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Cocker will be found to contain cock through a tolerably well conpot only instruction, but be a tested battle. source of amusement to the reader.". From these superficial trials

An extensive routine of practice and our own want of experience for fifty years, aided by the acute we are induced to purcbase cocks observations of others, and com- of this description to breed from, mitting to paper from time to time whicb must inevitably involve us in those of his own, he considers, error. But maturer experience enabled him to afford such infor- will inform us, that high condition mation as may pilot the juvenile will incite courage in a half-bred breeder through so pleasing, yet so cock; and a bloody beeler in that arduous an undertaking know- situation may succeed against one ing well that observations founded of superior game and less heel. It upon experience, are the surest therefore shews how necessary it guide to truth in every science, is to guard against a prepossession and are more likely to succeed thau of any single cock, bowever merithe most refined and plausible torious. theories.

" To avoid this youthful parNot having had a tithe even of tiality, if you attend regular mains, the experience claimed by Mr. you will have an opportunity of Sketchley, it would be improper in seeing a number of well-bred brous to pronounce any sort of opinion thers, whose mode of fighting and or judgment on bis work; we supporting their battles in any shall therefore take an extract from stage, mark them for steady fightit, and leave our readers in this ers, good heelers, ready mouths, branch of sporting, to be their own and deep game. Sucb proofs judges of its merits. We must, would warrant your endeavours to however, do the author the justice procure one of these warriors the to state, that his directions appear least injured in his contest, more plain and intelligible to every capa- immediately if their feathers and city; and that bis forms for keep- other concomitapts are to your ing a regular account of every de- wish. Practice and acute ohserpartment of cocking bear the stamp vation will tend to inform you of utility, and are such as must what featbered birds are the inost prove extremely useful to the breede approved, as well as the best in er and amateur.

constitution. But of those endowed with every sought-for re

quisite, the black-reds are most in " TO BREEDERS.

estimation. The difficulties at In early attachment to, and tendant on our early endeavours are pursuit after, cocking, and on our only to be surmounted by a steady commencement of breeding, we attention' to those particulars that are frequently burried on in our are requisite in this pursuit; and choice of a single cock from a day's when you have fixed on such cocks, fight, or a promiscuous match, whose originality is well known, that has exhibited appearances of and whose breed bas stood the test courage and beel. Although con of experience, it will not be diffidition will not give heel, yet it very cult to procure such, either by mucb promotes courage, inasmuch interest or connexion. If bens or as to carry un indifferently bred pullets cannot be obtained, (which


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should if practicable) yon must be taper and thin behind-full in the equally cautious in selecting them girth-well coupled lofty and from other sorts similar io feather, spiring—a good thigli—the beanı constitution, and every other at- of his leg very strong- quick tendant. Having once arranged large eye-strong beak, crooked your brood, conform to your di- and big at setting on—not more rections : and at a proper season

than two years old, put to early you may conimence

pallets, or a blooming stag with “ Breeding.-Gentlemen who' two-year-old bensmand when a have been in the babit of breeding, cock, with pullets of his own may have, from keeping the old getting. Great experience justifies brood too long together, brought me in vouching for the prosperity their cocks to a stand still: when of the practice. In order that you by a judicious mode of keeping in may attain a sufficient number of and in, that circunstance might in and in for your establishment not have taken place. It is gene- hereafter, March, April, May, and rally admitted, that a cock is in June, if they have been early togefull prime and vigour at two years ther, are the months to propagate : old. But bow frequently we find the latter month will not be too that cocks are continued with hens late for two-year-old cocks. For antil they are six or seven years the two first days of a long main old. At three years old it is well very early chickens have their inknown that he begins to lose that conveniences; and if you bave sprightly bloom he wears at two; pone at band till April they will bis length of plume encreases, and probably be esteemed sufficiently bis hack exhibits too loose a tex- early, as the springs are not so ture, dangling over his throat. congenial for hreeding as formerly, When this is discerned, we ought • In the choice of your hens let to substitute another in his stead'; them be rightly plumed to your for be will become inactive, lan- cock: nor let your

choice fall

upon guid, and balk bis craving partners those that are large, but rather --and you may breed in vain. suffer the cock to make up deThe bens may in general be beld ficiency in the hens being small : to a longer date, as they retain the their shape should be similar to the power to propagate beyond the cock lofty necks-short and close period allotted to the cock, If feathered. A true blond ben is this opinion is granted, the ini. seldom or never gummy in the bone propriety of continuing them be- of her leg, but clean, sinewy, and, yond that period may account for in length, proportionate to the rest the slow and inactive cocks SO of the body, with a well-set thigh, frequently met witb.

long, clean, and taper toes, so that • To elucidate the foregoing re- they may, as far as is practicable, marks, in order to enable you to be as near in every respect to your judge of the constitution of the original brood, as the nature of brood-cock you mean to select, he breeding will admit of. Deviation should have every apparent feature will take place in feather, &c. of health : such as a ruddy com instances of which have frequently plexion-his feathers close and occurred with me, where Dame short-not colit or dry-Aesh frio Nature bas interfered in her varyand compact-full breasted, yet ing change; that notwithstanding Vol. XLVI.No. 271.




every well adapted system, she will enquiries and ocular demonstration prevail in surprizing us with some should be your peculiar care. productive alteration which inex " Your brood

selected perience is at a loss to account for. under every due consideration, I. Fifteen years or more I had en should recommend from four to joyed an invariable production of six pullets or bens, being as great the most complete black-reds bred a nụmber as should be put to a by any amateiir, without a single cock, (probably only four bens to instance of deviation during that a stag) and should always prefer a period, but on the sixteenth year I mailen cock to a fought one, of had several light piles in one the same sort; the fornier suffers hatch ;-no change of eggs could no inconvenience in being fed and possibly take place or was there tendered by hot meals, close coverà shadow of doubt of interference ing, clipping, ruffled tenper, loss with

any other cock, but a strong of blond, and receiving unkuown recurrence to the pile at that dis- injuries, whereby the intention tant period. A well regulated ac of breeding may be materially count of my cocks enabled me to frustrated. On the contrary, they ascertain that there had been a are endowed with nature's best pile in the cross five years previous gifts, and of course best calculated to my having them out of Shrop- to answer the desired end. I should shire; so that they held highly re- advise their being put together as gular for twenty-one years, not early as November or December, only in plumage but in every de- that the cock may be perfectly at sired requisite. To have gone on ease on his walk, and have ample with this deviation would in the time for ingratiating himself with end have produced spangles, &c. his new acquaintances. Every Of course the pullets were cast gentleman has an opportunity of aside, and the cocks fought off. selecting proper places for breedBy a persevering conduct in select- ing, where they can experience as ing the darkest, or those most re little interruption by dogs and versembling your original attachment, min, as possible. The distance is the surest criterion you can from any other house wbere fowls possibly pursue in keeping up, not are kept should be at least half a only their feather, but constitu- mile--the situation, a dry gravelly tion.

soil; and it would be better if they Let then no recommendation, could enjoy a constant spring of however, bigb, induce you to breed clear water, and shade, the nearer from cock or ben (when you find your brood-place the better. A it necessary to make a cross) either situation where cocks are liable to with one or the other, that differs interfere with your hens has too essentially from your old brood; frequently occasioned the failure for notwithstanding every judicious of supposed brothers in the same caution in the selection of that' batch, and has been the cause of cboice, the introduction of a new greater derangements in the course cross (though every way similar) of breeding tban any otber circummay prove more injurious than the stance whatever. Another neces. evil you are endeavouring to cor sary caution is, vot to suffer any rect; therefore in this case your bens different in breed to be turned


down with any set of sisters; forculable mischief, and engraft a notwithstan:ling every caution in blood so every way different from selecting eggs, you may be de- your owu (the cause too frequently ceived, or beld dubious, and ruin observed) that in the course of every well projected plan. Have fighting, you have good and bad a marked atiention to see that your cocks supposed to be equally bred brood cock bearš bimself well to alike, and you are embarrassed to all bis heus. It frequently happens know how to remedy the evil. that one or more labours under his This circumstance, and another displeasure, an antipathy we are equally, if not more dangerous, yet at a loss to account for ; in that (the unwarrantable practice of case they become useless and should changing the eggs) every fancier be removed. If his general con- who has been in the habit of long duct be severe, I should suspect him breeding, has experienced. To of cowardice, for several cocks of obviate such errors, so as not to this description in the course of admii of a douht (at least as far as my breeding have turned out but buman foresigbt can insure us) indifferent. You will find that have them so early together as may those bens under this plumed in that respect totally exclude the bashaw's arrogant dislike are gene- idea :-even with this precaution, rally held at an awful distance, and I would not save the few first eggs, are seldom or never attendant

upon nor the last. him, but are recluse and solitary.

" It is not in the compass of This may account for the many practice to avoid every particular unprolific eggs in extensive breed- inconvenience that arises in breeding. Whenever you have occa. ing, or I could wish that every hen sion to remove any, be the cause could lay distinctly—that the eggs what it will, do not disturb the might be marked differently, and repose of the rest by turning down of course batched under separate a fresh hen; for by such a change hens; for every sister may not I have been deprived of the use of enjoy an equal share of good health, the whole for that season, por In this particular, how requisite it should it be practised at any brood is, that the person employed or department or elsewhere where engaged in the pursuit should have valuable hens are, without observ. a knowledge of those deviations, ing their conduct towards each of health to which these birds are other. Such has been the con- subject in order that they may be fict upon those occasions, that detected as early as possible. It they have never recovered their does not always fall to the lot of ysual gaiety and constitution, but those whose province it is to supergradually pined away.

intend them, to discriminate to that "The saving of eggs too early, extent: but the many inconvewhich you intend to set, from hens niences and errors atiendant on that have not been with your brood this pursuit, should point out the cock from the beginning, has oc- necessity of their being possessed casioned such errors as time alone of such qualifications. A single can correct; and although even a day should not pass without seeing few may only partake of the pro- the general brood, and the utmost lific stamp of another cock, those attention paid to every minutiæ few may be productive of incal

to prevent the errors committed D 2


by neglect; and more particularly term, although the custom has pre$0, when we experience some de- vailed immemorially in Wales and fault, notwithstanding our utmost Cornwall, and the United States of care, for it certainly behoves us to America, and subsists, to this bour, exert our hest endeavours to bring in places wbere it was not been yet them into the hands of the feeder, expelled by the refinement of moin whom we confide, as unexcep- dern manners.

How little is actionable as possible.

tually known of the mad-brained To be concluded in our next. fanatical vagaries of the Welch

and Cornish Jumpers, although the

name be sufficiently familiar ?Account of the Religious Rites There is, and has been, in certain

of the IRISH ROMAN CATHOLICS, remote provinces of France, during celebrated annually on St. John's more than fifteen centuries, a deEve, at GOOGAUNBARRA, County graded cast of the most deplorable of Cork; by an Eye Witness. of human beings, even utterly ex

cluded from the pale of all other To the Editor of the Sporting Ma- buman society; and yet there may gazine.

be millions in the same France, SIR,

uninformed that such a race bas IT is with regret I present to pub- ever existed.

lic view, through your interest In reflecting on the general fate ing pages, a new and disgusting of Ireland, the regret of the philopicture of modern Irish barbarism. sopher and friend of humanity, must I call it new, although it be the still be more profound and touchinvariable observance of genera- ing. Who that knows any thing tions beyond all date and reckon- of her past and present condition, ing, and a branch of the wisdom of and whose soul is not degraded by ages long past ; because it is ne the cowardly, interested, and con yertheless unknown, 1 apprehend, temptible hypocrisy of these relito most people in this country, gious times, can hesitate to proand even to great numbers, even nounce her the most unfortunate in Ireland, except by slight and of nations? Fixed in the centre of unheeded report. The report is civilization, her sons and daugheven dishelieved by many there, or ters graced with the fairest human taken for granted to be greatly exag- form, endowed with minds surpasgerated. This is quite in the course sing in vigour, acuteness, and elo: of human affairs. That part of a quence, and bearts glowing with people in a state of civilization, the warmtb, and overflowing with who do not travel, remain, the ma the milk of buman kipdness-great jority of them probably, to the part of Ireland is yet in a state of end of their lives, altogether unạc- ferocious anarchy, which would quainted with ţhe barbarous and disgrace the most savage hordes of unenlightened condition of the Asia, and nearly the whole mass of peglected outskirts of their coun mind in the lower classes is clouded try. How few are there in Lon- by the most barbarous ignorance, don, or even in nost parts of Eng- and contaminated with the most land, who have ever heard of the slavish cbicanery. Tbe very prin. custom of bundling, or have the çiples of faith and honour, and least idea of the import of that common justice, are extinct in

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