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matters_namely, in point of fore joys a sort of artificial autliority tune or connections. As these are and influence, raising her to appear. things which have no sort of con- ance much above the claims of her dection with inclination on either sex and relationship, 'but existing side, it sometimes bappens that a at the expence of that cordial conis marriage is agreed upon between munication and heartfelt disinte. the parents for some years be rested deference, wbich distinguisha fore the girl's age will permit it unions founded on a more judicious to be consummated. A young basis than that which I have been lady of the bighest rank, whose describing. She is installed in va. nuptials took place when I was in rious prerogatives that look flatterParis, had been accustomed to say ing and desirable, but they are to her governess, who was an Eng- chiefly favourable to the discharge lishwoman, They tell me I am of functions from which a true re, to be married at fifteen : I wish I spect for her sex, cherished hy the knew to whom; I dare say I shall men, would entirely preserve her, like himdon't you think I shall?" and the enjoyment of gratifications Girlish feeling prompts this antici- wbich a proper self-respect on her pation of satisfaction,--the awful own part would prohibit her from contract for life is hailed for no partaking. better reason, than that it affords The chief emblem and represen. a prospect of escaping from the tation of this condition of married irksome restraints that have been women, is the boudoir. already described the commands temple of separation and luxuryof the parents are signified and It belongs to the wife exclusively; obeyed, and two persons come to.

the husband has neither property in gether whom no impulse of their it, nor power over it. If she were own has brought together, who suspected of baving a lover concan have no well-founded coufi- cealed within its mysterious enclodence in each other, and whose sure, that enclosure, nevertheless, minds are prepared before-band to nuust not be violated. What I give ready access to levity and in- mean is, that such is the rule of ordinate desires.

good manners in France, and the After marriage, the wife, young, man who disregards it is esteemed and uninstructed in morals and du- a brute--an object of the general ties, is at once emancipated from dislike and disgust of both sexes. a state of severe restraint, and The boudoir is the apartment, as plunged into one of licentious liher, I have before observed, that is most ty and unnatural power of which compionly complete in its elegance. a few of the features are, a luxu. The pursery for the children, in rious boudoir, full of couches and the bouses of fainilies of rank, constatues separate bed rooms-a trary to the custom in England, is lover in every visitor, and the cus- neglected, and crammed into some toms of society opposed to cruelty inconvenient corner ; but the bou. to lovers. It is needless to deduce doir for the mother, is rich in consequences from these-their ex. couches, in statues, in paintings, istence is sufficiently informing. and flowers. It is a retreat in

The system of married life in which Venus might be happy to France, is one by which the lady en. recline, and is, in every respect, calculated to inspire the sentiments them. Where women cöminit which belong to the devotion in adultery, and are allowed to conwhich that goddess delights. tinde in good society, the common


Ove effect of what I have been prostitutes will noi in their hebdo describing is, that, amidst this ge- viour shew themselves at variance neral profligacy, the grosser fea- with the observances of good sotures of rice ate not frequently ciety. Why should they? The seen.. woman who swerves crowd of unfortunate females in from her sex's point of honour in the lobbies and hoxes of the Eng. Euglavd, is aware that she bas" lish theatres, forming, as it cercommitted an unpardonable of- tainly does, a display offensive to fence, and the coarseness of de- decency, is adduced sometimes as a pravity ensues from the very con- contrast disgraceful to the nation, sciousness of the enormity of her against the ołecorum of bebaviour crime. But it is very different in which profligacy preserves in tbe France. A female there who bas public places of Paris. Be it obcommitted adultery, regards her- served, however, tbat no one at: self, and is regarded by others, as tempts to say, that there is a less not more culpable than if she were amount of profligacy collected toa little too extravagant, or too ado gether in the latter assemblies ; dicted to play, or rather fond of hut it assimilates itself more to the going from bome. Her mind, general manners, it lives on an éatherefore, experiences little, if any sier and more conmunicable footalteration, in consequence of the ing with all around it. Now the violation of her person : it is but truth is, tbat, for all the interests little, or rather uot at all, worse of virtue, this is the niost fatal than it was before. It must be public symptom of the two. The admitted, that this is a better state offensive sbew in our theatres is of disposition and feeling than highly disgraceful to the managers usually exists in union with a dis- who build conveniences for this deregard of chastity in England; hut scription of persons, that they may how worthless is it as a general derive a profit from assisting the standard of the female heart and vicious intercourse in question is it not infinitely better to meet but one of its most certain effects is with instances of gross depravity, to fill the breast of the youtbfut as disgusting exceptions to the ge- female, who is not corrupted, withi neral purity, than to find purity no horror, and to strengthen it against where, and every wbere a disso. every seduction, wbich, hy any luteness, insulting and confouudpossibility, might end in reducing ing virtue by assuming the air of her to so frightful a state of degradecency?

dation. She sees the votaries of This leads me again to notice pleasure in an awful state of deforwhat I have before referred to mity and abandonment, and if the namely, the hoast of the French, Greeks found it efficacious, to conthat the appearance of vice in Pa- firm their young meu in babits of ris is not so odious as in London. temperance, to expose slaves beIf it be allowed them that their fore them in the brutality to wbich wickedness is not so deformed, yet drunkenness reduces, surely it must if their virtue is not so fair, ibe be still more admonitory and aların, worst stigma will remain with ing to a young girl of delicate feel

The precepts

ings and refined manners, to see

which no circumstances can re. her own sex exposed in loathsome- lieve, is chiefly inculcated and pracness and misery to the insolence cised in the most imperfect condiand coarseness of the otber.

tions of society. The dangerous seduction is in that enforce it are too often the Paris, where the barlot sits beside result of an interested, tyrannical the girl of virtue, pretty, demure, disposition, which would justify its attentive to the play, and coquet- own bad passions, by assuming a ting with the surrounding beaux.' right to be founded in uature and The young lady is sensible that religion, which is not countenanced this woman does little more than by eitber. ber mamma does, and she sees no difference in their carriage. The CRUELTY TO HORSES. men behave alike respectfully to both; they are both, then, entire. WE copy the following from the ly on an equality to the eye, and Exeter Flying Post, of the pretty nearly so to the under 26th ult: standing

“ BRUTALITY.--Yesterday mornIt is, I repeat, most essential to ing a horse and a mare, tbe prothe preservation of virtue, that the perty of two farmers, at Ivybridge, distinction between it and vice were started against each other, should be strongly marked. It rode by their owners (men of beavy certainly is not so in France : tbey weight), to go from thence to the upite with each other, and this is Seven Stars, St. Thomas, and back an union which must be entirely at again, a distance of sixty-six miles, the expence of the best party to it, over a very billy road, for a bet of and, at the same time, promote the fifty guineas; they arrived at the extension, without lessening the above inn at half past eleven o'clock, mischiefs of the worst. In a coun- nearly together, both apparently try where the most respectable much distressed, having performed tradesmen's wives will put obscene the distance up (thirty-three miles) prints into the hands of their cus- in two hours and a quarter. After tomers where the insignia of filth staying about ten minutes, they and wickedness are every where proceeded on their return, the mare displayed-where licentious con- taking the lead, and gaining fast versation prevails at every table- on the horse; the latter, on asand the young married woman who cending Haldon-bill, appeared is without a paramour, is an ex- nearly exhausted, but was contiception to the general custom-we nued to be forced on to the eight must not bear a word of its refine- mile stone, when he suddenly dropment or of its delicacy.

ped dead under his merciless rider. However lenient society may be The mare reached Ivy-brirlge in the to the violator of the marriage bed, course of the evening, but in such it is very resentful against those a dreadful state, that it is not girls who marry without their pa- thought she will survive. It is, inrents' consent :-a blind deference deerd, much to be lamented, that to their authority is olemanrled, anil the inhunian owners of these most it is observable, that this imqualified useful animals cannot receive a pu:obedience, which some labour to nishment adequate to their derepresent as a binding duty, from serts."


The subjoined account of this of being delivererl in the usual way, barbarous transaction is from a shall be entered in a book, to be correspondent, and as it differs in kept for that purpose at the Coffee some particulars from the above, Room, at least two days before the we have thought proper to give day on which it is engagerl; and botb statements.

that if any transfer of such notice On Tuesday, the 25th of last is made, it shall be entered in the month, Band E, two same book, before the gronnd is farmers, of Ermington, in Devon- used, by the person borrowing it ; sbire, for a bet of fifty guineas, and that no notice or warning sball started to ride a race from Ivy. he deemed sufficient, unless so en. bridge to Exeter, thirty-five miles, tered; and that no person shall be and back again. B-reached bound to give any other notice of Exeter in two hours and thirty-six warping. Thinutes, and E- was five min

" Complaints having been made putes behind bim. Bmwon the that improper persons have been bet as E's borse dropped dead at found on the groạnd engaged for the eight mile stone from Exeter trials, it was resolved, That the on his return. To add to the cru- Rules of this Club will, in future, elty of the thing, Brode bis be strictly adhered to, and put in borse fifteen miles to the starting force against all persons so offend, place. Death has since delivered ing.-By order of the Stewards." the poor

beast from the clutches of so cruel a master. Both horses were taken from grass without

THE DOG AND THE FOX. training of any sort,Devon, A Sketch from Gay's Fables. May 6, 1815."

THE drawing from which this is

taken being sent us, we have NEW REGULATION OF THE

adopted it, though not very appli. JOCKEY CLUB.

cable to the subject of our Miscels THE

"HE Stewards and Members of lany. Mr. Gay made use of beasts, the Jockey Club bave promul- which to direct his satyrical strokes

birds, &c. as instruments, through gated the following:

at the human race, not to ridicule « Newmarket, May 12, 1815.

the " At a Meeting of the Stewards confined sphere prescribed it by the

poor animal acting within the and Members of the Jockey Club, laws of nature.' All know tbé anit was resolved unanimously, That in future the day, with respect to

tipathies subsisting between the engaging the Ground for Trials

, hostility requires no proof beyond shall be divided into two periods; what is known to every one, whethat is, previously to nine o'clock

ther naturalist or otherwise. in the morning, and shinsequently to twelve at noon ; that no one Stable-keeper shall engage the FIRST INTRODUCTION OF SPAGround for both these periods on NISH HORSES INTO ENGLAND. the same day; nor for inore than two of these periods in the same week. ROGER de Belesme, created

“ Tbat in future, the notices Earl of Salisbury, by the Confor engaging the Ground, instead queror, is the first upon record that

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iom Published May 32 2826 by J. Wheble 28. Warwick Soruare. Iondon.

Taken from Gay Fables. Fables. Part 2.

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