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two bours and thirty-eight minutes, present from New South Wales, of for a bet of 51.

two black swaps, with red beaks.

His Lordsbip sent them down to A BET of a very singular nature bis seat at Milton, where they are was lately made, at a coffee-house in alive in the park. Bond-street, which is likely to afford much amusement, as it is ANGLING.-An expert angler perfectly novel, and for no less a caugbt lately, in the river Tivy, sum than 500l. The wager is, near Newcastle Emlyn, four trouts, that a gentleman shall go from weigbing together twenty-three London to Dover, and hack, in any pounds and a balf. mode be chooses, while another makes a million of dots with a pen PUGILISM.Scrogginsis matcband ink upon a sheet of writing. ed to fight Nosworthy, iu a 24paper.

feet ring, for 100 guineas, on the On Monday, the 22d instant, a 6th of June; they are in close train. person undertook to trundle a coaching. Betting, 5 and 6 to 4 on wheel six miles within an hour, on Nosworthy. the Abingdon road, which be per A sparring exhibition, for the formed, with apparent ease, four benefit of Painter and Shelton, the minutes within the time.-Consi- late losers at Hounslow Heath, derable bets were depending. took place at the Fives Court, on

the 6th instant, and it was well A GENTLEMAN who resides at attended. The best specimens of London Farm, near Gallery, in science were exbibited by Cribb Kincardinesbire, has now in his and Oliver, Belcher and Harmer, possession a ram, between the Che- Richmond and Shelton, Ford and a viot and English breed, of extraor- teacher, &c. &c. After the diverdinary strength and size. ; he late- sion, the amateurs retired to a ly gained his owner a considerable dinner at Cribb’s. wager, by carrying a youth, weigh On Tuesday, tbe 9th instant, at ing seven stone and a half, a quar- Twickenbam Common, a smart ter of a mile, at the rate of seven battle took place between two namiles within the hour. The at- tives of the spot, but they bad no tachment of this animal to horses science. A second battle for a is singular, as he will trot beside subscription purse took place bethose of his master to any distance tween Ford, the pugilist, and an with apparent pleasure.

athletic navigator, of fourteen

stope. Ford fought bravely, but On Wednesday, the 24th in- he was in a shocking condition, stant, when the groom was lead- and bad not a chance during the ing Harry Rowe out of the stable whole combat. The navigator at Eddlethorpe Kennels, pear Mal- sbewed bimself a courageous mau ton, he struck his head against the not to be denied, to use a technical upper beam, wbich caused his in- phrase, and Ford yielded to supe. mediate death. He was formerly rior power, after fifty-six minutes the property of the late Mr. Went- fighting. Both were much beaten. worth, and got by Pantaloon, out On Thursday, the 3d instant, of Duplicity's dam, by Florizel. George Heath was charged at one

of the Police Offices, with an age EARL Fitzwilliam bad lately a sault on Thomas Cribb, the prize.


fighter. Heath is a' waterman, twenty-eight inches in height. He and celebrated for laying informa. is considered the shortest man ever tion against his brethren of the ri. seen. He is well made and well ver, for the violation of the rules. proportioned for his size. He has These parties came in contact on not grown any since he was six' the banks of the Thames, wben years of age, and no cause could Crible muttered something ahont be assigned by the faculty. He vagabunds and informers. Heath' goes through the military exercise felt the force of the observation, with a gun, proportionably to his but despising the weight of fists, size. He smokes tobacco and ventured to rerile Cribb's pugilistic takes snuff freely. He prefers the talents, and the hoxer in return le bouse to the open air. His apvelled a tremendous blow at Heath, pearance is that of a child between wbich hurled him into the Thames. four and five years of age, but bis Cribb then gave bin in charge to age is visible in the features of bis the watchman, and he remained in face; his disposition is very lively, custody all night, but the Magis. and he will hold a conversation in trates dismissed the complaint. his own language.

On opening a hale of cotton. The operation of nose-pulling wool, this month, at the mill of was performed upon a young turf Messrs. Grimsbaw, White-house, character in Bond-street, on the greatly to the astonishment of all Sunday after Epsom races, at present, a small tortoise was tarn- broad noon-day. When Foote ined out. It appeared at the time to troduced Apreece to the world in be io a torpid state, but on being the Judicrous character of Cad. washed, and a short time exposed wallader, in The Author, a friend to the open air, it became animat- of tbat gentleman's threatened to ed and lively. It must bave been pull the mimic hy the nose, whenat least six months excluded from ever be met him. This being told the air, deprived of food and mo. in the presence of Quin, be asked tion, and may have been so for two bis advice what be should do? years, as it frequently happens that “ Do! I'll tell you what you inust cotton-wool has been so long pack- do-soap your nose, and tben 'twill ed before it comes into the hand of slip through his fingers." the manufacturer --(Belfast Com. Chron.)

WRESTLING.-After the aunual

fair on the 15th instant, the atbles Extraordinary Dwarf.—The fol. tic amusements commenced at lowing is a correct description of Morice Town, Devon, where the the smallest dwarf ever known, votaries of these ancient ganbols wbo was exbibited before the were never more numerous, and it Queen, the Princesses Elizabeth, may be justly said, never were more Mary, and Charlotte of Wales, the disappointed. The usual custom Prince Regent, the Dukes of York of the contending parties has been and Clarence, on Friday, the 5th a kind of rivalship between the sisinstant. His vame is Simon Paap, ter counties, Devon and Cornwall, a native of Zandvoort, near Haar- which could produce the liest men lem, in Holland. He is twenty- in the gymnastic art. The palın six years of age, and weighs only had been given alternately to each twenty-seven pounds, and is only for many years ; but for the last

M 2



two, Devon has produced two such In the Court of Common Pleas, giants, in Jordan and Flower May 27— Tilley v. Parsons. This (young, men more than six feet an action brought by the. high, and nearly 18 stone), that plaintiff, a trainer of horses for the the Cornislmen have declined at turf, against the defendant, of a tending In consequence, the similar profession, to recover da.. grand prize was not played out un mages for slander, under the foltil the fourth day, when the two lowing circumstances :--A Mr. great standards of Devon deter- Radcliffe, of sporting fanie, had mined to oppose each other : many beeu in the habit of employing the bets were made in favour of Flower plaintiff to purchase borses for him, at the commencement, but after a and previous to the last races at, few rounds, it was observed that he Ascot, employed bim to purchase, finched from bis adversary's foot a horse, named Speculator, for, blows; odds were then in favour of which he was to pay six hundred, Jordan, who, after a trial of 17 mi- guineas. The borse was paid for, nutes, caught his opponent by the ran at Ascot for the Oatlands, and fore-hip, and gave him so fine a lost. In a conversation between turn on his hack, that the air was the derendant and Mr. Radcliffe, rent by the shouts of the spec- subsequently, at his house in Dortators, in declaring him victor.- setshire, the former told bim that, Great praise is due to the conduct, the plaintiff paid ouly four hundred ors of this wrestling, who proposed guineas for the horse, and “ sackan additional prize of 51. after- ed" the other two hundred. Mr. wards, to be played for by men Radcliffe expressed his surprise, without shoes. Some of them af- and said it could not be so, for he forded good play, particularly a had the receipt of Mr. Hart, the little sailor hoy, about 19 years old, late owner, for that amount. The and not five feet high, called Spure, defendant requested to see it, and alias Little Bonaparte, who asto upon seeing it, said it was not nished every one by bis play. He Hart's band-writing, and it must tbrew the celebrated Webber, and be a forgery. This was the case, two other tall «

good men;" but on the part of the plaintiff, and his fourtb, man, Northcott, gave Mr. Serjeant Shepherd, for the de him an unlucky turn, which had, fendant, addressed the Jury, and nearly dislocated his neck. It then said it was not bis intention to cast. remained for a young man, called any reflection upon any witnesses, Uglow, and Northcott, to contend but the circunstances of Mr, Racifor the prize, which was won by cliffe's communicating in a public the latter, being a more powerful manner, a private conversation, man. The first prize was won was an incantions as well as an unby Webber; second prize by Jor- wise thing, and was the foundation, dan, jun.; the third by Jordan; of this action.-His Lordship second best by Flower.--Plymouth charged the Jury, and they found Telegraph.

for the plaintiff--damages 501.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. COGNOSCENTI requests the favour of some one of our Correspondents to favour him with the words of a song in praise of “ My Hackney,” beginning, he believes, thus

“ O, I ride as good a galloway as any one in town,” &c. SIR CHARLES STAUNCH will perceive his communication is superseded by our Correspondent, A Bit or a Jockey, in page 81.






Nor let it be your countryman's mishap.

Who has pass'd current, to return a rap. Written by M1. COLMAN, and spoken by Mr. Jones, at the opening of the Bir- Change we the figure--take, at the con

clusion mingham Theatre.

Of this brief rhapsody, a sea allusion :

If e'er my head's dull memory have WELL met, clear brother-towns

flown men! Doom'd to roam,

From favours here, which here my heart I snatch a visit to my much-lov'd home;

must own And come, where first dramatic breath I May Neptune prove at last your nursling's drew,

socker, To pay respects, once more, kind friends, And send Dick Jones to Davy Jones's to you.

locker! Stay! let me reconnoitre every nook, Have faces chang'd since last my leave I took ?

PARODY ON SHAKESPEARE'S No, bless you! how good-natur'd you all look!

SEVEN AGES. 'Twas you first moulded me; the drossy stuff

ALL the “ Ton's" a stage, My nature yields, you fashion'd in the And Fashion's motley votaries are but rough,

play’rs. Then forth I went, an article of oddity, They have their exits and their entrances, But still a genuine Birmingham com

And one man in his life plays many modity.

parts : All I exported, by your goodness fur To mention only seven. At first the nish'd

Minor," The Pats' (long life to 'em!) receiv'd In pocket stinted by his thrifty sire. and burnish'd.

And then the youthful Elood," withi Moulded, and rough'd and burnish'd thus,

bead erect, the trade

Small hat, and cravat stiff, strutting like Of London next my qualities essay'd.

Turk, Did London commerce all the work All in the crowded Mall. Then the demolish ?

Cully,Smooth Flattery says, that there I took Writing extempore forsooth a rhyme some polish.

Quaint to his Cyprian's eyebrow. Then Should you say No, 'twould make me

the “ Jockey," more your debtor

Full of bets custom'ry, with many a If, while I stay, you'll polish me much

match, better;

Careful of all his steeds, oft at NewOh! send me back, at least to London

market town,

Training his thorough-bred colts and As good a balfpenny as I came down;




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E'en on the Sabbath day. Then the Yet, hence thy Charles's voice gains

shriller force ;
With four-in-hand, “ handles the ribbons Ah! Jack, if DUNNING shot, he'd not be

hoarse; In Belcher cravat deck'd, and Upper Ben

Nor deem e'en here the cares of state jamins,

forgot, Full of slang terms and “jarvey-like" ex I wad with Gazettes ev'ry second shot : pressions,

Almon's, bold sheets, the intervals supo And so he gains respect. Proceed we


And still, methinks his charges farther Unto the jolly Toper," 'mid his guests ;

fty. A large capacious goblet to his mouth Oft too, while all around my pointers Oft lifted, till his once thund'ring voice,

stray, Now falt'ring 'twixt his teeth, he, swill'd, With patriot names I cheer them on their at length

way ; Beneath the table drops. Last scene of No servile ministerial runners they ! all,

Not Ranger thin, but WASHINGTON I With which we close this checquer'd

cy; history,

Hey on! PAUL JONES, re-echoes to the Is the stript“ Gamester," by folly ruin'd;

sky: His own hand levelling the fatal tube, To-ho! old FRANKLIN-SILAS DIANE He dies, sans cash, sans friends, sáns every

take heed,
thing !!!

Chcar'd with the sound, o'er hills and
E. F. B.

dales they speed.
Till one, to wbose quick sense and prac.

tis'd skill,

His active followers yield a hasty will,

Touch'd by the scent the passing gales From the Hon. CHARLES James Fox,

convey, Partridge Shooting, lo the Hon. John

With startled vigilance presumes the TOWNSHEND, Cruising.

prey :

The rest a disciplin'd subservience keep, THE following Poem, published in Dash where ke runs, or as he cro ches, 1779, was at the time esteemed a

creep; choice morceau ; a repetition of it cannot

At length the hostile league one point but afford entertainment to many of the

avow, readers of the Sporting Magazine.

Now places, places ! order, order, now!

BUNBURY! let me I cry, for party's sake, While you, dear Townshend, o'er the

Teach thce when best to aim-what billows ride,

ground to take, Mulgrave in front, and Hanger by thy And see, a young bird rises weak and side,

slow, Me it delights the woods and wilds to

At him, Sir Charles ! he fires and lays court,

him low For rustic feats and unambitious sport. Scar'd at the sound, up the full covey. At that dim hour when fading lamps Richard at random fires, and only wings.

springs ; expire,

Not so, thy Charles ; intent with half When the last lingering clubs to bed

clos'd sight, retire,

Cautious I watch their vet'ran leader's I rise !--how should I then thy feelings

Aight; shock, Unshav'd, unpowder'd, in my shooting

At him I aim, the covey's head and frock!


I fire ; but ah! too plainly on one side . What frock? thou criest. I'll tell thee the old brown;

Again I try, like rising to explain,

A double barrel's force, but try in vain; Trimn’d to a jacket with the skirts cut

Against myself the heated tube recoils, down. Thou laugh’st, I know thou does't; but Nor gains one feather to requite my

toils. check that sneer; What, tha' no fashion'd sportsman I ap But if too soon the startled covey rise, pear, I move a previous question in the skies,


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