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away a few paces, when one of of the river, a crocodile rose close them stopped and looked back at to him, and instantly seizing him me; I was too busy in loading my by the left thigh, pulled bin under piece to observe their motions as water. With wonderful presence they went away, and was very

of mind be felt the head of the happy to see the last of theni marchi animal and thrust his fuger into slowly off amougst the bushes. its eye, on which it quitted its hold, We bad not proceeded far before and Isaaco attempted to reaeh the we heard another bark and growl further shore, calling out for a close to us amongst the bushes. knife. But the crocodile returned This was doulaless one of the lion's and seized him by the other ibigli, before seen, a od I was afraid they and again pulled him into the would follow us till dark, wben water; he bad recourse to the same they would have too many oppor- expedient, and thrust his fingers timities of springing on dis into its eyes with such violence awares. I therefore got Mr. A1: that it again quitted him, and wbén derson's call, and made as loud a it rose, flounced about on the sur. noise an: whistling with it as face of the water as if stupid, and possible. We heard no more of then swam down the middle of thie them.

river; Isaaco proceeded to the other “ We passed two of the prio- side bleeding very much. He was cipal rapids, and three smaller then conveyed to the village of ones, in the course of tbe afternoon. Boolikoombo, and his worms We saw on one of the islands in drawn close together with slips of the middle of the river a large adhesive plaster. elephant: it was of a red clay colour, with black legs. I was very unwell of the dysentery, other ACCOUNT OF AN ANTIENT TOR wise I would have had a shot at TOISE AT PETERBOROUGH. bim, for be was quite near us. We saw tbree Hippopotami, or To the Editor of the Monthly Mariver borses, close to another of

gazine. these islands. The Capoe men SIR, were afraid they might overset the I Now revert, agreeably to by pro

The report of a musket mise, to the suliject of the cewill in all cases frighten then away. lebrated Testudo Græca at PeterThey blow up the water exactly borough. Being possessed of an like a whale. As we were gliding introductory letter to the late Lord along shore, one of the Canoe men Bishop, I had every facility granted speared a fine turtle. At sun set me for observing the singular habits we rowed to shigre and set about of this extraordinary animal. cooking the turtle and rice for our I presume it unnecessary to desupper; but before this aldermapic

scribe the general appearance of repast was half dh'essed, the rain this tortoise: in external cbaracter came on us and continued with

it exhibits a counter-part of its felgreat violence all night.

low. species, being the Testudo “ Our guide Isaaco, was very Græca of Linnæus (common toractive in pushing the asses into the toise ;) it is a female. river, and shoving along the canoe. It is well ascertained that this When he had reached the middle creature must have been about 216




years in the couptry, and the late where it reposes, corpid and inacbishop assured me that he had re tive, until the genial influence of membered it above sixty years, nor the sun calls, it from its sleep. could be discern any visible marks When in this state, the eyes are of change.

closed, and the head and neck & The animal has its antipathies little contracted, not drawn within and predilections. It will eat en the shell. So acute is its sense of dive, green pease, and even the smelling (as I conceive) that it leek; while it positively rejects will arouse from its lethargic state asparagus, parsley, and spinage. if any person approaches even at a In the early part of the season

distance of twelve feet. its favourite pabulum are the flow About the beginning of October, ers of the dandelion (Leontodon (or latter end of September,) it Taraxacum), of which it will devour begins to immerse itself, and has twenty, at a meal; and lettuce for this purpose for many late years (Lactuca sativa), of the latter a selected a particular angle of the good sized one at a time. It garden: it enters in an inclined very partial to lettice; but, if plane, and excavates the earth in a placed between lettuce and the manner similar to the mole; the flowers of the dandelion, it will for- depth to which it penetrates varies, sake the former for the latter. as the rigour of the approaching

It is also very fond of the pulp of season may be, from one foot to an orange, which it sucks greedily. upwards of two (mild or severe).

About the latter end of June It may be remarked that, about a (discerning the times and the sea-month prior to the period of the sons) it looks for fruit, when its entry into its dormitory, it refuses former choice is forsaken. It eats all sustenance. The animal emerges currants, raspberries, pears, ap- about the end of April, nor eats for ples, peaches, nectarines, &c. the two weeks or more afterward. riper the better. It will, however, Its skin is not perceptibly cold; not taste cherries. Of fruits, how. its respiration, which is entirely ever, the strawberry and goose- effected throngh the nostrils, is berry are the most esteemed; it slow. . I visited it for the last tinje makes great ravages amid the straws on the 9th of June, 1813, during a berry horders, and will take a pint thuuder-storm, when it lay under of gooseberries at intervals. the shelter of a cauliflower, and ap

I could not get it to eat the root of parently torpid. the dandelion, nor any root inçleed What an extended latitude the that I offered, say carrot, turnip, oliservance of tbe habits of this &c. All animal food is discarded, creature gives to the wanderings of nor will it drink any liqnid, at hypothesis. least neither water nor milk; and, 1st. It is singular that the letif a leaf is moist, it will shake it, tuce and the dandelion should be to drive off the wet that


adhere. so preferrell. The lacrescent juice It moved with apparent ease,

of the former is powerfully narthough pressed by weight of cotic, and Dr. Duncan, jun. has eighteen stone; itself weighs thir- read a valuable paper on the opium teen pounds and a half. In cloudy obtained from the inspissated white weather it scoops out a cavity ge juice, before the Caledonian Hartinerally in a southern exposure, cultural Society. And I have found


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that the Extract. Tararac. applied HISTORY OF THE CHEVALIEK
to the sciatic nerves (in the mai SOZON, THE DRAGON KILLER.
ver before described,) is powerfully Translated from the French.
", 2d. It is remarkable that it THE inscription upon the tomb
should reject these when the fruit of this Knigist at Provence, in
season commences. The straw. France, being Draconis Extinctor,
berry and gooseberry (particularly the exterminator of the dragon, it
the latter) are allowed to be the is related that a crågon in tbe
most. wholesome of fruits, I be- island of Rbodes, not only infected
lieve them to promote actively ile the air with bis breath, but killed

process of digestion ; aud again, both men and heasts that apo
the predilection for the pulp. of proached bis cavern. His bead is
an orange is an additional confir- described as resembling that of a

'serpent with long ears; bis skin 3d. Its antipathy to cherries. covered with thick scales; and All are agreed that the cherry is a with two wings he had the faculty

dangerous fruit; and the fatal of raising himself a little way effects occurring from excessive use 'aliove the earth, and adding to his of them, is a proof of the justice of swiftness. His four legs resembled the opinion. · Its fluids seem to be those of a crocodile, and bis tail difficultly digestible,' and probably twisted in many folds round bis .contain a principle analogous to .body; the fire of bis eyes, and the albumen, or a peculiar one, as “snorting of this animal, were truly fungin, asparagin, &c. I bave not formidable. Tbedevastations which submitted this juice to the test of be committed at length alarmed chemical agents. I. lament it did the Grand Master of the Island so not occur to me to try almonds, mucb, that be prohibited any of which contain so much vegetable the knights or the inbabitants albumen.

from approaclring his retreat.4th. It is difficult to account The Chevalier Gozon, nevertheless, for its aversion to fluids ; we have, being determined to destroy this however, an analogy in the Alpaca, dragon, adjourned for a short time &c.

to his own estate in France, and .:: On the whole, that narcotics and there caused a large paste board sedatives should take precedence figure to be made, the exact repreof others in the former part of the sentation of the dragon. To give season, and those that may be it a suicable motion he placed a deemed condiments in the latter, man within sivle sufficiently securerl is certainly astonishing. «s. In from harm, whilst he accustomed wisdom Thou hast made them all." his horse to see and approach this How 'well 'calculated are such to monster; ' at tbe same time he elevate our thoughts to Him trained two large mastiffs in the “ Who sits above the Heavens,

daily habit of attacking it and Tous invisible, or dimly seen

seizing it by a part made to repreIn these his lower works-

sent the testicles. After repeated Yet these declare his wisdom."

trials, and when he thought bis J. MURRAY. horse and his dog well exercised, Bishop Stortford,

he returned with them to Rhodes. Herts.

Having fixed lis time for attack

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ing the monster, he sent his lance Croxey, the sailor, (as was fore and his arms to have them con- merly understood, but wlio, in secrated in the church of St. point of fact, is not one of that Stephen du Maupas; to wbich hardy race of Britons, but had afterwards' repairing, he received been palmed upon the ring) and them again with a fervent prayer. the elder Lancaster, known in Animated with a high degree of some combats, but particularly confidence, he then approached the with Oliver, by whom he was eacavern, leaving his attendants be- sily vanquished. A twenty-four, hind at some distance, with orders feet ring was formed, in which the not to come, near him, unless be combatants set-to at one o'clock. should be in imminent need of as- Seconds, Oliver and Painter for sistance, and if he was killed, for Lancaster, and Joe Ward and Pad. them to fly with all speed. Then dington Jones for Croxey, who was advancing on his horse, with two backed at six and seven to four. dogs and one attendant, the won We shall not attempt to give the ster with his eyes sparkling flane rounds of a combat which caused darting towards him, Gozon couch- 'much disappointment to the ring, ing bis lance, ran upon him aiming and which is described in a few

thrust between the shoulders; lines. Croxey rumbled his antago. but here the scales that covered nist in the first five rounds of the them shivering his lance in pieces, combat, and had the best of it. he would inevitably have been lost Lancaster possessed most science, had not bis two dogs immediately which he displayed in planting first seized the monster by those parts hits, but Croxey got in and did they bad been trained to attack. some execution. He, however, Gozon then alighting from bis glaringly exhibited the white feahorse'plunged bis sword into the iher in the eighth round, and disthroat of the monster, who, wea. appointed the whole ring. He kener with the loss of blood, with soon after began to sing out for his fall overthrew bis conqueror: quarters, and repeatedly gave io to however his attendants seeing wbat his seconds, but not a drop of bad happened, came up and dis- blood was spilt during the combat ; engaged their master, whose spirits Jae Ward, tired of encouraging him they found it necessary to refresh on, stopped bis mouth with a at à neighbouring brook. After bandkerchief, to prevent the opwhich Gozon returning to Rhodes posing parties from hearing, "I was presented to the Grand Mas- give in." Croxey at length, after ter, by whom he was at first re. rolling about for twenty-two miproved for bis temerity; but in pro- nutes, got up when time was called, cess of time was bimself inyested and politely informed tbe opposite with the same dignity.

seconds, he would be

dd if be woull fight any more.

The battle

was for a subscription purse. BATTLĘ BETWEEN CROXEY AND After this disappointment all LANCASTER.

was gloom in the ring, until two

candidates for fighting fame turned. A Boxing match took place, on to for a purse of six guineas, and

Friday, the 5th of May, at made as gallant a figlit as ever was Combe Wood, Surrey, betwixt recorded.

The names of these VOL. XLVI.-No. 272.


promising lads for the prize ring, by IGNORAMUS, My first view of were Phill, Street and Tho. Roe. the matter was this: we have bad They possess a moderate share of such a number of discoveries and science, and were nearly of equal inventions, such as long as they could weight. Street, who is very young, be kept secret, that I had no faith stood over his antagonist, but al. to put in the novelty of this new though bis length gave him the sboe, until its form and fashion best at off fighting, Roe was the should be disclosed to me, and best in fighter, and he won it after compared with those which have a most courageous battle wbich preceded it. I had not forgotten lasted forty minutes.

ibe new-invented concave nails, We scarcely recollect having the exact figure of which I bad seen more determined courage than in plates two centuries old. Farwas manifested on both sides. ther, granting the sad necessity of Every round was manfully con- at all working a borse with a tested, and in the middle of the deeply seated sand crack, I could fight Street was backed at bigh not conceive any form of shoe to odds. Roe at length brought the be a proper defence for such a foot, betting even again, and he gave bis excepting the barred shoe, or one antagonist a heavy fall in the last to all intents such, with a new round but two, from which he ne name, which might be very conver recovered. Street is nineteen venient. years of age and a good bitter. Your correspondent justly ob

serves, we have had thin and thick

heeled, if not thick-headed systems ON THE LAST INVENTED, AND of shoeing ; seated shoes and plain NEWEST NEW HORSE-SHOE. ones, convex and concave shoes,

some nailed from toe to heel, and To the Editor of the Sporting Na- others nailed only at the toe; be

sides a number of learned dispu

tants on tbese intricate points, YOUR pleasant correspondent who have decided gravely, without,

JGNORAMUS, has introduced to perhaps, as IGNORAMUS observes, tbe notice of your readers, an ac ever having seen a shoe forged ; count of the last new shoe, the use and most certainly; with a total of which is to enable a horse to ignorance of what had been diswork, which may be afflictet with covered and experimented in times deeply seated sand cracks or corns, past. As to Osmer, on whose inand to supersede the necessity of spiration your correspondent sports the barred shoe. He at the same a little pleasantry, let bim go caretime appears to represent this won- fully through the book, that short der-working shoe as a secret, being abstract of common sense and exunder the necessity of asking pub- perience, and then determine wbat licly to be informed as to its mode useful arditions have since been of operation, and apparently not made. Moorcroft was bred in the qnalified eveu to describe its form. French Veterinary School, but

I must acknowledge niyself so wben settled in Osmer's old preuninformed on the matter, that I mises, be followed Osmer's plan of bad never even heard of this dis- shoeing, with a little dash of vacovery, until made so far knowing riation, in order to assume the air




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