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balloo given with sportsman's judg- ed in a potter's mill, grinding ment.

earth; the mill then suddenly The course taken by the dogs changes to a cart, and the millwas similar to that followed by tbe stones to wbeels. The cart is race-horses a narrow passage bav- laden with sacks, and the Highing been formed across the Circus, mettled Racer almost arrives at his so as to keep them in a direct line. last stage. He reaches the door of Every eye was directed to the spot the Elephant and Castle, in St. at which their entrance was ex- George's-fields, where he seems to pected, when suddenly a real fox, be completely worn out, his legs apparently labouring under the sink under him, and he appears to terror of pursuit, darted across the die. area, and in a moment afterward It is impossible to form a just the deep-toned notes of the dogs idea of this scene, unless by pera announced their approach, and sonal observation. The docility of their being in full scent. Another the animal is exhibited in the most second brought them across the extraordinary manner. area, pursued closely by the bunt- pears to be in the agonies of death, ers at full speed. Tlrice did the and, finally, gives up the ghost fox take tbe same circuit, followed with a beart-rending sigb. The by the hounds and borsemen-the most rapturous plaudits attended High-mettled Racer always taking this last effort. A borse-butcher's the lead, and at each time the cart draws up; the remains of the house being shaken to its very High-mettled Racer are placed centre by the entbusiastic ap- upon it, an operation to which be plauses which burst from every does not make the slightest resistquarter. At length poor Reynard ance, but counterfeits death to perwas seen to take refuge in the fection. The scene then changes cottage of an old woman--the dogs to a repository for dead horses, are in consequence thrown of the into wbich the carcass is soon scent-and a ludicrous scene takes afterwards drawn, and shot, withplace between the old woman and out ceremony, npon the ground, the huntsman, whom she misleads still remaining perfectly motionless. as to the direction taken by the The busy spectacle now draws fox. She then brings out the poor to a close.' The Ghost of Gulliver animal, whom, after a lecture of approaches, and by touches of bis some length, she turns loose ; be wand gradually animates the apis not fortunate enough, however, parently dead body. The animal to escape, for the dogs soon after- first moves his head, then ove foot, wards regain the scent, the hunt is then another; be then raises him-renewed, and, finally, a represen self on his baunches, and in an tation of The Death" takes place instant tbe scene changes to the ia presence of the audience, amidst grand palace of the Hhouynms, loud cbeers.

which is surrounded with the This is succeeded by the third figures of horses in varions attivicissitude of The High-mettled tudes. The High-mettled Racer Racer,” which is seen in a post- finally assumes his pristine vigour, ..chaise, his sides gored with the and exbibits all those graces and spur, and his neck galled with the that spirit for which he was first collar. He is afterwards present- admired, and dances with as mucb

C 2


regularity to the music, as the bipeds long, and two ploughs at a time. by whom he is surrounded. The Soaped pigs, foot races, &c. fol. curtain fell amidst the loudest lowed till dark, wben all at once shouts of exultation.

the pendaui was illuminated with Upon the whole, we feel our thousands of lights. Tbe son of selves bound to confess that of all Subabadie, disguised as a dancing the exhibitions of the docility of woman, danced on the edges of the borse which we have witnessed, two hundred swords, with consider that which we bave now but faiutly able grace and activity. At a given endeavoured to describe is the chef- time, also, a curtain dropped and d'auvre,

displayed five beautiful transparencies to an admiring crowd. Peace,

with her olive branch in one hand, RACES, SHOWS, &c. AT CAL- and a crown of laurel in the other, CUTTA.

was extending her arm to crown

the hero who had assisted in bringTHE principal of these took place ing her to the sbores of India.

on the 12th of August last, on A correct likeness of the noble account of the peace agreed to and Duke, in the act of leading his established in Europe.

troops to victory, was accomDuring the whole of the evening panied by a balf-length portrait the streets of Calcutta exbibited of the Prince Regent in his robes. a most bustling scene, in which all After these, the Hindoo personi-. classes of Europeans were mingled fication of Genesa, with bis elewith crowds of natives. The flight phantine countenance, succeeded, of rockets and other fire-works, introducing a berald on an eleserved to diversify the general ex- phant bearing the white flag of bibition, and the whole proceed. peace, this word being written ings of the evening were uncom upon it in the Persian and Tamul monly brilliant.

languages. At Coimbatoor, puppet shows, and every kind of native exhibitions were prepared; such as daúc. BATTLE BETWEEN HAR, ing, singing, juggling, racing, MER AND SHELTON. tumbling, bunting, &c. The firstrate performers of each class were FOR years we have not bad to selected. A inagnificent pendaul, record a figbt so determined erected for the occasion, to accom- 'and so desperate as tbat wbich modate 10,000 people, was deco- took place on Tuesday, the 18th rated in the most superb manner; instant, on Hounslow Heath, bein its interior, the achievements of twixt Harry Harmer, of first-rate the heroes of Purana, were dis- science, and Sbelton, the naviplayed, with characters as large as gator. The difference of opinion, life. The celebrated Subabadie, so and the improvement of Shelton in long known in Tanjore, and other science, a man who was nearly a parts, performed feats of skill and stone and a half superior in weight, strength, scarcely to be surpassed. caused more anxiety and bustle He successively balanced upon bis than any recorded since the mecbin and his teeth, palankeens, morable one at Newmarket. The cots, ladders, a bamboo fifty feet spectators exceeded in number


the ring.

tbose assembled on that or any for 4th. Fighting had commenced mer occasion..

in earnest, and both, witb true An immense circle formed the courage, seemed to disregard in. outer ring, which enclosed one of jury to the person.-Shelton planttwenty-four feet, in which, the ed a good hit, which was returned combatants set-to. Shelton' first opon bim, and in an over-reach by made bis appearance, and threw Harmer a close took place, and his bat into the ring. Harmer Harmer was thrown.-Betting as came forward shortly after with before. the atmost confidence.

The se

5th. Shelton sbewed much con. conds were Richmond and Oliver rage, and Harmer went down in a for Shelton, and Belcher and Gib- connter hit. -- Betting reduced from bons for Harmer. Betting seveo 6 to 4. to four on Harmer, with variations 6th. Sbelton ill-judged bis disbetween that and two to one. A tance, as at setting-to. Harmer few minutes before one the set-to availed himself of this imperfeccommenced. Harmer is a relation tion, and returned left and right of the Belcbers; and the flag upon his antagonist, and gave him (bandkerchief) wbicb was so gale a clear bit down with tbe right Jantly worn by the late Jem Bel- hand. Six to 4 ou Harmer. cher, and which is now called by 7th. A more determined round that pame, was tied over the blue never was fought. The men stood bird's eye on one of the posts of and excbanged hits with true na

tive courage, and after a minuta's THE BATTLE.

bard figbting, Harmer went down Round 1. Shelton bit short at weak.- Betting again reduced from two several times, and in a third 6 to 4. attempt

Harmer returned upon 81b. Both at steady sparring for him with the right band, and hit wind. Harmer planted a tremenbim down by a tremendous blow, dous right-handed hit under his wbich drew first blood also, and adversary's left ear, with wbich le decided both tbese events.-Two went down as if shot. to l on Harmer.

gth. Harmer missed his man 2d. Shelton again ill-judged bis with his left band, when a cou. distance, and Harmer endeavouring rageous rally ensued. Both had to 'return upon him, missed, and enough of the rally, but Shelton got into a rally. Harmer over went down. reached himself, and fell upon his 10th. A hard fougbt round with knees, when he received a bit or mutual advantage, although Hartwo by accident in the beat of mer best managed his bics. Both combat, which by many was con

down.-Seven to 4 on Harmer. stried foul, and the usual uproar

ilth. Shelton went down with was heard of “. Fair ! foul !” by a hit, and Harmer's friends althe partisans of tbe combatauts. leged that he was trying for a foul

3d. A resolute rally followed blow. tbe first bit of Shelton, and Har 12th. After an exchange of hits, mer bad the best of in-fighting. Harmer gave bis adversary a sciHe exchanged two hits for one in entific fall. a forcible manner.

Shelton went 13th. Much caution and steadidown from distress.

ness, and both fatigued. Hitting

Shelton got

at length commenced, and a terri- advantage of Shelton, who lit his fic round ensued, in which more man down. Shelton was the fa game was never displayed. Both vourite. down again.

In the 25th round, Harmer gave 14th. In this round it was seen his adversary a hard cross-buttock that Harmer's bitting right band in the Belcberonian style, the effect had much swollen, and his best of which was beard on the grass friends fearing the recurrence of throughout the ring, and in the such an accident, betting turned 28th round, Harmer gave him a against him at even.

dreadfui blow on the side of the him down with a slight hit. head, which decided the combat. 15th. Harmer went down with

REMARKS. a slight hit, and all seemed to be A battle more determined never in favour of Shelton, who was was fought; and as Harmer was backed at 6 to 4.

opposed to nearly a stone and a :6tb. Harmer endeavoured in half superior weight, steady fightvain to get best, and he went down ing, superior science and most again with a hit.Seven to 4 on determined bottom could alone Shelton.

bave given him a chance, and these 17th. A tremendous rallying requisites he displayed in a most round, in which Sbelton had the pre-eminent degree. Sbelton has best of fighting, and Harmer was acquired much science, and fought knocked down by a most trewen- bravely. Harmer received a vio. dous right-handed bit on the side lent burt in the head against the of the head. Three and 4 to 1 on stakes in the middle of the fight Sbelton.

in a fall, and, together with his Until the 21st round, Harmer hand Aying, nothing but bravery of had never recovered the Chancery tbe most exalted kind could have Suit, as technically termed, and he got him through. The battle last, did not seem to possess a know ed twenty-six minutes. Jerige of what he was about, and he was much punished.--Five to 1 A second battle took place beon Shelton, but no takers. We tween Shaw, the Life Guardsman, need not occupy more of our space and Painter, wbich excited much in detail. In the 21st round be interest. Shaw challenged all the was hit under the ropes.

world, but he had never been tried 22d. This round produced one with a good man; Painter bad of the best specimens of manhood displayed much game, and par: we ever witnessed. It was true ticularly in bis last combats with British courage exemplified, and Alexander, the gardener, and with eacb seemed determined to con the renowned Oliver, both men of quer. After the exchange of many first rate weigbt. Fighting was bits, Harmer knocked bis man at first nearly equal, but both down. Even betting.

shewed bad condition; some heavy 23d. Such was the sudden tran- blows were exchanged on both sition, that Shelton appeared like sides, but Sbaw stood over his arte a drunken man, and he was again versary, and bad lengtb of him in hit down by the sore right hand of every way. Painter, after twenty his antagonist.

minntes fighting, bad no chance. 24th. A dreadful round to the Shaw gave him ten knock-down


of grain.

blows successively, anl it was the that it is caught with difficulty. wish of the ring he should be taken Jt breeds on the banks of the Run, away, but he refused to yield even and on the salt islands in the centre at last, although in a most de- of this tract. It browzes on the plorable state. The battle lasted stunted and saline vegetation found twenty-eight minutes. It was for in the desert; but in November a purse of fifty guineas.

and December, it advances into the country, in herds of huudreds, to

the utter destruction of whole fields ON THE WILD ASS OF INDIA

This animal is then AND PERSIA.

caught in pits, and is found to be

fierce and untameable. They bite THIS is a creature seldom seen and kick in the most dangerous

by scientific men, and little manner, accompanied by the angry known , among us. A male and snorting, which appears to be their female were brought to Petersburgh only voice. Their flesh is esteemed by Professor Gmelin about 1782. good food hy some of the natives of The following account was since the lowest casts, who lie in wait written in India :

for them near the drinking places. It is, perbaps, not generally From the little I have seen of this known, excepting to the natives of animal, it appears to resemble, in India, tbat the desert tract hy tbem many respects, the wild mule, called Run,' wbich divides Kat- found in the western districts of tęwar from Kutch, is the resort of Tartary.” the wild ass. Some time since taking a ride on the banks of the Run, I discovered several herds of

THE COCKER; these curious animals, amounting Containing every Information to the to sixty or seventy, and wishing Breeders and Amateurs of that to have a nearer view, I galloped noble Bird, THE GAME COCK: towards tbem, and although mount to which is added, a variety of ed on a horse of proved speed, I other useful Information for the never could approach nearer than Instruction of those who are at. twenty yards, and they did not tendants on the Cock Pit.-By appear to be at their speed. A dog W.SKETCHLEY, Gent.-Burton. which accompanied me was cluse on-Trent, printed. at their heels, when they turned and pursued him with an angry The author of this concise snorting noise. This ass, which manual states in his Preface, the Persians call Khur, is consider that having been "attached to the ably longer than in its tame state: sod at a very early period of litera the body is of an ash colour, which and having lived in a part of the gradually fading, becomes a dirty country bigh in repute for that white under the belly. The ears noble bird, the Game Cock, where and shoulder stripe, resemble those as great a variety of birds were of the common kind, but its head exhibited in all their various prog seemed much longer, and its limbs cess of refinement as


individual more roughly and strongly formed. amateur could enjoy, le flatters The natives of India, describe the himseif that by such superior meaos Kbur as extremely watchful, so of collecting information, “The


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