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length of tine be has continued in ON DEFENDING THE EARS AND one service leaves me little doubt of FACE OF THE HORSE FROM bis veracity; consequently the opi FLIES, AND ON POST-CHAISES. nion I have formed 'is this : If on further trial, this invention really

To the Editor of the Sporting Magazines supersedle the necessity of employ SIR, ing the barted shoe, an article li


T has for some years been the able to great, if not insuperable in good custom to cover i be ears of conveniences, will be got rid of. borses wbich are driven in gigs, &e. With the credit your correspond- or ridden, in order to protect their ent gives to Osmer (p. 66), 1 fully from the flies in the hot season, coincide. It is just; for the book whicb annoy bot spirited borses of Osmer proves hint to have been exceedingly, and in a day's journey both an experienced farrier, and a of considerable length, contribute man of genius. No invention much to farigue and take them bearing, more than the appearance off their appetite. Nankin, fitted of originality having made its close to the ears, is, I believe, the debut since his day, at least that material nost in use, as heing hoth has been made public through tlre light and effectwal, and I have, for medium of the press, one cannot the first time, seen this year tashelp deeming the assertions so fre- sels appended to tops of the ear coquently made of the great improve- vers. The motion of the tassels ment that bas taken place in sloeing must be quite effectual in driving horses within the last tbree or four off tbe flies, which being the case, years, apocryphal, to say the least I should suppose that with tassels, of them. I at least can see none net would be sufficient, · should * either in practice, or in books, as other covering he deemed too warm. yet. And should this newest new It is true, indeed, nankin is a light shoe be gifted with the real virtues material, and at the same time a of originality and practical utility full defence, ----Slould it on trial he really what I was much gratified last week, it is said to lie-- wby, Sir, it will be at Caen Wood, to observe the hailed as a new and laminous star horses in Lord Mansfield's team at in the hemisphere of farriery, and work in the wood, with their faces welcomed with rapture by every defended from the flies by leather veterinarian, whose understanding, coverings, which, in particular, Muttering and half suffocated in me- protected them immediately under diocritatis visci, sticks, and is likely the eyes, the part where horses are to stick, as is unhappily the case so liable to be galled by the briers, with that of, Sir, yours, with much or Alies of the woodlands. Nankin - respect,

is, I think, preferable to leather, as VETERINARIUS PEREGRINUS. "ligbter, and because also so easily Brighton, August 19, 1815.

washed and kept clean. Both P.S. I sball feel much indebted horses and oxen which labour in to VETERINARIUS SENEX, if he tbe. woodlands, are tormented alwill tell me, through the medium most beyond the possibility of enof your Magazine, where Os. durance, by flies; and informer mer's book is to be purchased, or if days, the matter was taken so entirely out of print,

much into consideration, that


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many vasbes and unguents were in- and whose labour in course is dou. vented for the body of the horse, bled, I proposed in former rays, which were pretended to be infallie that a cbair, or seat of cane, or ble for its preservation against the light wood, should be placed in attacks of the vermin, and recipes front, on the springs of the chaise. for such may be seen in old books, Upon that the post-boy might ride but their disuse, granting they ever and drive, whenever the company were tried, is perhaps the best proof within were disposed to be comof their worth, or their no worth. passionate to a poor post horse, Motives of humanity should cer- slaving ont its life to drag them taiply indaice pedple to do all they along in ease and luxury. Since can, for the comfort and well-be- my recommendation many years ing of animals, which are not only past, I have had the pleasure to see of such indispensable utility, but some few of these, one of wood, which necessarily endure the other day, which brouglu them much; and they wbo have wit- again to my remembrance. The nessed seriously the condition of a boys should always be directed to horse, perhaps naturally thin use these seats on every opportu. skioned, in a low meadow or wood. nity, for if we find upon the turf, land, in the dog-days, particularly that only carrying seven pounds, jnst before a shower, and obliged more or less, makes such a great to stand still, will have a little com difference to a horse, what a difpassion, if they possess any of that ference must there be between carvirtue ; not to mention the abuse rying from ten to twelve, or even which the poor beasts often suffer thirteen or fourteen stone, and no from unthinking and brutal drivers, weight at all

. For we too often who will whip’ or beat them un see tall, lubberly fellows, of full mercifully for not remaining quiet that weight, riding post, besides under the goads of a thousand in- being frequently awkward and sects, one of wbich, lighting upon heavy borsemen. By tbę by, it is their own face, hands, or legs, will soinewbat strange that the keepers make them jump like madmen. It of post' chaises should not be more is curious to observe in this, and so solicitous to obtain men of light many other cases, how little fellow weight to ride, since it is obvious feeling operates in the world. Atbạt would be a great saving of close-woven net to cover the how their horses, and keep them longer elies of horses in such situations, upon their legs. : The retòrn work, would cost but a cride, and last wbiçb upon some of the public inany years. But the poor plug- roads is very beavy, contributes tail cart horses are still in the most much to the destruction of horses, pitiable state, and the man who which thus labour incessantly out can be brute enough to bave a colt and home, the men keeping them docked in that way, for no otber long upon the road on purpose to reason in the world, but that it is pick-up fares, and having loaded equally senseless and useless, ac them as inych as possible, drive futually deserves to be docked hiin- riously, in order to make up their self, in a place wbere he would be lost tine. How accounts of this most sensible, of the curtail. kind stand Jetween the proprietors

Out of compassion to the poor and post-boys, I know not, but I börse who carries the post-boy, thinks the former must at any rate,

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be great losers in the damage her their innocence to the last, which cessarily done to the horses. solemn asseverations bave been The HORSE's Friend. subsequently proved by facts, to be

niere deceptions and desiguing

falseboods? It may accord very ON ELIZA FENNING. well with certain views, to lay the

utmost stress on those sudden cope To the Editor of the Sporting Magazine. versions, but not with any intimate SIR,

or impartial knowledge of búinan THE subject of this trial being a nature. Doubtless ebe hope of

general one, and having inte- preserving life is the grand object rested all ranks and degrees of sou with criminals, and they will, in ciety, although not precisely within consequence, assume that mode of your limits, permit me to make conduct most probable to curry fasome comments wbich appear to vour, and pronsote tbe end in view invulve one of the most important reprieve. And conscience interests of humanity, on this, uns probably stands but little in the fortunately not singular case in our way of forms, or of perseverance country.

to the last, in the line of conduct I bave two separate views to take adopted. The great boon of life of this melancholy affair." I think is all wbicb is considered; that de: a due consideration of the trial, its pied, all else is indifferent. I must revisal previously to the execution acknowledge I do not feel myself taking place, of all attendant cir: altogether disposed to approve of cumstances, and materially of the the metbods usually adopted with nature of the girl herself, must criminals in their last moments. imbue 'every rational mind with tbe A brotber criinimal looking on strongest persuasion of her guilt says, exultingly, well be bas bad Attentive observers of the buiman, his day, be is gone ; and with a good particularly the youthful female passport to the joys of heaven, to mind, and of many past horrible make him amends, he need not rés events, will not be altogether sur- pine at the roughness of the pasó prised, nor incredulous to the pro- sage. bability of a new act of capricious I am still less satisfied with our atrocity. To follow the criminal convictions on circumstantial proofs to the gallows, couvicted of a hor- only, and not less with the vindic: rid crime, we find ber there perá tive severity of our criminal code, a šisting in her innocence in the most spirit with which we seem to he solemn manner, and with the deep: personally and nationally, as well est imprecations, whilst on tbe as legally infected; that is to say, verge of eternity; there also we we have improved but partially in find a clergyman affording her the that respect, since the original date strongest and most solacing bope of our laws. The idea of vindicof forgiveness, and who has de tive punishment not only carries clared since he has every reas with it marks of passion and obson to believe slie died in the faith duracy of beart, but most decided of Christ Jesus, and is now a bright ones of great ignorance in the angel in beaven.” But is this gen. science of nature. But to confine tleman aware, how many have in myself to conviction on circumthe same way died persisting instances alone, where especially the


punishment of death is ta he the ties throw their fingers above each consequence; as Judges and Jurye other's head is the most commonly men, da we reflect gravely and but the most difficult to describe. feelingly upon wbat we are about Two or more persous stand togeio do What?-condemn to an igo ther, brend their fists, and then nonjinious death a fellow creature,

stretcb out such a number of inwbo may be possibly innocent as gers at the same tine as they ourselves, with the knowledge and please, and instantly cry another conviction too fully gleaming upon Dualer. He that hits on the right our minds, that such fatal error is nuinber of fingers stretched out not only possible, but bas fres from both, or all the bands added. quently been committed ? On prin together, and cries it out first, is ciples of criminal justice like these, the wimmer. For example, I wbåt becomes of the ancient and stretch out three fingers of my hand ever blessed axiom, that, many towards my adversary, and he iwo. guilty persons had better escape un. to me, and I call out five; I have punished, than one innocent suffer then won. When neither of the punishmenta principle most just, parties bas hit on the right numbumane, and wise in itself, of far ber, the fists are instantly bent mere intrinsic worth than all the again, and the hands opened and systems of superstition which the shut afresh. All this passes with draft of man bas ever invented. great rapiility; and at the same 1.I have already stated my tho- time the players bawl so violently, rough presumption, that is to say that strangers, unacquainted with suspicion, of the guilt of Eliza Fena the ganie, would suppose theni euning-bat am I infallible, and can gaged in a violent quarrel. Here I take upon myself to say, there is also the tossing up of copper were no deceptious circumstances coins, and guessing which side will in the case, by which I may have come uppermost in falling. Here been misled in my judgment? How too in the public places, even then can I convict her of positive grown up men may be seen catch. guilt ; and if I cannot convict of ing up a top sbile it is spinning, positive guilt, on what safe ground and pass it from one hand to anodo I punish? In short, had I been ther, and sometines commit it to a juryman in such a case, I know the ground without its stopping. not that I could have resolved to The Lazarovi are also particularly give other than a mixed verdict, clever in the management of kites, voless indeed, the verdict of ac whicb are to be seen flying by hunquittal; and I really think Eliza dreds in the air. Many of thein Fenning ought to bave been acquit- let the kites rise from the fat.roofs ted, and that she had better bave of the houses, and are not satisfied lived guilty and have repented, than with the usual entertainment, but the dilemma to bave been embraced; actually give it a species of interest of her being possibly executed in by enrle avouring to catch the pocent. RHADAMANTHUS.

breeze from others, and make one

kite pounce at another like a bird DIVERSIONS IN THE STREETS of

prey, in which case they succeed OF NAPLES.

in driving their neighbour from his post.

Cards are also very freALL sorts of games are played quently played in the streets, partie bere. That in which the par. cularly on Sundays. Eight or ten



card tables may sometimes be seeni excellent plıysicians and surgeons set before the door of a wine house. among you, and that I am a worm Besides singers, or reciters in Ita- compared with them ; but by the lian, in the streets of Naples, año. grace of God (here he takes off his rber peculiarity is street preacbers. hat, as to also the by standers) I A flag is seen flying in one of the possess a balsam which heals the streets, and bebind it a crucifix is deepest wounds in a moment. Do carried, followed by a venerable di- you think I am afraid to be taken vine in his robes. 'He approaches at my word? Observe!” He now the Mole, looks for a suitable place, takes off his coat, shews bis naked rives a signal, and then the Hag is arm, draws his sabre, makes an inplanted at some paces from bim. cision in his fesb, lets tbe blood He mounts the first stone' he meets run plentifully, and then pours in with, or a bench is fetched from a drop of his balsam, and invites the nearest booth. The people im- the auditors to come the next day mediately flock round bim with and see the wonderful effects of it. their hats off, and these Ministers “ Here," he continues, " is a waare said to bave a very great infu- ter against the survy; and if all ence on the lower orders; for which your teeth were so loose us to be purpose government make use of sbaken by the wind, like the bair them for party purposes. A person of your bead, you need only wash of the vame of Father Rocco, was your mouth with this, and they will so much esteemed at Court, that be stand as fast as the pallisadoes in had a carriage kept for bim, so a fortification. This water is, as that he could go expeditiously it were, the cardinal among my from one end of the city to the medicines; this salve on the conother. Being a furious zealot, he trary--the Pope bimself!" (Here was more feared by the people be takes off his hat again.) “ If than lover. He was once offended you have an eruption, let it be erer at seeing a puppet show with punch, so bad, rub yourselves with this more numerously attended than bis salve to-day, and to-morrow, or pubpit, from which be jumped the day after, adieu to your com, down in haste, and driving the plaint.

This medicine costs me showman from the spot with bis 6s. 6d. sterling, there ! take it, cross, took his place. He how. I desire nothing for it.. Try it beever did some good, as the public fore hand, and then come and bear were inelebted to him for many testimony whether Gamba Curta lamps which burn before holy bas spoken true or not." At length images. A kind of mountebank this poor fellow's eloquence proalso lately pursuell bis trade opon duced no interest or confidence; the Mole, at Naples, a good look- he even cut bis arms, and roased ing man dressed like a Hungarian bimself hoarse to no purpose; he huzzar, wearing some medals about was, in fact, supplanted by abother him. His

Maura quack, who took up his station Guerra Gaoha Curta. Profess- very near bim with a punchinello, ing himself a Prassian, he said bis and who barangued the crowd with family had bar a balsam in their less volutrility than his rival, but possession tive bundred years with sufficient effect to drive him * My good Neapolitans," he off the ground. " I know there are




would say,

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