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SKITS and squibs are let off at A Gentleman reading to a

all trades, and even professions Lady, of punning celebrity, an acdo not escape, but we should laugh count of a voyage to Kamtschatka, them off. A wicked wag asked a and a relation contained in it of miller to solve this conundrum; thirteen Russians, who had resided " Why is a mill stronger than a for fifteen years on the desolate jail ?" The miller not guessing Island of St. Paul, solely for the the solution, though he tried at it, púrpose of collecting furs, and that was told it by the stripling in these during that period they had never words, “because it will bold a seen a human being besides themIme with the door open."

selves, and bad lived entirely on the flesh of the bear, the lady very

pointedly observed, tbat“ it was THE DOUBT.

really a bare existence !" Attached to them both, Dick protests he

can't choose, As to settling for life 'twixt the Cloth

A COUNTRY gentleman riding and the Muse.

out one day, was followed by a He thinks of the Cloth when 'tis spread tenant of bis, a butcher, ac full on the table,

speed-" Why, bey-day!" cried And then of the Meus when he walks to be, “ where so fast, Thomas ?"his stable !

“ Lauck !" answered the butcher, COCKNEY CONUNDRUM.-Why

I beg your honour's pardon for is a Pocket Handkerchief like a

not seeing you I was riding after Serpent ?-A. Because it's a Wiper

a calf !" (Viper.)


“ We are here to-day, and gone to

morrow," Saying to ore in Company, Comel Exclaim'd a grave-lac'd son of sorrow! gwe us a Joke,"

Replied his Heir, “I fear, old Glum, “ Give us a joke," you say:

Morrow to you will never come.”
How sadly you mistake;
Why ask for that, I pray,

A CYNICAL gentleman, returning
You have not sense to take? lately from a ride in Hyde Park,

completely out of humour with the Such was the fanaticism of present rage for variety of colour Oliver Cromwell, and it sbould not in ladies' dresses, was asked by be forgotten in this military age, a female acquaintance if be bad that he bad several pieces of can. mct many ladies in his ride? non cast with this quaint and im “ No, Madam," he replied, I pious motto" Lord, open thou Columbines,

Scarecrows, our lips, and our mouth shall sbew Merry Andrews, and Dancing forth thy praise."

Dogsambut no Ladies.”


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A CERTAIN veteran General hav. Knife Grinder


Moor Game ing fainted at a late crowded


Sea View, taken on the party, a witty lady observed that

Hof-land. from the extreme heat, nothing Lame Beggar


Joseph. less than a general fainting could Potiphar's Wife

Entrance to a Cottage La Porte. be expected.

Masquerade Scene Miss Mask all.
Portrait of Myself


Dining off Fish

Pick ers gil.

Warm sunny Landscape Rae burn. -Sir-In the present month there Study of a naked Heris generally a considerable variety

A Shee. of pictures in the course of exhibi. Taking in a Flat

Naked Venus

Starke. tion to the public, but the follow" Hen and Chickens Coxe. ing collection, which is the pro The Forge

Anchor Smith.

Popie. perty of the late Joseph Miller, Burning Heretics

Hastings. Esq. can only be viewed by per• View on Salisbury Plain At-stone.

Turn er. sonal application to the proprietor. The Waltz

Wood-forde. Recommending the Gallery in the Gallery in Boy out of his depth

Claude. question to your readers, I remain Sausages after Nature Bolognese your very obedient servant,

March of the advanced
C. P. D.

Van Goyen.

A View on the Sea Coast Sir W. Beech y.

I am not chang’d, yet Henry flies". Poultry Feeding


Yes chang'd, and sadly changed, thou The Woodman Barker.

art, The Siege of Troy Ten-iers.

When:FLAVIA prompted Henry's sighs, The Tremadoc Embank

Her virtue form'd her fairest part. ment

Players at a Country Fair Strohling. Cease, Flavia, cease this idle rant,
The Learned Pig,

Hog art h.

Discard the tears that bathe thy cheek; Copy of Sir J. Reynolds's

When Woman has no more to grants Laughing Gir)


Her Lover has no more to seek. Storming the front Ditch at Rochelle

Van Dyke. A Country Ball


A LETTER was received at the Flushing Bumbarded Fusil i.

Post-office, on Tuesday, the gtb Cross Road and Finger

inst. from Ireland, with the followPost

Guid o.
The Egyptian Pyramids Heap hy. ing singular address :-

For JOHN A Village Sexton Kneller.

KETCH, Esq. at Messrs. HEMP and Wild Care

N. Pous sin, Covent-garden Market Piazelta.

· Co.'s, Sheriff's Officers, London." The Humours of an Elecțion, chairing the suc

A Banker from Lombard-street, Templeeessful Candidate Gains borough.

bar through, The Riots at Covent-Gar

To see Mr. KEAN, drove away, den Theatre


And thus was accosted, “Do buy a bill, Study of a Skull Bone.

do, Portrait of O'Brian, the Irish giant

“ Fine fruit, and a bill of the play."

Bigg Game


“ Away!" cried the Banker, “ Study of Pigs

Bacon. Portrait of a Man of Fa

prithee stop, shion


I wish you your paper had kept hence ; View Dear Windsor Eaton.

I thought at the play to get rid of the Gathering Hemp Flat man.

shop The Unmerited Correc

Yet you bore me with bills for accepttion How ard.


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your noise



MAJOR Topham's celebrated fashion, respectability, and native

greyhound, Friend, has been beauty of the surrounding towns purchased to go into Ireland, as an and villages were assembled on the introduction to a superior breed of occasion. Four borses started for greyhounds in that country. We the gold cup on the first day, which hope to give his portrait in a future was won by Mr. Hudson's ch. g.'; Number.

Mr. Walker's gift of 100gs. was

won by his own horse Gumguia. The late race for the Jockey cum.-In the race, on the second Club Plate, at Newmarket, be- day, for Mr. Walker's other gift tween Mr. Villiers's Don Cossack, of 50gs. Mr. Dyer's g. m. was vicand Mr. Watson's Pericles (see Ca- torious. The sport on the tbird lendar) was one of the closest con- day, was not so interesting as on tests ever remembered. Pericles the preceding days. had, we helieve, never before been beaten. Goodison rode the win Bath Races are to take place ner, and Buckle rode Pericles. It on Werlnesday, Thursday, and was near seven o'clock before the Friday, the 28th, 29th, and 30th company left the heath.

of June. Great sport is antici

pated. Twenty-two gentlemen TWENTY-TWO horses are already have already subscribed for the 5gs. entered for the Two Thousand Stakes, and nearly the same numGuinea Stakes at the first Spring ber for the Gold Cup. Sir C. W. Meeting for next year. Many Bampfylde, Bart. and Wm. Dickmatches have been made for the enson, Esq. M. P. are the Stewards, Craven Meeting of 1819.

We are sorry to find, that the The following matches have Brighton Racing Fund is in a state been made for the next Newmar- of derangement, wbich threatens ket first October Meeting :-Tues a loss of the turf-amusements. day, Mr. Shakespear's Niobe, agst Mr. Shoubridge, the Clerk of the Mr. Stonehewer's Duessa, 8st. 71b. Course, is about to take up bis reeach, T. Y. C. 200gs. b. ft.—Mr. sidence in Kent, and have the Villier's Cwrw, agst Mr. Bouve- principal management of the Tunrie's Scheherazade, est. 7lb. each, bridge-Wells Races, Ab. M. 200gs. h. ft.-Saturday, Mr. Stonebewer's Delville, agst On Monday, the 8th inst. Fair. Mr. Neville's Sir Joshua, 8st. 41b. ville, by Orville, was thrown at eacb, Ab. M. 500gs.

Hambleton, for the purpose of :

operation, when unfortunately, his Findon Races, Sussex, on Tues. back was broken, and he died day, Wednesday, and Thursday, shortly sfter. tbe 2d, 3d, and 4th inst. excited considerable interest. All the Two brood mares, belonging to


Mr. Halman, of Crosted, in Sus- sport was continued on the Tuessex, have produced bim six colts in day.

two years.


M. B.

M. B.

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M. B.

COCKING. Mr. Fawkes's crack pack of

CHESTER.- In the Race-week, a Doncaster bounds bave been sold, main of cocks was fougbt between and added to the Thornaby Hunt, Sir Wm. Wynne, Bart. (Kendrick, in Cleveland.

feeder), and Thomas Nield, Esq.

(Gosling, feeder), for 5gs. a batThe Stilton Hunt is broken or, tle, and 100gs. the main.--Stateand the pack of harriers, consisting ment :

Kendrick. of twenty one couple, are to be

Monday 2

5 hrougbt to the hammer, with the

1 Elton Hall stud of hunters.

Tuesday ..22

4 1 Wednesday 30

3 3

Thursday ..4 0 THB Leeds coacbmasters are

2 5 1

2 making a merit of running their Friday ....3 coaches at a most astonishing rate.

13 5 -How is that noble brute, the

17 12 horse, abused by brutes that wear

CHESTER.In the Race-week, a the human form!

main of cocks was fought between

the Gentlemen of Cheshire (GilliS. WATSON, of Farnbam, was ver, feeder), and the Gentlemen of Jately committed to the House of Staffordshire (Phillips, feeder), for Correction at Woodbridge, by the 5gs. a battle, and 100gs. the maio. Magistrates acting at Framling. --Statement :ham, for one month, for cruelly Gilliver.

Phillips. beating and ill-treating a mare, the Monday.. 2

4 0 property of Mr. Hesier, of Farn- Tuesday

1 bam, his master.

Wednesday 4 2

1 1 Tbursday ..3 0

2.2 The diversion of Hawking, a Friday ....5

1 1 sport antiently much used, bas heen revived in this country on a

17 7 considerable scale, by Lord Rivers, Major Wilson, of Didlington, Nor On Saturday, the 20th instapt, folk, and Mr. Downes, of Gupton. was played a grand match at ten. Their subscription bawks, under nis, at the Royal Tennis Court, the management of German fal- James-street, Haymarket, between coners, have afforded mucb amuse Mr. Cox, the proprietor, and Monment to numerous spectators at sieur Marquiso, from Paris :-the Didlington and the neighbour former gave the latter half fifteen hood. After the races at New. the best of five sets. and Mr. C. market on Monday the 8th instant,

won the three first sets in fine these Hawks were flown off at style: he is considered the best some rooks in the Flat, on which player in Europe. Tbe Court was they pounced with great avidity, uncommonly crowded by most of , and speedily brought them down, the amateurs towo; among to the great entertainment of the whom were the Duke of Argyll, numerous spectators. The same Earl Jersey, Lord Alvanley, Lord


M. B.) 1



9. 5

Apsley, Hon. L. Burrell, Hon. J. Cock Shooting," in a bumper of and G. Campbell, Earl Darnley, honest Falernian. General Bligh, Lord Brooke, S. B. Davis, Esq. R. Lukin, Esq. H. PeDESTRIANISM.-On Wednesa Grant, Esq. and several foreigners day, the 17th instant, a running of distinction.

match was performed by Mr. Henry

Holman, of Southampton, in prel'he geld medal given by the sence of a great concourse of specThistle Golf Club, was played for tators. Mr. H. set out from South. over Leith Links on Friday, May 5, ampton to Lymington, a distance and was gained by Archibald Ogil- of eighteen miles, at four o'clock vie Dalgleish, Esq. of Scotscraig, on the above morning, and arrived Captain of the Cluh, at sixty-five at the latter place at twenty-four strokes--a number considered as minutes past six o'clock, winning unprecedented in tbe annals of any his wager, being thirty-six miother society.

nutes within the given time, for the

sum of one bundred guineas. The Members of the Erith Wbat is remarkable, the above task Sailing Society bave determined was performed without perspirato give annually a piece of plate to tion. The following is a correct he sailed for by gentlemen's plea- statement :- first 7 miles in 48m. ; sure boats, to be steered by the 8 ditto in 5610. ; 9 (litto in 1h. 4m.; owner. The prize of the present 10 ditto in 1b, 12m.; 11 ditto in year was sailed for on the 15th in- 1b. 20m.; 12 ditto in 1b. 29m.; stant.

13 ditto in lh. 37m.; 14 ditto in

ih. 46m.; 15 ditto in ih. 57m.; On the 5th of May, as the 16 ditto in 2b. 4 min.; 17 ditto in keepers of Pbillips, Esq. of 2b. 13 m.; 18 ditto in 2h. 24m. Hanbury Hall, and of the Rev. R. Ou Tuesday, the 9th instant, a Pyodar, of Areley House, in the young man of Dover, of the name county of Worcester, were going of Richard Baker, undertook for through Strawley wood to fish, a wager, to run a mile and a quarthey flushed a fine woodcock, which ter in five minutes. The young fled a short distance and dropped. man accomplished his ardnous task One of the keepers immediately with apparent ease; bets at startTan back for two guns, leaving bis ing were two to one against bim. companion to keep watch behind An excellent foot race, two and an oak, of which there are many a half miles, was run on Saturday, o no small magnitude in this spa- the 30th ult. for a considerable cious wood. On heating about sum of money, over Stapleton the spot, tbcy not only put up the race ground, by John Mothersdale, aforesaid bird (wbicb proved to be of Darlington, currier (who beat an old one), but with it two young the celebrated Wood, at York), ones, all wbich they killed. These and William Johnson, of StapleWere served up at the table of the ton, near Darlington, farmer, truly hospitable Mr. Pyndar, where which was won by the former. a considerable number of fashion Thursday morning, the 11th inst. ables were assembled to view so a journeyman carpenter, sixty years fare an exbibition ; mirth and glee of age, went on foot from Shoreditch prevailed, and even the ladies were Church to WalthamCross and back compelled to drink, “ Success to again, a distance of 22 miles, in "Vol. XLVI.No. 272.



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