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POLITICAL Cross-Readings at in my farm yard; those that hap

a Whist-party in Bath.-Dra- pen to be within the gate, eat the matis Personæ, three old ladies and peas very orderly and quietly you a gentlemaņ:-" My dear Sir hear no noise or grumbling amongst George, did you ever hear of any them; but presently come a parcel thing so extraordinary as that ex- of other pigs from the field, and ecrable tyrant, Bonaparte's, return being without the gate, they run to to Paris?" (" The odd trick, I this side and that, push the gate believe, Madam.")—“ Marvellous with their poses, squeak, balloo, beyond all precedent! who would and kick up a sad disturbance; have thought it after the sacred but the moment I open the gate and treaty of Fontainbleau? (" A introduce them the peas, they befalse deal, I fancy”) and the wise come as quiet as so many mice in and equitable arrangements at Vi a full barn." enna, for the repose of Europe, by the high and mighty Allied Sove

A PRINCELY PUN. reigns ?" (" Three knaves upon Made at the Installation of Knights lately the table at opce, I declare.")

at Carlton House. " But surely, Sir George, there is While the Knights were all jostling and 80 much feeling for royalty"-(1

talking so loud,

The Rat could scarce get himself must trump your King, Miss Frow

thro' the crowd ; zy) and still so much virtue in At last to his Doctor he whisper'd de France, as to furnish a pistol or

“ The Order to-day, is a Warm Bath, I'm dagger for the Usurper!" (" The

sure !" game is lost I perceive.")" Alas! I fear pot, my lady! the people

A student shewing the Museum have called him back."-(“ A re.

at Oxford to a party, among other voke, hy all that's unlucky!) things produced a rusty sword. .: Well! there is yet some hope « This (said he) is the sword with from the dear whisker'd Cossacks, which Balaam was going to kill bis and the enchanting Blucher. Oh!

ass."~" I thougbt (said ope of I could kiss"-1" your ace, I pre- the company) that Balaam had no sume, Sir George.")

sword, but only wished for one." A Farmer's Political Opinion of student, nowise abashed) and this

You are right, Şir, (replied the Parties.—A farmer dining with is the very sword he wished for." some friends a short time since, and politics being introduced, the conduct of the Opposition was A STORY-TELLER recounted, that commented on by some of the a man who had his bead shot off, panty; when the farmer observed, walked two miles ; aye, two miles " Why now, gentlemen, I can at least.-'. I bave no doubt (said compare their general coprluct to a lady), as to the distance ; in sich nothing better than tbat of some a case the first step is the great of my pigs ! I feed them witb peas difficulty."




THE Spadille Mare (dans of the dlebam; and Sir B. R. Graham

celebrated racer X Y Z) was sold his Remembrancer colt, out of shot lately by order of her owner, Masquerade, to go into the South. Mr. Ord, supposed not in foal, but Mr. Kirby bas sold Fairville, by on being examined, she had a very Orville, to Mr. Hesseltine, of fine filly foal in her, by Marmion: Hambleton, near Thirsk, Yorkand Mr. J. W. Wilson's Hambleto. shire; and Mr. Stonebewer bas pian mare (dam of Bosville) was purchased Whisker (brother to lately drowned by falling into a Whalebone), by Waxy, of the ditch, with a colt in ber by Whit- Duke of Grafton. He is the first worth,

favourite for the Derby.

Lately died, Lord Fitzwilliam's The Hon. T. 0. Powlett, of Bol. Cossack, by Sir Paul, out of Fan. ton Hall, near Middleham, York- ny's dam, by Diomed. sbire, has purchased of H. Peirse, Esq. of Bedale, a bay mare, by PONTEFRACT, Yorkshire, March Pipator, dam by Delpini, out of 30, which was uncommonly fine Tuberose, with a colt by her side, for the occasion, Mr. Cbawortb's by Comus; and bas also purchased fine pack of hounds met on the two two-years-old colts and two race-ground, when hardly yearling colts, of Mr. J. W. Wil. ever bebeld sucb a field of real

Mr. J. W. Wilson also sold sportsmen, there being nearly two Jast week, a remarkably fine colt, hundred present. After trying a by Whitworth, out of Bosville's few covers, a good fox was found dam, to the Earl of Darlington, at Nostel Willow-Garth : he went who has since purchased Belville, away in full view, and after a by Orville.

chase of two bours, of such runAt Catterick, Lord Queensberry ning as is rarely seen, he was bought the stallion, Bucepbalus; killed witbin twenty yards of an Mr. Monkman, the Pegasus mare, old earth, which he had used his out of Sapcho's dam; Mr. Hut- utmost exertions to gain. Mr. chinson the Brown-bread colt, that Chawortla's superior skill, in the was second for the Yearling Stakes, bunting of these bounds, was very and sold him again to the Duke of conspicuous to every one, who is Leeds, at Middleham. Mr. Hut- not an entire stranger to such chinson sold bis Sweet william geld sports. ing, dam by the lorother to Eagle, to Mr. Shafto; and Mr. Don, a Malton Races were numerously yearling colt, hy Deceiver, out of and fashionably attended, and the the above Pegasus mare. Mr. new and beautiful assembly-room Reed Denham, purchased Norton, there, was considered a great achy Hyacinthus, of Sir William commodation to the ladies and gena Maxwell, after being beat at Mid. tlemen attending the races, and

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will no doubt, in future years, 10gs. each was won by Mr. Petre's draw a still more fashionable and Hippomenes (by Pilgrim), beating numerous company.

Mr. Wbite's Jack, Mr. Paris's Mel.

tonian, Mr. Powlett's Expectation, CROXTON PARK RACES.-Amidst and Mr. Doyne's grey gelding . the festive days which most neigh The farmers' plate of 50l. was won hourboods have to boast of, none at two heats by Mr. Draper's excels in interest that appointed as Yorkshire Lass, beating Mr. Coats's the finale of the season in the Bel. br. h. and fifteen others.—The hanvoir and Quorn bunts. This year, dicap was won by Mr. White's however, although the weather was Harlequin, beating Mr. Petre's particularly fine and the ground in Hippomenes, and seven others. unusually good order, the sport was comparatively poor. The races on Ar Barton-upon-Humber races, Wednesday, the 5th instant, cer on Tuesday, the 21st ult, the Cratainly did not equal what had been ven Stakes, of ten guineas each, generally expected. The course for all ages, were won by Capt. was not quite so thronged as usual, Wright's ch. colt, Fitz-Selim, by but the scene imparted pleasure to Selim, two years old, beating seven a large number of persons, many others.—The Macaroni stakes, of of whom came from a great dis. ten guineas each, hy Lord Scarbotance. Amongst the company rough's b. horse, Kexhy, own browere, the Duke and Duchess of ther to Catton, four years old, beatRutland, the Duchess Dowager of ing two others. A subscription Rutland, Lady Catherine Forester, purse of fifty guineas, for two years Lady Elizabeth Norman, Marquis old, was won by Lord Scarhoand Marchioness of Worcester, rough's br. gelding, Ragman, by Lords Charles Manners, Aylesford, Sir Solomon, heating seven others. Dartmouth. and Berkeley, Lady – The Hunters' stakes, of five guiSophia Whichcote, Hon. B. Craven, neas each, were won by the Hon. Sir Rt. Layton, Sir W. W. Wynne, G. A. Pelbain's b. horse, by Truth, Hon. G. Watson, Gen. Manners, five years old, beating three others. Gen. Grosvenor, &c. The following is an account of the different FRIDAY, the 21st inst. was the races :—Mr. Paris's Promise beat last day of the Royal Hunt for the Mr. Doyne's 'Harry, 50gs.- Mr. season; and although it was a wet Sloane's Planet' beat Mr. Irvin's morning, the company was tole. Gray’s-Ion-Lane, one mile, 25gs. rably numerous. A very fine won in, a canter.---Tlie 50gs. sweep. deer was selected for the occasion, stakes was

won hy Mr. Craven's and he went off in fine style from Lady, beating Mr. Stonehewer's Ascot-heath, taking througb the Garland and Mr. Paris's Promise. enclosures and woods, towards the Mr. Mills's No Conjuror received Thames, where he crossed the forfeit from Mr. Stonehewer's Hy: water into Buckinghamshire, near las; 25gs. each, h. ft.-The Crox. Surly-ball. Some of the sports, ton Park stakes of 25gs. each, was men pursued him through Wind: won by Mr. White's Harlequin, sor, to the great amusement of the beating Mr. Craven's Melton, Mi. inhabitants; others went over MaiMaher's Sbughurue, and five others. denhead-bridge, &c. Very great -The Hunters' sweepstakes of sport was afforded. The deer Vol. XLVI.No.271.



crossed the Thames a second time tbe late successful campaigns. It near Maidenhead, and ran with might naturally be supposed that great speed towards Great Marlow, such a borse, as a remembrance of 'taking to the left, when he was the donor, would bave been kept taken near Hurley Bottom, after with the most extraordinary care, an excellent run of about three that it would have a separate grooni hours.

to attepd it, that it would bave been

pampered, and suffered to pass the THURGARTON Hunt Races at, remaiuder of its life in a sort of ri. tracted a numerous company to otous felicity. He heard, however, Nottingham race - ground this and was very sorry to hear it, that montb, who were highly gratified this animal was now employed in with the day's 'diversion. After drawing a dung-cart at Hampton the races, a subscription was pro- Court." -The Ministerial papers posed for various plates, to be run have since denied the truth of this for next Spring.

anecdote; while, on the other

hand, its accuracy is persisted in SINGULAR OCCURRENCE.-On by another of the daily prints. Friday night, the 14tb inst. two very line borses, belonging to gen On Wednesday, the 12th instant, tlemen at the Fountain, Hunting- two bullocks in a fatting yard at don, bruke loose from their re- Şteyning, in Sussex, engaged in a spective stabies, which joined each furious contest with each other, other, kicked down the partition, when the horn of one of them enand were found dead in the morn- tering the mouth of his adversary, ing. There were no particular penetrated through the roof, and marks of violence upon the bodies, appeared externally to the extent but the mangers were much stained of several inches. In this horrid with blood.

state of entanglement (for the horn

was curved, and most strongly On Sunday, the oth inst. as à fixed), the poor creature bellowed mare, the property of Mr. W. dreadfully, and, by tbe fiercest efStevenson, of Stamford, was foal, fórts, endeavoured to extricate ing, a sow in the farm-yard seized himself, but in vain ; until, at on her at the tirpe, and drew out length, by' a repetition of severe her entrails. The poor animal died struggles on the part of both-bul. in the night after. The foal was locks, the horn was forcibly resaved from the rapacious fury of leased from its bold, by tearing the sow, but it is since dead. away the nostrils. The unhappy

beast, beivg rendered by the wound In the House of Commons, on incapable of feeding himself, has Friday, the 14th instant, during a since been killed. discussion on the enormous excess of the expenditure of the Civil

SINGULAR CIRCUMSTANCE. List, Mr. Whitbread related tbę The following singular circumfollowing anecdote :-" It was stance occurred lately in the vile said that an illustrious foreigner lage of Ugston, by Lauder :-A (Prince Platoff) bad_made a pre- pair of pigeons, baving taken up sent to the Prince Regent of a ibeir abode in a dwelling-house ja horse, that had carried bim through that village, built a nest there, in

which the hen laid two eggs. of 12,0001. This booty was to be During the time of her incubation, participated by three veterans in an intimacy commenced between the art, which is said to have očá her and the family cat, which soon casioned so much confusion in the became so close, that they were settlement, as indicated farther tery seldom seen apart; and, how- dis-union in that hazardous corps. ever incredible it may appear, yet it is a well-authenticated fact, that, The spirit of opposition in the as often as the pigeon left the nest, stage coach business, never raged the cat was seen to take her place to the extent that it does at preTbus matters proceeded till the sent. There are two coaches (the pigeons were hatched, when pass's Union and Rockingham) on the predilection for the offspring be- great north road, which have for came as apparent as it bad been many months raced against each for the mother, and continued tilf other daily; and this month one the period of their having become of them (the Union) performed a full fledged, when a painful separa: journey from London to Coltstion ensued-painful as it respect- worth, in Lincolnshire (a distance ed puss; but, regardless of ber of one bundred and two miles), in feelings, they took up their ordi- exactly ten hours, all stoppages intiary residence in the roof. Hither cluded. the inconsolable cat's eyes were often directed unable, however, A MATCH at cricket was played to brook a separation longer, she near Boston, on the 6th instant, clambered up to their abode, and, by eleven married and eleven sinwith evident satisfaction, seated gle mien ; when the married players herself contiguous to them. proved too much for the single,

beating them by ten notches. THE Chancellor of the Excbe. quer, it is said, intends to take off

At the Norfolk Assizes, a perthe exemption of tax in favour of son named Garrett, was indicted cottagers' dogs, wbich are found to for a nuisance in exhibiting a stalhe very injurious to society in va• lion in Derebam market-place; rious respects, and a public nui- but the Judge was of opinion, that sance, which has considerably in- the mere fact of leading a stallion creased under such exemption. through a public market was not

an offence

lictable at common There is at present living, at law; of course the defendant was the seat of B. Dashwood, Esq. acquitted. Well Vale, near Alford, an eagle, measuring eight feet between the A CHAŘge of bigamy bias been extremities of the two wings. It preferred against a celebrated chawas wounded and taken some time racter in the sporting world, which ago by the gamekeeper.

threatens very serious consequences

to him. The Lady to whom the A dash was made in one of the accused was first married brought first circles, of deep play, a few bim seven thousand pounds, and evenings since, from which a has a family of sever children. young man of rank rose up the vic. He left her on a voyage to the Baltim of indiscretion, to the amount tic on important business; but af



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