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THE COCKER; days--for by lying too long in one Containing every Information to the position, the yolks will frequently

Breeders and Amateurs of that decay, and destroy the prolific noble Bird, THE GAME COCK: power. It frequently happens that to which is udded, a variety of some eggs are smaller than others, other useful Information for the and ill-formed they therefore Instruction of those who are at

should be rejected; for all nistendants on the Cock Pil.-By shaped eggs will produce defective W. SKETCHLEY, Gent.-Burton

birds. From intense observation on-Trent, printed.

I have generally found that tbe

round egg produced the female, (Concluded from page 28.)

and those of the oblong tbe male

bird. If too many eggs are set “ IT is doubtless an absurd opi

under the hen so as to be exposed pion to tbink any breed in- to the chilling cold or tuo intense cestuous that springs from the heat, either extreme impairs the brute creation, and of course we vital power, and the embryo will bave bred from father and daugh- prove deficient. Nature prompts ter, mother and son, or from bro.. these creatures to turn their eggs ther and sister, wbich is termed full during incubation; equally necesblood. I bave also kuown the sary is its being done previous to brood excellent where the brood- their being set. cock and hens are got by the same " "A few years will provide you cock, but out of a different hen; with a sufficient number of old though I most approve of the fore gane hens to sit, and on no acmer, the hen's strain being gene- count be prevailed on to use any rally allowed to be superior and other. Old hens are always more more certain than the cock's. If steady in sitting than pullets, are your brood places are at a distance more industrious and attached to from your house or place where their brood, and not half so prone you mean your old game hens to to quit their brood at too early a sit, great care should be taken that period. Their places for sitting your eggs in being conveyed away, should be privaie, free from anare not cracked or shaked, but noyance, and ought to be as little compact and firm for carriage. ruħed as possible, save more im. As eggs are best marked when mediately to see that they are not gathered, always on these occa. laid to, as well as to observe that siops provide yourself with pen she has not deserted them :-to and red ink, and mark each egg give them every chance of secure with some character known to retirement, they should be little yourself, with the day of the month: liable to intrusion. It has been for, as you may not always have recommended to supply them with broody bens ready, this method food, &c. near them. Whaterer will point out to you to set or

is most natural I should think most destroy them according to the time conducive to their health, and they may bave been on band. I therefore bave suffered them to have generally kept mine in sweet come off to enjoy good water bran : their own weight imbeds with feed at a certain place, that them and prevents their contact: they may not be too long ahcause them to be turned every two sent from their eggs, with any Vol. XLVI.-No. 272.




other enjoyment they are in search to discriminate their sorts as well after.

as to enter them in the manner set It is a good and regular me- forth in the book for the purpose, thod to chalk over the place where previous to your leaving the room. they sit the day they should batch, If you have plenty of range in your and of course draw your attention department, a great many chickens to see that the eggs are perfectly may be kept until such time as ibe right as to number, mark, &c.- hens may leave them. A distriand to remove the cbipped enve- bution of your cockerils claims lope, as well as the chickens which your serious attention, so much so are hatched, until the whole are at that one half of your early birds hand. You will then return them may be preserved until such time to the ben in such place as you as they are to occupy their allotted may have for the purpose (hoarded walks. The mode i bave pursuel floors are best) where they remain to accomplish this desired end is, as to time according to the cle- to select as many early cockerils, mency of the season, and the as nearly of an age as they present strength of the chickens. Let their tbeniselves, and turn them down in feed be

secure retreat, under the " Macerated

eggs that have been guidance and authority of a twoboiled bard;

year-old cock, with one hen. Here “ Crumbs of white bread; they may remain without a pro

Lettuce leaves, well mixed bability of their becoming rebel, with an addition of meadow ants; lious or self-contentious until No

“ The maggots from grains, vemher, when it may be right to kept for the purpose;


the old cock and bis mate, " Shelled steeped vats;

and suffer them to enjoy an un. • Small wheat;

controuled retirement until a pro6 Curds, with new milk; per disposal offers. No other mode

“ Bread toasted, steeped in that I could possibly devise has ebamber-lie, as they are fond of offered me so nich security as this, variety.

and what I should strongly re" Let their food 'be given fre. commend. Others you may disquently, in small quantities, and pose of in such farm-yards, where accommodate them with small interest is most predominant, and heaps of dry earth or fine sand in there remain a proper season until

their removal. Frequent visits are " You will observe never to in this department necessary to earry them ahroad until the dew watch their growth anıl well-doing is entirely off the grass, every kind and at a proper time to make of humidity being hurtful; and choice of those whose shape and you will return them before sun- perfection promise to reward your set,

future care.

Those that are not “ As more batches than one the objects of your choice, see them may, be in the same place, never properly disposed of, in order to delay marking them when brought prevent an improper use. · into the room with some one of the « Previons to their going to marks usually put upon them (per- master-walks have them up for

haps those upon the nostril and twelve or fourteen days, that you eye are the most injurious) in order may cut their comb and wattles:

the room.



and handle them with gentleness town-walks, except here and there and every encouraging demeanour. a few, are not worth having, and Let them go proudly out of band, there are few in villages where and touch them lightly bebind to towns are near to each other, but bring them to the front of the pen: may be ranked in Ibe same class. this will feed their pride, inure The best are those whose situathem to the crow of others, and tions are distant, and where plenty they come to with more alacrity of corn and water abound. Grass and pleasantness to be fed, and walks with corn are to be preferred with more facility, than cocks un to clay-bound fields, the latter accustomed thereto; and from this defacing their glossy plumes. necessary attention few or any are Where a great number of walks liable to shy.

are wanted, the practice of running Let your pens be well aired, stays with cocks is unavoidabile, the fastnesses properly secured, the and with some to a late period; perches arranged, the straw sweet even if be fights a long main early and not damp, and every morning in the spring be may fall sbort of shook from their filth. Before you the whole of his stags being got send them out number your pens out, and of course many from number one to the number sacrificed. If you have much yard. you have up, with the person's room, or two yards belonging to the name they are to go to; and bav. same dwelling, let the younger ing your book ready enter them as brood be accustomed to occupy directed, being particular as to the one, with a proper roost distheir marks and colours, with any tinct from the other, seldom interother natural mark they may have, fering with the older branch. Gen. and ticket your bags according tlemen who command any number to the pens, when sent. A regu- of walks, have infinitely the adó larity of this kind will save much vantage of those whose walks are trouble.

few and limited: the advantages “ Your utmost care and atten- over the latter are pre-eminently tion must be exerted to procure great, for many are so beautifully good walks, for balf-bred fowls in situated that even the crow or the a well farnished walk will beat the sight of a cock seldom comes across best

game when starved or pined; them; they ave neither trettent nor and band-strewed walks generally teazed, which ever causes them to bring on an inactive sloth. To lose much of their fesh, and der send fine stags that have enjoyed stroys that martial fire and spirit, every indulgence to bad walks, is wben so habituated, added to the one of the most fagrant errors a annoyance of stagse that when breeder can commit, and it is on. exbibited upon the Pit, bis raging doing all you have done before. pride is so far abated it frequently Cocks, from so snuden a deviation, makes him tardy and slow to acexperience a change in their sys- tion. tem, and it checks their growili. “ Those who fight for considerfrequently a gradual decline ensues. able sunys cannot be too scrutiTherefore the procuring good nizing in the choice of their stays, walks is absolutely necessary and when they are to be sent out to conducive to the well-doing and clear walks, to see that they are constitution of your cocks. All in all respeots free from ocular

inperfections ; for the occupying

ON THE CRAFT OF FOXES IN walks with any deficit is not only

THE NORTH. an increase of expense, but a great From Olaus Magnus, Archbishop of Upsal. disappointment, as it frequently happens, for want of such nice ob. WHEN the fox is pressed with servation, that they are reckoning hunger, cold, and


be upon more fine cocks than they will come near bouses and bark are possessed of.

like a dog, wbich brings the do" To mention a few of these mestic animals about him, some of imperfections may be necessary, al- whom he makes bis prey. Somethough they are generally well times he will feign bimself dead, known; such as are

lying on his hack, drawiog in bis “ Flat sided, and then generally breath, and lolling out his tongue. deep keeled,

Sometimes when bungry, be will • Short legged,

roll himself in red eartb, and • Thiu thighs,

making himselt

appear as if killed " Crooked or indented breast, and bloody, birds coming down to “ Short thin neck,

feed on bis carcass, are snapped up “ Imperfect eye,

unawares. To avoid the prickles " Duck and short footed, and of the hedge hog, he will throw « Unbealthful,

hini on his back. Sometimes meet. may be easily seen when up for the ing a multitude of wasps, he wides purpose of cutting and handling. bis body all but his tail, and when

Cocks that are well formed they are entangled in it, he will and lofty have an amazing ad- come out and rub them against a vantage over the disproportioned; stone or a tree till they are quite the latter carrying with them much dead. Much in the same manner useless weight.

High bearing be catches crabs and small fish. fowls will always have the odds in How he gets rid of bis fleas is well their favour over low setting cocks. kuown. Sometimes he will play Cocks when they are justly forined, with a bare ; but this animal often rise in their fight with more agi- escapes him by its quickness, lity and force, are better heelers Sometimes the fox has been known than those that carry their make to escape as a dog, by barking; equal to the extreme: and your but he most certainly escapes his dry heeled cocks are generally of enemies when be bangs bimself by the latter description, the weight a bough, and makes the dogs lose being too far from the centre of scent. He is also wont to deceive action, and once overpowered they the hunter wben he runs amongst are always under a cock, that is a berd of goats, or sometimes by not alike defective ;-their legs are leaping upon a goat, which runs thrown out of the line of the body, with bim on its back up inaccesand of course are never close bitters. sible beights. If fastened after

“ Cocks that do not bear coue- being taken, he will sometimes bite Jike shapes, are for the most part off his own foot and get away. wide and straddling in their walk, But if no other way remainş, he and as they walk they fly-whereas will, when taken out of the spare, in the cone-like shape, the legs are feign bimself dead. I once saw more inverted and narrow, and on the rocks of Norway a fox with more terrible ip their spur." a huge tail, who brought many

crabs * Thus in Mr. Park's MS.


tion :

erabs 'out of the water and tben Godolphin Arabian.--I am, your ate them. And that is no rare

humble servant, sight, as no fish will stick to a Ben. Beacon, a breeder. bristly thing let down into the water like crabs. Persons troubled with the gout are cured in these

COMBAT WITH LIONS; RIVER northern countries by the warm

HORSES, CROCODILES, &c. skin of the fox bound upon the

From the Second Volume of Mungo Park's part affected, or by anointing them

Travels in Africa. selves with its fat.

AT half-past five o'clock, there

being a fine breeze from the COMPARATIVE GOODNESS OF south west, we had not proceeded ANCIENT HORSES.

above a mile before we heard on

our left, a noise very much like To the Editor of the Sporting Ma- the barking of a large mastiff, but gazine.

ending in a hiss like the fuf* of a SIR,

cat. I thought it niust he some the Sporting Magazine for large monkey, and was observing March, 1815, page 281, appears

to Mr. Anderson " what a bounce a letter signed JOHN LAWRENCE, ing fellow tbat must be," when we containing the following observa• heard another bark nearer to us,

and presently a third still nearer, Let the reader be reminded accompanied with a growl. I now in the two following illustrious suspected that some wild animal examples, which our universe, nei. meant to attack us, but could not ther ancient nor modern, can pa- conjecture of wbat species it was rallel."

likely to be. We bad not proceedIt is rather extraordinary, that ed a hundred yards farther; when in the researches after the origin coming to an opening in the bushes, of our present illustrious race of I was not a little surprised to see horses, the Stradling or Lister three lions coming towards. us. Turk should be omitted, as he was They were not so red as the lion sire of Snake and Coneyskins, and I formerly saw in Bambarra, hut the Hobby Mare, dam of the fa- of a dusky colour, like the colour of mous Brockleshy Betty.

an ass. They were very large, and Snake.yas sire of the Warlock came bounding over the long grass, Galloway, the dam of Squirt, and not one after another, but abreast. grandam of Regulus.

I was afraid if I let them cone too Eclipse had four crosses of the near 11s, and 'my piece should miss Lister Turk. His sire Marsk, by fire, that we should all he devoured Squirt,* great grandam hy Coney- by them. I therefore let go the skins, * a son of the Lister Turk. bridle and walked forward to meet Eclipse's dam Spilletta, hy Regu- them. As soon as they were within lus,* her dam by Smith's son of a long shot of me, I fired at tbe Suake;* wbich pedigree must rank centre one.. I do not think I bit the Lister Turk equal in point of him, but they all stopped, looked value to Darley's Arabian or the at each other, and then bounded


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