw-colour quartered, with

red cap. White body, rose-coloured sleeves, with black

Apple-green, gold buttons and button

holes, with black cap.
Scarlet waistcoat with black cap.
Light blue, trimmed with scarlet, and

Mr.J.G. Lambton
Mr. J. Dawson Lambton
Mr. George Linton ....
Mr. Neville ...
Mr. Northey
Mr. C. Norton.
Mr. G. Oshaldeston..
Mr. R. A. Oswald
Mr. J. Payne
Mr. H. Peirse

Pea green.

Mr. R. W. Peirse.....

Mr.T. Peirse

Mr. G. Pigott
Mr. F. R. Price
Mr. Delme Radcliffe

black cap.

Mr. Rawlinson.... . Mr. J. Richardson Mr. Ralph Riddell Mr. T. Robinson i.

Pink and green stripe, black cap.
Yellow and blue waistcoat, black cap.
Blue and yellow stripe, pink cap.
Straw-colour with blue cap.


ters, exhibited at the British Races appointed in 1815, 49. 104. Gallery, Pall-Mall, 99. 147. 194. 241.


Sporting in Selkirkshire, 105. Races, queer, in Yorkshire, 175. Stallions, on old, 117. · Race borse, on training the, 254.

T. Religious Rites, account of some Tale, a, of the marvellous, 177.

remarkable oves, celebrated an Tennis, match of, between Mr. pually at Googaunbarra, Ireland, Cox and Monsieur Marquiso, 88. 28.

Thornton, Col. fracas between bim Royal Academy at Somerset and his huntsman, 8.'

Place, sporting subjects at the, Tortoise, account of an ancient, at for 1815, 50.

Peterborough, 63.

Turf, on the necessity of imme. Sea calves in East Bothnia, manner diately flying a kite, or letting of hunting, 128.

off a blazing comet upon, 176. law, the pugilistic Life Guards

V. man, bis death and account of Viper, pedigree and performances him, 147.

of, 206. Singlestick, at Fareham, Hants,

W. 183.

Wild ducks, account of, 97. Sozon, history of the Chevalier, 64. Wives, instances of selling, 176. South America, account of various 223. animals found there, 242.

Wraxalliana, 265. Spadille mare, account of her death, Wolves, sagacity of, 269. 40.

Wrestling, at Morice Town, Devon, Sparring at the Fives Court, St. 91. in Norfolk, 137. at Horra

Martin's-lane, 135. 185. bridge, Devon, 137.
Brighton, 236.

Woodcock, some remarks on that Sporting subjects by Dutch pain

bird, 9.



For placing the Engravings, &c.


to face the Vignette Title-page, Penelope.







..145 Forest Keeper SHOOTING A BUCK



216 THE DEATH OF THE Fos.....


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BARTON MEETING, LINCOLNSHIRE, 1815. TUESDAY, March 21.- The Craven Stakes of 10gs. each, for all

ages.-The last mile.-Eight subscribers. Capt. Wright's ch. c. Fitz-Selim, by Selim, 2 yrs old, 5st. 10lb. Mr. W. Harrison's b.f. Everilda, by Hippomenes, 2 yrs, 5st. 10lb... 2 Mr. Entwistle's br. c. by Pavilion, dam by Grouse, 3 yrs old, 8st..... 3 Mr. Pelbam's br. f. by Dick Andrews, out of Hamlet's dam, 2 yrs

old, 5st. 10lb....

The following also started, but were not placed : Lord Yarborough's b. m. Brumby-Lass, 4 yrs old, 8st. glb. Mr. G. A. Pelham's cb. c. Slender Billy, by Hippomenes, 2 yrs old,

5st. 10lb... Sir R. Sheffield's b. f. hy Baronet, dam by Ruler, 3 yrs old, 8st. o Mr. Richardson's b. c. Sieur Sanchez, by Sir David, out of Tutelipa,

2 yrs old, 5st. 10lb.... The Macaroni Stakes of 10gs.each, for horses, &c.-Gentlemen riders.

Two-mile heats.—Six subscribers. Lord Scarbrough's b. b. Kexby, by Golumpus, 4 yrs old, 11st. 3lb.. (Col. Lumley)

1 1 Mr.J. Grant's b. g. Robin Adair, 5 yrs old, 11st. 6lb. (owner) 2 2 Mr. G. A. Pelham's ch. b. Alderman, by Hyacinthus, 5 yrs old, 11st. 6lb. (owner)....

3 dr. Fifty Guineas for all ages.-Two-mile heats. Lord Scarbrough's br. g. Ragwan, by Sir Solomon, aged, 9st. 11lb. (S. King)

1 Mr. G. A. Pelbam's br. f. by Dick Andrews, out of Hamlet's dam, 2 yrs old, 5st. Tilo.

3 2 Mr. Holgate's b. m. Miss Cartouch, 3 yrs old, 8st. llb. ..... 5 3 Mr. Richardson's b. f. The Doubt, by Sir David, (or Stamford) 2 yrs old, 5st. 11lb. (fell).

4 Mr. Entwistle's br. c. by Pavilion, 3 yrs old, &st. 416.. .. 2 dr. Mr. Dauber's b, f. by Hippomenes, 2 yrs old, 5st, 11lb. ... dis. Vol. XLVI.-No. 271.




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