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Whisker agst Mr. Shakespear's were equally matched, and they Donkey, 8st. 716. each, A. F. 200gs. were alternately a-head of cach

other. The Caroline passed first BRIGHTON, July 26.— It does round the fag-boat moored off not appear that we are to have Wandsworth meadows, the Spitfire aoy regular races here this year. second, and the Ludlow within a That the course will not remain 'minute after ber. At this time the unused, however, even should the Camilla was two miles a-stera ; regular animal sports be disconti. kowever, in coming down, the nued, the diversions which took Spitfire and Ludlow passer tlie place there this day may serve in Caroline off Wandsworth, after some measure to evince. Five which the contest was entirely beponies appeared on the list, Lord tween the Spitfire and Ludlow, and Barrymore's Bang, with young much nautical skill was displayed Lee on his back, being one. The by the captains of those boats; the distance fixed was half a mile, for Caroline and Camilla profited by a subscription purse of ten guineas these manoeuvres, and in Chelsea each, the best of three beats, Reach, they were nearly up with wbich was won easy by Mr. Mann's the two headmost boats; the LudPatriot, beating five others.-The low at last succeeded in getting to next race was a match for fifty windward of the Spitfire, and guineas, in which Captain Nisa passed the flay-boat of Cumberland bitt's bl. g. Toby beat Mr. Dono. Gardens, where the inatch termi. von's Witchcraft, over two miles nated, a boat's length only a-head of the old course. The horses of the Spitfire; the Caroline and were neck and neck the whole Camilla came in immediately afterway. One or two matches of wards close togetber, the Caroline minor interest followed, and it was a-head; it was allowed by every between five and six o'clock before persou that a more severe and wellthe company began generally to contested natch never took place. descend the hill.

-The captains partook of an ele

gant dinner at the Cumberland It is reported to be the inten- tavern, where the cup was pretion of some leading characters of sented to Capt. Lyon. Cheltenham, to establish races near that town; the first to take place

ROWING MATCH.-On Thurs. in September next.

day the 27tb inst. a prize wherry,

given by the gentlemen of the Sailing MATCH-A silver cup Funny Club, was rowed for on the and cover was sailed for on Mon- Thames by seven pair of oars. The day the 24th on the river Thames, contest was to be decided in two and won by the Ludlow, Captain heats. They started at balf past four Anthony Lyon, of Wandsworth; o'clock from Westminster-bridge, tbe prize was given by a subscrip- and proceeded round a boat moored tion, made among a few amateurs off the windmill beyond Vauxhall, of tbal science. Four boats start. down the Surrey sbore, to the ed, named the Ludlow, Spitfire, beacon below Westminster-bridge, Caroline, and Camilla. The con and through the centre arch. This test excited much interest, as the contest, which constituted the first Caroline, Spitfire, and Ludlow, beat, was won in fine style hy three

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boats distinguished by colours, viz. appeared that the deceased was in yellow, pink, and green. The con very had habit of body and at ån ditions of the wager only allowed advanced age, but there was no the three first boats of the first doubt that the wounds accelerated beat to start for the second. They his death. It was proved that the accordingly started again from dog, when attached to the barrow, Westminster-bridge, to row round was very ferocious, but otherwise a boat at Battersea-bridge, and re was gentle. Verdict of the coroturn to the prize wherry off Cun- ner's jury-Accidental death. berland Gardens. This heat af. forded a strong trial of skill, and ACTION in the Palace Court, the prize boat was won by Edward Westminster, Friday, July 7. King Farlow of Whitehall, and John v. Wicks—This was a special acScott, of Bankside. The river was tion brought by the plaintiff

, a burdened by boats and gay com- 'stable-keeper in the borough of pany: A party of Westminster Southwark, against the defendant, scholars, in a fine subscription an auctioneer, for the recovery of cutter, pulled against the best boats damages on a breach of contract, on the river.

in the hiring of a horse ; and the

declaration set forth, that the de. Inquest.-An Inquisition was fendant having hired and contractheld at the White Raven, Wbite- ed to ride the horse bimself, did

chapel, on the 18th inst. on the body put bis friend, a Mr. Mullett, on of T. Spencer, who died from the it, and by his careless negligence hite of a dog, at the London Hos. the horse was thrown down, and pital, on the Tuesday previous. both knees were broken. A comThe facts are as follow :--Dukes, a pensation in damages was therefore baker, in Whitechapel, who had songbt for, on the ground that the formerly been ihe owner of the dog, defendant '

had broken bis contract, being from home, his wife sent to and by that became liable to thể a neighbouring baker to borrow a damages accruing from the breach. bread barrow, which was lent -Robert Mayor Quandling, ostler accordingly, and to which this dog to the plaintif, deposed, that on was harnessed. Dukes's boy, who the 18th of March the defendant, had received orders from his mis. accompanied by Mr. Mullett, came tress, broughe two bundles of tares to his master's, and 'the defendant from a country cart, in White- told him he wanted a borse to ride chapel-road, and was wheeling out on a day's pleasure.

Witness them bome with the 'dog's assist- rode it up and down to see if it The deceased, according to

would suit the defendant. Des the boy's account, put his hands fendant rode it away, and when it into the barrow, and took ont a was brought home at nigbt both small part of the contents, and knees were broken. Witness hewas instantly seized by the dog, liever the horse to be worth 401. which was of the bull breed, who or 501, and thought the injury it bit him in two places in the leg, had sustained was not less than and held him for the space of a 251.- Mr. Agar addressed the jury minute, when the deceased kicked in behalf of the defendant, and biin off. The deceased was taken called Mr. Mullett, who stated to the London Hospital, where he that the borse was tender in the died. From the evidence given it feet, and that the plaintiff said at



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the time that he had been bunted. loup garou, being angry with the Wituess had much difficulty in man that was hung, got into him, keeping up bis head during bis and in order to be revenged, put it rilling him to and from Enfield, into the head of the farmer to In Kingsland-road be fell on one attack him, that he might be taken knee, in spite of all the caution be up as a thief and come to an untook with bim : and on London timely end; and that the instant Bridge he slipped down and broke the balter was round the pretenthe other.- Verdict, damages for der's neck, the spirit of the real the plaintiff, 101.

wolf-man slipped out of him again,

and enjoyed his triumph, to think An adventure among the Loup how cleverly he bad brought his Gurous, or Wolf Men.—Mr. Bau- enemy to the gallows. Thus the man, of the privy council of Cleves, very circumstances

that ought and first pastor of the reformed to weaken superstition, gave it church there, related to the late strength. Mr. Pratt the story of a man at Cologne who assumed tbe charac The Romaos rode in different ter of a loup garou, and lived many colours, particularly the companies years by the pillage of whatever, in of charioteers, to distinguish themthat character, he could lay his selves. There were generally four, kands on, insomuch that he amass viz. prassina (green), russata (red), ed great wealth iu money and vå- alba, or albata (white), and the luable moveables; but he was at venata (sky, or sea colour); but last assaulted and taken by a the green was generally the fa. countryman, who swore he defied vourite, especially under Caligula, the devil and all his works. This Nero, and the following emperors.; man was encountered by the wolf- but Suetonius tells us, that Domiman on tbe lay he was known to tian (who was made emperor in have sold a quantity of corn at A. D. 81, and died A. D. 96,) *Cologne market; but so far was added two more colours, viz. the be from tamely yielding up his golden or yellow, and the purple, honest profits, that instead of Ay, but these were suon laid aside again ing with terror before the wolf. hy the following emperors. (Vide man, or dropping his money-bag, Kennet's Roman Antiquities.) , he held the said bag, wbich was a Such was the fondness too for the heavy one, at arm's length, and favourite borses, that Montfaucon 'felled the thief to 'the earth with tells us, and gives a copper-plate

tbat very gold and silver which he drawing from an urn, which has would have purloined. Before he two inscriptions upon it; "the up

recovered the blow, the heroic permost regards the horses, the * farnier threw him like a calf over lower the men, which begins with his horse, and in bis wolf-clothing the letters DM, relates to the perdelivered bim up to justice; and sons interred therein. Over the in this dress he was soon after first horse was an inscription, the bung, in the public market-place meaning of which is, “That this at Cologne, it might have been was in memory of the borse Aquilo, thought this disaster would have begot by Aquilo, wbo bad colopened the eyes of "superstition"; quered 137 times, won the second but on the contrary the Colognians prizes 88 times, and ibe third 37 "continued to believe that the real times."




THE NOBLE GAME OF CRICKET. Each mate must excel in some principal

part, To the Editor of the Sporting Magazine.

The Pentathlow of Greece could not show

so much art. SIR, THE following verses on Cricket; The parties are met, and array'd all in

written by the Rev. M. Cotton, of Winchester, being highly prized by the Fam'd Elis ne'er boasted so pleasing a lovers of that fine exercise, will, I trust,

sight, be considered worthy of insertion in your

Each nymph looks askew at her favov. publication. I am, &c. J. F.

șite swain, Chiswick, July, 1815.

And views him half stript, both with

pleasure and pain. Assist all ye Muses, and join to rehearse, An old English sport, never prais'd yet The wickets are pitch'd now, and mea. in verse ;

sur'd the ground, 'Tis cricket I sing, of illustrious fame,

Then they form a large ring, and stand No nation e'er boasted so noble a game.

gazing around : Derry down, &c.

Since Ajax fought Hector in sight of all

Troy, Great Pindar has braggd of his heroes of No contest was seen with such fear and old,

such joy. Some were swift in their race, some in battle were bold;

Ye bowlers take heed, to my precepts The brows of the victor with olive were

attend, crown'd.

On you the whole fate of the game must Hark, they shout, and Olympia returns

depend : the glad sound,

Spare your vigour at first, aof exert all

your strength, What boasting of Castor, and Pollux his

But measure each step, and be sure pitch brother,

a length. The one fam'd for riding, for bruising Ye strikers observe when the foc shall the other;

draw nigh, But compar'd with our heroes they shine Mark the bowler advancing with vigilanç not at all :

eye ; What are Castor and Pollux to Nyren and

Your skill all depends upon distance and Small ?


Stand firm to your scratch, let your bat Here's guarding and catching, and throw

be upright. ing and tussing, And bowling and striking, and running Ye fields-men look sharp, lest your pains and crossing i

ye beguile,

file ;

Move close like an army, in rank and in And one, more eager than the rost,

Look'd, long'd, and swallow'd the When the ball is return'd, back it sure,

deceit. for I trow, Whole states have been ruin'd by one Too late she felt the poignant smart, overthrow.

Her pitying friends her fate deplore,

The angler, with well-practis'd art, The sport is now o'er, Io victory rings,

Play'd, hook'd, and drew her to the ·Echo doubles the chorus, and Fame

shore. spreads her wings; Let us now hail our champions, all steady Lurd by the beauty of the day, and true,

The sun now sinking in the sky, Such as Homer ne'er sung of, nor Pindar

A sage pursu'd his walk that way, e'er knew.

And saw the bleeding victim lie. ' Buck, Curry, and Hogsflesh, and Barber, and Brett,

Far in the vale of years declin'd, Whose swiftness in bowling was ne'er

He watch'd the course of nature's law, equal'd yet,

And thus with philosophic mind, I had almost forgot, (they deserve a large

He moraliz'd on what he saw.
Little George the long stop, and Tom Indulge, awhile, the pensive vein,

And fix this image in your mind;
Suter the stumper.

You've hook'd a fish ; observe its pain, Then why should we fear either Sack

And view the state of human kind, ville or Mann ?

Fate gives us line, we shift the scene,
Or repine at the loss both of Bayton and

And jocund traverse to and fro,
Lan ?

Pain, sickness, still will intervene,
With such troops as these, we'll be lords

We feel the hook where'er we go. of the game, 'Spite of Minchin and Miller, and Lumpy, If, proudly, we our schemes extend, and Frame.

And look beyond the present hour,

We find our straiten'd prospects end, Then fill up your glass, he's the best who And own an over-ruling power.

drinks most, Here's the Hambleton Club-who re Awhile we sport, awhile lament, fuses the toast ?

Fate checks the line, and we are gone, Let us join in the praise of the bat and Dragg'd from our wonted element the wicket,

To distant climes, untry'd, unknown. And sing in full chorus the patrons of

cricket. And when the game's o'er, and our fate

THE RURAL LIFE. shail draw nigh, (For the heroes of cricket like others

(A Specimen of early English Poetry.) must die); Our bats well resign, neither troubled

HEART-rending cares, and quivering nor vext,

fears, And give up our wickets to those that

Anxious sighs, untimely tears,

Fly, fly to Courts !
Derry down, &c.

Fly to fond worldling's sports,
Where strain'd Sardonic smiles are glar.

ing still, THE ANGLER AND PHILOSOPHER. And grief is forc'd to laugh against her

will; BESIDE a gentle murm'ring brook,

Where mirth's but mummery,
An angler took his patient stand ; And sorrows only real be!
He cy'd the stream with anxious look,
And wav'd his rod with cautious hand. Fly from our country pastimes ! fly,

Sad troop of human misery !
The bait with nicest art was drest,

Come, serene looks, The fishes left their safe retreat,

Clear as the crystal brooks,

come next.

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