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MÀY, 1815.




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CONTENTS. The High-inettled Racer ......

.. 49 Description of the Habits and Manners of Races appointed in 1815

the French Females Sporting Subjects in the Exhibition of the Cruelty to Horses .....

.............. 79 Royal Academy, 1815 ....

50 New Regulation of the Jockey Club .......... $0 Epsom Races .... .......

56 The Dog and the Fox; an Etching :........ . 80 Extract from Sketchley's Rook on. Cocking.. 57-|| Introduction of Spanish Horses into England 80 On the Craft of Foxes in the North ......... 60 Fabricated Cruelty ... Comparatire Goodness of Ancient Horses.... 61 | Description of a French Diligence, and the Combat with Lions in Africa ......... ...

Manners and Habits of its Conductor .... 82 Account of an ancient Tortoise at Peter. Action to recover Money lost by Gaming S4 borough 694 FEAST OF WIT...

85 History of the Chevalier Gozon ........


87 Battle betweeu Croxey and Lancaster .... 65 Action for Slander---Tilley v. Parsons 92 On the last invented, and newest new Horse To Correspondents Shoe......

POETRY. On the Exhibition of the High-mettled Address, spoken by Mr. R. Jones at the BirRacer ....

......... 67 iningham Theatre On Coursing ........

70 Parody on Shakespear's Seven Ages ..... Account of the new Afterpiece called, “The Epistle from the Right Hon. C. J. Fox ...... 94: Fortune of War," 71 il RACING CALENDAR

17 Embellished with, 1. Tuz High-METTLED RACER, an Engraving.

II. The DOG AND THE Fox, an Etching.




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ture, jocosely remarked, that this was (in the language of the turf) " backing your judgment, and being let into the secret.”.

Painted by COOPER, and engraved by


THE. subject from which the RACES APPOINTED IN 1815.

annexed engraving is taken, bas been chosen by that celebrated A SCOT-Heatb June 6 artist for the display of his up Beverley

7 rivalled abilities, and is from that Newton

14 entertaining work, entitled " Songs Bibury ..

20 of the Chase;" page 226. page 226. The Hampton .

20 part of the race is after they have Tenbury

21 shaken off tbeir companions who Bath...

28 could not live with them, and are Ludlow

29 alone contending for the sweep- Ipswich

July 4 stakes. The dark horse' is being Stanford

4 held in band for a short burst. An Bridgnorth

6 old sportsman, who saw the pic. Newmarket

10 G Nottingham

Oxford ..



.July 18 or, the old woman's donkey reKnutsford

25 deemed from pound.W.R. Bigg, Goodwood

... 26 R. A.

Aug. 1 94. Crossing the brook.-J. M. Newcastle, Staffordshire ... 8 W. Turner, R. A. Egham.


95. Portrait of Mrs. Witham.Warwick

Sept. 5 J. Ramsay, Beccles.

12 103. A landscape.-J. Landon. Lichfieldt

125. The falco ossifragus, or Kingscote.

19 sea-eagle and prey.-J. Sillett. Leicester

20 128. Portrait of Sir J. Radcliff,

Bart.-W. Owen, R. A.

132. Portrait of his sister, SPORTING SUBJECTS, ANI. R. T. Bone.

136. The favourite jackdaw.MALS, &c.

E. Fox. In the Exhibition of the Royal Academy 148. Portraits of Prince Pla. of Paintings at Somerset House, in the toff's favourite charger, and of four year 1815, being the Forty-seventh Year of the Institution.

of his Cossacks.-J. Ward, R. A.

158. Dido building Cartbage; 1. PORTRAIT of T: W. Coke, or the rise of the Carthaginian

Esq. M. P.-R. R. Rein- Empire.- 1st book of Virgil's agle, A.

Æneid. J. M. W.Turner, R. A. 11. Portrait of Madame Alex 163. Portrait of the Herman ander.--H. Singleton.

Prince Platoff.-Sir T. Lawrence, 22. Portrait of Major-General R. A. Sir R. H. Vivian, K. C. B.-M.A. 166. A Circassian - Prince on Shee, R. A.

horse-back, selling two boys of his 33. Scrub, a shooting poney, own nation, to a Cossack chief of aged thirty years, belonging to Sir the Black Sea.-W. Allan. R. C. Hoare; Bart. with two fa 168. Portraits of a charger and vourite spaniels of the Duke of


property Newcastle's breed.-A. Cooper. the Rigbt Hon. Lord Stewart

49. Portraits of a nobleman and J. Ward, R. A. his servant, on two fast-trotting 175. A scene from Midsummer hacks.-H. B. Chalon.

Night's Dream.-H. W. Pickers52. Portraits of two brood mares, gill. the property of Mr. Kellermann. 178. Boadicea rallying the BriJ. Cawse,

tons; a sketch.-S. Drummoid, A. 57. A hackney, the property of 187. Landscape and cattle. a gentleman..-A. Cooper.

I. Seguier. 68. Delpini, a charger, the pro 232. Portrait of Mr. G. Dodd. perty of Major T. P. Milles, 14th J. Jacksoni, Light Dragoons.-A. Cooper: 233. Portrait of Pan, the pro

74. Portraits of Blenheim and perty of Mr. Kellermann.. Rakey, two favourite spaniels, the Cawse. property of a lady.-H. B. Chalon. 239. Landscape and cattle.

78. Two spaniels, belonging to Hon. Mary J. Exlen, H. H. Ushorne, Esq.-A. Coopers 242. Landscape and cattle 8o. The Trespass compromised; Hon. Mary J. Eden, H.

255. A view

a favourite poney,


255. A view of Gordale, in the Sorcerer, the property of Mr. Kelwanpr of East Malham in Craven, lermann.-J. Cawse. Yorkshire, the property of Lord 378. Landscape and cattle.J. Ribhlesdale.-J. Ward, R. A. Higion. 256. Fish.-J. Harper.

384. Major, a charger, belong260. A favourite cat.-A. Caor ing to the late Captain Bryan of per.

the Coldstream Guards.-H. B. 271. An Indian scene, with birds Chalon. and animals.-W. Daniell, A. 391, Tippoo, a celebrated poney, 273. A pig.-J. Harris.

the property of a gentleman, 274. Sheep.-J. Harris.

R.P. Nodder, 275. A bunting mare and foal, 397. Mammoth, the property of the property of his Grace the Duke Colonel G. Thornton.-H. B, of Grafton.-A. Cooper.

Chalon. 278. Portrait of a fayourite dog. 407. Şetters and pointer.-C.H. -R. R. Reinagle, A.

Schwanfelder. 285. Cattle: Evening-a dis 433. Flowers, from Nature, tant view of Staines church, on the Miss E. Elford, 'H. Thames.-R. R. Reinagle, A. 436. A vase with flowers.-J.

288. Portraits of Persian horses Barney. and a Spanish sheep-clog, the pro 443. Portrait of a mute, the

property of Earl Percy.-G. Gar- perty of W. W. Simpson, Esy, of rard, A.

Beleigb Ģrange, Essex.-E. Land300. Portraits of two extraor. dinary oxen, the property of the 447. Flowers, from Nature -Earl of Powis.-J. Ward, R. A. Mrs. Groves.

303. Portrait of Master Joby, 450. The cricketer: A portrait and bis black seryant Paulos of Master E. Landseer.-Master J. M. W. Sharp.

Hayter. 309. Cattle: Evening.-E. 453. Fruit.-C. Crapmer, H. Childe.

457. Bella, horrida bella SS, 318. Portrait of bis Grace the Howitt. Duke of Norfolk.-J. Lonsdale, 458. The stage-coach going to

326. Gambling.-J. Cawse. Versajlles, with a view of the Thuil.

330. Hollyhock, a poney, a cele- leries in the distance.-A. Şauerbrated trotter, the property of a weid. gentleman.-R. P. Nodder.

462. Dead game.-A.S. Boult. 331. Portraits of the Craven 464, Fish.G. Roth. hounds.-J. Barenger.

470.-A group of forest borses. 341. Allied cavalry fording a -H. Kinch. river.-J. A. Atkinson.

477. Flowers.-J. Linton. 353. A fast-trotting cart-borse, 479. Flowers --N. Kelly. the property of Mr. Greaves. 481. Battle of Orthes : Cbarge J. N. Sartorius.

of the British cavalry, under the 356. Portraits of part of the command of Lords Combermere family of the Hon. G. Irby, with a and E. Somerset, on the French favourite Shetland poney.-J. Kee. retiring columns, at the close of man.

the battle fought on the 27th Fer 369. Portrait of Vale Royal, by bruary, 1814.-D. Dighton.

486. Flow

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