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to bet upon, is the real thing : I some novel circumstances. The therefore humbly beg leave to pro- parties, buyer and seller, were perpose, that a match for five hundred sons of property; the female (the guineas, at least, over the B. C. object of sale), young, beautiful, at Newmarket, to be run next and elegantly dressed, was brought Craven Meeting, or at farthest in

to the market in a coach, and exthe First Spring Meeting ensuing, posed to the view of her purchaser be immediately made, between two with a silk balter round her shouleminent Gentlemen of the Turf, at ders, which were covered with a least well known sporting charac- rich white lace veil. The price deters, known racers to be preferred, manded for her in the first instance and to be ridden by the two first was eighty guineas, but tbat finally jockies of the day,

agreed on was fitty guineas and a Trusting, with all humility, you valuable borse upon which the will comply with this my reason- purchaser was mounted. The sale able and expedient request, I have and delivery being complete, the the honour to be, my Lords and lady with her new lord and master Gentlemen, your most bumble and mounted a handsome curricle wbich most obedient servant,

was in waiting for them, and A WHITE LEG. drove off, seemingly nothing loath Subscription Room, Tattersal's, to go. The purchaser in the preJuly 10, 1815.

sent case was a celebrated borsedealer in town, and the seller a

grazier of cattle, residing about FOREST-KEEPER SHOOTING A six miles from London. The inBUCK;

tention of these disgusting bargains An Etching

is, to deprive the busband of any

right of prosecution for damages. THE artist has here employed = his talents in producing a sub

A TALE OF THE MARVELLOUS. ject familiar to most of our

readers. Our pages have in various places described the ancient and modern ON Wednesday se'nnight, (says

a Dumfries Journal published methods of killing the buck, and to this month) a stack of oats on the these we refer for explanation, if farm of Ferryden, was carried from any be, indeed, necessary. the barnyard to the barn, infested

with mice to an extraordinary de

gree. Amongst other murderers of SELLING OF WIVES. vermin that attended, a pointer dog

was exceedingly active and expert ONE of those scenes which oc at bis calling, and swallowed up

bis. casionally disgrace even Smith- prey with great rapidity. In about field, took place there about five half an hour the poor animal seemed o'clock on Friday evening, the much distressed, and began to swell 21st instant, vamely, a man ex in the belly to an enormous size. posing his wife for sale. Hitherto Suddenly afterwards he fell a vonitwe have only seen those moving in ing, when strange to tell, out of 18 the lowest classes of society ibus of the mice disgorged on this occadegrading themselves, but the pre- sion, seven took leg-bail, and sucsent exhibition was attended with ceeded in making their escape ! VOL. XLVI.No. 274.




THE following anecdote of Wil. warden;.no, Sir, thank God,

liam Pitt, has, we believe, al- that parish business is settled, I ready appeared in our pages, but made a rate last week.' the superior manner in which it is given below, indices us to re-insert A FAITHFUL CANDIDATE. it, more especially as good wit will

Give me your vote, Sir Canvas cries, allow of being twice told:

And I'll take care your boy shall rise ; «« WILLIAM PITT.-Tbis great Nor thinks of boy or promise more.

The promise made, he quits the door, statesnian was known, when re Meanwhile the youth, to learning bred, tired from public business into th Gets lofty notions in his head circle of his friends, to indulge in

But when his patron he assails,

And finds each golden promise fails, light and playful conversation.

To beg asham'd, to work untaught, He even condescended to punning. He takes a purse, is fairly caught,

And soon rewarded with a halter, When enjoying himself with a con

Thus proves the Knight his kind eralter. vivial party at Walmer Castle, the expected invasion of the French

When the guards of mail from the opposite shores was talked coaches begin (as bas lately been of, and one of his friends asked the case on the north western road) bin, "What dependence can you to rob the vebicles they are hired place upon your Cinque-Port vo

to defend, the observation of the lunteers for you know some of Roman Poet will be completely them are millers, and others are verified :custom house officers.' "0,' said

“ Sed quis custodiet ipsos Pitt, these are the very men in " Custodes?” whose military talents I can con

If such the thirst and avarice of pelf, fide; every miller is a Marshal Where is the Guard to guard the Guard Saxe, and every custom-house-of himself? ficer is a Cæsar,'

ANOTHER RHYMING BONIFACE. The OxFORD CHURCHWARDEN. Bradford, Wilts. New Bear -Mr. Malbon, the apothecary, Inn.-- Benj. Mason begs leave most was called to attend an Oxford respectfully, &c. churchwarden, whose head was

" Good wine, with good spirits, and like

wise good fare, full of parish business, and was You'll constantly meet with at BRADFORD not very conversant with expres

New BEAR, sions out of the way of the vulgar Warm stables for horses, good corn, and

good hay; tongue. “ I have a great soreness With good beds for yourselves, if all night in my breast," said the church

you will stay; wardeo. Tbat arises," said the

Good porter, good cider, and genuine ale,

With moderate charges, and beer mild or apothecary, « from a febrile affec

stale: tion in the thorax; but pray let Ben. Mason thus hopes to accommo

date all, me ask you, do you expectorate ?"

Who will deign when at BRADFORD to ss Expect a rate," said the church

give him a call."

A man wbo lately stood in the naparte Conspired to Destroy the pillory for attempting to buro bis Established French Government; house, escaped very well. An old He Intrigued with Jacobins and acquaintance, after all was over, Knaves, and Lured Many Notosaid to him, “ I was afraid once

rious Offenders to bis Purpose; be you would have been roughly Quickly Raised his Standard, but handled by the mob;, there was

To the Unparalleled Valour and mucha menacing." Yes," re

Wisdom of our Xenophon, be plied he, “ I thought so too; but Yielded--sans Zest. it was all smoke, it never broke out to a fire."

Bon Mot. - Lord Norbury,

when robing with his brother Judge THE DISAPPOINTED LOVER, Fletcher, was asked by the latter Florio a loaded pistol drew

sarcastically, how they went on in And pointing it against his head, Tipperury ? (the county in which Vow'd he the dreadful deed would do, Lord N.'s property chiefly lies), And thus to trembling Julia said;

adding, “ I bear, brother, that " Since cruel fair, with cold disdain, shots are fired round your own de

You still reject my ardent love,
My thoughts are madness, life but pain,

mesne every night." " If that be And thus at once I both remove.' tbe case," replied Lord Norbury,

with his usual pleasantry," it must Oh! stay one moment, Julia pray'd, And pull’d the bell as ne'er before,

bave been, brotber Fletcher, with " Here Betty! quick! a pail, dear maid,

your Charges !” ibis madman else will stain the floor."

Bon Mor.-Collins, the humourA very heavy author was asking ist, who invented an entertainment, a friend what he should do with a

called “ The Brush," was originally critic, who had abused his work. Throw your book at bis bead, neral knowledge of the arts, ex

a miniature painter; he had a geit must kill him!”

cept the art of saving money.

A APPARITIONS. - A. gentleman,

friend, observing to him, that

« The Pencil would have been a well known to be subject to superstitious ideas, saying he had been bition than The Brush,"

more applicable name for his exhimuch terrified by the actual appear

no,” said Collins, I have used ance of bis wife's ghost, his friend the Pence ill enough already.” observed, tbat be was as much surprised as be could be, as he

ON THE DEATH OF SHAW, THE PUthought he had been long accus

GILIST, KILLED AT WATERLOO. tomed to her spirit.

Death never laid his iron paw

Upon a braver lad than Shaw! The LATE LADY HAMILTON.

Gainsay the fact who can? This highly accomplished woman,

And as he made the corse his owti,

“ You see,” cried Death, in vaunting tone, conversing one day with an Italian

“ He is no Life-Guard-Man!" Lady, who would persuade herself

MILES. sbe bad learned a little English," asked her, " How


children EPITAPH ON PETER WILSON, WHO she had ?" I have done seven,"

WAS DROWNED, said the Lady

Peter was in the ocean drown'd,

A careless, hapless creature!

And when his lifeless trunk was found, INITIAL WIT.- Ambitious Bo. It was become salt peter!

2 2 SPORT.

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HAMPTON Races, which were the most lively satisfaction. For

instituted under the express the Maiden Plate on Thursday, patronage of bis Royal Higliness there were four beats, all of wbich the Duke of Clarence, the particu- were admirably well contested, and lars of which are given in the Rac won by Mr. Weaver's bl, m. hy ing Calendar of our present Num- Fyldener, beating Sir J. Dashber, were attended this year by all wood's bay filly, Mr. Gattey's ch. the beauty and fashion of the ele c. Revenge, Sir W. Lumley's b. g. gant neighbourhood, who were Usurper, Mr. Bloss's cb. f. Ferohighly gratified by the peculiar ex- nia, Mr. Powell's b. g. Welling. cellence of the sport in general, ton, and Mr. Lawton's b. c. Fobut particularly by the race on the rester. A Sweepstakes of 116 second day, for the Clarence Gold guineas was won hy Mr. R. Spen. Cup, which was won in two beats cer's b. m. Queen of Diamonds, by Mr. Bacon's horse Tooley, beating Mr. Mụnsey's b. m. Meteobeating Mr. Blake's Grand Du- rina, which broke down, and Sir G. chess, Mr. Perrin's brother to Pigot's br, c. Belgium, wbich was Quizzer, and three others of equal distanced. The Hunter's Stakes, celebrity. Both beats

of 70gs. was won by Mr. E. L. closely contested as ever were seen, Charlton's b. c. Woodman, beating being hard run throughout, and Mr. Tench's ch. g. by Lignum each heat won by barely half a. Vitæ, and Mr. F. L. Charlton's gr. head. From the manner in which e. Cleveland. Friday morning, the the races bave been conducted this Ludford Stakes of 10gs. each, was year, and the liberal encourage won by Mr. E. L. Charlton's b. c. ment afforded them by the nobility Parson Tozer, beating Sir T. Stanand gentry of Hampton, and its ley's ch. c. Tamerlane.-(Another vicinity, we may venture to predict account wbich we have seen, states that they will in future become an that Tozer won the first heat, but object of much attraction to the fell immediately after passing the public, and prove deserving of the winning chair, and the stakes were illustrious patronage with which divided.). In the evening there was they are immediately honoured.- a good race for the All-aged Plate Mr. Wm. Winn was Judge, and of 501. whicb_was won at two Mr. Jackson and Mr. Pepperday, beats by Mr. R. Spencer's br. c. the Stewards at these races. Glinton, beating Mr. Benbow's

b. c. Woodman, and Sir W. LumLUDLOW Races afforded excel. ley's b. g. Usurper. Same evening, lent sport, and attracted a very nu the Cavalry Stakes was won at two merous and genteel company. The beats by Mr. Tench's ch. g. by Lig. ordinaries and places of amuse num Vitæ, beating Mr. Hickman's ments were fully attended, and the bl. m. by Fyldeper. politeness and attention of the Steward (T. Foley, Esg,) excited TENBURY Races were very well


attended, and the Ordinaries had a Swaff ham Races. The brilliant numerous and respectable com assemblage of nobility, gentry, and pany.

other fashionable company which

the late races attracted, surpassed Ar Ipswich Races, ou Tuesday, any former period, even wben pathe 4th instant, his Majesty's tronized by the munificent and ecPurse of 100gs. was won at two centric Lord Orford, whose purse heats, by the Duke of Grafton's and influence were always strenu· Wire, beating Major Wilson's

Spec, vusly exerted to render Swaffhanı tre.-Wednesday, Lord Rous's of importance to the sporting world. Shrapnell won the Gentleman's After bis Lordship's death, howe. Purse of 501. ; and the Town Purse ver, the races were entirely abanof 501. was likewise won by Shrap, doned, and in consequence disconnell.–The race for the King's tinued till within the last seven Plate was very easily won, and be years, when they were again refore starting the bets were eleven vived, though with but a faint re. to one in favour of Wire. The semblance of their former populafirst beat on the second day was rity. In spite of the most strestrongly contested, and won by less nuous attention they were evidently than half a neck. The third day fast sinking into oblivion, had not afforded some little sport in the se the active exertions of the present cond heat, as all the horses were stewards (the Hon. General Fitzvery near the winning post; on roy and H. S. Partridge, Esq.) the second day the company on

called forth the liberality of the the race course was very dume neighbouring gentry, and restored

The races were honoured them once more to their former by the presence of Lord Rous, Sir splendour. Their laudable exam. W. Rowley, Bart. and T. S. Gooch, ple, it is hoped, will be emulated Esq. the County Members ; R. A. by future stewards, so that Norfolk Crickitt and John Round, Esqrs. may become as famous in the anthe Members for the Borough ; Sirnals of sporting, as its native beT. Gage, Bart. and George Tho roes are renowned in the pages of mas, Esq. the Stewards of the immortal history, for their characRaces ; Sir Robert Harland, Bart. teristic patriotism and bravery. John Vernon, Esq. Admiral Wil. The weather was unfavourable, but son, William F. Middleton, Esq. the sport excellent. In the even William Rowley, Esq. John Me- ing a fire balloon was sent off from rest, Esq. &c. The race balls at the Market-place. the Assembly-room on Tuesday and Thursday were attended by BATH Races commenced on the most of the first families of the 28th ult. On the first day, Wed. town and neighbourhood. The nesday, the 5gs. sweepstakes was Theatre was crowded every even won by Zuleika, named by Sir J. ing; and Mr. Danneley's Concert Hawkins ; ' nine started. The on the Wednesday evening was Members' Plate was won by Mr. nost fashionably attended. The Gore Langton's Robin Adair, Stewards for the next year, are E. beating two others.--Thursday, Mills, Esq. Saxham, and H. Bence, the Gold Cup, 17 subscribers, of Esq. Beccles.

10gs. each, was won by Mr. Dans



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