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Our elegantes, by sporting a ment, the coachman, in asking for display of iheir insteps, shew they his accustomed shilling, told bim have ng desire to conceal their he bad eleven pounds over-weight faux pas.

in bis luggage to pay for: be ob

jected to this, and desired coachee BONAPARTB formerly called us a to tell the proprietor bis name was “nation of Shopkeepers ;"-and

that he always travelled he must now acknowledge we have by that coach, and that he thought counter-acted all bis projects.

it must be a mistake. The answer

was, it was a general rule to charge At one of the fairs beld near the for all luggage belonging to in. metropolis this month, during the sides, abuve fourteen pounds, and performance of a tragedy, the hero for all outsides above seven. As of the piece having slain one actor it was but a trifle, the pilot paid it, instead of the one he ought, was saying, that as be now knew his told by a person present that “ he allowance, he would not leave the had killed the wrong person;

to coach, but take care in future which the actor replied-“Wbat's never to be deficient. The consethat to you, I will kill whoever I quence is, that whenever he goes pleuse."

by the coach, be hands to tbe

coachman a fourteen-pound shot, The Pilot AND THE Shot.-A begging he will take care of his respectable pilot residing on the parcel. They bave frequently since Kentish coast, having, as most of offered to return wbattbey cbarged; his class bave, frequent occasion but he refuses to take it, and into travel, up or down the road be- sists, as they made him once pay tween London and his residence, his shot, that he will pow carry his always made a point of travelling shot. by a particular coach, from some koowledge he had of one of the The Antipodean story, as related proprietors. He constantly went by a naval officer, lately returned inside that he might enjoy a nap by from the East Indies, at a fashion, the way, and, from the rapidity of able party a few evenings since. his transits, seldom bad any lug. What gave rise to it was a detail gage heyond a clean shirt and a of extraordinary adventures in a pair of stockings in his great coat sea voyage to the Isles of the Ar. pocket. The greedy, sbark-like chipelago by a certain inan of impositions on the Kent-road, in fashion lately returned from Naples. every thing relative to the coach. According to this eccentric storybusiness, are pretty generally known; teller, as an inferior officer was and the way in which they over walking the quarter deck about baul and weigh passengers' parcels midnight, during their voyage outat Chatham, is not one of the least. wards, be observed a person of a Our pilot knew but little of this, very genteel appearance walk up never baving a parcel ; however, the cable out of the sea, and apon one' occasion, by way of oblig- proaching tbe relator with much ing a friend, he bad a parcel with complaisance, he asked him if the him, wbicb weighed twenty-five Captain could be spoken with and pounds, or thereabouts; and at as this strange visitor urged busiChatbam, to his infinite astonish, ness of importance, the other im,


mediately informed the Captain the passengers grew impatient, inthat a strange gentleman waited for somuch that they obliged the offibin, and the manner he came on cers to proceed with the ship, but board. When the Captain saw allowed bim to leave a line for his bim, he addressed him as follows : principal, tbat be would call for

-“Sir, you bave no doubt heard him in his homeward voyage, which of the Antipodes, I am one of that he did, and the Captain is now in description, and am come to ask it London. as à favour of you to order one of your light anchors to be weighed, “ PRAY John," said Thomas, as the fluke of it bas fallen into my " what can induce you to pay your key hole, and binders me from addresses at the same time to so opening my drawing room door !" many different women ? At all On the Captain's ready acqui events you can marry but one of escence, the courteous Antipode them, and only think of the bei. inade bis obeisance, and very po nousness of engaging a woman's litely invited the commander to affections, and then leaving her." pass an hour with him and a few _“I do it," replied Jobn, “befriends. The Captain at first de cause I am afraid of becoming clined, but cards and ladies being bald, and so by getting a lock of mentioned, were found irresisti hair from one, and a lock from ble, and the Captain descended another, I am in bopes I shall in with bis new acquaintance. The time have enongh from them all to rubber was so long in playing that make me a wig."

Often with the Miss-Creants at the card ta-



Miss Chance,


Constant attendants on Miss-Advice and Miss




Near relations of Miss-Apprebend and Miss

A large family, closely watched by their old aunt,

Seldom seen.
The richest dress'il in the town.
Generally opens the ball, and sits among the

haut ton.
-Always in company with her betters.
-An old maid, out of humour with her neighbours.
Sister to Miss-Guide.
-Governess to several children.
First cousin to Miss-Doubt, much aiddicted to


fashionable belle. Reputed: very chariçable-great encouragers of

common beggars, and promoters of subscrip

tions. Their names stuck up in all the rooms. Ą lady that no one can keep in order.



wbere-a very

R le.


NEWMARKET First October tlemen of Lancashire, (Fletcher,

Meeting.---Wednesday, Sweep- feeder) for 10gs. a battle, and stakes of 200gs. each, 75gs. ft. 200g3. the main, which was won 8st. 316. each, T. Y.C. Lord G. H. by the latter, 23 to 14. Cavendish's Alcohol, Mr. Payne's Pointers, Mr. Weston's Uncle

BROXASH Meeting, on the Downs Toby.

near Bromyar), afforded very good Second October Meeting, Mon

sport, and attracted a numerous day, Lord Jersey's Cannon-Ball

, company. The sport for the last 8st. 5lb. agst Lord G. H. Caven- day's plate was excellent, each beat dish's Bourbon, 8st. 41h. Ab. Mile, being won by only half a neck, 200gs.

Unfortunately, Militia Man got

lamed in running the third heat, Sopby, by Young Chariot, to John and, it is feared, that he will be Phibhs, Esq. for 200gs. to go into not been for this

accident, there is

never able to run again. Had it Ireland.

no doubt but that be would have Mr. Brown has purchased two

won. The balls and ordinaries very fine Clinker colts, rising three

were extremely well filled; and the years old, of Mr. Ellis, of York; polite and engaging attention of a chesnut out of Fulford's dam, and

ihe Steward (Captain Chambers) a brown out of Elizabeth's dam.

was felt and aeknowledged by all.

Lord Foley is nominated Steward On Monday, the 24th ult. as the for next year's races. stallion Master Rubert, the property of Lord Belhaven, was return

WORCESTER Races produced ing to the stables at Wisbaw House, Scotland, he unfortunately for some years. They were at

more sport than bad been witnessed slipped a foot and broke one of his tended by a numerous and elegant legs, wbicb made it necessary to display of company, and afforded kill him immediately.—Master Ro- mucb gratification to every specbert was foaled in 1793, got by tator. "The Steward (Lord Artbur. Star, out of an own Sister to Har- Hill) was not present, being on lequin Junior, by Young Marsk. military service in France, but his He was a good racer, and after duties were alternately supplied by wards got several valuable hunters, Col. Newport, Capt. Chambers, but very few racers.

and the Hon. W. H. Lyttleton,

who acquitted themselves greatly ORMEKIRK.—In the Race-week, to the satisfaction of all parties. a main of cocks was fought be. The nomination of a steward for tween the Gentlemen of Cheshire, next year is postponed until Lord (Woodcock feeder) and the Gen- Hilljeturns to England.


HeREFORD Races were uncom occurrence of which had been a monly well attended, most of the matter of general complaint. The principal families in the county be. ordinaries and balls were well ato ing present. The balls and ordi tended. The subscriptions for the Dances were never better filled, Gold Cup next year are already particularly the last day.

The filling sport, however, was very indifferent, with the exception of the Owing to various causes there first day's Plate, which was ad- was but a partial attendance of the mirably contested, the last beat the gentry of the county, at Canterbury three horses running all abreast, Races, but the assemblage on the and King Charles won by a bead race course perhaps equalled in only. At the last day's ordinary, number any former years. The B. Biddulph, Esq. was chosen ordinaries bad but a thin

company, Steward for the next year, and he and the ball, at Bellingham's rooms, took the chair amidst the acclama. although it had a full share of tions of the company.

beauty and elegance, was equally

deficient. The dressed ball was YORK Augnst Meeting was fa- more numerous, there being up. shionably though thinly attended. wards of two hundred and fifty The betting was flat, with the ex persons present. The Stewards ception of the Hunter's Match for named for next year are Lord Clif500gs. on which event much money ton (son of the Earl of Darnley) was depending. Several of the and Edward Knight, jun. Esg. of stakes were well contested. The Godmersbam Park. Produce Stakes on Thursday was a true run race, and won cleverly Lewes Races this year, were by Lord Fitzwilliam's Orville colt, the dullest ever seen, the course who has in consequence become displaying very little company.the second favourite for the Don. The Earl of Egremont bas hande caster St. Leger Stakes. It is re- somely given one hundred guineas, solved that in future the August to be applied for the increase of Meetings be confined to four days sport next year, under the direcracing, and to commence invariably tion of Lord Gage and Mr. Blunt, on the Wednesday, an alteration who are appointed the uew stowwbich, it is considered, will insure ards. a fuller attendance. The match betwixt Altisidora and Prime Mi ABINGDON Races were nume. nister was off by consent of Sir rously attended, and the several Mark Sykes and Mr. Watt, both heats well contested ; the ordinathe horses being unwell and unfitries also were respectably attended to start.

each day. The ball, on Wednes:

day evening, was crowded with EXETER Races afforded good beauty and fashion. Stewards apo sport; the company was numerous pointed for next year are, Sir C. and of the first fashion, and the Saxton, Bart, and W. Codrington, weather favourable. The regula- Esq. tions adopted by the Stewards, kept the course clear, and prevent BLANDFORD Races commenced ed accidents, the hitherto frequent on Tuesday, the 8th instant, when



the Dorsetsbire Gold Cup, hy sub Jones's hay horse Sir Joht, wou scribers of ten guineas each, for all the silver cup given by Lady Cawages, was won by Mr. Radclyffe's dor, and also the sweepstakes given Midnight, beating Mr. Farquhar. by Lord Cawdor. Men in sacks, son's b. f. by Eagle. Mr. Calley's and rustic lasses, not qnite so much ch. f. Yellow Slipper, Mr. Bolt's encumbered with drapery, contended gr. c. Wellesley, and Mr. Gorldard's for prizes of different descriptions, br. c. Bijou, each won 501. plates. and the various sports were conThe course was well attended, and ducted with great regularity and the sport on both days excellent. eclat. The company at the balls more numerous than for

many An accident of a peculiar pature years past, and the ball room was occurred on the race ground, Oxa graced by the fashion and beauty of ford, on Monday, the 31st nst. : the neighbouring counties, as well as two horses, one rode by a man, as by those of the county of Dorset. and the other by two boys, were

approaching eaeh other in opposite ALBRIGHTON Races were never directions, the beads of the animals so well atteuded as on the late oc came in contact with such vio. casion. Most of the neighbouring lence, that one of them was killed gentry were present, and tbe con on the spot, and the other died in a course of spectators on horseback sbort time after. and on foot was immense. The sport, too, was excellent. Thomas A VERY elegant and admired Giffard, jun. Esq. and John Oatley, stúd of about thirty horses has arEsq. are stewards for next year. rived, in charge of Sir Gore Ous

ley, as a present from the Prince Ar Lamberton Races, on Thurs- Royal of Persia to his Royal Highday se'nnight, Sir A. Don's ch. by ness the Prince Regent.

Sir Young Skyscraper, walked the Gore's attention induced him to course for the Produce Stakes.- accompany the horses on the jourŞame day, Mr. Riddell's h. b. Don ney from Persia to St. Petersburgh, Carlos, walked the course for the and on the voyage from that port Gold Cup Stakes.-Same day, Sir to this country in person. Alex. Don's c. walked the course for the Sweepstakes.-Friday, 501. A very beautiful Zebra, a prefor all ages ; no race:-Same day, sent from Lord Charles Somerset Mr. Baillie's ch. Thomas the 'to bis Royal Highness the Duke Rhymer, walked the course for the of York, was lately sent home in Border Welter Stakes. There was the Niger, from the Cape of Good a good back race each day.

The Hope. races were thinly attended ; the want of horses occasioned an apa Ar a general meeting of the thy and no indifference unknown Foley Hunt Club, beld pursuant to at any former period.

notice, on Friday, the 14th ult. it

was unanimously agreed that the The annual races at Stackpole Club should be dissolved; previCourt took place on Saturday, the ously to which, bowever, a piece 12th instant, previous to which of plate of the value of 200gs. there was a show of cattle. Mr. was voted to the Right Hon. Lord


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