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Sir J. Shelley's chesnut, by Walton, dani by Gohanna

2 Five to 4 on the Popinjay filly-Won easy.

Match for 200gs.--Two-year-Olds' Course.
BIr. Craven's ch. f. Nadejda, by Granicus, &st. 71b: (W. Arnold)...
Mr. Blạcbford's filly, by Castrel, 8st. 71b.

2 Three to 1 on Nadejda. Sweepstakes of 100gs. each, b. ft.-R. M.-Eight subscribers. Lord Rous's ch. c. Equator, by Zodiac, out of Grey Duchess, 8st. 71b. (W. Arnold)

1 Major Wilson's br. f. by Selim, dani by Oscar, Sst. alb...

Five to 4 on the Selim filly. The second Class of the Oatlands Stakes of 50gs. each, h. ft.-Ditch-in.

Ten subscribers. Mr. Vansittart's gr. c. Brother to Burleigh, by Stamford, 3 yrs old, 7st. 10lb. (S. Barnard)

1 Mr. Dundas's Liberator, 3 yrs old, 7st. 10lb.

2 Mr. Shakespear's Don Rodrigo, 5 yrs old, 8st. 4lb.

3 Major Wilson's Courier, 3 yrs old, 7st...

4 Sir G. Webster's Grand Duchess, 3 yrs old, 7st. 6lb..

5 Mr. Terrett's Brother to Bluster, 3 yrs old, 7st. 416.

6 Six to 5 on Brother to Burleigh, 5 to 2 agst Don Rodrigo, and 10 to 1

agst Liberator. WEDNESDAY, April 12.-Match for 100gs.-Ab. Mile. Mr. Charlton's br. c. Parson Tozer, (late Mistake) by Fyldener, 8st. 5lb. (F. Buckle) :...

1 Mr. Hallett's ch.f. Joanna Southcote, by Beningbrough, 7st. 121b. 2

Five to 2 on Parson Tozer.
Sweepstakes of 200gs. each; colts, 8st. 71b. Gillies, 8st. 4lb.-T. Y. C.

Seven subscribers.
Mr. Payne's cb. f. by Selim, out of Zoraida (F. Buckle)

1 Mr. Thornbill's cb. c. Anticipation, by Hambletonian, out of Hyale 2 Lord Foley's cb. f. by Selim, out of Pipylina ....

3 Mr. Lawrell's filly, by Rubens, out of Psyche's dam.. Five to 4 agst the winner, and 5 to 4 agst Anticipation.

Match for 200ys.-T. Y. C. Duke of Grafton's br. c. Partisan, by Walton, 3 yrs old, 8st. (T. Goodisson)....

1 Mr. Bouverie's ch. f. Scheherazade, 4 yrs old, 8st. 6lb....

2 Even betting.--A great betting race.--Partisan is allowed to be the best horse that has run at Newmarket for many years.

Match for 300gs.-T. M. M. Mr. Watson's br. b. Pericles, by Evander, 5 yrs old, 8st. 7lb. (F. Buckle) ....

1 Mr. Stonehewer's ch.h. Hamlet, 6 yrs old, 8st. 4lb.

2 Five to 4 on Pericles.

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Fifty Pounds for two-year-olds, 7st. three, &st. 7lb. and four, gst.

T. Y. C.
Mr. Payne's b. c. Onyx,hy Meteor, 4 yrs old (F. Buckle)

1 Lord G. H. Cavendish's Black-a-Moor, 3


2. The following also started, but were not placed : Mr. Stonehewer's ch.c. by Gohanna, 2


Mr. Crayen's b. c. Eaglet, fyrs old
Mr. Dundas's ch. c. Pyramus, 4 yrs old
Mr. Kingman's b. c. Fun, 4 yrs old
Mr. Wilson's ch.c. Capricorn, 2 yrs old.....
Nr. Prior's b. c. Scroggins, by Giles, 4 yrs old
General Gower's ch. f. by Rubens, 2 yrs old
Mr. Perren's b. f. Legacy, 2 yrs

old Mr. Crockford's b. c. Democles, 4 yrs old Mr. Dupcombe's b. f. by Staveley, 3 yrs

old Sir C. Bunbury's bl. c. by Sorcerer, 3 yrs

old Mr. Hallett's cb. f. Joanna Southcott, 3 yrs old...

0 Mr. Lake's ch. c. Aladdin, 4 yrs old Sir B. R. Grabam's br. c. Tempest, 3 yrs old. Lord Maynard's b.c, hy. Waxy, 2 yrs old

old .. Five to 2 against Qayx, 5 to 2 agst Aladdin, and 6 to 1 agst Black-a

Moor. The third Class of the Oatlands Stakes of 50gs. each, b. ft.-Ditch-in.

Ten subscribers. Mr. Villiers's bl. c. Don Cossack, by Haphazard, 4 yrs old, 8st, glb.

(T. Goodisson) Lord G. H. Cavendish's b. c. Alcohol, 4 yrs old, 8st. 81b.

2 Mr. Wyndham's b. f. Mermaid, by Orvilie, 5 yrs old, 7st. 21b.

3 Lord Jersey's b. c. Fugitive, 4 yrs old, 7st. 121b...

4 Six to 4 on Alcohol, 5 to 2 agst Don Cossack, 7 to 1 agst the Orville

filly, and 10 to 1 agst Fugitive. Mr. Shakespear's Donkey, by Bobtail, received 25gs. from Mr. Payne's colt, by Sir David, bought of Mr. Buckle, Sst. 5lb. each, T. Y.C. 300gs. h. ft.

THURSDAY, April 13.-Sweepstakes of 200gs. each, b. ft, colts, 8st. 5lb. fillies, 8st. 21b. (those got by intried stallions, allowed 3lb.) Ab. M.-Seven subscribers. Mr. Andrew's b. c. Garus, by Hambletonian, out of L'Huile de Venus (S. Barnard)....

li Lord Lowther's br. c, Busto, by Clinker

2 Lord Foley's b.c. Juggler, by Sorcerer Mr. Payne's b. c. by Waxy, out of Black Diamond General Grosvenor's b. c. Bandog, by Popinjay. Five to 4 agst Mr. Payne's colt, 2 to 1 agst Busto, 5 to 1 agst Juggler,,

and no betting on Garus. Produce Stakes of 50gs. each, h. ft. colis, 8st. 5lb. fillies, 8st. 21b.

Ah.M.-Five subscribers. Mr. Hallett's b.f. The Desired, by Seuil

, out of Teazle Ovna (W. Clift) i Vol. XLVI.- No. 271.




Mr. Dandas's b. c. Original, by Rubens,

2 Mr. Bacon's br. f. Hecate, by Sorcerer

3 Three to 1 on Original. The Billingbear Stakes of 100gs. each, b. ft. colts, est. 7lb. (those out

of untried mares or stallions, allowed 3lb. both 5lb.)--A. F.-Four

Lord Rous's ch. c. Equator, by Zodiac, out of Grey Duchess (W.

General Grosvenor's b. c. Bandog, by Popinjay.

2 Lord Suffield's ch. c. by Sorcerer, out of Rosetta

Six to 4 on Equator.
Bifty Pounds for two-year-olds, 6st. 716. three, &st. 5lb. four, 8st. 131b,

five, gst. 11b, six and aged, gst. 8lb.-Ditch Mile.
Sir C. Bunbury's br. c. Skipjack, by Young Whiskey, 3 yrs old,
(a Boy)

1 Lord Suffield's b. c. Congress, 2 yrs old...,

2 The following also started, but were not placed : Mr. Shakespear's b.y. Don Rodrigo, 5 yrs old Mr. Lawrell's b. c. Snyders, 2 yrs old.... Mr. Dundas's ro. b. Mountebank, 6 yrs old General Govver's br. f. by Rubens, 2 yrs old Mr. Goodisson's b. f. by Selim, 2 yrs


o Mr. Wyndham's br. f. Mermaid, by Orville, 3


0 Mr. Crump's filly, by Selim, 2 yrs old

0 Mr. Storey's b. f. Legacy, 2 yrs old....

0 Mr. Payne's ch. f. by Hedley, 4 yrs old

0 Duke of Grafton's b. f. by Cardinal York, 3 yệs old

0 Five to 2 agst Mr. Payne's filly, and 4 to 1 agst Skipjack. Sweepstakes of 100gs. each, b. ft. &st. 3lb.-Abingdon Mile. -Three

subscribers. Lord Jersey's br. f. by Selim, out of Maiden, received forfeit.

Lord Stawell's b. f. Sister to Blucber, by Waxy, received 40gs. from Sir J. Shelley's ch. f. by Walton, out of Beggar-Girl, by Gobanda, est, Alb. each, Ab. M. 200gs. b. ft.

Mr. Vapsittart's gr. c. Brother to Burleigh, by Stamford, received forfeit from Mr. Dundas's b.c. Liberator, 8st. 71b. each, D. I. 200gs, h. ft.

Mr. Villiers's Cwrw, by Dick Andrews, 8st. 71b. received forfeit from Mr. Prince's Young Eagle, 8st. 21b. D. M. 200gs. h.ft.

FRIDAY-Sweepstakes of 200gs. each, 1. ft. for fillies, 8st. 3lb. Ab. Mile.-Four subscribers. Lord G. H. Cavendish's brown, by Sir David, out of Black Diamond (W. Arnold)

1 Sir J. Sbelley's bay, by Sorcerer, or Waxy, out of Houghton-Lass .. 2 Mr. Villiers's ch. f. by Hapbazard, out of Coarse Mary..

3 Duke of Grafton's br. f. Caprice, by Walton.

4 Six to 4 agst the winner, and the same agst Caprice.


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Sweepstakes of 200gs. each, h. ft.colts, 8st. 71b. fillies, 8st. 41b.-Across

the Flat. General Gower's b. c. Raphael, by Rubens, out of Iris, by Brush (F. Buckle).....

1 Duke of Grafton's gr. c. Brother to Joke, by Waxy Mr. Lake's b. f. by Granicus, out of Tumbler's dam Six to 4 on Brother to Joke, and 5 to 2 agst Raphael.

Match for 100gs.--Across the Flat. Mr. Watson's br. c. Paulus, by Sir Paul, 8st. 3lb. (F. Buckle) .... 1 Major Wilson's b. c. Spectre, by Sorcerer, 8st. 3lb.

2 Eight to i on Paulus. - Mr. Craven's Nadejda, by Granicus, 7st. 41b. received forfeit from Gen. Grosvenor's Beltaria, gst. 10lb. T. Y. C. 150gs. b. ft.

Sir J. Shelley's b. f. by Sorcerer, or Waxy, out of Houghton-Lass, 8st. 71h, received forfeit from Mr. Lambton's ch. f. by Walton, out of Propbetess, 8st. 4lb. Ab. M. 200gs.


Craven Stakes

of 10gs. each; for all ages; two-year-olds, 6st. three, 8st.-One mile and a quarter. Six subscribers. Mr. Acred's ch. c. Mystery, by Sorcerer, dam by Pot8o's, 3 yrs old, (G. Ezard)

1 Mr. Bower's b. f. Miss Craigie, 3 yrs old

2 Mr. J. Marson's h. c. by Scud; dam by Sir Peter, 2 yrs old

3 Mr. Kirby's b. c. Fairville, 3 yrs old

4 Five to 2 agst Mystery.-A good race. The Produce Stakes of 50gs. eacb; b. ft. colts, 8st. 3lb. fillies, 8st.--Two

miles.-Three subscribers. Lord Milton's b.c. by Orville, out of Mary...

walked over. Sweepstakes of 20gs. each; colts, 8st. 3lb. fillies, 8st.-One mile and a

balf. Mr. Mosey's b. c. by Whitelock, ont of Tar's dam (W. Marson) 1 Mr. Brown's b, c, by Sir David, out of Susannab

2 Mr. Bell's ch.c. Revenge, by Pandolpho

3 Even betting between Mr. Brown's colt and Revenge; 5 to 1 agst the

Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, for fillies, 8st. 316.-One mile.
Mr. Upplehy's bay, Miss Cantley, by Stamford (J. Garbutt)...
Mr. T. Sykes's bay, Orphan, by Camillas

2 Sir M. M. Sykes's grey, hy Camillus, dam by Beningbrough

3 Mr. Robinson's grey, Miss Whitewall, by Camillas

Even betting. --Won easy. The Barton Stakes of 25gs, each, h. ft. colis, 8st. 3lb. fillies, 8st. --One

mile and a half.-Five subscribers. Lord Milton's b. c. by Orville, out of Mary (J. Shepherd).. B 2



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Mr. Reed's gr. c. Bachelor, by Knowsley
Mr. Acred's ch. c. Mystery, by Sorcerer
Mr. Leatham's ch. f. Bartonia, by Camillus

Won easy.

yrs old

yrs old

THURSDAY, April 13.--Fifty Pounds for nraiden borses, &c. threeyear-olds, 7st. four, 8st. 41b.-Fillies allowed 316.-Heats, one mile and a half.—(Ages as in May.) Mr. Reed's gr. c. Bachelor, by Kuowsley, dam by Shuttle, 3 yrs old (Robert White) ..

5 1 3 I Mr.J. Marson's b. c. by Scud, dam by Sir Peter, 3 yrs old 2 4 1 2 Mr. T. Sykles's gr. c. Outcry, by Camillus, 4 yrs old.

1 3 2 3 Mr. F. Watt's b. f. Kirkban-Lass, by Dick Andrews, 3 yrs....6 5 4 Sir H. Nelthorpe's b. g. by Luck's-All, dam by Mercury, 3

4 2 0 Mr. Nalton's ch. c, Redlock, by Whitelock, 3 yrs old

OOO Mr. Smith's br. f. by Dick Andrews, 3 yrs old..

OOO Mr. Lambert's ch. f. by Brainworm, dam by Hambletonian, 3

OOO Mr. Hotham's b. c. Barrister, hy Young Selim, 3 yrs old ...dis. Mr. Turner's br. g. by St. George, 4 yrs old..

...dis. Bachelor the favourite for the first and second heats; after the second

beat, the Scad colt the favourite, and 3 to 1 agst Bachelor. FRIDAY, April 14.-Fifty Pounds for all ages ; three-year-olds, Ost. 10lb. four, Sst. 3lb. and five, 8st. Tolb.-Mares allowed 3lb.-Twomile heats.-(Ages as in May.) Mr. Mosey's br. c. by Whitelock, out of Tar's dam, 3 yrs old, (W. Brickelbank)

1 1 Mr. N. B. Hodgson's gr. h. Æther, by Patroclus, 3 yrs old.. Capt. Cowton's ch. m. by St. George, 5 yrs old

3 3 Mr. W. Horsley's lr. c. by Kite, dam by Delpini, 4 yrs old .....,2 dr. Little or no betting, and very few people on the Course, owing to the

snow and severity of the day.



.4 2


(Ages as in May.) WEDNESDAY, April 19.-The Trial Stakes of 20gs. each, for

two-year-old colts, Sst. 31b, fillies, 8st.–Once round the Course, Mr. J. Dawson Lambton's ch. c. by Cardinal York, dam by Delpini, (W. Peirse)..

1 Lord Queensberry’s b. f. ly Caleb Quot'em, out of Bit of Tartan 2 Mr. Joblin's ch. f. liy Hambletonian, out of Engraver's dam... 3 The Old Stakes of 10gs. each, with 20gs. added, for colts, Sst. 5lb.

fillies, 8st. 21b.-Two miles. -Six subscribers. Mr. Mason's br. c. Brother to Herdsman, by Sir Harry Dinsdale,... I

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