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das's Pyramus, heating Mr. Rad- ryfield and Grey Marquis started clyfte's Midnight, and Mr. Calley's for the third heat, and Merryfield Miss Platoff. The 501. Plate, came in first; but bis Lordsbip given by the Members for the City, declared, at starting, that baving for all ages, was won at three heats made a complaint of crossing hy Mr. Bacon's Tooley, beating against Merryfield, it was not bis Mr. Maskelyne's Cambric, and Mr. intention to run against him for Calley's Miss Platoff. - Friday, the the heat, and that he went over Five-guinea Stakes (with thirty the ground to claim the Plate.added) was won, iu two well-con- The Plate and all the bers thereon, tested heats, by Mr. Dundas's Ro. of course, remain until the decibin Adair, heating Platoff and Illu- sion of the Lord Lieutenant, or

and a sweepstakes of 15gs. whom he may appoint, is ascereach (with 20 addeul), was won by tained. -A sweepstakes of 5gs. Mr. Calley's Yellow Slipper', beat- each, with 25l. added by the Meniing Mr. Bacon's Hecate. The lat. bers for the County, was won ter ran against a wall, and threw by Mr. Morant's Vision, out of ber rider. The ortlinaries were Vulture's dam, beating Mr. Duneach day numerously attended.-- das's Liberator, Mr. Powlett's MidW. Gore Langton, juis. and B. Na. night, and four others. --The Nopier, Esq. of Pill, in this county, bleinen and Gentlemen's Plate of have accepted the office of stewards 501. was won by Mr. Williams's for next year's races.

Vision, beating Mr. Dundas's Li

berator, and Mr. Boult's WellesAt Winchester races, which ley.--Wednesday, the City Plate commenced on Tuesday, the 18th of 501. was won at two heats, instant, on Worthy Down, there by Mr. Bacon's Tooley, beating was not so much company present Mr. Williams's Cambrian, and Mr. as witnessed on former occasions. Turner's Rival. For the SweepTuesday, the King's Plate of 100gs. stakes of 5gs. each, with 251. adafforded good sport, and was won ded by the County Members, Midat three beats by Mr. Wilkinson's night walked over.- Sweepstakes Merryfield, beating Mr. Perriu's of 5gs. cach, for horses not thoGrey Marquis, Mr. Bacon's Too- rough hred, was won by Mr. Fleley, Mr. Turner's Rastopchin, and ming's b. g. Blucher, beating Mr. Mr. Hart's Striver. The first beat Smith's White Stockings.-Thurswas won by Merryfield, the second day, a Cup of yogs.value; was won by Grey Marquis. Lord Lowther, by Mr. Dundas's Pyramus, beating who rode Grey Marquis, on com- Tooley, Rose, and Vision.-The ing up to weigh after the second sweepstakes of 10gs. each, for heat, made a complaint of cross hunters that bave been at the death ing against the rider of Merryfield, of four foxes the preceding season, wbich was received by the steward was won at two heats by Mr. V. (J. Fleming, Esq.), in order to be Kingston's Cambrian, heating Mr. transmitted to the Lord Lieutenant G. Curtis's b.b. by Walton, and of the county, to whom all disputes Mr. Fleming's b. g. Blucher. on the King's Plate are referred, Eight horses started for the Lato be decided by bim, or any per- dies' Plate of 501. - which was on be may appoint. Both Mer. won at two beats, by Mr. Linton's


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Cleopatra.-Lord Palmerston is for, and to be confined to players appointed the new Steward of the of our owu county.-(Hampshire Races for the year ensuing. Chron.)

The Bath Herald, in noticing SINGLE STICK.-On Friday, the the above, having erroneously, 23. ult. a great number of people though inadvertently, stated, that (at least seven thousand) assembled Bunn of Somerset bart broken at Fareham, in expectation of see Watts's bead when playing for the ing a grand match at singlestick. purse of 10l. the latter sent the Prizes of forty pounds, ten ponnds, following letter to the editor :and a purse for young players, MR. EDITOR_Looking over having been advertised to be con your paper of the 8th ipst. I saw à tended for on that day, several wrong statement of the singlefirst-rate players in Somersetslire stick play at Fareham. Seeing and Wiltshire had assured the gen there thar Bunn had broke Watts's tlemen in the neighbourhood of head, I send you this to inform Farebam (who were subscribers to you I was not there. The person the prizes offered), tbat they would that gave you an account of the attepd; but the Wiltshire men, play, seems to make out that the having from year to year suffered Wiltshire party was afraid : I will sucb defeats from the Somerset come forward at any time, and play men, did not come (excepting two either of the eight, three bloods players of little note), consequently for twenty pounds; and box him the great prize was not played for. after for fifty pounds of my own A purse of ten pounds, however, money. I am, yours, &c. having been made up in order to

“ JAMES Watts." gratify the public with a specimen Pastcraft, near Trowbridge.” of the scientific play of the men of tbose two cogoties, it was easily CRICKET.-The five weather of won by Bunn and Tucker, of so the past month, has afforded our merset. The play for a purse of cricketing friends ample opportu. five pounds, by the Hampshire nity for indulgence iu this, their men, afforded much amusement, favourite ainusement. On Tuesand was won by Ayre, an athletic day, the 11th, a match was played lad of the gypsy trihe, drawing the on the new enclosure, in Thorney blood of Slade, Smith, and another Island, Hants, between eleven gengood player. In the course of the tlemen of the island and eleven of play, for this purse, the heads of Bosham, which, after some good Morgan, Holdaway, and others play, terminated in favour of the were hardly won by those after- latter. Edward Bennett, Esq. who wards defeated by Ayre. Upon the played on the part of Bosham, in whole, the good play and dexterity running between the wickets, bad of the players of this county, gave

the misfortune to break the tendon the encouragers of this manly prac- Achilles muscle, and was obliged tice (promoting the accustomed and to be carried off the ground. natural hardihood of Englishmen), A game of cricket was played on a fair prospect of their again be- Monday and Tuesday, the 3d and coming as celebrated as in former 4th instant, hetween the gentledays. It is proposed to give next meu of the western part of Susyear some liberal prizes to be played sex, and the gentlemen of the


castern part of the same county, burn's claim to annual distinction with given men from Kent, which was, unquestionably established, terminated in favour of the latter, with but a slight degree of compewith eight wickets

s to go

down. tition, having killed forty-six of A cricket match between the sixty of the enemy; Lieutenant county of Kent, and eleven players Stead forty of the same number of of all England, which bad excited ditto. Some crack shots, who are much interest in Kent and the members, we did not observe to be neighbouring counties, was played present. on Monday and Tuesday, the 17th and 18th, on Wrotham Naps, and A match for twenty guineas decided in favour of England ; viz. was run for, on Wednesday, the -England, first inpings, 85; se 5th instant, on the turnpike road, cond ditto, 57–112.-Kent, first from Carlisle to Branıpton, beinnings, 47 ; second ditto, 45-92. tween a mare belonging to Mr. -England won by fifty runs.- Joseph Irwin of Laversdale, and Bets at starting, 6 to 4 on Eng- one belonging to Mr. William land.

Leighton, of Watch Close; they On Tuesday, the 18th instant, started at Stanwix, at ten o'clock,

grand match of cricket was and ended at Brampton Town played between two eleyens of the Foot, a distance of nine miles, in Selborne Club, and the gentlemen about twenty-three minutes. The educated under Dr. Wood, at match was well contested, and Midburst, Sussex, which was won won by Mr. Irwin's mare by a by the latter.

few lengths. It excited a good A grand match, on Lord's deal of interest, the road between ground, between Surrey and Eng- Stanwix and Brampton being lined Jand, was decided on Friday, the hy bundreds of people, and consi14th instant, in favour of England, derable sums of money were sportviz. Surrey, first innings, 116; se ed on the occasion, by the respeccond ditto, 152-266.-England, tive friends of the owbers of the first innings, 202 ; second ditto, animals. 67-269-England won by one wicket.-Betting at starting, six PUGILISM -Richmond, the to five in favour of Surrey; it then black, and Shelton, are in close came five to four, and afterwards training to fight on the 1st of eight to one in favour of England; August. They are each between then six to four for Surrey again. twelve and thirteen stone. RichThis was considered the best con mond is fifty-two, and Shelton tested match that has been played twenty-seven-Purcell, the West. for many years.

uninster lad, is to fight Jobnson in

the same ring after Ricbmond and On Saturday, the sth instant, Sbelton. the Old Hat Club met, for the last A match between Eales and time this season, at their shooting Scroggins işin contemplation. The rendezvous at Islington. A sta- gentlemen wbo backed Scroggins tion so metropolitan, had been se- against Nosworthy, now back lected on account of certain advan- Eales. Scroggins bad complained tages of furage, rather than for its of not having met bis reward for military position. Captain Black- beating the baker, although he


was backed for fifty pounds, every in and gave his opponent three shilling of which was given to him, desperate facers, which bronglit and nine pounds for three weeks the betting even till the thirty-first training. In former times, first- round, when Chapman began to rate men were glad to receive five shew evident marks of severe puor ten guineas as a conqueror, as

nishment, having his right eye Johnson, Jen Belcber, W. Ward, closed, and betting two to one on Cribh, &c.

Ellis. Chapman, however, valiOn Monday, the 17th inst. a pu- antly endeavoured to restore the giliştic combat took place for a sub- battle till the titty.fourth round, scription purse on Mitcham Com. when receiving two more facers, mon, Surrey, between William bis left eye was instantly closed, Laing, of Croydon, a hectoring and Ellis was declared the concollar-maker, of twelve stone (the gueror. The battle lasted one supposed champion of the above hour and twelve minutes, and was town) conded by Richmond, the for a subscription purse of seven black, against an uptried Boot Boy, pounds. of inferior weigbt, from ove of the inns at Croydon, seconded hy PURSUANT to notice given by Shelton, the navigator. After a Mr. Jackson, a grand exhibition protracted battle of two honrs and of sparring took place, on Tuesday a quarter, victory was declared in the 18th, at the Fives' Court, St. favour of the lad, wbo displayed Martin's Lane, in qiil of the fund undaunted courage.

Laing re for the relief of the Widows and peatedly fell witbout a blow. Any Orphans of the fallen brave at odds at starting on the collar. Waterloo; the pugilists noted in maker. The victorious Blacking the London ring, volunteered their Boy was taken off the ground ap. services upon this national occa. parently very little hurt, amidst the sion of charity, and the court was reiterated acclamation of five bun-filler with the first respectability. dred spectators; whereas Laing The setting to ras of longer dura. was lifted into a post chaise most tion than usual, the pugilists being severely beaten.

anxious to do all in their power to On Thursday, the 6th inst. the assist the general cause of humalong expected battle between Chap- nity. It was a beautiful specimen man and Ellis, from Newmarket, of the science of boxing displayed took place in a meadow on the Suf- hetwixt Belcher and Eales; hụt folk side of St. Olave's Bridge, the former bad another opportunear Yarmouth. At balf past four nity of displaying that science P. M. the comhatants entered the (which he possesses in a very ring, attended by their seconds, superior degree to any on the boxand hottle-bolders, and shortly af. ing list) with a strong athletic ter, the time-keeper and two ym- young man of the name of Sbock, pires having taken their seats, the as so termell, wbo was said to be battle began. From the first to a rough rider. He was rough in. the seventeenth round the superior deed, and bis ambition in making size and strength of Chapman car- his debut on the stage of blood was ried him through, and bets were at nothing less than the top of the two and three to one in his favour; list. He fearlessly bored on his but on the eighteenth, Ellis went adyersary with much resolution, VOL. XLVI.-No. 274.



and it required much firmness and of two or three sheep were found stealliness to stop him, and it must near the spot at wbich it was disnecessarily be in force for self- covered. protection. Belcher met bim left and right, about half-a-dozen times, A CHICKEN with two distinct and and closed up one of his eyes. The perfect heads and necks, was lately company called out enough, and batched at Box, forming one of a the gloves were pulled of We brood of eleven producerl under a never saw so much execution made black Spanish hen, belonging to upon a man's head in so short a W. Naylor, ostler, of the Wbite tine. The others who set to were Lion Inn, Bath. Cribb, Harmer, Richmond, Oliver, Painter, Ford, Johnson, and the

TURF EXTRA. wbole of the milling corps. The receipts amounted to 881. leaving Newmarket Second October Meetá surplus, clear of expeuces, of up.

ing, 1815. wards of 701.

MONDAY. - The Garden Stakes

of 100ys. eacb, T. M. M. We learn from the provincial Mr. Villiers's Dou Cossack, 5 news--papers, that Captain Hold, a yrs old, gst. Jolb. Somersetshire pedestrian, has been Duke of Grafton's Partisan, 4 recently attempting the Barclay yrs old, gst. 21b. match of a thousand miles in a Lord Foley's Bluster, aged, Sst. thousand hours, but that be failed. 131b.

-His is the sixth unsuccessful at Lord G. H. Cavendish's Blacktempt at that astonishing under- amoor, 4 yrs old, Sst. 3lb. taking

Duke of Rutland's c. by Windle, 3 yrs

old, 8st. On the 211 inst. at Cloford, near Mr. Stovebewer's Delville, 3 yrs Frome, Somerset, Mr. W. Ball, old, 7st. 131h. gamekeeper to T. S. Horner, esq. Mr. Payne's Quinola, 3 yrs old, of Mells Park, Ausbed a leash of 7st. 6lb. woodcocks, and killed a couple of Mr. Brummel's Corporal Violet, tbenı at one shot,

3 yrs old, 7st. 4lb.

Mr. Andrew's c. hy Orville, out A few days since as Mr. Edward of Canidia, 3 yrs old, 7st. 4H). Fisher, of Northiam, Sussex, was Mr. Lake's c. by Rubens, out of in pursuit of some wild ducks, he Sagana, 3 yrs old, 7st. accidentally flushed a woodcock, N.B. The match between Alad. and shot it. It proved to be a re din and Phosphor, for this day, is. niarkably fine bird, weighing fif- off by consent. teen ounces and three quarters. FRIDAY.-Mr. Lake's Aladdio,

agst Mr. Payne's Pointers, &st.71b. An otter, which measured five each, T. Y.C. 200gs. b. ft. feet from its nose to the end of its LAST DAY.-Lord Rous's Ti. tail, two feet în circumference, and gris, 8st. 1olh. agst Mr. Shakeweighed twenty-two pounds, was spear's Donkey, sst. Ab. M. 200gs. killed a short time ago near Allenbeads, in Northumberland, by a la

Houghton Meeting bourer and bis dog. The remains

LAST Dar.-Duke of Grafton's


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