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tified by well-contested running day, the Sweepstakes of 10gs.cack, each day. The weather was un with 50gs. added by the Club, was favourable on the first day, but on walked over the course for by RoWednesday and Thursday the bin Adair (named by Mr. Goddard). course was thronged with car -Mr. Jones's Fatima won at riages, and spectators, on horse three beats, the 50l. for all ages, and foot. Among the company and the 5gs. Sweepstakes were were the following: the Right walked over for by Mr. Whitmore's Hon. Lord Hill, and Sir J. T. Topsy Turvy. - Thursday, the Tyrwhitt Jones, Bart. (Stewards.) Berkeley Hunt Stakes of 10gs. each Earls Powis and Denbigh: Coun were won by Captain Berkeley's tess Powis,-Lord Bradford.--La- Lustre; and the Handicap Plate dies H. and C. Clive, R. Fielding, of 501. by Mr. Charlton's Don three Fieldings, K. Forester, Pu- Rodrigo.-A match for 50gs. be. loston, and Egerton.--Honoura- tween Nr. Langley's Selima and bles F. West, C. Jenkinson, Mr. Dare's Schweppe (rode by Fielding, R. Hill, and T. Kenyon. the owners), was won in two beats -Sirs, Jolin Hill, T. N. Hill, R. by the former. This match had Puleston, John Boyd, W. Wynne. excited considerable interest, and

-Generals Egerton and Leth- bets were generally 5 to 4 on Sebridge. The balls and ordinaries lima. The first heat was closely were well attended. The Stewards contested; but the second was named for next year are F. R. Price, won by sume lengths, amid the exEsq. of Brynypys, and Edw. W. ultations of the numerous sports, Smythe Owen, Esq. of Condover men who had accepted the odds. Park.

The uncommon fineness of the

weather attracted a very numerous The Course on both days of assemblage; and the sport, though Newbury Races was attended by a perbaps not equal to 'some former great many uobility and gentry, years, afforded much amusement. and some of the first sporting characters in the country. The rac YARMOUTH Races, Norfolk, ing was very good. The ordina were numerously and fashionably ries were conducted in a very sue attended; the weather was reperior manner, and the Theatre markably fine, but rather too dusty ; never hoasted more fashionable au on the first day, for the Gold Cup, diences. The hall at the Mansion Lord Suffield's Hocus Pocus walkHouse was crowdlerl by all the ed over the course. Sw istakes neighbouring families of rank and of 10gs. with 25gs. added, were fortune, and many strangers of won by Lord Rous's Sbrapnell ; distinction,

and Ladies' Plate of 501. hy Lord

Suffield's Huntingdon. - Second Ar Kingscote Meeting, which day, a Handicap, one mile and a began on Tuesday, the 19th inst. quarter lieats, hetween Lord SufMr. Rusb's Lapwing wou the Pro- field's Little Turk, Major Wilson's duce Stakes of 100gs. each; the Courier, and Mr. Goodissou's Gift, Kingscote Stakes of 25gs. each, won by the latter after two most were won by Mr. Rusb's b. f. and excellent heats, A Handicap; the Eighty Pounds hy Mr. Whit- two-mile beats, between Lord more's Charles Surface.- Wednes. Suffield's Huntingdon, and Lord


Rous's Shrapnell, two very capital of spectators than seen for many heats, and won by Shrapnell, the years on a similar occasion ; the first heat by half a peck, and the town conseqnently, during the race second by not more than half a week, wore a very gay and animatlength; these two races afforded ed

appearance. The balls disa much gratification to the amateurs. played a brilliant assemblage of General Loftus, M. P. the Hon. rank, beauty, and fashion. John Rous, and John Penrice, Esq. are the stewards for next LICHFIELD Races.-On Tuesyear.

day, there was no race for the

King's Plate of 100 guineas ; a Ar Leicester Meeting, the grand horse of Lord Derby's walked over stand exbibited a display of beauty the course for it. The sweepstakes and, fashion unprecedented. The on the same day were won by Mr. ordinary, at which his Grace the W. Hill's br. m. Cora, beating Mr. Duke of Rutland presided as Stew. J. Smart's b. m. Woodbine and two ard of the Races, was numerously others. attended, and a sumptuous dinner, consisting of every delicacy in sea Beccles Races on Tuesday, the son, was each day served up at the 12th, were most numerously at, Three Crowns Ion; among the tended. Never was the race course most distinguished characters were hefore honoured with such an asthe Dowager Duchess of Rutland, semblage of nobility and gentry Lord

Fitzroy, Sir from all parts of both coanties; Noel, Bart. G. A. Le Keck, Ed. and the ball in the evening eclipsed ward Farnham High Sheriff, J. all the former ones since the reMansfield, Richard Cheslyn, Ri- establishment of these races. Lord chard Astley, Richard Astley, jun. Suffield and Major Wilson have Charles William Pochin, E. Bar- accepted the stewardship for next naby, John Finch Simpson, Chas. year. There were opwards of two Loraine Smith, T. A. Smith, Cle- thousand persons at Chipperfield's menc Winstanley, A. G. Hesel- garden, and its amusements gave rige, John B. Story, ColonelCrump, universal satisfaction. W. E. Hartopp, Esrs. ; Sir William B. Cave, Bart. Henry Greene, The sporting couuties have taud R. Haymes, Esqrs.

the finest breeding season; the

coveys of partridges, and nides of BASINGSTOKE Races, which be- pheasants, are the largest throughgan tbe 7th instant, were well at. out Norfolk that have been known tended, and afforded excellent for many years past. sport. The steward's hall, at the Town Hall, was honoured witb Mr. Smith, of Vinehall, Sussex, the presence of all the principal fa- on Tuesday, the 12th instant, milies in the neighbourhood. brought to bag two brace of par

tridges, at one shot! WARWICK Races were this year unusually attractive, and afforded GROUSE shooting, in the county considerable sport. The weather, of ublin, and on the Wicklow which was extremely fine, drew to Mountains, has been but indifferent; the race course a greater concourse owing to the heavy fall of rain.

RIFLE SHOOTING.–At a trial that leaves no doubt of their being of skilt on Sunday, the 10tb instreared to maturity. at Chalk Farm, ainong some amatears of the rifle, there was wit. Perocity of a Pole-cal. -On pessed some excellent shooting Tuesday, tbe 5th of September, from the shoulder, at 150 yards, some carpenters, who were at work and from the rest and shoulder at at Falmer, near Lewes, bearing, in 200 yards; after wbich Mr. For. an adjoining field, a hare cry out man, ci-devant Captain in the Instily, bastened to the spot from Duke of Cumberland's Sharp- whence the noise proceeded, and shooters, hit six successive shots perceived a pole-cat bad fixed on from 250 yarris, five of them from the hare, near the head, when ode the rest and one from the shoulder, of the carpenters immerliately flung all of them near the centre, and himself down on both the animals, one in the ball's eye, at a target seized each of then by the neck, two feet in circumference, and a and continued to hold them until nine inch bull's eye. Although this Mr. Hart (for whom they were at effort has never been beaten, it work) came to be a spectator, and may be considered as no otherwise although the young man grasped worthy of being recorded, than to the neck of the pole-cat with all sbow the excellence to whicb rifle his strength, in order to choak him shooting bas been brought in this off, he would not let go bis hold, country,

until his brains were literally beaten

out with a pair of iron compasses, In a short time the establish- and by which time poor puss 'was ment of a regular pack of Chester quite dead. hounds will be formed. The subscription is filled ; and Earl Gros The Landrail perched !-One venor, Sir J. G. Egerton, and Sir day in the early part of this month, W. W. Wyune, Bart. are contri. as two gentlenen were hunting for butors.

partridges in the vicinity of Lewes,

Sussex, their dogs put up a landCæsarian Operation.-On Fri. rail, but in a direction that afforded day, the 1st of September, as Mr. them shot; they bowerer Dadeney, of Herstmonceux, Sus- marked the bird, which, after sex, was shooting, a female bare, soaring to a certain beigbt, to tery large with young, jumped up their great astonishment, relaxed hefore his dogs, and was nearly its pinions, and settled on a branch killed before any steps could be of a lofty tree, whereon it remained taken to save her. Mr. D. like a until their nigh approach, when it true sportsman, regretted the cir- again took the alarm, and escaped. cumstance, thongb he could not The above gentlemen, who are exprevent it, and having proceeded perienced gunners, mention this to open the ill-fated animal, he fact, as a circumstance new in the was surprised to find in her THREE character of the landrail, and as lively leverets, which he tenderly such, under their authority, we re• drew forth, carefully carried home, cord it. and hy proper treatment, preserved. They are all living, and exhibit : FAITIIFUL Dog.-" In our p&. degree of bealth and sprigtitliness, per of the 8th of July last, we no


ticed the miraculous escape of merset, some of the most celebrat. Lieut. Frank Warde, of the e: single stick heroes of that faRocket Corps, nephew of Gen. mous neighhourhood entered the Warde, at the battle of Water- lists, and played seyeral bouts with loo; and bis loss of a favourite that good bumour, skill, and dexdog on that memorable day. terity, which place them on a rank Lieut. W. afterwards advanced of celebrity above all competitors. with the Prussians to Versailles, Will. Wall, Stone, Bunn, Dunker. where he was wounded--but sube ton, Kearsley, and five others, sequently joined his own corps, formed the list of champions. The and marched with part of the Bri- prize was nominally awarded to tish army to Neufcbatel (a dis. Wall, who divided it amoog somne tance of 400 miles from Water- of bis most successful.companions, Igo), where, five weeks after the Abye-stander who observed the battle, he was joined by bis faith. bappy countenances of the rustic ful dog, wounded, and having lost assemblage, dressed in their holithe use of one leg !"-(Cambrian)day donnings, cannot resist enjoy.

ing these annual revelries; and The “ Annals of Austrian Li- tbinking their suppression inconterature" mention that ibe late D. șistent with the spirit that should Cbristian, Dean of the Faculty of be kept up amongst the true Bri Canon Law at Vienna, bas be. tish yeomanry. queathed the sum of 6000 forins for the maintenance of his three CRICKET.-A cricket match, dogs during their natural lives; for fifty guineas aside, was played and after the death of the said ou Nottinghamground this month, three dogs, or the longest liver of between G. Osbaldeston, Esq. them, that sum is to fall into the M. P. of Thurgarton Hall, and funds of the University of Vienna. Mr. Joseph Dennis and Humphry

Hopkins, two of the Nottingham At a Meeting beld in London, Cluh. The matcb excited consi. the following Land Proprietors in derable interest among the ama. North Wales bave resolved to esta. teurs in that neighbourboor, and blish an Association for the Pre. drew a great concourse of spectar servation of Gaine, by prosecuting tors to the forest. The play be persons from various parts of the gan on Monday the 21st, but was kingdom, (many of whom are selo not over till Wednesday, on lers of game), travelling from ion count of the beavy rain which fell to inn, and sporting on the pro on the intermediate day. Mr, Os. perty of subscribers without leave; baldeston was allowed one to field; also all receivers for sale, of game and for this purpose he brought or fish, unlawfully taken. Sir W. Mr. Lambert down from London, W. Wynne, Viscount Kirkwall, and Mr. Bentley to act as his um. Şir T. Mostyn, Sir E. P. Lloyd, pire, tbey heing considered two of Sir R. Williams, Hon. P. Burrell, the best players on Lord's ground, Col. Vaughan, C. Lloyd, Esq. F. Dennis, being lame of a finger, Cunliffe, Esq. and Dr. Wynne. chose Pacey, another Nottingbane

player, to act as fieldsman in his On Monday, ibe 11th of this stead.--Mr. T. Warsop was um. month, at Pilton annual feast, So. pire for the Notciugham players,



The game was commenced about sanguinary battles that ever was one o'clock on Monday by Mr. witnessed took place. They fought Ostaldeston's going in; and when one hour and three quarters, in he had got eighty-four notches he which fifty-seven most desperate gave up his bat, Mr. Hopkins be- rounds ensaed, and they displayed ing completely tired with bowling. such a system of fighting as com. Hopkins got only eleven at bis pletely surprised tbe amateurs : on first innings, and three at the se, the 57th round, Hales missed bis cond, having heen howled out hoth foot, and received a most dreadful times. Dennis got but one at his fall on bis head, from wbich he was first innings, and two at his second; scarce able to meet bis antagonist like bis companion, being bowled in tiine : after this odds were ten out at both. Mr. Osbaldeston to one in favour of Grip. They consequently was the victor: his fvuglit fourteen 'more rounds, in howling is the most rapid that can all of which Hales received the be imagined, and be is deemed the worst, and at the end he was not best single-wicket player in Eng- able to stand any longer. There land.

were present at this battle a number On Tuesday, the 27th nlt. a of scientific men, amongst whom cricket-match was played on Sir were Belcher, Bill Gibbons, Scrog: Gerard Noel's new ground in Ex- gins, Knowleswortby, and nearly ton Park, between the Exton Cluh the whole of the amateurs of the and the Braunston Club, the latter fist in the metropolis, who in ge. being allowed two of the Oakbam neral gave it as their opinion that players. The following is a state- both these young men were comment of tbe play:- Exton, total plete boxers, and well-bottomed. both innings, 88; Braunston, 86. Sir G. Noel was one of the Exton Melton Mowbray, Sept. 25.players.

This morning the Leicestershire On the same ground a match bounds, (now Mr. Smitb's), threw was played on Thurslay, the 24th off at Barkby Holt, where they im. ult, between the Oakham Club, and mediately found, and after running the players of Exton, Cottesinore, their fox a sharp burst of about and Barrow, as under:--Oakham, twenty-five minutes, killed in high both innings, 96; Exton, &c. 46. style. The field was numerous, but

very few of the best borses were A DESPERATE boxing match took out, on account of the hardness of place on Monday, the 18th inst. at the land. Golder's-green, near Hampstead, between Gripp, a butcher, in Tot DONCASTER MEETING. tenham Court-road, and Bill Hales, These races begin so close to our a costermonger, in Somers Town, day of publishing, that we are un. for ten guineas a side. These pu- able to give this month more than gilists were nearly of equal weight the first day's sport, which was and size. Grip was seconded by as under :Oliver and Shelton; and Hales by Monday, Sept. 25.-The FitzTom Jones and Dick Weal. At william Stakes of 10gs, each, with setting-to, from the scientific know- 20gs, added by the Corporation.ledge of their sparring, betting Last mile and a half.-Nine subbecame equal, and one of the most scribers.


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