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Produce Stakes, of 100 guineas, The Stilton Hunt is broken up was won by Lord Rossmore's bro. and the crack pack of harriers, ther to Rubens, and the Breeders' consisting of twenty-one couple, Stakes was won by his Lordship's are to he brought to the hammer, f. by Castrel.

with the Elton Hall stud of bunt


The late Wicklow races, were the best ever known on that course, A BILL was lately brought into not a single race was won by more the House of Commons by Sir than half a veck, and the company George Clerke, for the better prewas more numerous than at any servation of game and fish iu Scotprevious meeting; amongst the land; hut in consequence of the persons of distinction present were opposition sbewn to it by Mr. W. --Lord Glentworth, Lord Ross- Dundas, Mr. J. P. Grant, Sir Geo. more, Sir W. Cuffe, and Sir C. Warreuder, and Mr. Horper, who Burton.

considered its enactments far too

severe and oppressive, the Bill was " ANTWERP, MAY 15.-Our withdraws. town has been this day enlivened by a sight novel to the Hollanders, MR. COOPER, the artist, is about who were all attracted towards the to take portraits of those celebrated Boom road, to see a race between horses, Partisan, Whisker, and two borses, the property of the Minuet, for bis Grace the Duke of Hor. Capt. Finch and Lieut. Hun- Grafton; and we bope to give ter, both quartered here. The engravings of them in future Numhorses vere rode in the Newmar- bers.--Next month our work will ket style, by grooms, in silk jack- be enriched with a portrait of Maets. The match was easily won by jor Topbam's celebrated dog Lient. Hunter. A poney race suc- Friend. ceeded, which afforded much more ainusement than the former, it Cricket Matches.-The graod having only the resemblance of a cricket match of the Mary-le-boue race from the saddles and jockeys, Club against the county of Middleneither horse having an islea of a sex, was decided in Lorrl's ground, gallop. A tept with refreshments on Thursday, the 25th ult. in fa. was liberally supplied by the Offi- vour of Middlesex, by 16 runs.cers of the 37th."

Bets at starting, 6 to 4 in favour

of Mary-le-hone; it then came to BROMYARD Races are fixed for 6 to 4 in favour of Middlesex ; afWednesday and Thursday, the terwards even betting. 2âtb and 27th of July.

On Thursday, the 1st of June, a

cricket match was played between The sport at Ascot Races was the clubs of Whissendine and Cotparticularly good, and the company tesmore, in Rutland, wbich was more numerous than op former oc- won by the former, casions. Her Majesty, the Prince On Thursday, the 15th June, a Regent, and the Princesses, ho- match of cricket was played in a noured the conrse with their pre- gsound belonging to J. C. Duun, sence on Tuesday and Friday the Esq. of Chatteris, Isle of Ely, beDuke of York attended the course tween J. C. Brown, Esq. late of each clay.

Boston, a well-known player, with





Mr. Jobn Archer, surgeon, against instant, between Perkins and WebJos. Mimby, Esq. belonging to ber, two well-known heroes of the the Horncastle Club), and J. C. foot, for 201. the first three of five Dunn, Gent. of Chatteris, which falls. After tormenting themselves, was decided in favour of the for- and amusing the numerous amamer gentleman, in one innings. teurs present, ly the most terrible

On Thursday and Friday, the salutes in the shins and under tbe 15th and 16th of June, a game at ancles, and endeavours to catch cricket was played at Paitiswick, and throw each other, in which Essex, between eleven gentlemen they displayed uncommon courage of the Pattiswick club, and eleven and skill, for one hour and forty of the Stock club, which, from the minutes, it was decided by their respectability of the parties, 'ex

friends that one was as good as the cited considerable interest. The other, and that it was best to tergame went in favour of the latter minate the contest. This by 82 rups.

agreed to, when the hets were with.

drawn on both sides, and the sums On the 27th ult, a cricket match deposited by the combatants (201. was played at Roydon, Norfolk, a-piece) returned to their proper between the gentlemen of that place and Banbam, which was won by the latter by fifty notches;

A Race of a novel nature was and on the 10th inst. the return

run at Shelton, in Nottingbamshire, match was played at Banham, which was also won by the latter, gentleman of that place proposed

on Monday, the 5th instant ; with ten wickets to go down.

a ton of coal to be run for by as Wrestling.–On the 12tbinstant, their pedestrian powers ; the dis

many women as chose to exert a wrestling match, for a subscrip- tance one mile. "Five of the pettition purse of 51. took place at

coat tribe started, one of whom Kirby Bird-in-Hand, Norfolk. - stumblert and fell. Two of the The play was excellent, and afford remainiog four were soon left far ed a fine treat to the amateurs of behind and distanced. Between old English sports. The contest between Smith and Curtis was se

the remaining two, the contest for sone time hung in

66 dubions vere; was the fall between

scale," and after a hard race, vicSmith and Playford. The prize was won by the latter, a Reede tory was declared in favour of a


woman, whose weight is ham man; the superiority of the

13st. Hilbs. Reedham player was conspicuous throughout the match.-A milling

SATURDAY morning, the 10th afterwards took place between Chapman, and Ellis, a Newmarket of Bowmau, lately from York

instant, a young man of the name lad, for a guinea : it was strengthshire, for a wager of jol. engaged and ferocity against science and

to go on foot from Whitechapel steady courage ; and won by the

Church to Brentwood, in Essex, latter, who blinded bis opponent in and back ay:in, in four hours and twenty-five minutes.

a hait, the whole distance being A match took place at Horra- thirty-six miles. He arrived at the bridge, Devon, on Monday, the 5th starting post in gooil spirits, and Vol. XLVI.-No. 273.



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won the wager in twelve minutes Oxford, and Green, from ļess than the time.

London, for a subscription purse of

251. James, of Enham, was se. THERE was a grand camping cond to Cox, and Paddington Jones match on Monday, the 12th, at to Green. After twenty-seven Ranworth, Norfolk, which was so well-contested rounds, Cox was equally contested by the sturdy declared the victor. Another batcompetitors (twenty-four on each tle afterwards took place between side), tbat neither party goaled the Keates, a shoemaker, and a ball, and it was declared by a bye. miller. This last battle was most It is supposed tbat there were be- severely contested; Keates was the tween two and three thousand per. winner. An immense crowd of sons present.

people were present, “and such a

taste for pugilism (says the Oxford Spurring:---Belcber and Harmer Paper) bas been excited by these had a bumping reward due to their contests, that several other battles pugilistic talent, on Tuesday, the have since been fought,and we hear 13th instant, at the Fives Court, of many more likely to take place.” St. Martin's-street. The matches were the best for some years. Tbat Extraordinary Animal Attachwhich attracted most notice was mnent.-A few months since, a malþetween Belcher and Eales, in lard, belonging to Mr. Tucker, of which the master-piece of science Shaftesbury, Dorset, was observed was exhibited. One of a novel to resort every evening to a dog, kind followed, between a Suffolk box in his yard, and upon exami. farmer, careless of his person, and nation it was found that a pointer who bas become a candidate for bitch and the mallard passed every fighting fame, and Shelton, the night together in the box. The formidable navigator : it was a bitch has since bad puppies, and at rush against science, and afforded this time the mother, puppies, and much amusement. There was also mallard sleep in the sanie box every a fine set-to between Oliver and night; and the mallard protects Painter, and also between Palmer the puppies, by fying at every and Carter, which was something strange dog that comes into the in imitation of earnest. Mendoza yard. and Owen, veterans, gave specimens of the old school now super

As Mr. Birt, of Puddle Town, seded. Belcher and Harmer closed Dorset, was fishing for pike, at the exhibition by a fine display of Woodsford, on the 13th of June, a science, and the whole afforded a cormorant took the hait under wabigh treat to the amateurs. Scrog- ter, which, after a considerable gins, the late victorious brniser, set struggle, Mr. Birt brought safely to to with a scientific young man. the bank. The bird was in fine Nosworthy was present, but was condition, and weighed about 8lbs.

. not sufficiently recovered to act.

LATELY, at Coin-house, between MONDAY, the 12th instant, a Workington and Maryport, a fabattle was fought at Campsfield, mily of foxes, consisting of nine pear Woodstock, Oxfordshire, be- promising cubs, and their two vetween James Cox, a paviour, of nerable progenitors, were surprised


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and taken, without a gun being By degrees, the heap became less, fired, by a party of chasseurs. and it was pulled down and spread

ahout the yard, where borses, oxen; One day this month, some in- men and boys bad repeatedly gone human monster at Brighton, after over it. On the oth of May orders wetting the hair of a cat with spi- were given to level it entirely, rits or oil of turpentine, set the when the turkey-ben was found poor animal on fire, and turned it alive, having been buried three into the street, where it ran until weeks within two days. A consiit was nearly scorched to death, derable portion of the straw and until some person who wit.. around her was bitten into small nessed its suffering, put an end to pieces, and an egg, which she bad its misery, by killing it.

lain during the time, was found

under her. Her tail was turned A BELUGA, or snow-white whale, aside, and for some days the feawas caught a few weeks ago in the thers did not recover sufficiently to Frith of Forth, and brought to perform their necessary functions, Edinburgh. It is a native of the Her appetite was voracious, but Arctic Seas, and was never known care was taken to administer food before so far to the south.

properly, and she is now complete

ly recovered. ! A most extraordinary circumštance occurred on Tuesday, the It has long been a thatter of 16th ult. on the premises of the contention with Naturalists, whes New Albion Hotel, Broadstairs : ther the fish (by fishermen and Two ponies belonging to Mr. Pay-' persons in some parts of the kington, being employed treading clay lon), called the wbiting, is of over some new vaults, one of them, the salmon breed, or a distinct by some means; in turning round species; rendered difficult of de got its hind legs over a wall just termination by the fact of its above ground, and fell into a well spawning, and an idea that it did seventy feet deep; where it re- not increase in size, beyond eight mained nearly two hours before it inches in length, and a proportion: could be got out, and strange to able thickness. In order, however, relate, without any broken limbs to clear up this point, Jobn Arma or serious injury.

strong, and some others of the oc

cupiers of the fisheries of the ria The following curious circum- ver Eden, in the year 1813 adopted stance occurred on the farm of Mr. the resolution of putting a quan. J. Welch, of Culham, Oxfordshire. tity of whiting and salmon-fry On the 20th of April be had di- into a large pond at Grinsdale; rected a large quantity of straw to the average weiglit of the former, be placed in his gárd for his cattle, at that time, being between five which is gradually to be converted and six ounces, and of the latter, into manure. A few days after a about two ounces and a half. turkey-hen was missing, and as the These fish remained undisturbed in bird biad been seen near this spot it the pond, from the above period, was immediately conjectured that until this month, when the pond she had been buried under the was drawn with a net, and it apstrar and of course suffocated. peared that both the whiting and

S 2


the fry, had increased in size and fully stung, that fears were eoter weight'; viz. tbe fry about four- tained for bis life ; hy proper treatteen inches long, i3oz. weight; ment, however, after suffering exand the whiting in an equal pro- cruciating pain, the borse recoportion ; one in particular, being vered. sixteen inches long, aud in weight 19oz.-thus proving the whiting On Friday, the 26th ult. died, to be of the salmon species. at Beaconsfield, Bucks, James

Hare, a labourer, of hydrophobia, A FEMALE cat belonging to a

from a hite on the nose by a mad bat maker in Montrose, lately

dog on the 25th of March last.

The transported to Limekilns, a dis- poor man had repeatedly taken tance of one hundred miles, re

many popular nostruins, had been turned, to the astonishment of the dipped in the sea, and had caustics owner, after an absence of four applied to the parts bitten, but unmonths and fourteen days. In her fortunately, perhaps, not until the return she must have passed over

fourth day afterwards. The direct the bridge of Perth.

symptoms of hydrophobia came on about thirty-six hours before he

died, but had been preceded some On Saturday, the 17th instant, days by uneasy sensations of the there was brought to the Bush part bitten, and about the face and Inu, Carlisle, for the Earl of Lons- head. Notwithstanding the most dale, as lord of the manor of Bow- active means used by two medical ness, a remarkably fine sturgeon, gentlemen of the town to preserve weighing ?2 stone. This fish was the poor man, the dreadful effects taken to the Solway Firth, near of his horrid disease rapidly sucBowness.

ceeded each other, until be sunk

under them. He retained his One day this month, a swarm of senses and was collected to the hees settleii on the head of a horse, last, but bis agony from the want that was tied up to a gate, at the of drink, and his convulsive but entrance of a bouse, wherein the unavailing efforts to take it, canrider had gone to transact busi. not be described.--Common soft ness, at Rodmell, Sussex. The at

or tub soap bas lately been named frighted animal, in his efforts to

as a specific for this dreadful disJispossess bimself of bis unwel- order, hy washing the wound with coule trespassers, was so dread it as soon as bitten.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. A Correspondent, under the signature of Turf, enquires, what is become of those celebrated horses, Mr. Butler's Miss Coiner, Lord Oxford's Victoria, and the late Mr. Dyott's Litchfield, as he does not see any produce of the mares named, nor the horse noticed as a stallion. Perhaps some of our readers can answer the enquiry.

Every one of A. B.'s witticisms has, we verily believe, already appeared in our publication.

We have of late said so much on the subject treated on in Z. B.'s communication, that he must excuse its omission-besides, a short article on the same topic had been admitted into the present Number previous to his letter reaching us. The song of the Old Itats Club is too incorčect for insertion.


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